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Intergrain DWD

Intergrain DWD

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Good product, but check is manufacture date before purchasing.

Good product, which I've used before. I would recommend it, but ALWAYS check the bottom of the can before purchasing. I purchase a can from Bunnings West footscray on the 7/03/2019. Started coating the deck and was struggling with the product, unlike the first time when it went on brilliant. Upon looking at the bottom of the can, I saw it had been made back in 2016. Unfortunately I had already started using the can, so completed the job, but not nearly as good as the front deck which was done in 2018 using a can made in 2017.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $138.00.

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Brilliant Product!

I’ve always used sikkens cetol hls with supernatural but the sikkens always makes the timber too dark (even with natural) and doesnt reveal the natural grain. I decided to convert and use dwd on badly weathered cedar doors, windows, frames. Used the reviva gel (twice), dimension 4 primer and dwd (3 coats) and the results are magnificent. The dwd natural is perfect for cedar, brings out a beautiful colour of the timber (orange brown using the natural which is little tinted). It’s a little tricky to apply, slap it on thick, quickly and in cool weather. The technical support are also brilliant, always responsive to emails and always available on phone. I will never use sikkens again. Highly recommend dwd!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Has this product changed?

Have been using the Intergrain DWD for many years on a timber veranda floor and was always happy with it. Was re-coated in March and also 12 months previous to that. Have always had good life out of this product and the only reason we re-coated it twice so close together was because I couldn't get rid of really bad scuff marks. Now after the last coating in March and having a family gathering in late November we have very bad scuff marks again. Don't know if this product has changed but am not very happy with it now.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
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Hi Jo, Thanks for your feedback. We have not had any formula changes for DWD. Please give us a call on 1800 630 285 and we can determine why you are having issues with scuff marks. The Intergrain Technical Team

Not for the in experienced

Deck Timber: New Northern Box (reddish/pink when new, fades to brownish orange when weathered)
Location: Next to salt water pool
Weathering: Weathered for 8 weeks before anything done to it.
Prep: Revivia + light sand with 120 grit + single flood coat of Ultra prime
Top Coat: Untinted DWD

I added my first coat of DWD about a week after priming using a brush for face boards and sponge applicator for surface. After applying I noticed that you could distinctly tell where i ended my strokes with the brush and applicator and there was some dried crumbs of product on the surface.

I gave it a light sand to remove some of the crumbs and strokes and added the second coat. The second coat now has a patchy appearance, I can see mottling on the surface. I suspect it was too hot for application (28 deg day) and I've been pushing the product around on the surface when it had already skinned over (partially dried).

The tin says don't apply in conditions >35 deg, when rain is expected within 4 hrs and you must apply all 3 coats within 7 days of each other. So you need to get 3 coats down in conditions <35 deg without rain and within 7 days of each other, This rules out most summer days (too hot) ,most winter days (too wet) which leaves a gamble in autumn and spring.

I don't think the instructions on the tin distinguish between surface temp and air temp, I would say the 35deg limit is surface temp and it should be lower (more like 30 deg surface temp)

Mine went an orange colour after the Ultra prime and the DWD has made it darker/richer, I haven't noticed the DWD itself changing the colour of the timber although it's a brownish colour in the tin so there must be some pigment in there even though I got an untinted product (yes I double checked with paint counter at Bunnings)

Also, the polymer stuff sticks to the bottom of the tin and is hard to stir up.

