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Jayco Basestation

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Modern but cheap finish

Poor interior with paper surfaced cabinets. Floor is easily marked and colour fades after washing. Not the finish you would expect from a new caravan. When you wash the doors inside they can easily scratch off.

Floor Plan23ft

Answer to our prayers

My wife and I bought a base station in 2010 after first seeing one at a Bmx compitition owned by a friend, we then currently owned a bicycle shop with 4 children and were travelling away with them to competitions 6 people with as much Bmx race shop equiptment we could cram in to our then current pop top caravan with 6 race Bmx on the roof of said van . Buying the base station we added a second set of bunks to rear which fold flat to the wall on either side, got the off road option, slide out bbq, external shower, tv/dvd, external speakers, we were able to pack floor to ceiling front wall to rear door shop stock for use at comps for pro race bike shop and as kids were then still young distribute them on lounges, front bed with us temp bed on floor and travel to and from comps to the northwest, as far as port hedland from Geraldton whilst still being able to access front section to cook,shower use fridge, sleep whilst travelling to and from , then we would set up our shop at race meetings, disgourge all the gear from rear cargo area and lower bunks for kids to sleep in and have as there own seperate area whilst my wife and I had our own seperate quarters at the front of the van. Issues with van from new was not enough water for the masses when travelling, and water on board from factory was fully unusable, rear tank wouldn't drain into front tank so would always run out with water left in system, I fitted additional water tanks and tank guages and changed plumbing so you could use all the water and visually see how much was left. We also found that dust leaked past all seals when driving on dirt roads to and from comps, covering beds and stock in layers of red dirt so I fitted roof mounted pressure hatches to roof that we opened before loading stock in and had press stud covers made for fridge vent and hot water vents and door vent to stop dust going in through those areas, problem solved. Hot water system works beautifully and we all say the quick showers on board are better than at home, my wife loves the cook top, took a while to amass the correct combination of cookware so can utilise all burners at once when cooking, size of pots and pans cause overlap issues but eventually we got it worked out, the 3 way fridge works sensationally on all settings, we pre chill it on 240 before leaving home, pre freeze stuff in house freezer then pack it, this keeps frozen frozen on 12 v when travelling, pull up at night turn gas on fire fridge up it re super chills whilst sleeping on gas works best, switch to 12v to travel again get to race area the. Plug in 240 v fire it up again and will stay frozen inc ice cream and icy poles freeze from liquid to solid for weeks, just keep kids from fridge as fridge is an absorption type but works well and it is surprising how much you can get in there if packed correctly, had no issues with breakages the odd screw fell out here and there but over a the van has surpassed or expectations making our life do much more easier and comfortable , the new vans have addressed most of the things we had issues with either design problems or wishes for things to be a certain way. We now use the van soley as a recreational van after getting out if the bike shop, kids grow up and interests change, so it now is used as intended taking toys away in cargo area, MTB'S, motor bikes, fishing gear, jet ski, quads, side by side whatever we want, your imagination is the limit
Things we like
Versatility, separate living areas , plenty of room, kids come and go out back of van , rear tailgate becomes an additional room with a bit of planning of shade for them, tows easily but you need a tow rig for 3.5 tonne if your putting heavy toys in, easy to keep clean , you look hot rocking up places and unloading all the things people had to leave behind to have some additional fun
Things not so good,
Every thing you want on the van is an option and costs you more, can't have an oven without losing storage space, get a slide out one on front, BBQ style with lid for roasting, front bed acess have to climb over each other to go to toilet , toilet tank needs to be taken out through bunk area to empty, should come out from out side, not enough shielding under van rock damage to under side of van when you get the outback option this should be addressed, brake wiring gets destroyed every time you go off road, under floor plumbing gets damaged,if they just shielded the under floor better it wouldn't be an issue did this my self, water tanks aren't plumbed correctly to work from factory, they are all the same , fixed this my self, rear door lock clamps need grease nipples in pivots, red dirt gets to pivots and seizes them ,not enough screws are used to hold cabinet draw runners in, they rattle out then draws drop. A bit of extra time taken and additional screws at factory would fix this problem, fixed all these my self ,
Over all this is a great van lets you do what others can't, if you buy one you won't look back

My Family love this Luxury Hobby working Caravan

Bought at 3 months Old Pre-loved $47,000. We love this Van ( Sept 2011 Model) for many reasons: It is a Holiday Van, Carry's our Kids motorbikes/pushbikes/scooters for weekend camping trips, The Queen Bed has a fantastic mattress, beautifully appointed kitchen area. Quite the luxurious way of camping. There are 5 of us and it is the best Family Toy/Holiday maker. Our home away from home with all the comforts just keep the toilet use to the wee's only & everyone will be happy. Not enough water for showers but we use the parks facilities & our loo is for the girls only. Everyone's happy. Oh, there is a door to separate kids room from Main area, air-conditioned (but is rather loud but I'm not complaining). Outside Tap & awning. The only thing that bugs me is the stovetop is 3 coils in a triangle which means ur round frypan, saucepans, don't sit really well or centered which sucks for the cook.

Purchased in January 2012 for $47,000.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality
Off-roading Performance
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Recently sold our beloved Jayco Basestation after 8 years of wonderful service ($41,500) Spent about $8,000 on it over its life. Still in great nick after a family of 5 travelled in it approx 20 weekends per year. TLC is all it required, no lazy peeps here :) to maintain it well ... it was our home away from home with a bit of luxury.

Questions & Answers

Can another set of bunks be installed in the basestation?
2 answers
Yes, we had bunks either side but they were put in by Jayco.Did you get them put in or that's how you brought it?

Looking at buying a 2019 Base station 23ft and an option in the brochure is a larger parents bed front and rear. I know there isn’t a rear bed apart from the bunk beds, but can you get a larger front bed?
No answers

Whats the awning lenght on 2011 jayco base station. Need to replace barrel and fabric Filled with water and broke in the middle
1 answer
Hi Peter - Ours was a 2012 & has been sold. I would Google the Specifications & if no luck there contact JAYCO direct.


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