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Jayco Optimum
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Optimum 28-5

Sure I have had problems, but instead of jumping up and down I talked to the JAYCO factory in Melbourne. They fixed everything I asked for. The dinette slide dropped on the rear end so I drove 600 Klms and left it for them to fix.Works perfect now.The shower hatch and all hatches painted with thermo shield paint- stops the heat getting in. Motorhome 4 yrs old shower still like new. If the slide outs get out of square look under the bed 2 electric controllers.Read the instructions-with the slide out out - press the little button 6 times and hold the 7th until the red and green lights stops flashing. This resets the motors. Yes I would buy another one. Good value for money.

March 1st 2019 Update: Gas bottles

$230,000 Optimun with 2x 4 kg gas bottles. What a letdown. Every week you are looking to refill one. Some places charge the same as a 9 kg bottle. Have talked to the jayco factory about it - they say it is to do with the lifting weight of the bottle - crap. How come they fit 9kg bottles to caravans worth around half the cost. Looked on the gas refilled site and some will not fill 4kg bottles.

Purchased in October 2014.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Mileage 70,500 km
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

2013 Optimum on Iveco purchased new 2014

After going back to the dealer 14 times in a 2 year period , the dealer gave me my money back after 12000 k's. I can't criticise the dealer except for drawing it out , in the end the general manager took over my issues and tried hard to fix them but I wasn't prepared to take this motorhome more than 200k's from home.I definitely think it was a lemon and there was no quality assurance checks on it when it came off the assembly line.The 6 speed Iveco had no issues with but the build quality was terrible , having said that my biggest problem was the dining slideout kept jamming. Since my model they have changed the slideout to one ,dining and bed goes out as one and the biggest problem the fridge is fixed now and doesn't go out anymore , which I believe was causing my problem ,when the fridge was full. Nearly everything in the motorhome had some work done on it or replaced.
I did like it when everything worked , I wouldn't buy a brand new one again unless the dealer guaranteed trouble free sailing, but would consider a second hand one , after I went over it with a fine tooth comb. I would go for the bigger motor 205hp if towing , not that the 175hp can't handle it but more grunt on hills. If you compare to similar models , it's value for money , if you get a good one, good luck.

Floor Plan28'

Would not buy again

A lot of issues with finishes electrical wiring not terminated properly missing fuses troubles with fridge fuses and relay melting issues with hot water not being connect to gas/elct ssuse with drians issues with leaks to shower. And so on
I don't feel the unit is reliable enought to go around aust with out issues occuring i would only feel comfortable with short trips close to repairers, even though it is suppose to be a the top of the range.
I don't think the set out is comfortable especialy the dinning table set out, the two doors are unsafe if you had to exit of a night if there were issues

Floor PlanOptimum 28.5 8 speed twin turbo on iveco chassis

jayco optimum 28.6

i have latest optimum 28.6 on iveco chassis twin turbo 8 speed zf auto can not fault latest model iveco I would not advise to buy with auto shift 6 speed box no trouble with 8 speed auto as you can lock in any gear as a manual this is big help in top gear as stops box changing and you can use all power without changing I have travelled over 23000 km and have no problem with motor home at all every thing works as new only problem when new was fridge would not work on gas after one minute would shut off took to dealer prestige jayco where bought it they do not check on gas they can not fix had to take to dometic agent had it 2 weeks could not fix had to take to dometic Melbourne fixed in 10 minutes talked to another person with same one as mine bought from prestige had same problem only was hot water would not work on gas they say they only check on 240v this is not fault with motor home only dealer .I always have 300 wt of solas panels fitted and have no trouble with power there is an inline fuse 30 amp on the batteries this sometimes blows for no reason and all of a sudden every thing goes out as when this happens one battery is flat this also happen in last model as well so I fitted circuit breaker instead of fuse have not any trouble since

Floor Plan28.6

Not a good Example of Australian Manufacturing

I love the layout. I am happy with the truck. The build quality is very poor. There are serious issues with the body flexing and the slide out. I regret buying the motorhome and have not been happy with the purchase. I should have bought another Trakka

Floor Plan28.5

jayco optimum on iveco chassi

just bought 2015 jayco optimum iveco 28.5 times have changed and yes a lot of money but then again a home away from home has all push button every thing don't have to leave cabin which is a great thing for us hope when we need service or warranty all goes to plan so far so good ....highly recommended iveco not fiat iveco rear wheel drive fiat front wheel drive a lot of difference iveco pulls 3500kgs fiat only 1500kgs ......iveco owned by fiat but is an international truck cant go wrong good reputation pay the extra go iveco I say ...safe travels

Floor PlanIV28.5
we are now 2 months into a 3 year journey in our iveco 2015 optimum 28.5 ft rv well what can I say had a few minor issues like satellite dish not working going in for a service was loosing power from solar system which was only positive red of battery not screwed down properly what I do with slide outs always spray them with wd 40 product non stick spray and helps rails along also fine water tanks are more that great capacity all round so far happy my advice get your service done in country towns away from Sydney very good service Sydney too too busy wait for ever my opinion.......great unit to see ozz in style home away from homewhen adding second battery make sure wiring is adjusted so both battery equal across to take load and unload the same .....as we just had that problem .....new batteries fitted and wiring adjusted ........new site jayco optimum owners only for info on problems owner experience facebook

One problem

The only complaint I have with our Jayco Optimum is the shower unit after only a short time goes yell an then nearly caramel from the UV rays shining through the hatch onto the plastic shower surround, makes the van look very cheap and is only covered by warranty if you notice this in the first 12 months supposedly
Other than the problem with the shower unit love our Jayco
The nasty plastic used for the shower unit that turns yellow very quickly from the UV rays

Questions & Answers

I have no power to my lounge slideout all of a sudden can anyone help ?? Paul
2 answers
Check with jayco factory-there must be a fuse or circuit breaker somewhere. The controllers under the bed pull the power cables off then push them back on.I have had problems with other electrical equipment and this has workedMust have gotten wet I think it’s working perfectly again now thanks Peter

Slide out hole in underside of flooring allows mice and small animals into interior
2 answers
Scotty the hole is due to the way Jayco have set up the seat belts in the optimum 28.5, if you decided to not have the seat belts in the back of the motor home then the hole would not be there. They possibly could have used a different material instead of brush seals that may have better sealed the hole when the slide out is extended. If thinking of buying new one I am sure you could discuss with Jayco re better seals over the hole. They may have issues but no more them other brands do, but their warranty last well beyond the specified time if it is an issue that they believe has happened due to the manufacturing process. My unit is three years old with a one year warranty period but they have just completed warranty works for me due to they believed it was due to the method of construction, have not heard of other manufactures doing that.Thank you for your help I will contact Jayco

a ladder,and price?,for an IV 29-5
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