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Infasecure Foldaway

Infasecure Foldaway

MPN: CS6013K
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Brilliant Booster

We have had this booster seat for a number of months now and the daughter loves it. It is comfortable for long trips as we quite often will do road trips all over the place. Reasonably easy to clean too. The only thing we have noticed is the seat cover comes off easily which is good and bad, it can come off when getting out of the seat. Otherwise I highly recommend this product.

Purchased in June 2018.

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Car ModelMitsubishi Pajero NM, NP
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Hi Outdoor E! Thanks for leaving a review! We're so glad to hear that you're loving the Foldaway booster!

Great value for money

This seat get folded away and stored on top of the cupboard and then in the car either front passenger seat or 3rd row seats in our car for my 9yr old. I love how light it is and my son loves to be in it he feels safe and comfortable.

Very flimsy

I would say it wouldn’t be comfortable for the child, my son always complains of a sore bottom when using this seat so it is only used as a spare seat.
It doesn’t have an attachment to hook it into the car which would be an extra safety feature.
Very basic, no safety at all but okay for grandparents car if used occasionally

Compact but seems flimsy

Compact and cheap. Seems flimsy. Easy to move and clean. Easy to use with belt. Has maintained color this far. Can fit 3 seats across the back. Kids think its comfortable. Is high and didn't fit in car with headrests on. Had to turn the headrests on my car around.

Perfect for occasional use

I bought this for my child in the grandparents car and for occasional use in mine for friends. It's perfect. It takes up very little room in the boot and is super easy. It's not the safest booster and I wouldn't use it on long journeys but to travel between houses safely and legally it's a great booster to have handy. And only $49 at Kmart is perfect.

A bit flimsy, however does the job and easy to transport as it folds

Very light is weight and it is fold able, so it's easy to take out and put into other cars, which means my children have the flexibility of travelling with different people which is terrific, however the biggest downfall is that the car seat does not sit in the car seat.

Practical, cheap and easy to use...what more do you need?

Practical, cheap and easy to use...what more do you need?

Very lightweight and easy to install/swap between vehicles. Also, the fact that the base section folds up makes storing away or popping in the boot much easier. No complaints from the little occupant in terms of comfort and seems to be quite hardy, is standing up well to the rigours of being field tested by a 5 year old.

Cheap but good

We bought this from Kmart for $49 as we heard it is a good booster seat for budget.
My daughter found the seat to be quite comfortable and she could actually have a nap on the seat. The only problem was that at the beginning, we had an older model where the folding part is secured with a bolt and nuts, which tend to wear out and come loose. We exchanged this and got a new model, which is now dead bolted.

Space Saver

Purchased this car seat at Kmart to use on occasions when my grand daughter visits. It is good for a spare and folds up when not in use to save space. It also isn't as large as the more expensive boosters so gives a little more room in the back seat. This is OK for a spare or occasional seat but I would recommend a better quality one for permanent use and long trips.

easy to install but is it safe?

my 3 year old grandson can move around a fair bit in this seat, should it have a harness instead of a belt? He can lean forward & the seat moves with him, I am concerned that in an accident there would be too much movement to keep him safe

Great car seat.

I purchased this for my grandson for the folding up feature and we have loved it so much we have purchased 3 of these now. It is so comfortable for the 4 and up kids and gives them the ability to get in & out themselves safely. Great price too.

Does the job

Purchased from Kmart, the seat was very affordable to meet our budget. We found it to be light weight and easy to transport as it folds down into a compact unit. The seat is thin but sturdy and squeezed into the middle seat at the back between two other child seats. A must need if your car is lacking seat space without compromising on safety.

Excellent lightweight portable easy to use booster

After buying a Hipod Boston Pro for one vehicle and being happy with that, we had to buy this for a second vehicle that has no tether anchor point, only ISOFIX with an 18kg child weight limit. This seat is narrower, lower, and "friendlier" than most boosters, although not as substantial. The seat squab folds for storage.

It only requires a 3-point seat belt, no tether. It is narrow and allows a few extra mm across for other passengers. Upholstery is functional and padding is decent but not plush

There are no adjustments so the child has to fit the seat parameters. It is stone easy for a child to belt themselves in. At the current $49 it is a great buy when your vehicle has limitations or you just need something for occasional use. The 5-stars reflects overall utility and value.

A great seat

We went from bulky car seat which I had trouble because of my back to this wonderful light weight booster seat I do have some concerns about safety regarding accidents what happened to the child? Because it is so light weight? But other wise great on price very compact and kids love them cause it makes them feel like a big kid.

Questions & Answers

What is the height of the child for each shoulder height in the seat - it talks about age - but I want to know suitable height of child to use this seat - as my 7 year old is 125cm - but this seat says from 4-8 in age - she wont be 145cm by the time she is 8 ? pls advise based on height of child for this seat? thanks
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Infasecure Foldaway
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