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What is happening to the maintenance?

Being a regular user of various gym locations I am concerned about the decline in general maintenance and up keep of equipment. I don’t believe the use of twine to attach the emergency stop on the treadmill is in accordance with the manufactures guide lines (Mitcham). TV not working on treadmill after multiple complains (Anzac highway)

Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Absolutely shocking and atrocious Customer Service by the Club Manager - Jetts, Balcatta, WA

I visited Jetts, Balcatta, WA earlier today (Tuesday) early Afternoon. I was a genuine potential Member looking to join; however I needed to see this club and what it looks like and the equipment and where everything was and how many machines of each there are etc, and know the prices of course. It just happened to be at that moment I really needed to quickly use the Toilet, as nature was calling.

As soon as I walked in I politely asked the Club Manager who was on duty (Danni Fischer), and said to her, “Sorry to sound rude, but could I kindly please quickly just use the Toilet first, before you starts showing me around etc, as I really badly need to go”. She replied on the lines of that she'll tell me the Prices first and then show me around the club next. Meanwhile I’m really, ‘Busting to go’. Whilst she is telling me the prices and then showing me around the club, I'm feeling so uncomfortable and I really couldn’t concentrate on what she's saying and couldn't see the club properly, as I really needed to go and I was having to, 'Hold' all that time. After she finishes with telling me the prices and then showing me around this club, she then had the audacity to say that I can't use the Toilet as it's off limits and only for members…That was absolutely bloody disgusting and most appalling of her! She prevented me from using the Toilet at the start and she then prevented me from using the Toilet afterwards.

There is absolutely no way I can join this Club based on how I was treated there. This is no way to treat a customer, no way to treat a potential Member looking to join. It was absolutely shocking Customer Service and so incredibly dreadful of her. I’m extremely insulted and absolutely offended being treated like this by her. Reiterating, I didn’t go there just to use the Toilet.

As a result of being treated in this way and manner by her, I will most definitely not and never join a Jetts club ever Australia wide. And I will never recommend any Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Work Colleagues etc to a Jetts club either. This has inevitably left an extremely bad taste in my mouth of the Jetts group. Me taking this time to write all this is a testimony as to how I'm feeling with regards to how I was treated by this Staff Member. I’m going to be telling everyone about this horrible experience, which I am entitled to and is my fundamental right, as per Freedom of Speech laws.

Poor customer service

Not helpful at all. I will never go through jetts fitness again. And I will let everyone that I know to never join jetts they are the worst gym ever!

Very very poor

Manager is inconsiderate and downright nasty to members. Threatens to suspend your membership for following his directions. And then the normal stuff. Do not enforce gym rules. Members training in bare feet - no problems. Will not put weights back - no problems. Wiping down equipment after you use it - optional. If you are a inconsiderate mammas boy who are used to never pick up after yourself this is the gym for you. Staff can also be very rude. On top of that they change their rules whenever they feel like it making your membership worse. No scruples about that whatsoever.

Value for Money

Perfect little gym

It’s small but I go when it isn’t peak time so it doesn’t matter at all.
The workers there are friendly and quick/happy to help.
Everything is clean. The gym is small but doesn’t smell.
The treadmills and other equipment are better than other places I’ve been to like fernwood/ymca.
I had no issues suspending my account when I went overseas.
No lock in contract which I love

Value for Money

Stay Away - never again. Greed is good for them

Trying to cancel a membership and they just want more money. Ridiculous, they now have said they are going to debt collectors.. Stay away from this awful business. I would never recommend this gym to anyone.

Value for Money

Beware the slick 'no contract' slogan

There is a contract, the one you sign at induction. You may think it is a new authority to debit a credit card but in the fine print it supposed to tell you that you can only suspend your membership for 2 months . .not like we were told at induction' that because there were no contracts you can suspend your membership at anytime and just reactivate by tapping you tag at any Jetts gym'. Not a new employee either..someone who had been at that particular gym for 6 years. False advertising and when you challenge what are you told ..yes read your CONTRACT!

Great Gyms, Great Staff

I've been using gyms for decades and have been with Jetts several times, for a year or so each time. Jetts are small and generally don't have classes, however they have a great price and no restriction on using any of their gyms. I was regularly going to several of their gyms around Sydney and always found the staff fantastic.

Unfortunately for me, my work has just relocated and there is no Jetts gym nearby so I'll have to find another gym, however I wouldn't hesitate to join up with them again.

The staff especially the manager is so friendly and welcoming

I love Jetts very much, mainly because the staffs working over there. Super friendly and very helpful especially the manger, who helped me and my friends out with our membership and payment plenty of times. I would have given it a 5 stars if the facilities were a bit better and the ventilation isn’t that bad.

Not bad

I have been a member of a few gyms over my time, and a member of Jetts now for about 2 years now.

When I first signed up, the atmosphere was great, the manager was super nice and friendly and knew you on a first name basis.

However, once he left, the gym went downhill.

The new manager was very cold, walked into the gym not talking to anyone, didn't help members on the machines or anything like the old employee.

