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Jetstar MasterCard

Jetstar MasterCard

1.6 from 57 reviews

Good if you use it appropriately

The best thing about this card is if you spend $10000 you get a $100 Jetstar voucher. These rewards are better than many other cards as long as you want to travel. Annual fee isn't too bad. Though I pay it off each month they gave me a low limit and I accidently went over twice and they gave me a fee but then took it off. Third time they kept it. Can't complain. You can make it so you can't go over which is what I have done.Just make sure you keep within the limits and pay it off each month and it's fine.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateOctober 2018
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Points OK customer service v.poor

Card offered a competitive rate of points and a zero fee offer initially but Service via phone centre is slow and painful - dropped calls, pillar to post etc with diff teams. Normally 20mins plus on the phone. Card was cancelled when overseas due to overzealous security concerns about transactions. Stuck in countries where they don’t have a freephone number to resolve and only support for SMS security ID checks which isn’t helpful in remote locations. Recently closed account and it shuts access to online account, send you letters with the $ figure on what you owe but no itemised breakdown. This varied with transactions days before I closed it so you have to call to check chase and understand spend / refund etc. All in all a painful experience, better value and service elsewhere

Superb Card. Especially If You Use Jetstar.

I have the basic Jetstar Mastercard, not the Platinum one in the photo to this article. They offered it to me after I joined Club Jetstar, with a bonus offer of 150 Jetstar dollars if I spent $1000 in the first two month.( I have already received that voucher and used it).

The card earns one Jetstar cent per dollar spent using it on non-government transactions. That's now twice the rate typically being paid by most Australian credit cards with say $100 to $160 annual fees, which usually give half a Qantas Frequent Flyer point or half a Velocity point per dollar . Though the Jetstar dollars can only be used on Jetstar, and not for all sorts of other purchases as with Qantas and Virgin points.

Using the card on a Jetstar flight gets one 10% off food and drinks. And using it to book flights results in not being charged certain fees, which add up to quite a few dollars compared to using a regular credit card, and you earn Jetstar dollars on that booking transaction.

I've used Jetstar flights on two overseas vacations and have just booked a third. Their Dreamliners are great, and I especially like using Jetstar because it has many direct flights out of Melbourne, where I don't have to pay more as well as then to sit in Sydney airport for hours, as with various other companies. Jetstar is indeed a budget carrier, but it is a good cut above using other budget carriers like Ryanair, which I have flown in Europe. So, as I intend continuing to use Jetstar into the future, then continuing to keep this card is a no-brainer.

Their Mastercard website is a little confusing - containing lots of stuff I find irrelevant. But clicking on "Jetstar Mastercard" in the "Accounts and Statements" section brings up all transactions, including the pending ones. The biggest nuisance is that because it keeps recent pending transactions out of the Balance owed figure, I have to add them to the outstanding Balance to know how much I really owe (though, to be fair, others like American Express do the same thing).

I have had occasion to ring up Jetstar Mastercard people on two occasions with queries, and I got through quickly, and my questions were answered promptly.

Dont trust this company in any way !

They are the lowest of low,they harassed me at the lowest moment of some horendous health issues,with no compassion or interest in helping me or the situation,do yourself a favour and have nothing at all to do with them.....and pray uou dont EVER have serious health issues and seek any help

Not customer focused - very scripted responses

Well did I got a nasty surprise when my Jetstar credit card statement arrived with almost 2k of double up purchases due to a system clitch that Jetstar was aware off but did nothing to inform their consumers or contact any of their customers to check their cards for duplicate transactions. When I informed Jetstar cards I was asked to lodge a dispute, the claim took one week which initially only approved 1 out of 8 duplicate transactions. The other transactions were approved only when I emailed them that I will be in touch with the ombudsman . I was so angry and annoyed that they didn’t jump on the problem on my first contact. Today I received a very scripted and insincere apology and “ we will raise the issue with management “ spiel and no compensation for my angst and trouble I had to go through. I found Jetstar credit card at their worst. Make sure to check your credit cards for any transactions from March 5th and 6th 2018 for any duplicate transactions by comparing the long transaction number found printed on the statement.

Ok till they changed the website layout

The change in 2018 to a 'wealth management' website beggars belief. People using a CC are not managing their retirement portfolio they just want to monitor their spending. After a while I worked out how to customise so I can review recent purchases but on top of the reduced point earn rate it frustrates me so I'm leaving.

Don't bother waste of time!!

I applied for a jetstar mastercard. I was told to contact them though my income good. I did and was told someone would contact me. No did not happen! I then got a letter to contact them as they have tried to contact me LIE i never got a miss call i rang them as i got a letter my application was suspended i was told by a foreigner on the other end that my application was cancelled 3 days prior to date of letter. I have a good credit rating!! Fly Jetstar often! Found this service PATHETIC!!! Not happy!!!

Rip off!

1. Closed my account only to get a bill 1 mth later for a subscription charge that should never have gone through on a closed account.

2. Overpaid my account to close it out and coincidentally they charged me more interest which just happened to be the exact amount to the cent that I overpaid.

How do they get away with it??

