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It's Just Lunch

It's Just Lunch

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Sadly it doesn't work

Paid 3k and after 4 years I'm still waiting for a second match. They have offered in the meanwhile only a couple so called matches that were nothing close to the broad parameters they had agreed to when taking my money. I understand it is hard but they will make any promises just to get your money with no track record of being able to deliver.

Scammers and Liars - Don't sign up

Spent 3k on this service which I was promised dates with '[name removed]' the imaginary man who never materialised. They take advantage of vulnerable people new to dating. Terrible customer service and then they make out they are in America so you can't get a refund.

Unethical and illegal - DON'T JOIN

Joined on Friday 9th Dec. Yes, paid approx $1100. Due to family change of situation, had to cancel. Cancelled later that day. Sent to same email address. Used forms from their web page. No response. Phoned and emailed on every possible number/address. No response. Next day - got a 'congrats and welcome' email, talk soon. Emailed back straight away. No response. Have rung and emailed for the following week. Still nothing. Now have launched a formal complaint through my bank. Hoping to get my money back. Their cancellation/cooling off period is 3 business days. I did it the same day. Now cannot find that page on the web.

This is pretty much what happened to me as well. IJL is an absolute hoax and a scam! Be aware and pl

They are an impersonalized service with standard responses and absolute scammers taking advantage of innocent people looking for a relationship


An employee from the company harassed me over the phone and was very rude because I didn't want to pay for their services!
There are a lot of matchmaking companies, don't waste your time and your money with unprofessional people.

It's Just Lunch in Australia - Too Good to be True?

I have changed my rating. For reasons, see "Updated".

After a friend's recommendation about 3 years ago (she had a friend who used the IJL service in US), I decided to try it recently. Things that made me uncomfortable about IJL's sale pitch included: (i) it seemed "too good to be true", and (ii) the sale person insisted that I signed the contract and provided payment via my credit card immediately without giving me sufficient time to think over the whole deal and read the contract carefully. As the sales person was really charismatic, against my better judgement, I ended up signing the contract which I thought was really quite expensive - a bit over 3,000 for 6 months or a min of four dates.

Due to a nagging discomfort, I googled for reviews on "It's Just Lunch" and really regretted conducting the due diligence only after signing the contract. There were many negative reviews (please conduct a search and read the reviews including those on this website). What really got me worried was that the descriptions of other customers' initial experience matched mine perfectly, especially with regard to what was said to me. This was exacerbated when I found out that IJL was being sued in US.

Interestingly, the sales person whom I talked to pretended to be unaware of this issue until I proved beyond any reasonable doubt that I knew all details.

The other issue troubling for me was that the termination clauses incorporated in the contract all indicated that the contract could be terminated on IJL's side, but not on the consumer's side (in my opinion, it was unfair). When this issue was subsequently highlighted to them, I was informed that ALL customers received the same contract. This contradicted the information provided by some client reviews where a few clients indicated that they had a 3 day cancellation clause (admittedly these reviews could be dated).

*Important* Please also be aware that you will be signing a contract with a US company and the IJL business is not registered in Australia. As such, it may potentially be more difficult for regulators in Australia to assist Australian client with any complaints.

Another worrying issue relates to the sourcing of potential dates from outside the membership database (I would feel a lot more comfortable if the other party was willing to pay the same amount). However, I was informed that they could basically be anyone whom they approached at various functions or people who failed to sign up with them. One of the reasons provided with regard to why they did not sign up included "they may not be financially stable". That was certainly inconsistent with my image of a "busy professional".

When I expressed my desire to cancel, the sales person tried to to convince me that I had some personal issues that prevented me from buying their service.

Having said that, the pros about the experience include: (i) they have brilliant sales people - the one who talked to me could sell ice to Eskimos (and as of now I am still believing half of what the sales person said), and (ii) I was told that I could cancel the contract. So far my credit card has not been charged, and I will be keeping track of this. If they do not end up charging me, then they do have a little integrity.

So I have taken actions promptly to prevent potential losses. However, given that I have not gone on any actual dates, what I have learnt from my past experience with IJL is that make sure you do your research on this company before deciding whether to trust them or otherwise.


Just a follow up - my credit card was charged (I wasn't too surprised to be honest). After a few emails, I received a "no-reply" email indicating that I had been "informed" my membership would be on-hold and there would be no refund due to there being no cancellation clause in my contract. I was informed of no such thing and had received a verbal agreement that the contract would be cancelled. After sending an email to that effect, I received another voicemail saying that the sales person had rescinded the offer made because the promise of termination with no penalty was made before conducting proper due diligence - that my contract had no termination clause. Even giving the sales person the benefit of the doubt, it reflects poorly on the sales person who is unaware of the contractual terms of services that s/he sells, especially since the same contract applies to all customers.

Some information that I found useful is that someone in dispute with a US based company can seek legal advice/resource with community legal centres, the usual solicitor, and the Federal Trade Commission in US.

Don’t use their services whatever you do for your sake

I email an inquiry off to It’s Just Lunch. A day later my phone rings with a phone number from their corporate office in Florida!!

[Name removed] is quite the talker and up seller at IJL. [Name removed] tells me that they have personalised service, they've been in the business for 23 years, have 1000s of marriages and we have heaps of people in your age group that you can date right now.

[Name removed] asks me how did I find out about IJL in the USA (never mind that I’m Australia!) [Name removed] had an in depth and engaging conversation with me and asked things like what I was after in a partner, what hasn't worked in past relationships and what was my story etc. This call went for just under an hour and at the time of the call, it was about 630pm US time. Thank goodness I wasn't paying for the phone call!

