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Okay but expensive for what you get

Like a lot of 'natural' foundations, this one is a little watery and light on with coverage, but if you use a sponge it's okay. You can't expect a product with less ingredients (and also less toxic ingredients) to be as full coverage as other brands that are full of toxic crap, I accept that.

What I do object to is the fact that it is VERY expensive and you get very little in the container. I feel like I only just bought it and it's already coming to the end of the bottle?? I use it sparingly once a day - it just doesn't last very long.
Surely for the money a few more mls wouldn't hurt??

Do Not Waste Your Money

I only just received this foundation not long ago and was quite excited to try it out; however when I did I was in for a big disappointment.
The foundation is quite “smeary”, doesn’t blend properly, goes on very “grainy” and “spotted” on my nose and also continues to wear off during the day!
It ends up looking like your face is melting.. very embarrassing!
After spending $60 AUD for this I want my money back
I contacted Inika and they advised not to use any moisturisers with this foundation as that would interfere with the formula.
To my surprise I tried it a second time with nothing whatsoever on my face and it was the exact same result.

Allergic Reaction Hospitalised

After 3 hours of applying the liquid foundation to my face (used all my normal make up and just swapped my normal foundation for this one)my face became itchy and I immediately removed all make up from my face.

12 hours later my face was swollen, eyes could barely open, severe red cheeks with a rash all over my face. I was immediately sent to emergency where I was admitted with an allergic reaction. I was discharged 14 hours later and given a course of steroids. My face was still swollen 4 days later!!! Tank goodness the reaction was only localised to just my face.

I have since fully recovered and have done a patch test on my neck with the foundation and again within hours the site became itchy and going red. I had to remove the make up immediately and take medications to prevent another severe reaction.

I’ve gone back to using my normal Mac, Bobbi Brown and Clinique products on my face and have not had another reaction.

Absolutely horrid make up.


Will not stop using!

I've been using Inika make up for about 3 years now.
I've never strayed from it as iv just found it works for me. I use the Liquid Foundation, The loose powder, the bronzer, highlighter and lip tint everyday. ( Buh the liquid foundation which i use if i'm going out or have an occasion, just for some extra coverage)
It's light weight, i don't feel like i'm wearing anything. I've had so many complements. My skin is sensitive, but its also clear and i don't have maybe blemished. So the coverage for me is perfect. I will continue to use INIKA products as i feel the quality is the re for me.

Mascara- waste of money!

I liked all the ethos of this brand but the mascara is absolutely terrible. It’s possibly the most dry & useless one I’ve ever bought- and the most expensive!!! Almost $50 & it’s just ridiculously useless.... so mad with myself for spending this much on a product that will now just go in the bin.

Loose Mineral Foundation - Love it!

I purchased the loose mineral foundation in Trust. I use it nearly everyday with the Organic Pure Primer and it gives me a very natural finish. I purchased this before they upgraded the packaging to have a closeable lid, so it can get a bit messy. I love how it lasts 36 months!

Inika Sunkissed Bronzer

This is my favourite bronzer!
The one i use is the loose powder (they also make a compact one but it is not as pure in ingredients as the loose)
...the color is so natural on my skin.
It gives my skin a healthy glow and it never looks fake!
I am a person who doesn't like changing products and i can always rely on Inika and service is always helpful especially on their 1800 number!
I have used Sunkissed and the Nurture loose mineral powder for over 7 years and will continue to do so!
and i have tried all the good natural mineral brands and my makeup with Inika looks like skin , not makeup!

Ups and downs

I have the mineral foundation and I really want to like it but it is so incredibly drying on my skin! It also has almost a glitter to it, like Thin Lizzy, something I personally dont like. I try for a very light coverage but it always looks like Ive applied loads. Will be going back to Jane Iredale!

Inika Organic Pure Primer... Best thing ever!

I purchased a trial makeup kit and which came with the Organic Primer. The mineral foundation was good but I absolutely loved the primer. I just recently purchase 2 full size Primers so i never run out. It contains Hyaluronic Acid for moisture and vitamin E and is certified organic. It does have a very organic smell to it with the lemon myrtel leaf oil and lavender oil but only when first applied. I personally like it and prefer that organic smell than fake fragrance. Most importantly, it's actually improved my skin. I no longer need moisturisers and have completely ditched my very expensive anti aging skin care. It even made my old mineral powder foundation look good on my skin.It is pricey, at $60 for 50ml, but I don't mind considering I'm saving on moisturisers and my skin care products which I no longer need. Worth every cent.

Lack of colours and coverage

Only caters to pink undertone skin. My skin tone is pale with yellow undertones. If your skin tone is light with yellow undertones this product will not match your skin and look very pink/beige. Also, why doesn't this brand cater to dark skin shades?

It states it is a medium coverage but it is actually sheer. If the product is sheer but buildable it should still state sheer on the packaging. The finish is dewy but it feels oily on my combination skin.

The bad outweigh the good but the good things about the product are: it smells good, it's organic. There are far better organic brands out there at more reasonable prices that offer a lot more in terms of colour variety and performance.