Shocking service

One of the worst customer service experiences I have encountered on any product. Impersonal, unhelpful and possess no knowledge about the card and the company. Obviously using a call centre for enquiries even if you are a current card holder. When they need to get in touch with you for any reason they will call repetitively at all hours of the day and night and never leave a voicemail indicating you you need to get in contact with. trying to cancel as soon as possible but is also proving to be a nightmare. Never get this card. The fee paid on every fight booking is well worth not having to deal with this company.


Recently Jetstar MasterCard updated their website. It now shows a huge amount of information but DOES NOT SHOW YOUR AVAILABLE FUNDS unlike almost every other credit card account online. The site is so slow that often it will time out. Hopelessly slow even with the fastest connection. Their open portal must be tiny!

If you want some further frustration, try ringing the online help and speaking to someone in INDIA. Hopeless service!
Macquarie Bank don't listen and don't care. If you are looking for a credit card, avoid this one like the plague.
If you are unfortunate and have one of their credit cards transfer it to another bank that have an App and a faster website so that you can actually track your expenditure. Now, most banks do not charge for a monthly printed account... Jetstar does! Like so many others I would give zero or a minus score for the Jetstar Master Card.

If I could give zero stars I would

Applied for a balance transfer of $7000 so I can cancel my other credit card. I earn gross of $2000 per week and have a good credit history. So I received the card after a lengthy application process and they had approved the card with only a limit of $2000 and wouldn't let me do a balance transfer of the $7000. So instead of helping me do a balance transfer so I could pay off my debt faster, I had two cards, one with $7000 owing and the stupid Jetstar card with $2000 available. So I called and they said they couldn't approve the $7000 transfer. No explanation why they didn't bother to contact me and let me know. If they couldn't do the transfer why not just simply reject the application?!!! Unethical!!! Told them to cancel the card and that I would be writing them a terrible review. This is so stressful as the $7000 was to pay for my partners visa application, as if that wasn't stressful enough. Thanks a lot Jetstar. This is not the product I applied for!!!!

Great card until 2FA introduced - Now worthless to me

I've had this card for years and use it enough to get about $800 worth of flight vouchers each year. It has been great value for money. The recent introduction of 2 Factor Authentication means that it is no longer possible to access my account online without receiving an SMS code. Because mobile phones are banned in my work area for safety reasons and because I frequently travel overseas, that system is unworkable for me and I am now locked out of my account. Other banks have provided key fob one time pin generators as an alternative but Jetstar (Macquarie Bank) do not offer this. The lack of a phone banking system compounds the problem. I have pointed out to them that because the monthly statement is only available online (their requirement) and I can no longer access it to determine what is owing, I cannot be expected to make any further payments.

It's pot luck - 50/50

So the card service itself is great, card works fine, good fraud detection, it's when you need to talk to someone it all falls down, well to be fair its 50/50, I just got off the phone with a nice lady who I'm pretty sure was reading from a list on how to get access to 2FA, as soon as my exact situation was not on the list, its sorry you will have to call every time you want a balance. I'm currently overseas so that wasn't happening, eventually after being assured there is nothing anyone can do to get me access to my account and the best thing to do is call or close my account, I managed to get transferred to the solutions team and bam, 20 seconds later I'm back in my account and off I go (Legend), like I said 50/50. Some very helpful intelligent people and some I don't know what, nice people but useless completely and utterly useless when thinking outside the "List" is required. So 50/50. Outsourcing support - I hope the person who made that call is cooking in HELL!!! Please let there be a Hell.

Amazingly bad

Like others on here I was out of work for a couple of months and applied for hardship. I have other cards, all were great, but this mob declined and suspended my card. I didn't worry too much until I twice was fined for late payments. I checked and it was because I had made a payment a couple ( once only one) days early and it was counted as an extra payment the month before. They actually change the due dates to suit and it is hard to keep up.
They were calling me at the beginning of the month to make sure I will pay ( what the?). As I said The only payments they say were missed were because they were early and they charged me anyway. I now refuse to talk to them. They call. I say I will make their payment, sometime during the month and goodbye. They are rouges and obviously do not fall under the same rules or courtesies of other card lenders.

Don't even bother applying, completely unreliable, untruthful and a nightmare to deal with.

Like many I should have read the reviews prior

Seems you don't even have to book a flight with Jetstar for them to ruin your holiday. For anyone considering applying for a Jetstar credit card, take my advice, don't even bother. Stick with the major banks. We needed a credit card for our upcoming holiday, as we travel a fair amount and often use Jetstar when flying.

So we decided to apply for a credit card, figured with 2 people working full time, decent income (significantly over the $30K requirement), no other credit cards or personal loans, we'd have no hassles. Well we were very wrong.

We waited, and waited, and waited and heard nothing. As time was running out we phoned and explained our predicament. What entailed was a bunch of lies and false promises to string us along. At one point we were even told we were approved and they would definitely get the cards out by Friday. Today we were told a completely different story. Even in the last phone call, the information was contradictory and a bunch of lies.