I asked some questions of [name removed] and 1, she didn't know if IJL was a registered introduction agent under the Introduction Agents Act 2001 and 2, didn't know if IJL had a physical office in Queensland so that I could speak to someone in person.

The next day after the phone call, I check my inbox and [name removed] sent me a copy of the contract with very overpriced membership options as well as a discount. Prices were quoted in US dollars. The discount was only applicable if I signed up for the membership within 72 hours of receiving the email.

After this phone call I also did some of my own research to satisfy myself that this service wasn't worthwhile pursuing. Google found me some interesting information. I wasn't able to locate an Australian positive review for IJL. Also, in 2009 IJL came to the attention of the Office of Fair Trading in NSW after the IJL Sydney office phones started diverting to an American voice mailbox and emails started bouncing back. Google “desperate dateless and now lunchless” if you wish to read the full story.

The negatives of this service far outweigh the positive of [name removed] promptly attending to my inquiry

I don't recommend using the service of IJL because, for a start, they are not an Australian let alone Queensland based organisation, can’t speak to anyone in person, Australian phone numbers as listed on their website continually go to message bank even if you call during normal business hours.

So dissapointing

I paid $2500 12 months ago and I have not had a date. When [name removed] at IJL contacted me to join she advised me they had a lot of men in my age range and with my interests so they would be able to get me out on a date very quickly. I was offered a date with a man who was several years older than my ten year age range given. I refused this date as [name removed] had said they had exceptional candidates in my age range on joining and I felt I would like to meet someone in that age range to begin with. On refusing this date the IJL representative, [name removed], was very defensive and rude to me. Although I have made contact on many occasions to see where they are up to with setting me up on a date there has never been a date - I was offered a date a few days before Christmas which was unsuitable for me as I was heading off on holidays and that has been it. I have made contact previously with their management however they also had the same attitude. I have sort legal advice and the best thing they have suggested is to go to the police in California and report it as theft. Does anyone want to join me? American Express were also unhelpful

Stay Away from Its Just Lunch

I joined for 6 months. Took 12 months for me to get 6 dates, problem is 2 of the guys were no-shows! So really I had 4 dates- all rubbish not compatible with me. IJL are in Florida. I am in Sydney. They met none of the dates. no screening. No matchmaking done. Poor service. No feedback. It's a huge scam. I have been dating online and its heaps better, than this. Dating agencies are for people who Are Undateable! Who knew?

no matchmaking just random dates who may not even turn up.

Waste of money

They siad they had a large number of men around my age group, but it took them three years, (and only then because I pushed them very hard), to arrange six dates. None of them were at all suitable. Wrong age group, no intellectual match, etc etc. I am totally convinced that there is absolutely no individual profile screening done by this company. The last of the six, (two weeks ago), was totally rude. I am certain he was married, and may even have been a, "plant," to make up the number to six, just to get me off of their books.

It's the biggest scam I've been trapped in!!

IJL is the biggest scam I've been trapped in! In June 2010 I joined this awful service. Before I paid them the money, their customer representative, someone called [name removed], claimed that IJL would find someone who matched my criteria within a week! So I paid $1100 and bought a subscription. After that I received no calls from IJL for more than 40 days. Then I called them and complained about the situation so they sent me to meet a woman who was nothing like the one I looked for!! They arranged 5 or 6 dates overall (they were supposed to arrange 8 dates). None of them were even a match in terms of age or education or whatever. Although I had said to them that I did not want to meet someone who was divorced or had kids, they sent me to meet a woman who had two kids with mental disorders and had cancer and was likely to die! The woman asked me to marry her to save her children!

IJL was supposed to find me a perfect match in a week but after almost 16 months they only managed to find 6 woman who were confused, had loads of problems or desperate. None of them matched what I had asked for. IJL has not contacted me for over 7 months. They don't answer emails or calls.

Don't even think of paying your money to them. Pay your money to charity, it pays off more!!

I don't understand why such a fraudulent company can operate in Australia. Somebody should stop them!!
Pros? You kidding me?!
Extremely expensive, they don't pay attention to what do you want, they don't have enough people to match you, they don't answer your calls once they get your precious money, it does not work at all!

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If you call them they won't pick up the phone. If they do, they will say I am a new dating coach so I don't know what happened in the past! Then they will promise to get back to you and they disappear. I joined them 3 years ago and they promised to find me a perfect woman in a week! Yet they have not introduced me to even one woman who matches me in terms of age! I am getting married but they are still looking for a match for me , so to speak:-D

Very disappointing

They tell you they have so many members suitable for you at the immediate moment and push you to join straight away.

Later you get a phone call from USA ! your matchmaker is in the States and you are in Australia seems unusual.

I met 1 person in 2 months and now no contact .... not hopeful of anything further.

Very disappointing.

It's a scam... don't fall for it!

Absolutely shocking, do not join this agency. After mis-representing my preferred age range for matches, then the local Sydney representative advising that I do everything I can do cancel my membership and get my money refunded as they did not have suitable guys on their database, they haven't been able to set me up on any dates in the 4 months that I have been a member and wouldn't refund my money. When I initially spoke to the consultant they promised me that they had plenty of men who would be perfect for me, that they were excited to get started, and they even had men who owned horses (one of my interests that I shared with them). They have tried to schedule dates with [name removed] and he has cancelled 3 times due to being unwell, I even turned up at the restaurant to be told that he couldn't make it. This is a complete scam, I can't believe that I have wasted $2.400. If anyone else has had a similar experience please contact me, I am planning to take this further.
Nothing - absolutely terrible.
They haven't set me up on any dates and I've been a member for 4 months.

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Did anyone take this public?
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I am going to take this matter up with Fair Trade NSW this month. Happy for anyone to join me and bring the culprits especially Desiree to trial.

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