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JBL Horizon

JBL Horizon

2.8 from 49 reviews

A Frustrating start to Everyday!

I love the sound quality of JBL. I did purchase a Bluetooth Charge 3 speaker for my Daughter, the sound is gorgeous. Even music I don’t really like sounds nice.

Good Points:
1. Sound is good, doesn't compare to the Charge 3 understandably as it does not have a bass speaker. Very acceptable for a clock radio though.
2. Looks pretty snazzy, nice design.
3. Large display easy to read without glasses on.
4. Ambient Light feature slowly illuminates when alarm comes on, in conjunction with soft guitar strumming alarm choice, a pleasant wake up rather than the offensive harassment of some alarm sounds!

Bad Points:

1. During alarm snooze period, Turning on the ambient light is not possible, this is usually turned on by pressing the snooze button.

2. To turn the alarm off when you get up you need to turn the room light on as you cant use the ambient light, as there is no tactile feel for most of the buttons on this unit. You need to actually see what button to turn off as you cannot feel them. Very annoying when your half asleep & cant focus clearly.

3. And Very annoying to your partner turning lights on so you can turn the alarm off.

Frustrating, annoying, poorly thought out. Once again a product that doesn’t appear to have been real world tested!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

The display is what sold me

I have trouble sleeping when there’s too much light in the room and have gone through 3 clock radios in the past 2 years or so because I couldn’t stand how bright their displays were. Even the ones with adjustable display settings were too bright on the lowest setting. The one I had before this allowed me to turn off the display which I did and then reached over to turn it on with the press of a button, turning it on to read the time in a completely dark room felt like looking directly into a laserbeam and I ended up just sitting up and checking my phone which really defeats the purpose of having a clock!

I spent hours on the internet looking for a clock with a dimmer display and this was one of them. I read the reviews written by others and to my surprise I kept seeing other people saying it was TOO dim. I couldn’t imagine that being possible. In a pitch black room you dont need much light to tell the time, I decided that I’d try it out myself.

I wanted the white version Because I thought it looked more modern, they only had the black in stock so I settled for that, it’s actually still quite nice looking in person and I’m glad I got it.

Now to address the display brightness! For night time viewing it is absolutely perfect. Its like it’s barely lit, I dont know how they make it show up in the dark while it doesn’t even appear to ‘glow’ I suppose its lit with the faintest of light, to the point where it almost doesn’t look like light yet you can read it easily in the dark. For day time viewing however.... not so great. The clock has an ambient light sensor on the FRONT, so if your clock sits in front of a window or as mine does, in front of wall-mounted light panels, it will not detect the correct amount of light since most of the light is coming from behind it. You can fix this by using ceiling lights or moving the clock to a different position but for me the only position I could have it in and still see it from bed was this one. I have considered rearranging my bedroom to have my bed facing a different way but so far the fact that the display doesn’t show up very well during day time hours isn’t a huge problem because I also have a wall clock and I wear a watch upon waking. It is strange that they’d put the light sensor on the front of the clock and then add a ‘lamp’ to the back of the clock, I find that even using that little lamp can make the clock display a tad difficult to read because of incorrect light detection but I LOVE that it has a sleep timer for the lamp. I will turn it on, press the ‘moon’ once for 5 minutes (twice for 15 etc) and then I can lie down and get comfortable in bed and have the lamp turn itself off, that has become one of my favourite features.

The sound is very good, I use it for listening to the radio quite regularly, the radio reception is crisp and clean even with the antenna hanging down behind my tallboy. I use the usb port to charge my phone overnight, its not quite as fast as apples charger but I know that slow charging is actually much healthier for my phones battery so overnight that is how it is charged, if I need some juice in a hurry though I will use my iPad charger as it’ll give me more charge, faster.

I used the Bluetooth a couple of times and it seemed ok, I have a big sony speaker dock which I tend to use if I want to listen to my phones music so I cant say much about that.

