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Poor Quality and Customer Service

I was very excited to receive my soft cover photobook, but unfortunately it was a huge let down. Ive had soft cover photobooks printed through other suppliers and Photobook Australia just wasn't up to the same standard as others. The quality of the cover was very thin and didn't feel as durable as others I have printed. I also had a dispute with them and the level of customer service was not great at all. In the end Ive been left with a sub standard product and i'm really disappointed with the outcome. Not to worry there's other companies out there that actually provide better quality, service and price, so thats where i'm headed.

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Amazing wedding photo album!

Just received my wedding photo album. The quality of the deluxe photobooks is amazing, particularly the leather cover and the 400gsm paper. I did not need to upgrade to better photo paper and was very impressed by the high quality of the standard option. The round the clock customer service via chat was very helpful and shipping was fast.

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Fast. Accurate. Sharp and Supportive.

Tried Photobooks for the first time about two months ago and was surprised at the quality of prints I had Printed. Even with a couple of defects the service team stepped up and solved the problems without fuss or hesitation. To get my framed prints and mid to high end albums turned around in under 7 days, delivered to my door is exactly what I needed from a print specialist.

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Perfect ever time - love receiving my completed Photobooks

I have produced about 50 Photobooks, notebooks and calendars over many years and every one has been perfect quality. I do use medium to high resolution photos. Delivery has always occurred within the stated time, with regular updates on its progress and a text on the day it is due to be delivered. I have had occasion to email and ring the support team and they have always gone above and beyond to help me. The ladies I have spoken with are professional, friendly and a delight to deal with. My friend has now swapped to Photobook as she was paying much for a similar product and the books fell apart quite quickly. Voucher specials are awesome!

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Hi Moira, thank you so much for your feedback and glad to hear you are happy with our products. Your message has been shared with the team as well and they appreciate your kind words, cheers! :)

Terrible quality and they do not refund, so pay with paypal for security

2 orders, 3 books all low quality not worth the price, Zno are luxurious compared to them.
They wont refund me so i have to go through paypal. Terrible company to deal with. Absolutely every book i received was defect, the pages were bendy, the images were lacking in vibrancy and sharpness and for 3 hours i went back and forth with [name removed], taking photos and providing proof and nothing after 3 hours, he would not refund my money!!! they just wanted to send me out the same rubbish books. with same low quality and refused to refund the defect books, which is under Australian law. i provided obvious proof, over 12 images, 3 hours of going back and forth to end up at nothing, and an uncaring, unhelpful Customer service. I simply wanted to return and refund for rubbish quality and they wouldn't accept

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Hi Nat, very sorry to hear about your experience. This is definitely not the standard of quality and service that you should be receiving. This has been escalated and one of our representatives will be contacting you shortly, thank you.

Great Quality and Service

I've just completed my 4th photo book with Photobook Australia and couldn't be happier. You get good, old fashioned service with this company. A person on the other end of the phone and even a shop front. Perfect. The photo book itself is excellent quality (pay a few extra dollars for their photo luster paper).

I'll always us this company. What's not to love??!!!!

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Hi Archie, thank you for your feedback, much appreciated! We're happy to hear you're happy with the books and service. Cheers!

Poor quality products

I purchased a clock which stopped working after only 6 months. Photobook do not stand behind their products which are clearly poor quality as they have told me they will only assist up to 30 days from the date of purchase. I won't be purchasing again.

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Hi Margie, sorry to hear about your experience. I believe the information conveyed to you by our support agent is incorrect as defective items have been replaced over a lot longer timeframe. We stand by our Quality Guarantee and if you can let us know what your order number is, we'll be happy to have this replaced for you, thank you.Hello The order number is PB03132103 and the purchase date was 5 September 2018. Thank you Margie

Great quality product and very efficient delivery time

After a not so good delivery experience with a book last year I was very pleased with the service from Photobook Australia a few weeks ago. The quality of the book was excellent and I needed it in a hurry so paid for the express delivery. Sure enough this time frame was honoured and I received it 5 days after my order was placed. I am pleased also with the voucher offers Photobook Australia provides which makes the books affordable compared to others on the market. I have used the chat help a couple of times as well and have always had my questions answered.

