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Jayco Jay Flight

Jayco Jay Flight

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Does anyone even care about quality workmanship

I own a 2013 33 foot RLDS.
What ever could be crooked on this trailer is.
Valances are all crooked around the windows. Caulking is squished out around all of the trim. The ladder is even mounted crooked.
I spent 2 hours on my back underneath the thing just tying up wires and hoses that were just strung over whatever was there and left to chafe on whatever sharp edge there was.
Cheap materials used in everything. The pump for the water was left hanging against the wall under the sink to vibrate the entire wall when it runs. No pipe holes were filled so that mice get in the trailer.
No thought whatsoever was put into where to locate switches and plugs. Every single plug in the entire trailer is on one breaker.
Bolts in the slides stick down far enough to chafe on the side of the trailer. Plumbing is not secured so it won't break.
Wires run around the battery were just tied in a ball instead of being tied up properly to look right.
The frame is barely painted, so needed to be undercoated to keep it from rusting.
The drains for the tanks are so flimsy that they are breaking off.
The sides are tied with flimsy metal strips that are crooked.
How can a manufacturer turn out such garbage? Do you not take any pride whatsoever in your product?
Does anyone even work in quality control?
Do the people working in the factory even own measuring tapes?
You throw together a bunch of shoddy work and then charge big money for it.
Shame on you.

Axel safety issue

Purchased Sept 2015 from CRC in Truro Nova Scotia. Noticed 1st day we brought it home the tires on the rear axel were fanning out. We asked about it and were told it was part of the easy ride system. We used the trailer 2 times local in 2015. This year we started using it and had a blow out noticed the steel belts were exposed on the inside of the tire that blew as well as the other tire. We replaced the tire and stopped at the Jayco dealer to have them look at the trailer. They said it was the axel and sent pictures off to Jayco. Jayco said they don't warranty the axel we needed to deal with Dexter the company that made the axel woul are now trying to say we overloaded the trailer yo get out of paying. This is untrue at best we carry 200 lbs of cargo. Trailer says it holds 874 who would need that much cargo to go away for a weekend...really.
This trailer has less than 1500 km on it and is not safe to haul.. No support from Jayco.. They pride themselves on their warranty that's a joke. I bought my trailer from Jayco not Dexter and they should be covering this and dealing with Dexter based on their machanic who told us this is the 4 th trailer this year that came back with the same issue..

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