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Coleman Instant Up Gold Series

Coleman Instant Up Gold Series

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3.6 from 10 reviews

Great tent

Great solid tent compared to others in this price range. On the heavy side but probably because of the quality. Pegs are woeful so buy some new ones at the same time. Set up & take down is a breeze. Awning tends to hold water when it rains, telescopic awning poles would of solved this by simply lowering slightly to create run off slope. Just a thought for the next edition of instant up.

Purchased in February 2019 at Tentworld Online store for $470.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Early signs of failure

We purchased our Coleman Instant Up Gold 10 man tent in 2016 from Tentworld in Brisbane. My wife & I chose it as it had two good sized rooms we could stand up fully in and there was ample outside shading, and wasn't as expensive as the Blackwolfe. All our camping is just the two of us, so it's not being pushed to the limits.

At first it was great easy to set up & take down, just a little on the heavy side as the poles are intergrated with the tent. We have used it approximately 50-60 nights in total, so still very new.
However in it's third season little things are starting to unravel. First was one of the "Pole clips" tore away from the tent - looks like the stitching let go. Then the same thing happened with one of the velcro tapes used to secure the tent fly to the poles. On closer inspection the stitching is slowly coming apart in a few places.

Whilst these are minor issues they shouldn't be occurring to an essentially new tent. If anything else happens I will probably contact Coleman Australia.

Purchased in September 2016 at Tentworld Physical store for $800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Doesn’t like wind !

We have used this tent quite a few times now and to be honest we can’t wait to get rid of it!!
I have grown up around tents my whole life my family and I have always gone camping. This tent was bought for us as a gift and my dad read all the great reviews so he decided it was a good first tent for my husband and I. We have watched the videos read forums and set the tent up plenty of times. It handles a light breeze but anything strong the easy up poles buckle at the connection and the tent caves in. It handles rain we haven’t had had to with stand a massive thunderstorm but a few showers here and there and it’s been fine. We have 2 small children and we have found we have outgrown the tent now.
Please don’t be fooled by the great reviews it’s an easy up tent but it’s also easily blown over haha!!

Terrible Warranty, broke first use

On a two week tour of Tassie, tent broke first night. String line broke and hole in the roof. Straight onto Coleman as it has a 12 months Warrenty. They said a foreign object must have damaged it. We were on the beach so that’s impossible.

Stay away from Coleman tents, they say they’re great which is why I bought it but when they needed to back it up they were no help at all.

Great tent, but heavy.

It’s a great tent, relatively easy to put up.
We used it once for a single night stay. The 3 entry doors are handy as you can choose which to open/close.
The room divider can be a trip hazard as the bottom bit has to stay (and not attached to the floor).
It’s a shame the tent is so heavy (30 kgs). The next size down, the 8P, is only 22 kgs. Would be great if the 10P has similar weight to the 8P model.

What's not in the video (UPDATED)

Granted the umbrella mechanism gets the tent up quickly (assuming you keep your fingers out of the way of moving parts) but the time benefit is lost with the amount of pegging down that has to be done to straighten and strengthen the tent frame. The tent's structural strength and space is less than the 12 year old Sportiva it was supposed to replace.
UPDATE (October 2018): Second major outing (11 days) and I think we may have reached a better understanding with respect to tent stability and need for external support ropes. One big plus that we discovered was the floor strength, which contributed to keeping us dry.

Great Tent

I wanted to use a stretcher on our last 3 week outback trip so needed the verticle sided tent. The Coleman Gold 4p tent fitted the bill very well. Used the tent for the 3 weeks including nights of drizzle and a few hours of very heavy rain without issue of leaks. Had days of 30+ degrees and days of 13 and the tent is well ventilated especially the ground level vents and easily controlled from inside the tent.

Don't like the pegs the tent comes with as campgrounds that are hard or rocky needs something more sturdy (carry extra pegs all the time no matter which tent I use)

Great experience using the tent and the different terrains and climates etc. Would buy it again if that helps

Strong and wateproof, loved it!

The good:
- It easily withstood 50 kmh wind gusts and pouring rain for 4 hours (from the experience), and could have gone longer I reckon.
- Dries very quickly as well.
- Thick and strong floor.
- Easy to setup and tear down. Do tear down carefully, though - the bag is pretty tight.
- Versatile awnings.
- Tall and spacious even in corners thanks to the shape.
- Has roof and side utility hooks for wiring and light.
- Has large floor level vents

The bad:
- For that price they could have chucked in better pegs than the lousy default wire ones.
- Has no roof vents so with windows shut can become very hot very quickly.
- Overpriced to my taste.


We are a family of 4 and wanted a low hassle tent and this is it.

The good.
The tent goes up and down very fast.
Nice quality.
Well thought out. Easy to put up internal lights, good windows and venting.

The bad.
The pegs are mediocre.

Easy to rate at 5 stars, especially considering value.

A good start,

Retired our 3 room tent after 15 years of reliable service, and purchased the 10 series Instant Up from Coleman. Put it up once at home, and then went camping. Arrived 1 hour after sunset and rain showers to attempt to put up the tent, 30 minutes later and a small miracle it was up AND dry. Next morning looking at my handy work it was surprising how easy it was to put up. I will review this again in 12 months time (should have another 10 or more expeditions by then).
1: Easy to erect.
2. Lots of ventilation.
3: Doesn't leak in HEAVY rain
4: Seams well jointed
5: Good awnings front back and sides.
1: Heavy (around 30 kgs)
2: Light weigh pegs ( I'll replace mine with heavy duty ones)
3: Stowage Bag is light and maybe easy to tear.

Questions & Answers

How easy is it to put up and how strong are they?
1 answer
Two days ago I put this up for the first time. I am an unfit 60 ish male and it nearly killed me. There are about 200 pegs at least it felt like that, in the end my 6 yr old grandson was banging them in for me. I Thought I wanted a big tent but this was to big to heavy for us, just my wife and I. It is super strong and dry, in the middle of the night we had a massive storm, the rain bucketed down, we were nice and dry when it finally finished 6 hrs later. A fantastic tent but not for two. Will now buy a 6 person instant up gold dark, i am sure it will be more suitable. If you have a big family and help then this will be ok for you.


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