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Jalna Greek Style Natural

Jalna Greek Style Natural

4.0 from 57 reviews

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I quite like it. Not as good as Mundella

Why is yoghurt incorrectly spelt on the container if it so Australian?
I would have thought an Australian product would have known how to spell yoghurt. On the container it is spelt yoghourt.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths.

What have you done??

I love Jalna Yoghurt, however lately I have been very disappointed. The consistency has changed. It is no longer firm and easy to scoop out of the pot. I used to be able to tip the pot upside-down and drain off the liquid. Now it is sloppy and when I try to tip the liquid out a huge blob of yogurt comes out with it. It is also greyish in appearance which is not aesthetically pleasing. Whatever you have done, please change it back. :(

5 stars

2oog size perfect for snack time, when not wanting large amount of tucker, even my cat likes it gave Marvin a tspn to try licked bowl clean. He is snoozin now dreaming of the cows who produced the milk for Jalna yoghurt.

Changed for the worse..

I don't know what they've done to my favorite yoghurt, but it is no where near as good now. I worried when I saw the new presentation of the lid that they may have changed the contents.. Now it is sloppy, not as bitey flavour wise, suggesting the bacteria count has reduced. Basically the qualities that made this yoghurt the best are now gone. I am super disappointed by this and am so sick of corporations trying to slyly change their products without their customers knowing. Even changing packaging hoping that if people do notice a difference in the product, will just put it down to the fact that it looks different.

The best tasting Yoghurt

I do not buy anything else because it the best tasting and comes in bucket size which I buy once a week and it does go in week with smoothies and homemade dips and sauces

My Chronic illnesses have benefited

Having autoimmune diseases such as psoriatic disease, ankylosing spondylitis, sjogrens, CLD & others, I started having jalna yoghurts on a daily basis, I believe this is helping me to cope with taking so many different drugs and when feeling off it is my choice of yoghurt to settle my stomach. Often it is all I can eat to keep taking my pills.
The new plastic covering is hard to remove with my hands.....but guess it might be a tighter fit for pot setting.
If there was away to change to a more environmental packaging then I would be ecstatic with this product.

bad packaging of a great product

i love jalna greek yoghurt- it's by far the best on the market. but why have an extra plastic seal under the lid. it's almost impossible to grip and remove. and it's just another piece of plastic going into the environment. just get a good grippy lid and leave off the seal. and keep making this great product, just package it better and i'll give it five stars.

Faulty Jalna Pot Set 1 kg jar lids

Both my husband and I were very disappointed when the new lid was introduced. We both had the jar lid come off when we took it from the fridge and we have had to catch the jar several times to stop spilling it on the floor. Jalna is our preferred label but this week I bought another brand as we can't afford to buy faulty products.


I need to find another brand due to the lid ,very disappointing after 20 years of enjoying jalna, Please investigate how hard it is to remove the lid.Big waste as I had to throw it away because I can"t open it. Grrrrrr

BioDynamic Yoghourt has improved

Thank you Jalna for the recent steps you have taken to improve the lid of my favorite, the BioDynamic Organic yoghourt.

Rotten lids

I am an old person with arthritis and had to use a tin opener to open lid. It was almost impossible. I am sorry to say
I cannot buy Pot Yoghurt again because of the lid. Just awful.

Impossible Lids

Great yoghurt BUT I absolutely agree with other comments about the lids, they are ridiculously difficult to open ad I don't have arthritis nor weak hands.

New lids

Ihave eaten nothing but Jalna yoghurt for years but with arthritic hands I cannot open the new lids no matter what i have tried. will be..taste testing other yoghurts to try and one that is tasty and easy to open.

Revise the new lid

I absolutely love jalna yoghurt but the new lid style is terrible... I've broken 2 nails trying to remove the lid and using a spoon or similar utensil doesn't help. Jalna, please revise the lid.

update on initial review

Since my first experience with this product I persisted and can honestly say I have been really happy that I did. The yogurt is really lovely firm and smooth.

Jalna Lids

Agree with other comments that the new Jalna lids are very difficult to get off, old ones were much better. However will keep buying Jalna because oit ispot set and one of the best on the market...yoghurt is not mean to be runny and sweet, but tart tasting & firm...

Jalna Lids

Love Jalna especially the low fat one kilo pots . have been purchasing them for 25yrs + however due to the new lids they have chosen to use I have had to find another product. bent two many spoons and forks trying to get the lid off.

Nector of the gods but you need super human strenth to open/close the lid

I would rather be saying what a great and delicious product you have .Instead I really need to tell you the the new packaging on your 1 Kg pot set yogurt is letting your product down big time .

The first time you try to open the top lid , you need to have the patience of a saint and the wrist muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger to get it off .

To get it back on , you need either a blow torch or a jimmy bar .

Please bring back the old closure on the pot .The current one is doing your brilliant product a disservice.

We love your product and have for a great number of years.


We absolutely love your yoghurt especially the Greek Style Sweet and Creamy. I just wish that I did not have to wrestle with it every morning to get the lid off. It seems I am not the only one experiencing this problem.

To hard to open

I too am frustrated with the new lid on the 1KG tubs. We have been enjoying Jalna Yoghurt for many years. However, until they bring back the older style lid we will have to buy yoghurt with a lid that doesn't damage my fingernails and tip of my fingers. this is a bad decision to change the lid.

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Does Jalna Greek pot yogurt contain Xylitol or Sukrin sugars or any other ones that are deadly to dogs ? I want to give some to my small dog on occasion and these sugars are deadly to dogs so just checking they aren't in the Greek yogurt... Thanks...
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Does Jalna "Sweet and creamy greek yoghurt" taste spicy? Mine does.
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Why have you changed the lid? This new one is very difficult to remove!!!
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Jalna just don't get it! They produce a great product. But to actually eat it, instead of a spoon and fork - YOU NEED A HAMMER AND SCREW DRIVER to get to it! Even then, the lid is not air-tight. And this is EVERY TIME, not just when first opening it. Woeful!

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