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InfaSecure Kompressor 4 Element

InfaSecure Kompressor 4 Element

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Horrible seat, very regretful buy!!

Have now tried to install the kompressor 4 caprice isofix in 3 different cars and can not get a good install, angle of the seat is too upright rear facing even with using a rolled towel best I can get is 50 degrees. Causes major headflop when my 10mo falls asleep. So disappointed as we also have a Quattro which I could speak more highly of.. Biggest waste of money!

Purchased in January 2018 for $249.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
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Hi Elise, We're very sorry to hear of your experience with the Kompressor 4. Please feel free to give our customer care team a call on 1300 92 4632, and they will be able to walk through some troubleshooting with you to see if we can get your seat installed at an appropriate angle. Thank you!


I found it very easy to install this car seat. Easy to adjust baby in and out of seat. My kid had always enjoyed sitting in a car. The seat belt adjuster is very soft and comfortable for the baby. I would highly recommend this car seat to all my friends and others.

Comfy and secure

Started using this car seat from baby being 3 months. Relatively easy installation. Quite big to move from car to car so we don’t do it often. It would also be a little time consuming to ensure correct installation although would be quicker once we are more familiar with the process. Love that it will meet our child’s needs for years to come being rear and forward facing.

Good car seat.

My wife and I got the isofix version of this seat. It is really easy to install in both isofix and non isofix modes and the extended rear facing is great. The best thing is you can remove all tbe fabric covers very easily and wash them which is something you cannot do with cheaper brands. All car seats even cheaper ones might be just as safe but for the extra cost of this seat you have something that wears better, lasts longer and is easier to use. Definitely recommended.

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Hi Luke! Thanks for leaving such a detailed review! We’re so happy to hear that you’re loving the Kompressor 4 Element. If you ever need any assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Awesome for extended rear facing.

Very easy to install and use. I purchased the Isofix version so can be installed with isofix or the seatbelt. Nice amount of padding, cool fabric to match my other car seat.
Cons - is a very long seat, so not suitable for compact cars. Only just fits in my new model Lancer.

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Hi Jodie! Thanks for leaving a review! We’re so happy to hear that you’re loving the Kompressor 4 Element. If you ever need any assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Unsafe Hard to Use Car Seat

The car seat in the rear facing mode does not have a sufficient lean backwards and causes a newborns head to rest forward.
The straps always twist and and hard to correct. They are also positioned in a way that makes it difficult to get then over a babies shoulders. The straps are also very thick in comparison to the size of a baby and tend to slide off the shoulders.

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Hi Tennie, Thanks for the feedback! We’re sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with your Kompressor 4. If you get in touch with our customer care team on 1300 92 4632, they’ll be able to assist you further. Thanks!

Great seat

I have an older model but can say this brand is great. I bought 2 for both kids and they have been easy to install, use, and clean. They are really quick to get in and out of cars if you need to swap them about and mine have had some pretty heavy use. They have a few shows of wear but considering the amount of in and out of cars they've had, food spilled, shoes kicking etc. I am really pleased.


Freshly bought already installed so simple to install the manual is clear and precise. My daughter almost 3 is so excited to have a new seat so she can keep rear facing and 'waving at the trucks and bussses' she hates forward facing in other peoples cars with this seat i should get to 4 when i legally have to forward face. Haven't had to clean it yet but cover looks easy to remove and with such easy install wouldn't matter if i have to take it out to clean which i don't believe i would unless it was puke 100% love

Gorgeous, easy and convenient

I’m not good at installing but after I watched a pro do it I could do it myself afterwards:) my son looks pretty comfy in the seat and seems to love it. I got this seat specifically for the colour option, the extended rear facing option and the good price. It was on sale at the time of purchase but isn definitely get this again if I ever needed to

Excellent extended rear facing

I have the isofix model. It is so easy to install and I love the the green indicators show that the seat is installed right enough. My daughter is 3 in two months and still has about an inch of growth before we have to forward face. She is comfortable and happy in the seat and often falls asleep when traveling.

Good price

These are easy to install, easiest we have had anyway. All the fabric comes off to wash really easy. Good price considereing the safety standards it meets. When we have our second child we got the same one but unfortunately had to get a different colour as they had discontinued the old one.

Great car seat

Had a hand me down car seat before that wasn't too functional, so went out and bought this. Was on sale on BabyBunting, and the material feels nice enough.

The head paddings are soft unlike some other (more expensive) brands.. and it was on discount, so we went with this one.

My son has been using this for half a year-ish, and he still can use it rear-face; so that's a plus.

Best carseat we've had so far at a very affordable price

Very easy to install using the isofic anchor points
Very comfortable and easy to put my infant in it
Can be forward and rear facing
Has the option to recline or be straight
Very good materials and nice fabric
Easy to clean and comes with a seat insert that can easily be removed

Love this

We have been using this seat since birth and it's fantastic. Very comfy and easy to install yourself with the handy belt clip.
My daughter was able to rearward-face in her Kompressor till she was 2. Highly recommend this seat, especially for parents who would like their baby to rearward face for longer!

Great car seat!

I purchased this for my newborn in 2016. The seat fit well from birth when I removed the strap covers (otherwise the strap covers prevented it from being tight enough). It’s really easy to install, and simple to use. The strap tightening mechanism is a ratchet type system though, which does take some getting used to if you’ve not used this brand before. Overall a great seat and a big plus is that it’s extended rear facing.

Awesome Product

I bought this two months before from baby bunting. Its very comfortable and easy to install. The fabrics are of very well quality and much easy to clean up. It is having additional cushions which provide a very comfortable sitting for baby. Even though the price is bit high, but reasonable.

Wonderful seat, big

I LOVE this seat, and it's extended rear-facing is awesome, especially since it's so hard to find a seat that lasts so long.
It is incredibly comfortable for my son, with lots of removable and adjustable padding to ensure a good fit.
It only cost me about $240 on sale and will last a long time.
My only issue is that when it's rear-facing, it is far too upright. I cannot use it really, as I can't get my son in and he's pretty much completely upright, parallel with the seat. It doesn't help that the car has deep seating, but it is frustrating since I planned to use it a lot and it's too difficult and uncomfortable for my son.

Questions & Answers

Can you use Isofix on a CS8313 Series? On the box it says “Isofix compatible”?
1 answer
Hi Samantha H, There are two different Kompressor 4 models. The CS8313 model is not Isofix compatible, but the CS8513 is. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team on 1300 92 4632. Thank you!

Hi can anyone help please? I need to buy a car seat for my car my granddaughter is 9 months and l have done lots of research and found Infa secure is a quality and affordable brand, I had pretty much settled on the Quattro Treo but l like the reviews on the Kompressor as well. Can anyone tell me if they compared the 2 seats and what they found? Many Thanks
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Kompressor 4 Element
Price (RRP)$429.99
Age Range0-30months
ISOFIX CompatibleYes

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