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Jalna Premium Creamy Yoghourt

Jalna Premium Creamy Yoghourt

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This is best vanilla yoghurt I’ve tasted. It is very thick can look lumpy as you break it up( it’s set in the pot) but the texture in your mouth is smooth, creamy and super yummy! You don’t need as much as some other yoghurts as it is quite filling though you want to eat more because it’s divine.

Too much sugar

Don't buy this crap. They added at least half a tin of sugar into the yogurt. Thrown in to the rubbish bin after first bite.

Strawberry flavour

This is the diamond in the the rough. I've accepted that all flavours of this brand literally taste as if they've been regurgitated. The strawberry, however, is fantastic. The water The builds up is easily poured off, and it makes the yoghurt even thicker. It's not too sweet, and mixes well with muesli it fruit.

Disgusting- if I could give it 0 stars I would

This is the worst thing I have ever tasted, it makes me want to spew. It leaves a bitter taste after having just one mouth full. Too sour. I hate wasting food because they are so many starving people who would die to have sour yoghurt but I had to throw this disgusting thing out.

Disappointing. Bring back the real stuff

Used to love it but now is only sweet, creamy and sickly. Just like Gippsland it seems our sugar-craving society has bumped off another fine Australian natural yoghurt.

Creamy, but the flavour is gross (vanilla)

Typical pot set yoghurt. It was smooth and creamy, I like the texture. The flavour though, it must be because it's sweetened with fruit extract, but it reminded me of artificial sweetener and ugh! I'm struggling to eat it. My toddler loves it though.


Looks like oil from a roast dinner that's congealed in the pan.
Tastes even worse.
Epic FAIL !.
Looks like oil from a roast dinner that's congealed in the pan.
Tastes even worse.
Epic FAIL !.


I bought this assuming it would taste similar to other Greek Style yogurts. I was wrong, it's the most disgusting yogurt I have ever tasted. The vanilla tastes chemically and the yogurt wont go smooth no matter how much you stir it (and I am used to the solid texture of pot sets).

Such a waste of money, it was expensive and no one will eat it.,

Gross vomit flavoured.

Absolutely gross. Opened the tub and it was solid! Then when you scoop it out there is watery bits. It smells, tastes like vomit!

Why does it taste like baby vomit

I literally stumbled on this page because I google "Jalna yoghurt tastes like spew". I bought the coffee flavour for an after lunch snack, but as I sit here after half of this creamy specimen, I wonder if I just vurped a little, or was it indeed the 600,000,000 probiotics claimed to be contained in this little pot set YOGHOURT (apparently this is the traditional spelling as their method for cultivation is the traditional way, insert eyeroll). Never again.

I will never buy this again

I was so excited to try this until I opened the pot, gave it a stir and it went lumpy as though it was off and they've just put a vanilla flavouring through to disguise the fact that their yoghurt is off.
Despite this I decided to taste it and I legitimately almost threw up, the taste is vile and tart like the yoghurt is off.
Extremely disappointed and will go back to buying my usual yoghurt.

Smooth and creamy? More like watery and lumpy

I want to like this yoghurt, truly I really do, but its false advertising to say it is smooth and creamy. It's watery, and when you have a mouthful it turns into this lumpy mess that is just awful. I got the strawberry and I swear there is no strawberry in it! Awful bad yuck completely displeased and waste of money.
I'll stick with vaalia, they've got 3 bacterials live cultures too and they may have more suger but they actually have fruit in them (lots). They are creamy and smooth. This brand is rip off.

Fantastic for my upset stomach cured me!!

I bought the natural yoghourt jalna. I have not stop eating it. In a matter of days it cleared up my painful stomach. I had an infection in my guts. This helped fix my problem. You need to warm up to the taste. Unfortunately i have not tasted the honey one. Now i try put honey in the natural one it is nice. Thanks to the owner of this fantastic company i now have a healthy gut. No problems

One of the best yoghurts

Awesome yoghurt, so delicious & even my kids enjoy it. Won't use another brand from now one, this one all the way

my most favorite yoghurt - almost cheesecake consistency

I really love this yoghurt and so do the kids. The texture and taste is like a cheesecake, it's lovely and sweet but not sickly sweet. All the flavors have been great so far.

Love it!

Jalna Premium Creamy Yoghourt is the best yogurt. After eating this, I no longer want to buy any other brands or flavours. I love how creamy and thick it is and that the sugar content is lower than other brands. My only problem is that it doesn't seem to be sold in shops as often.

Very disappointed!! Not a fan at all

Purchased the Low Fat Vanilla Flavour and unfortunately, this is the worst yogurt i've ever tasted. It has a lot of water upon opening and develops a lot of water which I constantly have to drain. It is not so much creamy but rather has a strange consistency akin to pudding or jelly (solid but melts in your mouth), turns into watery gloop when you stir it and leaves an unpleasant vomit aftertaste. Definitely would not purchase again.

Seriously, what on earth?!

This is gross, and I wouldn't say it with passion as well. I grabbed both this and the premium vanilla creamy yogurt thinking it was an upscale with other brands and the fact that it was shown in advertisements. The moment I opened the pot, it was thick that you had to stir well. Can't say the taste was nice but it did leave a unflattering aftertaste. The sort of mild dew vomit that's been left to linger in a cold corner. Whoever tested this accepting it was good to release to the market is clearly wrong. Those 5 star ratings would hoped to be the employees of Jalna in defence of their product but I would not buy this again and instead will stick with MOO or Gippsland yogurt who will tantalise your tastebuds happily. I love my yogurt and this absolutely a "no" from me.

Disgusting, I'll stick to my Danone Ultimate

What can I say, absolutely horrible tasting yoghurt, with slight vomit aroma. Lucky i purchased the smallest individual tub I can find. I will stick to Danone Ultimate vanilla / honey / raspberry & white choc / blueberry. Jalna should buy Danone brands and learn from them.

dont even like yoghurt

As someone who usually isn't particularly enamoured with yoghurt, I was shocked to discover the 1kg pot I purchased a few days ago had about one spoonful left in it last night. After interrogating my family to determine where it had all gone, it became apparent that no one else really cared for yoghurt and I'd eaten it all. Oops. After shaking my fist at my past-self, I hastily scribbled 'yoghurt' on the shopping list, with the confidence that future me would know exactly what to buy (and in double the quantity as before).

Contrary to some other reviews on here, this yoghurt (specifically vanilla flavour) is creamy, flavourful and delicious, though I will admit it took me a while to warm up to it. The tangy astringency of this pot-set wonder may be an acquired taste for some but trust me, once you get there, it's all worth it.

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Jalna Premium Creamy Yoghourt
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