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Hi there, thank you for your feedback! Glad to hear that you were happy with the album and delivery timeframe. If we can further assist, please feel free to call us on (03) 9887 6338, cheers!

Text and photos too dark,Delivery super quick

Have recently placed a series of photobook orders with Photobook Australia.
The deliveries have been super quick.
The last delivery ID 4279667 did not live up to the colour quality which I am used to from Photobook Australia.
The format has always been similar in photos and texts so that a comparison can readily be made.
This time the photos are 3-4 times darker and the blue texts are almost black.The brown tones also tend towards black.
What a pity. This time I am not totally satisfied.

March 12th 2019 Update: After sales service

Thank you for your positive reply. I appreciate your great service and I will continue to recommend Photobook Australia to all my friends.
Now I am waiting for the second printing.

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Hi Hans, thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear that the most recent album is not up to standard. One of our agents is currently reviewing the files and will be in touch soon, thank you.

Super quick delivery and excellent customer service

I have been using Photobook Australia for about 2.5 years after switching from a different company. Since then I have purchased over 30 photobooks and some other products from the website. Photobook Australia is consistently customer focussed, always ready and willing to help me with all my enquiries and quick to respond to any issues. My online orders arrive unbelievably quickly and the staff are extremely patient and always polite when I need assistance using the Photobook Designer programme or more recently, their own website design programme. I usually choose to upgrade the paper for all the photobooks (for gifts) and have not been disappointed. Thank you, Photobook Australia, for your excellent customer service and quick delivery of beautiful photobooks!


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Hi there, thank you for your feedback and ongoing support, it is much appreciated! We're so happy to hear the team has been able to assist and deliver fantastic products, cheers!

Very Happy, but I was realistic

I decided to order early as I had a hard deadline for when I needed my books, so I ordered in December for needing them at the end of January. It seemed like the website had my orders stuck 'in production' for weeks (I had purposely missed the Christmas cut-off by a day as my order wasn't really priority), then finally I get the email it has been shipped. Super surprise! it was at my door within 16 hours of getting the email! so either they didn't update their website when my books were complete or I got upgraded to the best shipping for free. All up, from my upload (after the Christmas Priority deadline) to delivery, my books took 29 days.

The software was great and easy to use, though the range of backgrounds was a bit small for my liking. I had issues combining vouchers because I exclusively use the Opera browser, but although their help desk system is a bit confusing I got help quickly and the problem was a simple fix. The quality of my small book is fantastic but the larger book has some graininess where the printers struggled with large areas of blue gradient.

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Hi Sarah, thank you for writing us some feedback. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our service and processes. We'll look at the real time web updates and will be able to make improvements there, cheers!

Very slow

I uploaded my 2 for 1 book on December 11 with a quote of 4 to 14 days for production thinking I had a chance of getting them for Christmas. When Christmas came and went I assumed production would stop for a week but then I saw the printing is done in Malaysia where Christmas wouldn't be a big deal. So "in production" has now been for 19 days. At this rate, my one and only time. Big W photos keep within their time quotes

Hi Safitz, sorry to hear about your experience. Could you advise what your order number is? We achieved record shipping numbers this Christmas and all processed orders were shipped on time. Or alternatively, please call our helpline on (03) 9887 6338 and quote your order number, thank you.Article arrived about week later. The quality of he books were first class. Very pleased with the final product

Easy process, good quality, and quick delivery.

I found Photobook Australia through the Cash Rewards website. The online layout software was easy to work with and with the sales I was able to order four A4 sized hardcover books for around $150 including delivery. They promised delivery within 7 days and I was honestly a little skeptical as it was two weeks before Christmas, and getting anything to Tasmania in 7 days is a rare thing!

The only issue I found was that the online tracking system on the website doesn't seem to work. I received notification that my books had shipped but online they weren't even showing that production had commenced, and this status didn't change even after the books were received.

I was concerned when I saw that the books were coming from Malaysia, only because I thought this was an Australian company. The courier they were using also had seriously atrocious reviews, so I was feeling uneasy.