Overall I am happy to have this clock, I have finally found a display that wont light up half my bedroom every night or blind me when I want to know the time!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Terrible Alarm Clock

My experience with this product. I purchased this JBL HORIZON alarm clock just recently from JBHIFI as it looked great and was told the sound is unbelievable for a clock radio. But could not test it in the store before purchasing it. Well its way over priced. Totally disappointed in it. I have this sitting on my fridge cant see the time unless I shine a torch on it during the night totally useless. The alarm sound is awful cant hear it at all too soft doesn't even wake us up. The buttons should be raised so you can feel them without having to turn lights on.
The only thing this has going for itself is it sounds great and this is honest review. I have to find my receipt as its not on my phone. Sorry I cant give a higher star rating than what I have chosen poor design for an expensive alarm clock

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Some frustrations

The night light on the back is far too bright and needs a dimmer or settings option. The buttons would be easier to use if they were slightly raised so one can feel them and press them without putting a bedside light on. Sometimes the volume button plays up and just turns into setting the date.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Stylish and sounds great

Just arrived and couldn’t be happier. Stylish alarm clock with great speakers. Bonus is I can now unplug my phone charger and charge the phone through the clock. Time will tell how long it will last but for now it’s great. FM radio is extremely clear . Would highly recommend for those who like to listen to music with great sound while laying in bed. Love the Bluetooth option.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Excellent Alarm clock and speaker

Most people who complain about the product haven't bothered to read the instructions. It is simple to use and a fantastic product. Volume is adjustable, bluetooth works, and I like waking up the the soft acoustic sound that starts gently - makes a much less aggressive way to wake up.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Radio reception terrible

I bought two JBL Clock Radios after using one in hotel I thought it to be really good. I used Bluetooth and that worked well. But when I got unit's home I found the reception was so poor I could only get a couple of stations and they are not the stations that I listen to. I'm not just disappointed I'm really upset about it.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Can't turn the alarm off

My husband bought this for me for Xmas. It looked amazing and the Bluetooth feature was very enticing. However, I realised once I went back to work that there were issues. Once the alarm goes off you need to press 2 buttons to turn the bloody thing off, neither of which can be sensed by touch! This means you have to turn the damn light on to see what the hell you are doing. Bad design. Very expensive and now can't return it as no longer have the box or docket!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Christmas present

My husband bought me a JBL Horizon Bluetooth ambient light alarm clock for Christmas! I was so excited! It worked great for about 3 weeks. Now I can barely hear anything. Have no idea how to go about getting it replaced because I don’t have a receipt or packaging! $100 alarm clock should last longer than 3 weeks!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

don't believe all the neg reports.

I think the product tells the time and sound's just fine. Don't believe all the bunk about the clock. Sound and usability is very good I think it is good value for money and would recommend it as a suitable clock radio we had been looking for a product for some time.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock that I love using. Clear display.

I was very concerned about this product after reading the mixed to negative reviews of it but I actually love it!

The main issue users seem to be having is the automated dimming feature. I have had no troubles with this at all. JBL may have made changes to the feature upon widespread criticism so that late 2017 manufactured devices work perfectly. Display dims at nighttime and is perfectly clear... not too dim at all. If you find it too bright, you can hold down the "sleep" button on the right for 2 seconds and the display will turn off completely. In the day, the display brightens and is clear to read. I was waiting for the display to dim to "difficult to read" level but it stayed clear throughout all times of the night in the dark and with differing ceiling and lamp light conditions and combinations.

Bluetooth is easy to connect. Just hold down Bluetooth button for 2 seconds to pair with Bluetooth enabled device.

The ambient night light is a great feature and the alarm tones are amazing so you can choose less abrupt tones. I saw users complaining of alarm volume (which starts low then increases over time) escalating to a much too loud volume, however, it only increases to the volume that has been set. e.g. If you have it set on max volume of 15 it will go super loud but if you leave it set to volume 5 it'll only escalate to that set volume of 5.

The vertical nature of this product is great because it gives you a lot more space on the bedside table.

The USB chargers are good to have and are especially handy to use with a 2-metre charging cable.

The problem with this product is that the manual is poor. That seems to be why there are so many mixed reviews because some simple instructions on how to best use the product would greatly enhance the user experience and meet users' basic expectations.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Does everything well except the one critical thing a clock needs to do.

A large display (very rare) and very solid, quality look and feel which far surpassed all other similar products. Excellent selection of tone alarm options (alternative to music) one of which is a gently strummed guitar, which starts off very soft and increases to your chosen volume. By all accounts looks like a great product. Unfortunately the review by Lochanora is accurate. If anything the problem with display brightness is understated. Ironically this product's positive features are so good that they serve to make it all the more disappointing; it simply fails in the one task that is essential. A clock which doesn't tell the time doesn't deserve even one star but you can't pick zero.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

If you don't want to know the time - this clock is what you want

I normally consider myself a cautious buyer and generally take time and check out most products that I buy. However, I bought a JBL Horizon alarm clock radio thinking that it’s an alarm clock – what could go wrong.

