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Poor service

I emailed over 5 days ago and no reply . There is no phone number to ask for help with sizing ..Will take our business elsewhere as can only imagine how hard it will be to change anything if as novice parents of 2 x ice hockey boys we get it wrong. Really disappointing .

Return Claim MadeNo

Size-shamed because staff didn't understand their own product

Poor understanding of their hockey products and how they fit different players. Despite an easy product exchange (wrong size) I was made to feel awful and awkward because I needed a larger size hockey sock than what the staff member kept insisting I needed because of my height. I do actually need the sock to fit over my protective equipment, so rather than shame me because the staff member does not understand the relationship between height/width/length/stretch/lycra/knitted/high muscle bulk/hockey butt or how to handle the situation with tact and respect, I would've preferred to just be given the size I asked for in the first place. The monetary saving isn't worth the poor service. Shan't be returning.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Superfast delivery

Ordered ice skates on Wednesday night (I live in Melbourne). Skates were at my front door on Friday morning.
Fantastic delivery.
Item as described.
Can't comment on the customer service as I didn't need any. Whole process from searching, filtering and ordering via the website was super easy.

If you expect customer service- look elsewhere.

There is no phone number for this store- only email.
I have sent 3 emails over the last month with 0 reply.
Terrible service- my business will be going elsewhere.

service is non existent

I have been attempting to contact ice monster in regards to an order for over a month with 0 response.
Truly hopeless- try elsewhere if you expect any service at all- they don't even have a contact number!

Amazing turnaround

My wife just started skate school and hated the weight of the rental skates. Ordered a pair from ice monster on a Thursday morning and they arrived by 10:30am the next day!

Be aware of the fitting charge if you don’t buy on the day.

My daughters went on recommendation from their coach and looked at the range of skates, after trying on a pair each they said they would be back as we couldn’t afford the $319 each ($738 total) until payday, then as they were leaving they were told that there would be a $20each fitting fee, never was it mentioned until after they had tried them on, sure it’s a 2 month credit towards purchase but who runs a business like that charging for something without telling you first. Gentleman who served them was very nice but I take exception to such a business practise.

Great Service/product

Ordered ice skates on Sunday (day before a public holiday) received them on Thursday morning (in Melbourne) - definetly the best price, i looked for weeks for something cheaper whilst still wanting a quality product. - very happy

Great in store service

I'm down at Ice Monster every few weeks picking up some piece of equipment or sock tape or laces or getting my skates sharpened. The guys here are super helpful and happy to help explain and fit equipment when you aren't sure about it. There is only two people who work here so it can be a wait during busy periods and they are only open Wednesday to Sundays. Prices can't be beat though! I'd rather wait a bit and save a lot of money.

They charged me to sharpen skates

Happy with the skates, but feel they needed to be more sharp as I paid for them to be sharpened, and for ice hockey I like them sharp.

Great prices, poor customer service

The prices cannot be beat. Believe me; I've scoured the internet for hours looking for the best prices in Australia only to come back to Ice Monster on numerous occasions. Their range is limited, but they do carry a mix of entry to pro level equipment.

Whilst the prices cannot be beat, nothing is more valuable than customer service. Ice Monster are an on-line only distributor but can never provide a response to an email or a message via their website on the same day. Don’t even try Facebook; it states that they typically take a week or longer to respond (I sent them a message 8 days ago and it has yet to be read). When they do reply, their response provides no value and you’re left in a position worse off from when you started a day ago.

Their website can be a bit hit and miss too. I recommend using their on-line shop using Internet Explorer to avoid the contents of your shopping cart from disappearing.

This all being said, if you know what you’re looking for, and if it’s not needed urgently, they can provide you the best value for money if you don’t need to ask any questions. Shipping rates seem fair too.

Fast shipping and everything arrived safely!

I ordered my figure skates on Tuesday last week and I received my parcel today (Monday). My figure skates, guards and soakers arrived promptly and safely. Although they didn't respond to an email I sent regarding safe dropping my parcel at my home, the fast processing time and excellent packing was fantastic!

Goods as described, prompt delivery

Ordered late Friday afternoon, received order next working day, no problems. Shipping was quite reasonable, around $10 happy with product.

Worst customer service

So bad at customer service!!! May not send your order, can guarantee it takes weeks if it comes. Terrible communication... You will not get a reply when an issue arises... Only good thing about them is their product is as advertised... if it comes... not worth buying when you may or may not get your gear (Sorry for full stops... went over word limit).

Amazing service

Ordered on Monday, received the next day (Sydney to Brisbane). Great and fast service. All your prices are cheaper then anywhere I know of.

No service, waste of money

Ordered pants. received in time and good conditions. But I ordered wrong size. Accordingly to the received email (no phone number for customer service), I sent back the product, accepted to be charged 15$ for the new expedition. I never received the right product back, neither refund. No answers to my mails.... I lost 110$.

Service Needs some serious work

Have order quite a number of times and a lot of different products. Mostly without hiccups. However my last order was a complete disgrace. Emails were replied to with one line (not even a salutation). They have no phone number so you can't talk to them, you're at the mercy of them, waiting on email replies that don't really address the issue. Gear is quality and at a reasonable price. They need to seriously work on their customer service though as I don't feel like two days is an acceptable waiting period for a one line reply that didn't address my query.

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