But, on the 7th day my books arrived. They were well packaged, each book was individually wrapped in plastic, then they were wrapped together and well packaged in cardboard. The quality of the books is fantastic, I was using them to create a catalogue of my artworks, the quality of paper, printing, and the hardcover binding are all excellent quality.

I have no hesitation in using Photobook Australia again.

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Hi there, thank you for your feedback, glad to hear you are happy with the products. I've asked the tech team to look into the website tracking issue so that we can have a seamless process in the future, cheers!

Do not buy there

I found them on groupon, but basically they are misleading customers.
I bought voucher for 2 cups, so they should be covered on their web, but no, I have to pay extra money for what was purchased.
More of it, the postage nonsense is more expensive than a cups and there was nothing said about that on the groupon.
Now I cannot finalize purchase cause something wrong on their web, and I just find out now my voucher is gone from my account... so I will have to pay full amount?

Hi Nyb, sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like you may have created the wrong product as the voucher will cover the product cost. We have a few different types of mugs (standard, latte, etc) and also different sets (single and couple). Shipping is not included as stated on Groupon deal page T&C's as required by Groupon. Your voucher will still be available, try logging into your Groupon account and check your purchase history. Once you have the voucher code, please contact our helpline on (03) 9887 6338 and we'll be able to confirm the product and price, thank you.Sorry but I know what I am talking about.... I didn't purchase different thing and then try to choose different one.... By the way shipping on groupon was something around $9.95 and on your web cheapest over $19. And i try to finalize the transaction on different web browses, and nothing works! Plus my coupon dissapeaeed from my account so i cant get ot back. Sort out your staff first and then you can point the fingers. I am going to get my money back because im 1000% unhappy...will I???

Came damaged and late and terrible communication

I can see why you don’t allow reviews on your page. Very disappointed. I ordered my wedding photo book in November (before the busy period). I ordered the best photobook, best quality pages, best box, best everything! They “guarantee” a 7 day delivery and I didn’t even mind that it took 15 working days instead. All I wanted was a good quality book to show my family at Christmas.
The book came clearly very water damaged and the front cover was not even stuck on properly. It wasn’t damaged from the postman as it was packaged great, so they clearly sent it out damaged.

I was told to send photos and a complaint to an email address which I did days ago. I have rung up today to find out they never received my email and to send it to a completely different email address.

Here I am less than a week from Christmas, with no photobook to show my family and friends at Christmas of my wedding.

I don’t normal write negative things like this but I’m so disappointed and would highly recommend not using this company.

Also it’s not even made in Australia, false advertising.

Hi Stacey, sorry to hear about your experience. Are you able to provide an order number for us to follow up on? I'm unable to find any Flushmount albums delivered to your area in our system and the 7 working day guarantee is metro areas. We're deeply concerned about the points you have mentioned as we take pride in the quality of our products. All products go through a QC process and whilst the odd ink smudge may be missed, they will never be shipped in such a condition. Furthermore, the books are all shrink wrapped to add protection from water damage and for it to arrive in that condition is very strange. We are an Australian registered company and are based in Melbourne but have never claimed that products are produced locally although we have plans to do so in the near future, thank you.Hi photobook Australia, my order number is 4071813. After ringing up again they finally found my email and have remade a new album which I appreciate but the customer service with me having to constantly contact them is disappointing. It looks as though they have made it very quickly this time which I appreciate as last time it took over 7 days just to make the album.Thank you Stacey, we're glad to hear the replacement book was delivered safe and sound and will continue to look at our process flow for improvements. Apologies for the trouble and inconvenience caused.

Terribly flawed ordering system

This is the third year I have used Photobook Australia but likely the last unless they can fix their service. I pre-purchased vouchers so I could order 3 duplicate photobooks using their downloaded software. You used to be able to email them to have postage combined but its now only available if you use their online designer program. So after much emailing back and forth, figuring out that you have to use Chrome not Internet Explorer (otherwise you sit there with a blank screen, unsure if its doing anything), I was told I had to order each book separately and pay for separate postage. Only I couldn't even do this by hitting 're-order' - I had to go back and upload each book again from scratch (after continuous error messages, screenshots sent back to photobook via emails). It takes a long time to create and edit an 80 page book but it officially took longer to duplicate then upload the book 3 times. It has taken 5 nights, many many emails and should be something that is easier fixed by a half decent IT team.