Regrettably, this alarm clock is useless. Basically, in theory it all works but in practice it has one major failing – I can’t use the clock to tell the time most if the night!

The clock has an auto dimming feature that makes the display bright during the day so that it can be seen in the daytime brightness. This works well and can easily been seen during the day. It then is supposed to have a dimmed display at night so that it is not too bright.

The night display, unfortunately, is very, very dim and as a result it can only be seen from a very narrow viewing angle. I have found that at night, the only way I can see the clock display is to pick the clock up and hold it directly in front of my face.

Even in the early hours of the day, when the sun is already up, the clock still remains on its night display setting and is impossible to see the display at all. It will finally go to its bright day display if I open the blinds and allow in more sunlight.

I see that many people have complained about this feature even to the extent that one user has posted a YouTube video to show how to bypass the auto-dimming feature. Unfortunately, to do this requires disassembling the clock.

I have to wonder if any testing went into this clock – surely, they would have given it to some people and let them use it for a few days to get some feedback. It only took me one day to realise how impractical this clock is.

This is the first time I have bought a JBL product. Well, I will never forget the name now and can say that this will be the absolute last time I will ever go anywhere near a product that has JBL name on it.

For anyone considering this product, I can only recommend that you get something else. This alarm clock radio is an absolute waste.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


I dont know what happened to my alarm clock... it worked perfectly for almost a year then 1 day the bluetooth stopped working. then next the alarm wont turn on. now i have already called customer support, reset the device, and asked them to replace it without any luck because I bought it from a store that I cant go back too.. . Im cant recommend this brand anymore unfortunately after this experience. Spending over $100 on an alarm clock for it to work less than 1 year is not acceptable... I guess I have to find another brand that will take care of its customers a little better.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Disappointing - very short life for price point

Purchased Sept 2015 - product display died Sept 2017. At $150 I would expect a product at this level to last more than 2 years. Total waste of money as it can not be used. I have a cheap $10 one that has lasted 10 years.

I contacted them and was told to find a repairer myself. Pretty arrogant to be charging this kind of money for such a short life. Will be cheaper to buy another brand than it will to get this fixed.

Will never touch this brand for any product again given the poor performance and customer service.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Cannot adjust the length of time alarm sounds

My wife and I like to wake to our favourite radio show. But with this new clock, alarm (radio) turns on and then automatically off after only 3 minutes. Then occasionally turns back on. Thus is really inconvenient. I contacted the help desk on the Australian website and was told to read the instructions... Very unhelpful indeed. So I did again but they are so basic that they didn't help one bit. I don't think there is a solution. I'm sorry I bought this expensive clock now.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

$130 wasted. The worst and most expensive alarm clock ever.

So loud. And gets louder. I mean really loud. So if you enjoy laying there to listen to your music, forget it.
Alarm only goes for 4 minutes then stops automatically and defaults to your snooze setting. Snooze doesn't always work. The night light is so bright it wakes the chooks.
Unfortunately, this was a fathers day gift so i cant return it. All the buttons aren't defined. Be careful not to turn the wrong alarm off.
Very expensive for an alarm clock. I thought, spend a few extra dollars get a better quality device. $130 wasted.
Great paper weight.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Quite good but pricey

I find the buttons fiddly setting up a bit unclear from the quick start guide until you realise what the little numbers at the side mean(multiple presess). The numbers are clear day and night the light is optional for wake up. And as a Bluetooth speaker the sound is clear and loud enough for bedrooms The USB charge frees up power points. I find so far it keeps Time well. Turning off the alarm could be easier with a bigger better placed button. Snooze is easy as is sleep timer to use.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Useful, well thought out

Bought this for $150, which I thought was a little steep, however after setting it up and using it for a couple minutes, my opinion changed pretty quickly. If you're willing to spend a little extra, this is definitely worth taking a look at, in comparison to Sony, Philips, and Panasonic offerings hovering around the $80-100 mark.

Looking at other reviews, i'm not sure why people are having so many issues. Setting the time is dead simple... I snooze my alarm with a 3 minute count down timer at least 5 times every morning with no issue... Changing alarms and modifying settings is dead simple... There aren't that many buttons on the device, once you use it a few times, you won't even need to look at it.