I will give it another sand and put on another 2 coats and see whether the mottling disappears, otherwise it's out with the belt sander and 60 grit paper to bare timber and an oil based finish, this stuff is very hard to get right.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hi Brendan, Thank you for your detailed review. You're right in saying that DWD is quite an involved application process, and we would only recommend to an experienced DIYer or professional. For our everyday DIYers, we recommend using UltraDeck or NaturalStain. These products are easier to use and, while not quite as durable as the DWD system, offer market leading durability. With regard to the >35 degree application temperature, this does refer to substrate temperature, and not ambient. So while it might be 28 outside, your deck would be much hotter. This would explain the accelerated drying time you've noted and potentially some of the clumping. Was the pool used in-between Priming and DWD application ? Some residual salt on the UltraPrimer could account for the mottling. We hope DWD works for you and you're happy with the finish after a couple more coats. If you'd like to get in touch with any further feedback for us, please call on 1800 630 285. The Intergrain Technical TeamThanks for the feedback. I have another (bigger) deck to do away from the pool (>2m away and separated by a glass fence). I might use Ultradeck or an Oil based finish on this one to assess durability as this one is also in full sun. We used the pool twice between Priming and Finishing but I pressure washed the deck with water only and allowed to dry before first coat of DWD and have pressure washed before every coat since.Hi Brendan - thanks for the quick follow up! Let us know how your durability test goes on your full sun deck - UltraDeck will last significantly longer than any oil based finish, however we'd welcome you to have a test of your own. Let us know how your subsequent DWD coats go - we hope you're happy with the finish this time. Call if you need us - The Intergrain Technical Team.

Amazing, it actually does what it says on the can!

I've coated around 30 Merbau decks with DWD and it lasts about 18 months in full sunlight. In shade it seems to last until wear and tear takes it's toll. It's essential to follow the full procedure. Without the preparation and the primer you'll only get 6 months. I have a bench that I tested this product on 3 years ago, it sits in direct sunlight for most of the day and I've recoated it once. Still looks good as new. Don't try applying the DWD in direct sunlight of if the timber is hot, it will dry before you finish a run of timber and in the application tray.

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HI Quickpig, Thanks for your review. DWD is a great product when applied correctly and has the potential to last much longer than traditional oil based decking oils. If you have any further feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 630 285. The Intergrain Technical Team.

Wouldn't use anything else.

I clad my house with western red cedar using dimension 4 and DWD, 11 years ago. The advise back then was slap it on like its for free. It has lasted the distance and still looks like 'new'. However I figure I should recoat now. Brilliant product and wouldn't use anything else.

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Hi Kath, Thanks for your feedback. That's some incredible life you've got from your DWD. If you have any questions about re-application, don't hesitate to call us on 1800 630 285, The Intergrain Technical Team.

Excellent product

After twenty five years of using intergain/dwd I've learnt how to use successfully on cedar, cedar itself is extremely difficult to deal with as it's an oily resinous timber and when imported to Australia it's possibly still drying out. Most importantly you must seal timber to block out these oils and the only way is by saturating the cedar not just by giving it a lick with the brush. If you're cedar is fury sand it smooth before installing because years later when recoating is needed this will make your job easier so if sanding back to recoat you won't disturb the underlying sealers. Dwd once weathered can be deactivated by wiping gently with a wet rag doused rag of mentholated spirit as it will soften the older coats, always allow metho to flash off. It's possible to make your own sealer with bondcrete and have success but you will void any warranty

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Hi Splitty, Thanks for your positive review of DWD. We’re glad the product has performed for you for such a long time. As you’ve mentioned, priming the timber is important before application of DWD. We have a three step process for correct application; clean with Reviva, prime with UltraPrimer and coat with DWD (2 coat minimum). We only recommend using Intergrain UltraPrimer (previously Dimension 4) for this, as it is formulated to work with the DWD to be one of our most enduring finishes. For weathered timber, wiping with Methylated Spirits is potentially unnecessary. If you sprinkle some water onto the timber, and it soaks in, a simple scrub with Reviva will be enough to prepare the timber for priming and coating. If the water beads, and continues to bead after a scrub with Reviva, further weathering, sanding or stripping will be required. If you have any questions or further feedback, please call us on 1800 630 285. The Intergrain Technical Team

Bunning must have a share in this proct

Highly recommended by Bunnings and much dearer than other products. It's a disaster. I did a brand new decking Blackbutt, followed the over complicated instruction of the three step process implicitly, and it buckled , cupped went black in spots and the whole deck was an orange colour, nothing like the natural colour of the timber. And worse was yet to come when I built my steps up to the garden. Much worse. Plus I had a doormat down and the product has gone black and I can't clean it. Plus one of my clients used an Intergrain product on stackable planter boxes. 3 months later a P,I'd client rang up cause they were all stuck together. Had to use hammers and chisel to separate. Some one is bullfighting the public 're this brand. Front touch it. Right now we have had 3 days of rain, and my new stairs and gate are turning opaque pink . Much more, and none of it.good. I have.warned Bunning,
Hardware and General, and Warringah Timbers.