I walked straight into my bank and was approved on the spot, but of course, they could at least be honest when they told me I wouldn't get the cards until it was far too late to get before our holiday.

Terrible Card

Got card approved for with a transfer. After 2 weeks and only 2 transactions (and still a 35% to my credit limit), I was told that my card has been blocked due to their responsible lending criteria. Seriously? with no bad credit and a 35% away from my card limit? And what happen to my annual card fee that they deducted but not letting me use the card - Used many different credit cards over many many years but never had such an insult. Don't use this card, and good luck if you rely it on a holiday when they can at anytime with no reason block your usage and getting stuck overseas.

Worst Credit Card Company I Have Ever Used!!!

Worst credit card company I have ever used!!!!
I was approved for $12,500 and only had the card for about 2 weeks and was told I had been withdrawn effective immediately. You will be unable to use your card for new transactions, until further notice. I hadn't even spent anywhere near the credit limit. The company couldn't even give me a reason why my credit card had been withdrawn. I had never missed any payments and have a high credit rating. Be aware jet star master card will approve you a credit limit and than take it back after you have started using the card!!!

Stay away from this credit lender.

Applied for this card then waited for an email or some sort of communication of “Congratulations” you have been approved, no I found that out when a letter came in the mail about my access details. After that my card got lost then they had to send another one which took a few weeks. Balance transfer was straight forward but the overall service was terrible because I got approved, then the balance transfer was done then my card got a temporary block placed for unknown reason and they told me they couldn’t say why but in order to use my card I had to pay $6000 in x amount of days for the block to be removed or the block will remain. I don’t understand why this happened? I’ve had credit cards with St George, Citi Bank, Suncorp and Ge money and never had an issue. My credit sore is excellent, so I have no idea why this happened!

In the end I ended up closing the account a year later and went back to St George with a zero balance transfer with no hassle at all. The only positive was that they refunded my annual balance fee of $199 no questions asked.

Never again!

Do not recommend this credit card at all.

Rewards Points System is Suspect

Phoned Jetstar to check on my rewards points as I wanted to book a flight and was told I had accumulated 75 Jetstar dollars - would not assist with flight over the phone using the Jetatar dollars and was told the voucher would be mailed to me. Also told me they cannot email the voucher. I went ahead and booked the flight as I could not wait for the snail mail. After the flight was paid for Jetstar then EMAILED me a voucher for Jetstar dollars which is useless to me now.

Another thing, on 2 flights with Jetstar this year I noticed they no longer offer 10% discount for onboard purchases yet their website still advertises about the discount.

Website Design Change and Password Limit Change, but Opps! Didn't inform the users

Tried to log in to Jetstar Mastercard online. Got re-directed to new site and there, the password that I used many times in the past didn't work. Rang the Call Centre and they casually told me that the website design changed and now it accepts passwords min 6 characters and max 8. Thanks for the information!! Would have been nice to be told earlier. Apparently they did inform the users, a week ago - as if. My emails are working and have received emails from them in the past. They don't even own up to their communication issue.

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Questions & Answers

Does the Jetstar MasterCard have a mobile app?
3 answers
Not sure as I gave completing the application. They are the worst card provider I have ever dealt with.Thanks for the helpful answer Royce...I don't believe so

I recently applied for the jetstar promotion master card 25,000 points and received a email confirming the application asking for proof of income to be sent to complete the application. But when i went to send the proof of income i could not find the email from Jetstar to reply nor could I find the original application email I had sent initially?? They had both disappeared and make me wonder if there is a scam at work? I phoned 1300 150 100 they were reluctant to look up my application and kept saying just send your proof of payment, i asked for the email to be resent they said they could not resend it? I am reluctant to follow through as I find it very strange that both Jetstar emails could Vanish from my inbox and sent mail !! Anyone else having the same problem, i'm worried the information sent is being scammed.
2 answers
I think Macquarie Bank are running a scam which just serves to reinforce their image, which makes the public image of used car sales people look angelic. The cost of these promotions QFF point promotions is the cash MacqB has to pay Qantas to buy the points and they have worked out that by dragging out the process so as to delay one being able to use the card before the promotion closes they need not buy any points at all, yet they still pocket the annual fees. This is deceptive advertising in my view. Then they also have all this financial information about people and heaven knows what use they make of that, they may well sell that to other organisations. All that nonsense about can't send an email in this day and age is lie. This is an all too common experience as documented on Product Review plus others e.g. Mozo.Thankyou. I have hesitated continuing my application as I feel unsure of the overseas help? Plus making payments internet for me seems daunting. I must say though as far as Jetstar itself we have no complaints. I feel concerned for the future generations trusting and selling their soul to unknown identities. It is a difficult web to avoid, which has introduced an insatiable greed to the world. Yet now that the internet horse has bolted only time will determine its outcome. We can only brace ourselves for a rough ride sadly some more than others.


Jetstar MasterCard
Card TypeMastercard
Minimum Credit Limit$2,000
Maximum Credit Limit$50,000
Minimum Income $30,000
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $9 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate14.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee3%
Late Payment Fee$35
Annual Fee$69
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate21.99% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 14 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Release dateDec 2009

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