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Hi Nicole, sorry to hear about your experience. We've taken on board feedback from our customers and have upgraded the checkout system to accept multiple projects and vouchers to make the whole process automated. It sounds like you are still on the older system where only 1 project can be ordered at a time. However, we can still go through the manual process as you have done in the past. Please contact our help desk on (03) 9887 6338 and one our team members will be able to assist you. In regards to the web browser, Internet Explorer was discontinued in 2015 and a lot of the security protocols were discontinued. We are very mindful about the privacy involved with uploading photos and therefore support for Internet Explorer is limited. Microsoft Edge is supported as this includes all the latest security protocols if you keep it updated, thank you.

Unsatisfactory customer service

I was excited to start my photo book using Photobook Australia. As they had a sale at the time, I pre-purchased vouchers to use as soon as I finished my project. However, every time I saved it and then went into edit it, there were text and photos missing. This happened a few times, with different things missing. I contacted customer service and the emails went back and forward over a couple of weeks with nothing fixed. I was running out of time to get the book finished and asked them to just credit the vouchers as they were bought in good faith that the software would work as advertised. They refused to credit the vouchers and the problem is still not fixed. I have now gone to Snapfish to product my photobook and their customer service is excellent.

Hi there, sorry to hear about your experience. Sounds like there might be a browser incompatibility but if you could contact our customer service team on (03) 9887 6338 and we'll be able to troubleshoot the issue for you. In regards to the vouchers, these can definitely be credited / extended which is part of our procedure given the issues you've experienced, thank you.Can you tell me how I can get the vouchers credited as I was told by customer service that the would not credit.Sure no problem, it's a manual process so we'll need to do it on our end and there's a few options for you as well. Please call us on (03) 9887 6338 AEST for more details, thank you.

Great value

I have been using his company for about 7 yrs if not longer, it’s been that long I can’t remember the date of he first book I ordered. I have made 5 books for me, 2 books for my kids, 2 books for my mother and 1 book for a friend. All of them were bought with a coupon special and designed with their downloaded software, over the 6 month time frame. Specials are the best way to do it, on delivery you just pay the postage (about 12 dollars give or take) prices on the books do vary but for the money the end product is great. I have always got the books on time, so cannot fault them at all on that, in fact I designed a book once mid Dec and the book was delivered on Christmas Eve, given you allow 11 days for the end product to go to be processed and go to print (an average) this far exceeded my expectations. I get the 8.5 by 11 inch landscape embossed cover, and once upgrade to a different paper (very nice) not too much extra in price. Each book has been a different colour, one was a different texture/fabric. The pages didn’t bleed either, unlike another app I used. The only product I wasn’t keen on was the canvas print we ordered as a going away gift. I bought one on special, 30 dollars, and the reality is I got what I paid for and we chose not to give it. I am very used to getting my canvases from a professional canvas printer, so my expectations we’re little high and I thought it worth a try. The images didn’t pop off the canvas as much as I would hope, and it wasn’t the best type of canvas. Don’t know until you try, anyway. This is the only reason they lost a star. Other than that I have no hassle recommending them.

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Hi NJ, thank you for your feedback, glad you are happy with the books. We have taken onboard your feedback regarding the canvas and have tweaked the profile a bit starting November, cheers!

The Perfect Gift | High Quality and Fast Delivery

I am extremely happy and delighted with the products. The photobooks created are of high quality, printed on heavy stock. The photobooks looks so professional, in fact it makes the photos look even better!

Delivery is fast - received within a week of ordering.
Customer Support is very friendly and knowledgeable -always happy to help.
I would highly recommend to use Photobook Australia for your photobooks.

I was looking for a gift for our coaches and decided on a photobook from the team. Since I've never created a photobook I undertook some research online. I finally selected Photobook Australia and purchased 3 x Medium Landscape LayFlat Imagewrap 24page Photobooks. This was the best value for what I wanted.

I downloaded the software, created a test file and had a little play to see how easy it would be to use. Software was very easy, this was like a simplified version of Photoshop or Desktop Publishing. I contacted Photobook Australia with a couple of questions about layout and shipping, then made my purchase online.