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Hi Bernie, Thanks for your review. Without seeing the deck it is difficult for us to properly assess just what has occurred with your deck and DWD, but there are a few things we would like to clarify. For Blackbutt we generally wouldn’t recommend Natural DWD. Blackbutt is lightly colour timber and would exaggerate the pigment of Natural DWD. This could cause it to look orange, as we recommend Natural DWD for darker timbers such as Merbau. For Blackbutt we would recommend choosing a tinted colour such as Teak as this won't show an orange appearance on lighter coloured timbers. It is very unlikely DWD caused your deck to buckle and cup. The cause of cupping/buckling/warping can be due to a number of things, but is usually to do with the construction of the deck. There is the potential that the timber was too green/not dry enough, however what is more likely is the deck was constructed too close to the ground. This means that when it rains, there isn’t sufficient ventilation and the timber continues to absorb water from beneath which will cause the timber to swell and therefore buckle or cup. A coating on the top of the timber is not enough to alleviate construction issues and stop water being absorbed by the sides/bottom. How long was the timber down before being coated? Was it weathered for between 4 and 6 weeks before it was coated? The black spots are unusual; we think they may be caused by contaminants/oils present on the surface of the timber. Did you use PowerPrep on the timber and then Reviva? If PowerPrep is used in isolation, the tannins and oils will sit on the surface of the timber and could alter the appearance of the coating applied. Regarding the stackable boxes – if not properly cured before stacking, DWD will most certainly stick together. We recommend leaving to fully cure for at least 7 days before replacing furniture so the same would apply to stacking planter boxes. We’re sorry DWD hasn’t worked for you in this instance and would like to ask you a few more questions in order resolve these issues. Could you please call us at your earliest convenience on 1800 630 285 and quote reference number 4286190. The Intergrain Technical Team

The perfect product for cedar

I have always used dimension 4 and DWD on my cedar lining, doors and windows etc. the product enhances the rich colour of cedar and lasts years longer than any other product I have witnessed. It must be applied correctly and quickly with the grain and best not in direct sunlight. When they say on the can not to back brush they mean it as you'll encounter unsightly sticky grit if you do, it must be applied thick, quick and left alone to dry don't touch it even 10 seconds after initial application. A quality product.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and tips when using Intergrain Dimension 4 UltraPrimer and DWD. We are pleased to read that you have had such good success with the finish. The Intergrain Technical Team

Excellent product!!

I have used this product on out door furniture, tables and chairs and screen doors. Tables and chairs have been out doors in Queensland for six years in full sun then moved to Melbourne same furniture has been in the wet and heat for five years. A total of eleven years out doors and still in great condition.

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Hi Louisa, Thank you for sharing your success with Intergrain DWD. It has lasted a very long time! The first indication of the need for recoating will be observed as patchiness or thinning of the surface coating, especially on the edges. Then follow the can instructions to apply a maintenance coat. We hope this is of assistance. The Intergrain Technical Team

OK . in some places.

Seaside, full sun in SE Queensland it gives about 5 years on cypress and 2 years max on eucalyptus hand rails with 2years max on marbau hardwood decking. This is with the 3 stages used in accordance with directions.

Hard to remove residual from decking, needing paint stripper and water blasting.

