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Apple Print Products

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Do not waste your time and money

We have purchased Apple products in our household for years, however, it became necessary to change my password as my iphone could not verify my identity. So i went into the Apple store hoping a quick fix, oh dear how wrong was that thinking!!!! It turns out the Apple store cannot help the public with this issue, so they put me through to their customer service help desk, to cut a long story short, I was on the phone for over an hour, twice i was put through to someone who could only speak mandarin. Eventually I was put through to someone who spoke English. I was told my password verification would have to be reset, this would take anything from 24 hours to 7 days. I couldnt really do much about that, so i said fine, i just want to be able to update my software and put a stop to all these glitches on my phone. The next day i received an email saying it would take 14 days to reset this password. I rang the helpdesk again, and was told to type in the iforgot my password site, which I did, only for my laptop to inform me i had accessed a bad site and my systems would be shut down. Anyway, I then spoke to a senior advisor who also told me it takes 14 days to change my password. I explained in this day and age and with the reputation of Apple its not good enough I should have to wait this long. I finally spoke with a Manager who basically said the same thing. So if you are thinking of buying any Apple product please think about the after service care provided by Apple and their prehistoric processes. I will stick to Samsung, I only gave Apple a go because friends/family used to speak highly of them. So I would like to take the opportunity to say after my experience with Apple, I will definately be sticking to android.

Really Happy with results already

Only had solar for two months and already generating power even though we have had lots of cloudy days
If you want solar get order NOW

Poor software

Having used this service before I decided to use it for my latest project. However, a normal of problem caused me grieve.

The application crashes when editing text. Eventually I just wrote the text in a text editor and then copied and pasted it into the album.
If you change the page layout you can no longer add photos to the page - Photos had to be restarted every time.

But the worse one of all was the error message that appeared on a number of photos saying that the photos cannot be found. Even though they are all visible visit the Photos app itself. A quick search showed the problem was encountered by many other users and a number of solutions was tried. The only solution that worked was to export the problem photos from Photos and then re-import them into Photos.

After wasting many hours getting around the problems the Photos app stopped half way through the upload after I bought the album. At this point I do not have time to redo the album in one of the alternate tools.

MacPro 2013
Mac OS 10.12.6

Please stay away from Apple's Photo app and use one of the alternatives unless you enjoy pain!

Very disappointing Apple photo book

I have used Apple print services for photo books in the past and found the quality of the printing and colours excellent. How surprising and disappointing to receive my latest book and find that all the photos are much darker than the originals and that there is an unpleasant orange/brown hue to the colours! I won't be using them again.

Expensive, but good

I am using Apple Print Services since many years for printing my annual calendar gifts with photos of the children. I am happy with the print result and the thickness of the paper, but do find that they are way more expensive than the competition. Apple never has a sale or coupons. I value the convenience of using photos to prepare the calendars.

High Quality Photobooks

Produced several photobooks with iPhoto meanwhile. Creating these books is straight forward,easy to handle and a wonderful activity. The results are of high quality in regard to design as well as to colour and print. I love it and do not mind the price. It's worth it.

Disappointed...but feel locked in

The print products offering from apple is very expensive and not that reliable or flexible.
My next project will be to investigate how to use external printing programs for family books.

Great quality books

I have printed several books with Apple and iPhoto and have been more than happy with them. I really struggled to work out some other company products but iPhoto was straight forward and great fun to compile. The pricing was easy to work out and each time I was charged exactly what I thought it would be. I found Apple Print customer service to be excellent. When one book I did had pages that were loose and starting to fall out they sent me a replacement straight away. The books are not cheap but as the last reviewer said " you get what you pay for" and I have been very happy with mine After showing my book to friends several of them asked me to order them a book as they were so impressed with the professional quality.

Best and easiest iPhoto books put

To the contrary I beg to differ with the previous reviewer. I have had a 40 year interest in photography. I tested out several photobook software programmes, snap fish, blurb, the local warehouse stationery shop and iPhoto. iPhoto is head and shoulders above everyone else for print quality, ease of use and variety of styles. I have made a photobook for every year since 2002 for my kids. I get only compliments about them with people amazed with the quality. admitedly iphotobooks are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

Not sure how the previous reviewer ended up at $250. The most I've got to is $146 for a huge book with over 220 photos. You can always proceed through past the 'buy book' button, which will generate the price. At that stage if it's too high you go back to the book design and remove a few pages. At no stage do you press buy book and then the whole thing goes through without your ok of the price. Not sure how that could happen having done at least 15 of these books.

Misleading price advertising

After struggling to upload photos via our rural internet connection to one of the online companies that offer such good deals on photo book printing, I decided to use iPhoto to create a large photo book for my son's 21st birthday. I was careful to check Apple's advertised pricing for iPhoto books and calculated that a 100 page book would cost about $150. I spent two weeks scanning and collating images and text and finally was ready to order my creation, just in time for the big birthday. Imagine my shock when I was invoiced for $250; that is, $100 more than the advertised rates suggested!!! At this stage I had no time to change companies and had to go ahead with my order.

I complained to the Apple Store about the price-hike and misleading advertising and received a 15% discount voucher (to be used in the next 3 months) for my next Apple Print Product. Do you think I will be ordering another print product from Apple? Not likely! It's a shame as the software was great to use; and so much easier not having to upload photos in small batches over a dodgy internet connection. I was happy to pay a little extra for the convenience - but not that much more. Deeply disappointed. I've spoken twice now to Apple, but on neither occasion were they able to explain how the price came out so high.
The iPhoto software for creating photo books is easy to use and helps you produce a professional looking product.
The pricing advertised on Apple's websites was terribly misleading.

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