I imported all my photos and started to create the photobook. It took me one day to complete the 24page photobook. This was a lot faster than I expected, the time to complete depends on the amount of time you spend on changes - to format the pages, change colours, add masks, add scrapbook items, reposition photos, add text etc. For me, there were hardly any changes.

After that, I was waiting for others to review my work and add high res logos. Photobook file was updated with minor changes. The final file was used to order the photobooks.

Stephanie from Photobooks Australia gave me instruction on ordering multiple copies. She made it so easy for me - thank you.

The shipment tracking is a plus, you can check at any time. Including the delivery, automated notifications and delivery options from DHL.

I am so pleased with this purchase.

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Hi Barbara, thank you for your order and feedback! Glad you are happy with the book and the layflat albums are a great choice, the paper is a lot thicker and the image can span across the pages seamlessly. Will pass on your message to Stephanie as well, cheers!

Fast delivery and reasonable product.

I ordered my personalised clock on 4/8 and it was delivered today (9/8), so, excellent service. The design software is not particularly logical. I selected a clock with numbers round the perimeter, expecting the numbers to be added automatically, as displayed by the example I selected. To be fair, the numbers never showed up on my design, and the clock arrived exactly as shown - no numbers. I just went back to the ordering site and tried again to see what I missed. I managed to find some numbers, but it was VERY fiddly to make them fit properly. Obviously I have to put more time into learning their software. Also, as I hung the clock on the wall, the hour hand came loose and just hung there pointing loosely at where the 6 should have been. I suggest this happened during shipping/delivery. Yes, I have no problem recommending Photobook, but I recommend you spend some time getting familiar with the ordering software. I would have given them 5 stars, but the software let them down. Photobook, your (clock-ordering, at least) software needs some work on it, or at the very least, some detailed instructions. Maybe they're there, but I didn't find them.

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Hi there, thank you for your order and feedback! No problem, we'll pass this on to our developers to improve the clock product, it's still relatively new so definitely improvements we can make, cheers!

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Questions & Answers

Hi I have made a book using the layout in Lightroom and saved it as a pdf.. Can I upload this to get it printed through you? Cheers Jenny
1 answer
H Jenny I am a customer of Photobook so you would have to contact them for a definitive answer, but my opinion is that you would not be able to have it printed from a .pdf. as the books are produced using their software. Maybe try Officeworks or the like as they offer printing services.

I bought a voucher - details below- but there aren't any photobooks for 24 pages - I did one for 40 - but can't delete the 16 pages needed to fulfil the voucher. Need help with this please. Order Number : 4294128 Product Description : Prepaid Voucher: Photobook Australia, AUD21.95 for AUD88.95 worth of photobooks, valid only for a 11" x 8.5" Medium Landscape Imagewrap Lay Flat Hardcover Photobook, 24 pages. Voucher expires on 31 May 2019 and does not include shipping fee. Delivery within Australia only. Regards Netty
2 answers
Have you tried logging into your project again and opening your project at "My dashboard" and then click edit? this will reopen your project and then you can delete the pages you don't want.Hi Netty, the 24 page books are Lay Flat and the 40 page books are Standard. Please contact our customer service team on (03) 9887 6338 for further assistance, thank you.

Hi I have started my book and uploaded 1400 photos that sadly came up out of order! I want to know after I have used the photo how do I delete it from left hand side where all photos are as takes me forever to go through photos? Thanks in advance.
6 answers
Hi Michelle Sorry have only just seen yr question this minute- I don't think you can delete the photos you have used from the left hand side panel. However deleting unwanted photos from the panel is just a case of highlighting it and then click the "bin" icon at the top right hand corner but you probably know this already. Sorry I can't help you with this but do give the friendly staff at Photobook a call just to make sure that there isn't a way of removing used photos from the panel. I know how time consuming and frustrating it is to have to scroll down 100's of photos to get to the desired one! All the best for your photobook!G'Day Lillady After clicking on photo in left column you wish to delete, right click on it and choose Delete! xI've read a lot of Reviews about when making the Photobook, it crashes your computer! Mine Too!!! You'd think by now they would have been able to offer us a solution ??? Next time, I'll be using another Company. Julie