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Ikea Hemnes Day-bed Frame with 3 Drawers

Ikea Hemnes Day-bed Frame with 3 Drawers

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Designed to be looked at, not used.

Had the bed just over a year before I noticed some sagging in the middle. Removed the mattresses to find that all the screws had worn and fallen out and the frame had completely come apart. The wheels on the drawer had also twisted and fallen apart. It was put together perfectly well and I'm by no means too heavy, it's just poorly design for frequent use. The pull out section is not designed to hold weight properly. Clearly only effective as a single bed or decor.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

This will break due to poor design

The bed lasted a year of weekend use. The problem starts with how you pull the bed out. If you don't get the exact middle every time it looses at the back. This becomes more problematic over time as the wheels aren't really designed to be pulled on the carpet. This action twists the main support which will eventually pop out leading to the screws (attached to the back of the drawers) to eventually fail and rip out (destroying the bed). It looks pretty but because the wheels are crap and the main support area isn't thick nor actual wood the whole thing will break.

Style over function.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


this bed is absolutely terrible, it looks great when it’s first put together ( which takes ages! ) however, drawers broke straight away and i can’t even sleep on it anymore! The two compartments just came apart!! absolutely awful quality, having to buy a new bed now as i am unable to sleep on this bed anymore.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great all rounder

Love love love this piece. I was lucky enough to find one in the as is section in the Dove Grey colour. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Purchased the harder memory foam mattresses to go with it. Looks great all compact in the daybed setup in my home office, easily converts to a King Bed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Ikea Day bed - really good

Takes ages to build but definitely worth it.
We have it in our spare room, and use it for guests. I have bought a foam mattress topper to put on top as the thin mattresses didn't cut it. Just have to store it when the topper isn't being used.
Haven't had any issues with the slats. However I have pulled the trundle out too far a couple of times, but I'm not sure if this has happened because I missed something when building it!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great choice!

Great choice! We have a small bedroom and my husband and I open it and use it as a king bed every night! We've been using it for almost a year and we're so happy with the quality and practicality of it!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Beautiful and practical but terrible quality

It is just above one year old, we keep it in guest room so it was used only few times and two slots are already broken. Hope I can buy new ones otherwise it is a fraud!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Keeps getting worse

Even though the bed looks great it gives you such bad back ake, I have had this bed for a year and from the cost thought it would be a great bed for everyday use, it is not my back has never been worse and I can barley sleep on the product, i do not recommend this product.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Worst bed ever

This bed started out as a great.
Priced right although assembly was necessary.
It's a trundle and the slats are not sturdy.
My daughter cannot use the additional bed because it's bows in the middle. Had this bed a little over a year and within the first six months the drawers brok;They most likely cannot be replaced. The wholes make it essentially impossible to glue back together.
I have searched for replacement but have not found any. I will try to replace but unhappy with the quality of this bed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Looks great!

Love this day bed. Bought it for my toddler and so glad we did! Great for a day bed or child's bed. Had a couple stay in it 2 weeks and it was fine but any longer and it would of been too hard. Perfect for a wee one. And will come in handy when she's old enough for sleep overs with friends. It's huge when extended!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

very nice and efficient

for the price we pay, it is probably worth of it, bed and sofa easy to install and expand.
however, if you are looking for something very soft, probably not a good idea.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Versatile bed

Bought this for my daughter and she loves it. She uses the bed during the day as a sofa, hanging out with friends, watching TV or doing homework on. Great addition of pull-out bed underneath and as storage. It is very solid. Easy to build.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Solid piece of furniture. Time consuming, but not complicated. Electric screwdriver a must!!!

The bed is solid. It took 3hrs to build. I followed the instructions with no difficulty. The only head scratching moment was when I noticed that the hinges were turned opposite to each other, but that is to allow the drawer slates to slot in to each other.

The bed is heavy. I cannot move it without removing the drawer first so bare that in mind when choosing the location prior to building.

