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Lombard Credit Card
Latest review: The company blocked my card and told me it will take 3 months to turn it on! with a positive balance on it. Absolute shame! Dont ever go through this

Gem Visa
Latest review: 2nd and last time I've dealt with them. No interest in listening to the customer needs or offering solutions where it is clear they can. Lacking in customer service and a human

28 Degrees Mastercard
Latest review: I've been using 28 degrees for about 6 years. Reliable overseas, excellent conversion rates and when I remember to use it right I never get charged any fees at

Once Credit Card
Latest review: Our contract with Once Credit specified a termination date - that is, once the balance was paid, the account would be closed automatically. This didn't happen, even though it was stated in writing on

ANZ Low Rate MasterCard
Latest review: I applied for credit card with excellent credit rating and was asked to send payslips which I did immediately. Then never received any response! No rejection no approval no acknowledgement

Westpac Low Rate
Latest review: If you are happy to have a credit card application listed on your credit file, that dragged out for weeks and then you never got any response or card for then westpac is the bank for you. They will

GO MasterCard
Latest review: just the worst experiece you can get to deal with credit card provider , ignorance, horrible customer service , just dont get it, just dont get it, use bank credit card it is cheaper and safer and

American Express Essential
Latest review: You can not pay your account online . The page won’t load most of the time. You can’t book a holiday on their platinum travel section and access your travel credit. I’ve been telling them about this

Coles Low Rate MasterCard
Latest review: Whenever I have had to phone the so-called Customer Service centre, it has required more than one attempt to get through as all the menu options do not apply to general account queries. After being

Jetstar MasterCard
Latest review: Card offered a competitive rate of points and a zero fee offer initially but Service via phone centre is slow and painful - dropped calls, pillar to post etc with diff teams. Normally 20mins plus on

Citibank Signature
Latest review: I got charged interest on my account that was paid to a $0 balance more than 2 weeks early. There response was: "A review on your account shows your payment of $198.60 was received on 12 December

Macquarie Bank Visa Platinum
Latest review: However found out 2 months later still not upgraded to Gold and had to call multiple times for them to understand what i am talking about and they even fwd me to Hilton who had no idea either.

St.George No Annual Fee Visa
Latest review: After straggling to get on top my debt with a previous credit card provider, they weren't willing to help me at all with either a consolidation loan or switching to a new type of credit card or

Bank of Queensland Blue Visa
Latest review: Credit card made simple. From the interest rate and the monthly statement. Use of the card is made real

Heritage Gold Low Rate
Latest review: I'm only a small time user, but it suits me, is one of the cheapest interest rates on the market, and there is no annual fee. What more could I ask for? I was with another company whose interest

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate
Latest review: I have been using this card for some time and unlike my other credit card (St george) I am impressed with the service and the staff who have been helpful and polite. I only use this card for travel

Newcastle Permanent Value+
Latest review: I like everything about Newcastle Perm. Great staff. Great products. absolutley nothing to dislike about it. Always available to help

Commonwealth Bank Low Fee
Latest review: Easy to use. Love the online and feel secure and love there fraud squad. I am a Google play user and purchase a lot of things with this card on Google Play. I was buying a family member some Apple

Westpac Altitude Business Gold
Latest review: The master Card statement of Westpac-Master card (Altitude) never provide the balance column to show a running balance, although computer do calculate that balance but the Westpac Banking

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate Gold
Latest review: I changed to this card in March this year, choosing to consolidate two cards into one. This Low Rate Gold cards has a reasonable credit limit, low interest rate and low annual fee as well. There are

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