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Maxi-Cosi Moda

Maxi-Cosi Moda

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Safe and comfy baby seat

We bought this seat for our new born. Was easy to use, comfy and very safe. We turned it from rear facing to front as well for multiple safe use.

Purchased in February 2018 at Baby Bunting Physical store for $525.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Height Adjustment
Car ModelToyota Kluger

Average seat

When babe was rearward facing the seat was very good, comfortable, sturdy. When baby was ready to face front ways the seat wasn't as practical. As he grew, the seat was less comfortable for him and less roomy as he was a chubba bubba. The seat belt is a pain to strap on, having to twist it to get into the lock. The good thing is it is easy to remove and reinstall though it is hard to put baby in and out of the seat. Baby is 1years old now and we have had to buy a new seat as it hasnt served its purpose.

Purchased in February 2018 for $650.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Height Adjustment
Car ModelMazda 6 GL (2016 - Present)

Baby cooker!

If your baby starts crying once in this seat pull over and make sure its not boiling its little bottom off!! I'll try not to bed too negative but I HATE this car seat! The seat belt system is inconvenient! When the buckles are clipped in the straps form right angles which means you kind of have to fold the seat belt in half to get it to clip in. Hard to explain but trust me, they're a nightmare to clip in. My baby absolutely hates this seat and it all quite literally lays in the name "Maxi Cosi"! This car seat literally smothers my baby and it's very dangerous because my child over heats within minutes regardless of how high the aircon is cranking! Soon as I hear crying I know it's because my baby is overheating. A few times I haven't been able to pull over quick enough and when I finally do my baby is absolutely drenched in sweat and is all red. Honestly tho as far as safety goes I can't fault it really! I would say it's a very safe seat but just a real nuisance to buckle up and quite literally cooks my child after a few minutes! Probably perfectly suited to arctic conditions.

Great seat

I bought this car seat for my little hatchback as a second seat. Turns out this this is the only car seat that my son likes sit in. My son is a big boy and so it felt a little bit tight when we first got it but once I realise that you could remove the newborn padding he fits much better.

Great, safe and secure car seat

Having to move from a capsule to a main car seat because both my children hated the capsule they instantly stopped crying during car journeys. They look comfortable, they don’t sweat like they did in the capsule, is easily installed with clear instructions. I feel like my child is very safe and surrounded and protected in the right places.
It’s easy to remove and washes well in a standard washing machine.
My only bad thing is my 2 year old seems to be able to remove his arms no matter how tight I make the straps. Would be nice to have that extra security strap across the chest instead of having to buy one separately. Had an extended rear facing although I’m not sure how an 2.5 year old would go with their feet at the back. My son lasted till 18 months and then became uncomfortable and we had to turn him around. All in all a great seat that I love and have confidence in if we were unfortunate to have an accident. I now have two seats for both my children

Didn’t meet my expectations!

I bought this car seat for our first baby . Our budget was between $500 to $700 and we paid $650 which was within our budget. It looks really good and safe . Good colour combination and softness feels great but it is not specious for a medium size baby . It’s bit narrow so it’s uncomfortable for baby over 6 months ( for skinny baby it’s may be okay) . My son was so uncomfortable that I had to purchase a second car seat. One more thing happened with us , the harness was stuck and it doesn’t work! It is still under warranty but fixing the harness does not solve our problem because the seat itself is not enough specious for my son so we didn’t bother to take it to the store.

Solid seat

Our baby seems comfortable currently using the newborn setup. The angle on the straps make placing and removing our baby in a little awkward though I can’t imagine any other seats being very different. We never remove the seat and cannot see that we would need to do so. We did not buy a capsule for this reason.

Comfy but hard to take the baby out

My baby is very comfy in the car seat and he usually would fall asleep. However, it is not very easy to fasten the seat belt and unfasten the seat belt, it can be quite frustrating. It feels quite safe and the material is comfortable and I would still recommend it

Head Space Way Too Small!

