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We are so happy with this fantastic quick and safe selling of our Motorhome, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who hasnt sold a vehicle before. They have been very patient, which is great for a pensioner.

Product Quality
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Park your van on this site

All equerries were genuine unlike other sites where I received many fake and scam messages. Caravan and Camping Sales site was easy to use when selling my caravan and searching for other caravans. Minimal non-relevant advertisements unlike other sites.

Product Quality
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Jayco Journey Outback 2015 sold

Good in that each week was supplied with statistics about our ad. It took a while to sell, would have like a little more but happy that it's gone to a very happy couple.

Golf Caravan Sold

I had full control of my advertisement and it attracted a good amount of enquiries. The method by which potential buyers could contact me was secure and effective. I was very pleased with how it all worked.

Product Quality
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Thanks for the review Bruce - Congratulations on the sale!

Camper sold

This site gives excellent wide exposure and good feedback so you know if you need to adjust any details, you can get a good result even if you are selling a quality product competing against cheap inferior imports. Unfortunately this site cannot help people see the value in quality when it matters most and that is why the level of exposure is so important to find the people who don't want to risk breaking down in remote areas and are willing to pay a fair price.

Caravan Sold

It was an effective means of advertising our old caravan after signing up to buy a new one. It was on the market for less than 2 weeks before we had a reasonable offer

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Thanks for the feedback Roger - Great to hear you were able to both buy and sell :) Enjoy the new one!

Caravancampingsales achieved excellent results.

I was extremely happy with the replies to my add on this site. It achieved the result I required to be able to sell my van at the desired price.

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Hi Raoul - Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! Great to hear you were happy with the results :)

Plenty of potential buyers ready and waiting

The site was very user friendly and easy to navigate. Listing my ad was quite straight forward. I think it is really good value for money as well. If you list with a genuine market value there are plenty of potential buyers ready and waiting and you will get a sale very quickly.

Great site for selling.

Very easy to use and I have had the most enquiries on carsales. Also more secure than others. The cost of advertising is great value due to the number of people it reaches.

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Thanks for the support John!

Excellent site for buying or selling caravans

Advertising was very reasonably priced and it is well worth going to the Premium ad, as this resulted in 4 to 5 times the number of views and detailed views. Views both general and detailed are graphed daily for you to see. I would highly recommend this site.

No real complaints..

Showcase was not worth the additional expense over the premium ad.
More 'fuzzy' search options should be added to expose the van to people searching for similar models.
Option to set status to 'sale pending' or similar would be well received.

Sold fast

Easy to use and worked really fast to sell my camper trailer. I would use this service again to sell items in the future.

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Thanks for the review Dave! Congratulations on the sale - Hope to help you again in the future :)

A great result from a great service.

The privacy protect made the process all the easier. Previous experiences have lead to a lot of stress dealing with scammers. Thank you very much for your site. It all ran smoothly and we Cheers from Sandy and John

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Thanks for the support Sandy and John!

Stress free selling

It was very cheap - the best $100 I've spent this year. I had a good number of responses ongoing, they did not drop off after the first week or two, and all were genuine enquiries. It just made selling my van very easy and stress free.

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Thanks for sharing your experience Mindy! Fantastic to hear you had a fun time selling your van :)

High Cost for Very Average Performance

Expensive cost of ad, took a long time to sell, weekly stats are misleading. There are other options when selling.

Sold the same day!

My wife instructed me to sell our caravan. I uploaded an advertisement on caravancampingsales.com.au. The same day I had an inquiry. The next day, the inquirer bought and picked up the caravan. It cost a total of $120 for listing the item. The the website was easy to use. No gimmicks or hidden fees.

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Thanks for the support! Congratulations on the sale - Great to hear that you had a fast result :)

Sold Sold Sold

Got more views and enquiries than the other mob, which had none.. Even got an enquiry on the day I sold the NorthStar Slide-On. You need to go to your ad each day to check for messages and phone calls

It's unbelievable that there were so many "views" better than the other which didn't have so many affiliates.

It pays to advertise on a net-work, costs a bit more but it's the end result that matters, SOLD SOLD SOLD

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Thanks for the review Carl! In addition to checking the site, you should also receive an email notification each time you are sent a new message! Congratulations on your sale :)

Site was great.

The sale of my caravan went very smoothly. It was interesting that enquirers were from interstate which just demonstrates the coverage of this site.

Quick Sale

Very easy to set up an ad and usually item sells quickly. Easy to navigate web page and reasonable pricing.

Great Site

Site is easy to use, and gets results. My caravan was sold within a week of advertising. Great Service and so simple to use.

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