Best makeup

I have been using inika for about 2 years now. I love it, it's wonderful. Great for the skin, organic, natural. It took me so long to find an organic makeup brand that had good coverage. It's good because it can be layered. I use the liquid foundation and top it with powder foundation. It last all day and smells wonderful. Like orange and herbs! The lipsticks are very beautiful too. i see some people complaining about the brand and I think it's redicious. for an organic brand it works wonders with coverage, you just have to know how to Apply it. And if you have issues with the lipstick being dry, apply lip balm underneath! This is organic makeup! You have to work with it if you want helathy skin and no harmful chemicals.Honestly the things that people are complaining about aren't even bad. The only thing that could be better is the price of course, but hey that's life. To be honest I've paid the same price for makeup that comes in much smaller packages..The good things are always more expansive

Inika Organic

Great News!

INIKA Organic have had a complete restructure of our Customer Service Team. The Team and myself look forward to wowing you with improved response times, keeping our promises, product knowledge and assisting you with all things INIKA.

We are sure you will love our products as much as we do.

Danni Meilak
Customer Service Manager

Amazing makeup!!!

I have been in love with inika products! I started with the bb foundation and mineral powder and just LOVED them!!!! Now I have lots of products including eyeshadows, lipstick, etc... highly recommended!!!!

Lipstick very very dry

So disappointed as I really wanted to find a non toxic vegan lipstick to wear every day. This is so dry I can hardly put it on. There are much better brands for a lower price.

Do not shop at inikaorganic.com

Purchased mineral foundation from inikaorganic.com they never shipped my order. I have had to open up a PayPal dispute to get a refund as Inika (owned by Total Beauty Network) will not answer my emails. Really bad customer service or should I say lack thereof.

Great makeup with staying power

I have most of the Inika range now. I love that they look fantastic, have great staying power and have no harmful chemicals. I recently went to my daughter's graduation and it was still perfectly in place after 13 hours! It looked lovely and felt great. The loose powder and liquid foundation are my favourite make up. I am 58 and it doesn't settle into fine lines and my skin glows when I wear it. Best makeup I've worn and I've used a lot of good quality mineral makeup brands. I have no connection to Inika, so this is a genuine review.

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Faith, try using the primer under the foundation and applying with the correct Inika brush and see if that helps. I’m not sure which foundation you’re using but I haven’t found it drying, nor glittery. I was also advised to brush on their rosehip oil first and massage in with a brush to give a glow. I used Jane Iredale for years but some is tested on animals and there is silicon in some of the products, including the foundation Not good for our skin!

Not a fan

Used quite a few products from inika, including the powders, blushes, eyeshadows, mascaras and liquid foundations. I want to like it. It ticks all the boxes in terms of cruelty free, vegan and organic, but its not enough. The products are on the pricier end of the market and feel cheap. I love the silkiness & texture of the liquid foundation, it glides over your skin like a dream, but the coverage is comparable to a tinted moisturizer (similar to the dove or nivea ones i used to use when i was younger for $10). It also slides off your skin, within 2 hours i look patchy and worse than if i didnt have makeup on. For the price they charge, id expect lasting factor. The powder is ok, had no real problems with that, but i would have thought the powder over the top of the foundation would make it last longer - nope. Personally, for $60 i would not purchase the powder again. Zuii has a good powder (their foundations and mascara are the same as inikas though). The mascara was shocking. Clumpy and no defintion. The worst mascara ive ever used. Eye shadow was also very disappointing. Blush was same as powder/foundation - did not lost longer than a few hours. I should note that i have normal skin, not oily or dry. To be brutually honest, i wouldny purchase anything from Inika again. Their customer service also left alot to be desired. I use La Mers BB cream. Great coverage and all natural - highly recommend.

Inika Vegan Lipstick is Dry and the colour is not what It looks like online.

The Inika Vegan Lipstick is very dry and has to warm up to use otherwise it just drags across my lips without depositing colour, it's kind of strange. The colour itself, "flushed" looked like a nice mauve but in reality it is super duper shimmery and somehow makes me look like a much older woman which is not what I am going for. I really wanted to like this and am disappointed in the application and the colour.

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I have since tried it again, they've been bought by a new company and have been revising everything. The new colour is not dry, but it still doesn't look like the colour online nor is it what I would consider "pink poppy"/mauve. It comes out more of a clay colour, which honestly does match the rest of the colour scheme in regards to tone, but not what I was aiming for. It doesn't have the weird shimmery old lady look like it did before either, it's actually kind of nice, but the colour just wasn't what I was expecting.

Postage problems twice for the same order

I ordered two foundations for a bridal client 2 weeks in advance. After noticing the products did not arrive as scheduled I called up to find out where it was. The product was missing and a new package was express post with the promise it would arrive in 2-3 days in time for the event. I had to leave 6am of the day of the event and was only recieved a call the night before they were not going to have the product delivered in time. The package arrived 3 days after the event. I did not have the products for the bridal makeup as requested by the client. It was very embarrashing.

Inika Eye Makeup Remover

I've been looking for a certified organic eye makeup remover and thought I'd try this one. Surprisingly enough, this was able to remove my heavy duty, waterproof eye makeup. Needless to say it takes a few seconds longer for complete removal, but what's a few extra seconds. The payoff is that you have the peace of mind that you're using a product good for your skin. It's a lot more expensive than your standard eye makeup remover, but certified organic skincare products are important to me, so this was worth it.

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