For a newborn, this seat was fantastic. We did alot of research and really liked the safety features. However, when our son was 6 months old, his head became very snug in the headrest and progressively got tighter and tighter. We had to return the seats as he was hysterical and raising the headrest would make it less safe. Definitely would not have made it close to 4 years!

Great purchase

Pretty easy to install, bub looks comfortable in it. There is a newborn insert that can be removed once baby is bigger. The car seat is pretty slim as well, so if we were to ever have 3 car seats in the back, it would fit. It is a bit on the exxy $$ end, but there is alot of padding and we haven't looked back so thumbs up!

The perfect car seat for any family!

This car seat is incredibly easy to install and use. It is very comfortable and offers a lot of cushioning for the baby. It is easy to clean and wipe down. It easy to maintain and storage is very simple. This is an excellent purchase for anyone considering a car seat of high quality that is safe, reliable and comes from a trusted brand!

Looks great, fit small car! Baby is happy to be in it, fit so snuggly.

The new Maxi Cosi Moda comes in different colours and we found the black one to be most stylish. Baby fits nicely in the car seat since he was 2 days old. It comes with an infant insert and can fit child up to 4 years old.
Padded lining can be removed and cleaned easily. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

Love it

Love this car seat, my baby look comfortable on it since I have changed. The cover can be took off for cleaning easily. It looks safe with air bags beside head position and it’s stable on the car seat. My boy now can get into and sit on it himself.

Snuggly seat for bubs

I got the Maxi Cosi Moda instead of the britax as it's a few cm shorter so that It would give more room in the passenger seat when the car seat is in rear facing mode. Also the Moda has the honeycomb sides which makes it seem more side cushioned.
When I put my newborn in the seat, she seemed very cushioned in and comfortable. Tho in the summer months the cushioning can get quite hot.
Overall good comfy safe car seat.

Happy with our purchase

We are very happy with our Maxi-Cosi Moda. We chose this seat after using a Maxi-Cosi capsule that we were happy with with. It is great quality and seemed one of the safest on the market. It is very padded and comfortable for our little one. The head support section is easy to change when needed. We had our installed professionally so unsure how easy it is to do yourself. The best feature is the little tabs to hold the straps when getting baby in and out, keeping the straps out of the way. Padding on the straps also button off for easy cleaning.

Easy to use

Bought this seat for our newborn on recommendation from a friend. I found it easy to install and use. Comes with newborn insert, which we didn’t use for long. Headrest adjusts easily when bubby grows. We have taken this on an interstate flight with us to use whilst on holiday- easy to install and remove - love the isofix option available rather than just using seatbelt. I did need to purchase an extension belt for the anchorage point in my Hyundai i30 and Honda CRV. Happy with this product. Only comment I have for improvement would be to have smaller increments for headrest adjustments.

Love it!

Easy to use, great safety features, love it!!! I initially struggled with the release latch to loosen the straps but after a few times I loved it. I occasionally have to pull it out and it’s quite light to lift and easy to click back in with the ISOFIX.
Hate the colour range though...

So much padding

My baby finds this very comfortable , so much padding , especially around the head, this was very important to me and it was the most padded seat on display. It’s very easy to adjust the seat height and straps. It is also way to clean, I would recommend this car seat to my friends

Made for very petite baby

The seat was easy to install and adjust the height. the head rest is very soft. The head rest is very tight on my 4 month old baby’s head. The seat would suit a petite baby. My baby is average size. The seat kept my baby quite warm on long trips even with the air conditioning on.

Good buy

Very easy to install and my baby really likes and very comfortable in this seat. I love the fact that i can wash all of the cloth material as I am a germ freak. It’s not to bulky compared to other brands with the same feature. I the only issue with this seat( or i think most the brands) is when then seat is facing rear for newborns the belt attached to the car is at its maximum stretch and we can’t really remove it while putting or removing our baby because our car is SUV. My friend didn’t had the same issue because they have a small car.

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Price (RRP)$679
Age Range0-48months
ISOFIX CompatibleYes

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