Personally can't understand the hate, but to each their own. Buy it from a good reputable store, and return it if you don't like it.

HEADER: I have not made use of any of the radio functions of this device. I don't even have the antenna plugged in, so I can't offer any judgement on the reception, quality, or ease of use.

+ Super simple menu system, very easy to set up. Few seconds with the quick start guide and I had set the time/date, connected Bluetooth, set up two alarms with individual sounds, and changed the snooze timer.
+ Buttons are very clicky and tactile with a nice rubber finish.
+ Screen is bright during the day, and dims automatically when the room is dark -- doesn't blind you while asleep.
+ Great sound quality, volume, and acceptable bass reproduction.
+ Useful night light feature, gently illuminates the wall behind the clock with a warm coloured light.
+ Alarm gradually gets louder, and has the option of using your phone's music as the alarm sound (via BT).
+ 2 x USB charging ports for your phone and other devices is extremely useful.
+ Clean, good looking design, good build quality, overall a nice looking peice of furniture on your bedside table.

~ Ambient light sensor can be slow to respond and dim / brighten the display.
~ The entire device is made out of a grippy rubbery material which i feel will quickly collect dust/dirt and take more effort to clean.
~ Would've preferred for the device to be slightly larger, with more room for bass reproduction. I realise this is a clock radio but the volume is more than adequate to fill up a large room -- better bass would've been great.
~ A small remote control would've been a nice addition.

- No cable management ports, loops, or holes of any kind.
- USB charging ports are just randomly thrown on the bottom left side of the device, angled downwards toward the floor. Would've preferred them to be on the back, out of the way.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Initially thought it was great, but some alarms don't fire, snooze doesn't always work and the alarm

Initially I loved this JBL Horizon. Looks great and sounds great and seems to have everything I needed in an alarm clock...
But it's been a week and I will be taking it back today. Several issues.
1. Alarm volume can't be set. It starts quiet but within a few seconds it gets louder and louder and louder and if you don't turn off or snooze it will wake the kids, the dog AND the neighbours. Bloody stupid. And believe me it gets LOUD. I'd like to be able to set the alarm volume and have the radio come on and be able to lay a minute and listen to it without the aural violence.
2. Ok... so the alarm gets loud. Big deal. Just hit the SNOOZE and sort your thing and stop complaining. Well thanks for bringing that up. Sometimes I hit the snooze and it snoozes (9 minutes). Sometimes I click the snooze and the radio keeps going and it won't snooze. So I click it again, and again and again and again... and bear in mind the volume is now BOOMING. I sat there this morning and tested it and 3 out of 4 times the snooze button didn't get it to shut the heck up. Worst clicks of it was 12 attempts before it kicked in.
3. But we aren't finished... Because the SNOOZE problem gets worse. You see, SNOOZE is meant to snooze the alarm (Makes sense eh). But sometimes you click snooze and the alarm simply turns off without the snooze actually engaging. Ok ok... yes it's true that when it is snoozed the screen says snoozed down the bottom and shows how long till it will go off again. That's all good. Except I don't want to have to double check every time to make sure it's actually worked. Because sometimes snoozing simply turns off the alarm. (Sorry honey... it wasn't my fault, it was that damn clock you made me buy!)
4. Believe it or not, if all that isn't enough to turn you away then maybe this will. This morning the alarm didn't go off at all. Fortunately I was already awake and clock watching. But she didn't fire. So I thought "Hmm, maybe I've set it to 7pm instead of 7am. Or maybe I set it to weekday alarm instead of weekend". Easy mistake... but NO. It was set to 7am weekends. (And yes, the date and time and am/pm was correct for the actual time)

So... lets sum up. Alarm doesn't always work. Snooze doesn't always work. Alarm volume is way too flippen loud. And it's bloody expensive.
But it looks good and the sound quality is nice. But if you are stupid enough to buy it on that alone then you deserve each other :)

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Just got my Horizon last night and it’s not showing up as discoverable in my Bluetooth list. Anything else I need to do to connect with Bluetooth?
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If the alarm is set to wake you with your Bluetooth play list and the blue tooth goes off will it default to the buzzer ?/
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I want to keep the display bright during the night it is way too dim I can’t read the time
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