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ING Orange One

ING Orange One

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No Logic, No Explanation Just Rejection

If you are thinking of moving to ING, do not close down your old credit card before getting approval for a new one from ING.

My wife & I are in the process of moving from Commbank to ING. Have setup accounts changed salary payments across etc. Applied for a card with a 2K limit. ING's response:

"We can't offer you an Orange One right now as you haven't met our credit criteria. If your circumstances change we'll be happy to consider a future credit application."

While a credit card is basically as unsecured loan & not a human right, I am annoyed for the following reasons:

We'll never know if our "circumstances" have changed because ING did not specify why we were rejected.

We both earn above average incomes.

We currently have a 20k limit with Commbank, and have periodically refused Commbank's offers to raise it.

I've checked my credit rating. That's good and it shows we pay the closing balance every month.

Outside our mortgage (which is not excessive) we have no debts.

The only thing I can possibly think is because I'm a contractor not an employee. Which considering I have been contracting to the same company for over a decade and have a consistent income is... illogical.

It's a pity because otherwise, ING seem better than Commbank.

Customer Service

Not rewarding loyalty

Been an ING customer for over 10 years and have a home loan with them for three years now. Never missed a single payment and savings & salary well exceeding minimum requirements though was instantly rejected. What more can they possibly want?


I have used ING for years now with my savings accounts and insurance as well as my Super. I applied for a credit card only to be denied right away. :/
I honestly don't see how. I have savings enough to cover the amount I requested which was 2k and I only wanted the card for a trip I am planning overseas in May this year. I wanted a back up card and have no intention to use it unless necessary. I wanted it as they have no annual fee and no international transaction fees. Plus as a loyal customer I thought go with ING.
I am in the best financial position I have ever been in on my life. I save easy $500 a fortnight after expenses which I could show them if they wanted proof. I get that they take into other loans etc... But I have excellent history regarding payments and my loan is low in amount and almost paid off. I have only one other CC which has $0 owing on it as its for emergencies only.
So what gives ING?
Must have some very strict application rules in place. Now I will have this on my records as applying and getting denied. I will be lucky if I can apply elsewhere now.

Insult to loyal customer

Banking with ING for years, $XXXk+ savings in ING, Home Loan in ING, superannuation in ING. Very happy customer, until ....
Applied for PLATINUM card with credit limit as low as $10000. Got offered CLASSIC card and $4.5k credit limit. That is lower than my monthly spendings (figure was in application). What you want me to do with CC limited lower than my monthly spending????

Feeling nothing but insult.

Terrible product backed by terrible service

I decided to change my rewards credit card and based on having an ING account already, I chose the Orange One Platinum card. I was ok with some of the "hoops" you have to jump through to get most of the benefits of the card, but I wish I had read these reviews before taking it ( I thought a Visa card pretty much did the same thing at every financial institution) Not only does it have all of the quirks/irritations/limitations as listed on the other reviews, the warning should have been in the application process. I started the process 1 month before my current card was due, thinking this was ample time to get the card, change all my direct debits etc. I received an email the day after doing the initial online application which quoted 3-5 business days to complete the process. 1 month later, after duplicate requests for paperwork already sent, the correct department /people never available for enquiries and phone calls never returned I am still waiting for my additional card holders card to be processed. I have been told there is an issue they are working on and cannot tell me when or if I will get my additional card. I requested to cancel the card and asked for the fee to be credited as they had not delivered what they offered. I was simply told no refund, not even a pro rata refund would be entertained. I have an excellent credit rating, so this has not been a factor. This has been a terrible experience with ING for me. If you are an online business, you would expect your online systems to actually work. Back to the banks for me.

Terrible product with plenty of "gotchas" unknown among any other credit cards

As others have said, this terrible product is basically a waste of plastic. I have not had so much trouble with anything I have ever used compared to this card. This should really be discontinued while ING start again from scratch before they lose customers.

Good: No annual fee and no transnational fees if meet their "criteria". Website states that "The Orange One apply form is taking a break" (2018-04-10) so perhaps they have dumped the product and saves 1000's the misery.

Bad: 1)) Cash Advances are only available to 10% of the limit. 2)) You cannot put the card into credit. 3)) High minimum repayments ($100 monthly). 4)) Part-payments don't count towards the DD repayments. 5)) Aggressively chases the DD funds if you don't pay on time. 6)) Still chases DD payments after the late fee charged. 7)) Card MUST have a DD (direct debit account) linked for payments. 8)) The "installments" are complex and hard to manage. 9)) Card PIN can only be 4 digits. 10)) Paywave can't be turned off. 11)) Debits and credits sit on the card as "pending" for days (week) and you can't pay them until finalised. 12)) Only average interest rate. 13)) Website misleading about the restrictions. 14)) Terms And Conditions are "copy locked" and poorly worded and not explanatory. So bad in fact they even admitted defeat when I mentioned some errors and are changing the entire terms. Escalated to FOS. 15)) The first application broke, it still sits in my internet banking to this day asking for supporting documents. 16)) I broke my fave scissors while mutilating this card into confetti after I closed it.

Got a ME bank card and am delighted with it. Works like it should exactly how I expect one to work.

No bPAY option to pay bills with.

ING’s platinum card does not let you pay bills using bPay from the app. And does not let you pay the account in full if there are any purchases made in the last few days stuck at “pending” or put the account in credit by even a dollar.

It’s literally baffling having a platinum credit card you can’t oay bills with and can’t pay the balance off in its entirety.

If you want to pay bills using your credit card or want to be able to pay your account balance in full you won’t be able too. Recommend to avoid with prejudice.

Good but VERY restrictive repayment options

Overall i am quite happy with this credit card. The fees and cashback are good features. However, there is one MAJOR limitation. You are unable make a payment at any time which would put the card in surplus. So if the current balance is minus 200 dollars it will not let you pay 201 dollars, or any amount over 200. This is a real problem for three reasons: 1) You are unable to keep the card in surplus at any time so as to keep any interest payments down or to plan for a holiday where you know you will be using the card a lot; 2) Even if the available balance means the card is in deficit by a thousand dollars or so you are not even able to make a payment which exceeds the current balance (which reflects pending charges that can take a numbers of days to be processed); 3) If you have an automatic payment plan set up and the amount you are scheduled to pay each month or whatever will mean your card goes into surplus (even by 1 dollar!) your payment does not go through and THE BANK DOES NOT EVEN NOTIFY YOU OF THIS. You have to figure it out for yourself. The result is having to keep a constant eye on various balances and then ensuring payment have been made on time manually to avoid fees, interest etc. Banks like ING are paid fees to make managing your money easier, not harder. I consider this a MAJOR limitation of the card. I have never had a credit card that does not allow you to pay over the credit limit and the end result is paying more interest and making managing your finances harder. This is very much at odds with ING advertising this as a 'responsible credit card.' I would have stuck with my old credit card had i known this.

Worst Credit Card ever

ING have just introduced there version of a credit card. As their standard procedure they offer the world to get you interested. But after you have bent over backwards to satisfy there requirements they deliver nothing they promised. You can not even pay a bill using BPay even though this is a Bank that has no branches due to the fact they claim they are not necessary with new technology. My advice is avoid ING as they will promise you rewards, low interest, ect but once they have you they take it all back and deliver nothing.

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