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InfaSecure Versatile Folding

InfaSecure Versatile Folding

CS6010 and CS6013
4.0 from 26 reviews

Perfect for my 5yr old.

This booster seat is an awesome choice, it is very affordable, and easy to setup and use and folds away for easy storage. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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Hi Matek! Thanks for leaving a review! We’re so happy to hear that you love the Versatile as much as we do!

Bit flimsy but better than nothing

Very easy to install and remove just place booster seat upright folded out place on seat place child onto booster seat and use seat belt to secure child into seat.
No anchor no belt very easy to fold down and to clean.
Just feels not a safe as I would have hoped

Good price. No frills

It does the job of being a good booster seat for our young one. There isnt very much padding in it so we place a memory foam travel cushion on the base for extra comfort. The construction of it is a little flimsy. with no one in it I can see it wobbling around in the back seat. But this in turn makes it light and easy to move about. The folding seat also means its easy to tuck away.

A great choice for those on a budget or travelling with need for a compact and light weight option.

Great seat.

We purchased this for my nephew we regularly baby sit. He loves this seat ( more than the one in his mums car. ) I like how compact you can fold it. And its easy to put in and pull out. Design is great and doesnt take up too much room in the backseat. Great choice of colors too.

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Hi Blacky, Thanks for your review! We're so happy to hear that you and your nephew love the Versatile Booster! It definitely makes babysitting a lot easier!

Simple and does what it’s supposed to

I like this booster as it’s light weight, simple to fold up and to store when not in use and also simple to install back on the car seat when needed. We have 2 of them and the Kids love the cover colours (bright red and bright yellow) which although show dirt easily, are easily removed for washing.


Perfect car seat
So light and easy, light enough to even fit in my suitcase for our holiday! And best of all it came in pink which of course my daughter absolutely loved! We won’t have to purchase another one because it is suitable until 12 years of age! Perfect for your child

Good extra car seat

We bought this car seat to have as an extra for if we needed to transport another child, or loan to friend/family to transport one of our children. It fits this criteria perfectly. Small, light, foldable and good for around town. Doesn't have as much support and safety as a booster seat with anchor point so we haven't used it on the highway. A good seat for the purpose though.


Bought this booster seat recently, very light is weight and it is fold able, so it easy to take out if we are hanging out with friends, got this one for my daughter, though she is older this is booster is perfect for her, one disadvantage is that it can't stick to the car set

Compact, but not as secure.

It's incredibly handy that it is flexible and readily portable, but it comes at the expense of security. Don't get me wrong, it's not loose or anything, it just isn't as secure as the larger seats. To be honest, if I wasn't trying to squeeze three seats across, I'd much prefer a bigger seat, but it is really handy to move between cars.

Light weight and portable

I bought two of these prior to an overseas holiday and they were extremely lightweight and functional for travelling between vehicles and to store in checked luggage.

They fold into a very compact position and still feel very safe and secure when kids are using them.

The covers are easy to remove and wash as well!

This is so convenient and light! Best one you can buy!

I have 3 of these now. I purchased one for my mothers car and 2 for mine as my son sometimes has his friend come over and you don't have to worry about bolting in the seat and it is so light and easy to handle. You can take it out so easily and it folds down and stores away as it is so compact. I highly recommend this. My son finds it comfortable and it protects the head as well and it uses the lap sash so it isn't the annoying 5 point harness.

Great, light seat

Purchased seat for 4 year old as needed to pass her seat to 2 year old and her seat to new baby and needed something affordable. Isn’t very secure as no way to secure it but loving the light foldable feature! Very handy for us as daughter tends to go on sleepovers with family etc


Excellent car seat, light weight and easy to put in and out of car, foldable for storage , my daughter is 7 but still like to sit in a car seat for long distances so she can sleep, she tells me her car sear is comfy . Would really recommend this seat to anyone looking for a booster seat

Very convenient

I bought this car seat as a spare one for my husband's car,it's serves the porpose very well, as it's light, foldable, and does not take a large space. And the characters patterns were pleasant for my child, my only concern was the safety issues, but I was assured that it complies with Australian standards.
I am happy with my purchase!

Lightweight basic child seat

Im not a fan of the large bulky child seats that convert a row of three seats into two. The InfaSecure is lightweight and compact enough that the middle seat can still be used. Would not recommend for very small children however i believe it is a good option for bigger kids replacing the typical booster seat. Also an excellent spare seat for grandparents as it folds away nicely.

It's OK

It's OK for short trips or a spare seat but wouldn't use it all the time. Folds up which is great not having a anchor point is not that great. You get what you pay for so can't expect much from this seat. Wouldn't buy another one but good as a spare

Does the job

I thought I'd change over the baby seats in my new car to this fold-away type. As a grandmother, I don't have the children in the car every day. They are very easy to use and also very easy to remove. They do the required job well, however, they do allow the children a lot of extra movement and so I feel it is just as well that I do not have the children in them all the time. My grandchildren are 6 & 4. The seats are for 4 - 8 years. Personally, I think 4 is too young.

Not recommended

A friend of mine bought one of these infa secure baby car seats. He didn't have any good experience. Found it hard to keep the seat tight and find it dangerous on the road. The design is poor and not easy to adjust. Would not recommend this product to anyone.

Light, cute and versatile

So i won one of these in a recent competition, and i have to say its been really handy! Its fairly lightweight while still being functional and safe! the removable cover means any spills and mess can be easily washed away. Easy to install too. Happy to recommend this product!

Best lightweight portable booster I have found

Great for moving in between vehicles or for grandparents. Folds flat so can easily go in the boot or be stored away when not in use. Doesn't have anti-submarine clip between legs but holds the seat belt very low because of the position of the arm rests. There are two different height levels for the seat belt as your child grows. Very lightweight. Not tethered so you do get a bit of movement, but would be the same as every other non-tethered booster. And for under $50, extremely good value. Also very narrow base - great if space for 3 car seats an issue.

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Questions & Answers

Is this suitable for a tall 7.5 year old for everyday use - he legally doesn't need a booster seat but I think this would give him more height making a sash belt safer? TIA
2 answers
I don't recommend this for any age simply because it doesn't anchor to the car at all so my son kept tipping over when we went round corners or roundabouts & he was 6.5years Hope this helpsThe seat has heights marked on it for Lowest shoulder height and Highest shoulder height. The Highest shoulder height when seated is about 42 cms. It may be that your child is at the point of not being the right size for using this seat. My tall, now 8 and a half year old has not used his seat for about a year. The only way to check is to sit the child in the seat and compare to the shoulder height marks. I have never had a problem using this seat for 2 grabdchildren. With a lap sash properly used, the seat has never been a problem. I recommend the seat to other grandparents for the occasional use of their kids,

Suitable for a three year old?
5 answers
No not appropriate, and I don't think legal either. My four and a half year old is tall and I still won't put him in it. I would say big 5 year old minimum, and only for short/ infrequent trips.No not appropriate, and I don't think legal either. My four and a half year old is tall and I still won't put him in it. I would say big 5 year old minimum, and only for short/ infrequent trips.Thanks!

suitable for 6month old kid ?
1 answer
no. they are best in a reverse facing harnessed seat until at least 2.5 years. Try the granduer treo.


Versatile Folding CS6010Versatile Folding CS6013
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