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OnePath Life Insurance

OnePath Life Insurance

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$Z*&%Z45 Dreadful!!!!!

So we hold an income protection policy. The only way to pay said policy premium is via some prehistoric process via mail (really??) or phone. I choose phone. So after listening to a 5 minute spiel about responsible investing??? from ANZ you then have to spend several minutes going through the various options. Finally after a 5 minute wait I get shipped off to a call centre presumably in the Philippines (what a surprise!!). After all the pain the lovely "customer service representative."then informs me she can't help me and that she will need to transfer me. $$^^%%*& Really? But this is the number listed on the renewal notice for payments! Finally, after some delay I get connected through to an automated service which then proceeds to crash when I enter my details.
Back to square one! After another 10 minutes of my life that I won't get back, I am connected to another "customer service representative." Sensing my annoyance she offers to put through the payment! So why couldn't this happen the first time around? I seriously don't get it....I am trying to pay the premium not make a claim. It certainly makes me question whether making a claim is even viable. I mean life is finite right?

No such thing as customer service here. Avoid at all costs!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Great service and outcome

I applied for Income Protection Insurance through my Superannuation. OnePath were the insurers. I was contacted by my case manager V.......... She was polite and helpful giving me forms for myself and doctor. We completed these and returned what was required. I had a waiting period to
complete and my Medical Certificate had been in place for a while. OnePath processed my claim quickly and started payments on time. My case manager kept me informed and scheduled regular follow ups and did follow up. I am still on Income Protection with OnePath. V........ requests updates from me and my doctor/s and we provide them and have had no issues. It was reassuranging to have contact from V..... regarding how I was going without requiring anything. I think that my case manager has helped greatly as have making sure the medical and personal requirements have been met.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very poor customer service

I have ANZ 50+ Life Cover which is issued by One Path. The premium was deducted from my visa card every fortnight. I had occasion to query a possible duplicated payment. They immediately decided to change me to monthly payments without letting me know. This wouldn't have mattered if they had continued to deduct payments. However, they have never taken a payment since. They said I would need to fill in another direct debit form but they didn't send it. I then asked to have it emailed, together with a detailed statement. They said my query would be answered in 5 to 10 working days. This is completely ludicrous; I should have received an email that same day. Now I have received a text message to say that my policy may be cancelled due to non-payment!

Insurance claim madeNo

Poor value for money

I have just cancelled my policy after 7 years. I pay $1,080 pa for a life cover of $15,000. This is terrible as i have another policy that I pay under $6,000pa and am covered for over $600,000.
I was under the impression rightly or wrongly that it was an investment type of policy including life insurance and that at the end of the 15 years that a $15,000 payout is issued.
This was obviously my mistake but it made sense due to the high premiums.
I would look around for much better policies and value for money.

Insurance claim madeNo

Unresponsive, can't answer simple question, won't cancel policy

I'm a current policy holder and have tried on multiple occasions to get a quote to reduce the level of coverage - I've had no success/response from either the call centre or via email. Gave up and decided it would be easier to cancel the policy and take out a new policy with another insurer (which I was easily able to get a quote from online) but now I can't get the policy cancelled despite repeated contacts. I'm now logging a complaint daily. Next step is their 'customer advocate' process and then the insurance ombudsman. If they can't address the simple stuff I only shudder to think how bad they must be to deal with during a claim.

Insurance claim madeNo

A total and utter disgrace

Staff that don't speak or understand a word of english. They won't think twice about cancelling your policy, changing your policy details without notice, taking payment without authorisation and the list goes on. Trying to deal with staff that don't speak or understand english makes it impossible. Avoid One Path at ALL COSTS. Thankfully never tried to make a claim just dealing with them for weeks on end about their processes was stressful enough.

Insurance claim madeNo

Ok until you try to cancel a policy

Was with this company for almost 20 years and then tried to cancel my policy. They didn't cancel the credit card payment as requested. Over 2 months later they still haven't refunded the extra unauthorised payment. Not the way I was expecting to be treated after being a client for so long.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great, Comprehensive Cover

This is a great life insurance product. I went through an advisory service and had to complete quite an extensive amount of health questions, which I think is great. It did take a couple of weeks to do, as they ask for your complete medical records from your GP to ensure that you're answering everything correctly, unlike other life insurance providers who babble over the phone and ask questions most people have no idea about. OnePath gives you the option of a fixed premium, which I opted for. Overall, a very good product with excellent features and customer service post-sale. Have not made a claim yet (knocks on wood)...


I can recommend ING but definitely steer clear of MLC. ING were helpful professional and paid on time, happy with ING.
I made a claim and the staff were helpful. Paid on time, with no hassles.
I have an MLC top up policy also, MLC denied my claim and tried to avoid my policy from inception. I went to the FOS and won, definitely recommend ING but steer clear of MLC Life. Sorry to add MLC comments here but there is no link for them, supposedly MLC Australias number 1 Life insurer.
ING are an insurer. So other than that none really.

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