I have built a number of IKEA pieces and this was the first time using an electric screwdriver. It saved my hands from blisters, and loads of time. I also feel that the bed is stronger as a result.

I would recommend the Malfors 12" matresses, rather than the 10" mattress it comes with. It's an extra €20 each but worth in the long run.

I built it alone. There were times when an extra hand would have helped, obviously, but its more than possible.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Functional bed for sunroom/guest bedroom

This daybed was a pain in the neck to start assembling at 9:30pm one night after a long day at Ikea - our fault. Allow plenty of time to assemble this and it will keep sturdy for many years. Fairly easy to slide out to extend bed so long as your carpet is not too thick. Storage in the drawers is brilliant - great for storing spare sheets/blankets etc. As mentioned in other reviews, the slats are very weak and just crawling across the bed can cause a slat to break - gives the guests quite a scare! Ikea have been good about it each time we have had to return a broken one for a replacement. Perhaps a thicker mattress would stop this from occurring but we just purchased the two fairly thin foam mattresses that were on the display bed. Lovely looking frame that suits any decor.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

great if you have a small space

I bought this bed frame about one and half years ago. It still looks great. I especially love its drawers because my unit is small and I have a lot of stuff and no place to put them!!!! this bed frame really helped me with organising the extra sheets and etc. It is just a little small to sleep is you need a lot of space otherwise great product.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Perfect for lounging around on with lots of pillows or a good nights sleep . Lots of wonderful stora

Assembly took approximately five hours. If you used a power drill it would be faster but it is not necessary. Easy to follow instructions . Just take your time and look each set of instructions over carefully . A wonderful product . We were totally satisfied .

Date PurchasedSep 2016


I got this bed for the sake of space and saw many others. However because it was from IKEA I trusted the brand more and got it. I've pulled the bed out three times now and 2 slates are broken already just trying to get into bed.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Very weak slats

Shockingly weak slate tiles have always replaced them without quibble but it's a real pain having to go to Southampton every time they break. Intended to be used by visiting parents but worried more slats will break.hqve also tried to get softer mattress which was available when we purchased in February but these mattresses no longer available and have been told that the make that IKEA now sell with it would not work alongside it .very disappointed in these beds as I had assured my reluctant husband IKEA was good quality .

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Ok but slats poor quality

I put the bed together by myself and it did take about 2 hours. The bed itself is great for a 30kg 9 year old but I doubt it's useful for any adult as the slats broke on the trundle section on the first night after an adult sat on it. She didn't jump on it or bounce or even land heavily. She just sat down and it broke in half. In the three weeks I've had it 2 more slats have snapped from having a 15 year old boy kneel on it to get in bed.

It may not be the most expensive bed but I expected far more from an IKEA product. I will be asking for new slats free of charge.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Perfect for our needs

I'm a single mom with a 10yr old boy. I chose this bed because occasionally he has a friend sleep over, but otherwise there is no room for 2 beds. I elected to get this over a bunk bed, and am so happy that I did. We have hardwood floors, so I have no issues rolling the bottom out. The extra storage provided by the drawers is great, and the bed itself is very sturdy. Set up is indeed a big job, but if you're familiar with other IKEA furniture (I've already built book cases and desks) and you approach it carefully, it's not difficult. I did it myself with a little help from my son, but it does take several hours and is best split over 2 shorter work sessions rather than one long one, in my opinion. Just watch the diagrams very carefully and work systematically. The trundle portion seems ideal for a child but I suspect it is less suitable for an adult, unless you keep some pre-cut, fitted plywood handy to put on top of the slats. Only drawback is that you can't seem to store the 2nd mattress inside while it is tucked in, so you need to have room to store the 2nd mattress somewhere else.

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What size mattress do I need for Hemnes 3 drawer day bed? Please send me details of available IKEA mattresses or link. In Rural NSW with no access to IKEA
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I love this daybed. My problem is how to easily make up the bed after sleeping on it. Does anyone have a technique?
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What is the weight limit on the pulled out version of this bed?
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