Great stuff - Lasts up to 9 years

After 9 years with DWD I decided to repaint my home using Dimension 4 and DWD. Why? Because it works and looks fantastic. My house is completely clad in grooved cedar ecoboard - painted with Intergrain sInce new in 2005. If applied correctly with sufficiently thick coats, and washed with antifungal every few years it retains it protective film. I've also used it on over 80 sqm of decking applied over previous coats of Flood Spa and Deck, gates etc with no issues. Dimension and DWD are a bit pricey but worth it .

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We are very pleased to hear you have had such a great result by using DWD and Dimension 4! You are spot on, the key is to apply correctly with the specified coat thickness and to ensure a maintenance regime is followed. This involves conducting a routine 12 monthly maintenance inspection. First indication of the need for recoating will be observed as patchiness or thinning of the surface coating on edges and areas where insufficient product has been applied (see here for further details on how to maintain DWD: http://www.intergrain.com.au/consumer/products/exterior/product-details/2735). The Intergrain Technical Team

Brilliant if applied correctly

I put DWD on a handrail in full sun 10 years ago and it still looks great like the day I did it (with zero maintenance, and.. yes, I know!) I've applied it to more timber at my place with similar results.
Remember it's a three-stage system - just follow the directions.

Update June 2017 - 2 years since I wrote this original review and I'm now starting to get a few spots peeling on that handrail. 12 years is probably longer than most people get out of DWD, but I'll probably strip it all back and do a full reapplication and hopefully get another 10+years!

Date PurchasedNov 2005
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Hi Robert, Thanks for sharing your DWD success. Here's to the next 10 years. Call us if you have any questions on 1800 630 285. The Intergrain Technical Team

Intergrain DWD PROBLEMS?

Dwd is a great product for 12 months protection . It is recommended to use Dimensions 4 before applying dwd to ensure the lifespan of dwd is achieved . The life span should be between 2-4 years , skipping this step reduces the lifespan dramatically and usually will last between 11-16 months . Well worth the investment if done correctly!

Paint Expert.

Rubbish product

Used DWD a few years back and I am now sanding back to cover with Floods Spa and Deck, DWD peeled with in 12 months and was a disgusting orange colour. now to remove I need to completely sand back to bare timber, this is a big job. I would never recommend DWD for any reason.

DWD dont use it!

If you have full sun exposure DWD will blister and is very hard to remove and put something decent on there like Cabots Aquadeck. The problem is it sets like glue and does not penetrate the grain like a good oil> It is much harder to recoat successfully, recommend not to use
water based, OK in shady areas
impossible (nearly) to remove

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Intergrain DWD and Ultradeck
2 answers
Hi Susan, while they are both great, highly durable, water based coatings there is quite a big difference. Intergrain UltraDeck is our most popular product as it has a more natural look than DWD, lasts 3x longer than conventional oil based deck coatings and is a one product system. Intergrain DWD is a longer lasting coating when the surface is prepared well and the coating is applied correctly however it is a system product which means you must apply Intergrain Dimension 4 UltraPrimer first, then 3x coats of Intergrain DWD. DWD is a high build product so will give you a less natural look than UltraDeck. It is recommended to test a small area before applying the product to your whole project to ensure you are happy with the colour and finish you will achieve. Hope this has helped you with your project! The Intergrain TeamThank you, very helpful. We had a few planks to be replaced on our verandah which had previously painted with intergrain Ultra. But we have a full tin of DWD unopened. (?) I was going to use it on an exterior previously marine varnished door the coating which had deteriorated over the years. But it seems like too much bother with DWD.

Can Intergrain Ultradeck be applied over Intergrain DWD on an outdoor deck? Allan.
2 answers
Hi Allan, it is possible but not recommended as DWD is more of a varnish type finish meaning the Intergrain UltraDeck finish will not be right. If you like the low film build look of Intergrain UltraDeck we would recommend removing DWD with a coatings stripper or by sanding back to bare timber first. The Intergrain TeamThanks for your response. Much appreciated

I have a deck which has not been oiled for years. South side of house so no sun and is quite damp. So far I have cleaner with high pressure water and scrubbed with Napisan solution. What is best product to use?
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