He just stuck to the corner of the room where the computer is and stayed there.

The music changed, and just went super loud! Even with your own headphones on you can still hear their annoying music over their own.

There is now another new manager at this location (again) but I haven't had any interaction with this employee.

In regards to the gym itself, it's not too bad, it's small and doesn't have the latest equipment but with what's there, it gets the job done I guess.


I was at a few centres in Adelaide unfortunately it rebranded to Zap fitness. It was a great gym. I was a member of Jetts for a few years. Some managers were a bit rude and intrusive. But you get around that by training unstaffed hours or at another centre lol.

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Bring back Jetts in Adelaide!

Terrible customer service

The lady handling my cancellation while i was in hospital was terrible. She said she would put my membership on hold but ended up charging me for the fortnight. I asked her to refund, but she couldn't care less. So when i ended up asking her to just cancel the membership she agreed but was still charging me. Basically she kept scamming me. I do not wish for anyone to ever join this gym. I had other friends who were scammed too, in a way that they cancelled also, but kept charging afterwards. Negative stars if even possible. Very disappointed and disgusted.

Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service ONLY for online enquires, been emailing membership@jetts.co.nz for things that i need done there is no communication from the other end, even when i got my membership on hold, i waited for 3 weeks until
I called the manukau store where they advised me that my membership was on hold, i mean thanks for actioning my request but please follow back when i also said in my email to reply back to me once my membership is on hold, how that I am back and i need my membership reactivated, I am still waiting on a reply from memebership@jetts.co.nz, whoever controls or looks after this department is either sleeping half the time or just doesn't give a damn about their members who pay full price for their gym membership. Seriously MEMBERSHIP@JETTS.CO.NZ get your act together and follow back with your email, its not that hard to reply back to your own customer while sitting comfortably at your desk. General rule of emailing is OBVIOUSLY following back at your sender. Please reply back is so annoying when you're trying to do things in your daily life and you’re waiting on a reply/conformation from someone via email especially when you’ve requested a reply,

Whats the point of this review when it wont even be actioned or read by JETTS NZ. I hope someone from the industry reads this and other negative reviews, and does something about it or you will lose your members due to lack of appreciation.

The staffs there are so great especially the manager

I am a regular Jetts member and the manager at Jetts central station is probably the best and nicest gym manager you could ask for. Great staffs! Definitely recommend it

Threatened with physical assault by staff member (Ringwood)

I've been a loyal Jetts member for more than 5 years, and was recently threatened with being physically assaulted by a member of staff ([name removed]) at Jetts in Ringwood. The owners of the club ([name removed] and [name removed]) had no interest in my safety and well being - and simply banned me from this specific club as a way to get rid of me. It has been an utterly horrible experience being verbally assaulted (and threatened with a physical assault) in a place that I pay to be at. They lack common decency, respect and have no care for their members whatsoever.
I have since cancelled my long standing membership and will NEVER return. How can I when my safety is at risk?

[name removed] and [name removed] should be ashamed of themselves for sticking up for a trainer who physically intimidates members and makes threats to do them harm. In my eyes, they are as bad as the trainer ([name removed]) that threatened me. I don't know how they sleep at night.

And the head office did absolutely nothing when I raised my concerns about my safety (I emailed, used their contact form on the website, and sent them a message via FB - no reply at all... disgusting "service")


When the student is ready.....

I am a former P/Trainer and came to Jetts Mt Warren Park, bored, unmotivated, uninspired and the heaviest I've ever been in my life - I would say I was also a bit depressed. Matt, the manager, greeted me like a friend everyday, and when I finally admitted I was getting nowhere on my own, he took me aside, gave me encouragement, advice/commonsense, patience and set me a challenge. He introduced me to other members, tagged me to a training buddy and checks in for a chat and inspiration regularly. I'm now re-engaged with my workouts, hammering weight loss, PBs and re-inspired - socially, mentally and personally. I'm earning my sweat and got my mojo back! Thanks to Matt, his team and lovely members.

Best gym

Been using Jetts For around six months now I chose the gym because the hours are being so close the staff and the gym is excellent I wouldn’t pick another gym.

Even if you cancel you still will be charged.

Overcharged twice, Staff as well as head office is unhelpful to resolve the issue, Only answer they can give is "I am sorry for that. . . ."

Jetts standards

Jetts clubs are franchised and even though you have reciprocal rights to all, your money stays where you joined regardless of how often you use another club. Some owners reinvest their money back into the club because they care!! I for one have a great club and would encourage anyone to support the clubs that deserve your money.

Won't answer called or reply back to my email

Hi I just moved in to the area in campbelltown inNSW I have been trying to join jetts for the last 4weeks they don't answer their phones or reply back to emails I have being trying to call them every day as it is convenient for me to join the gym not far from where I live but no body calls me back

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Questions & Answers

Can I take my kids to the gym if they sit in a corner on their ipads? trying to find a way for hubby and I to train together.
1 answer
Jetts is unattended. I doubt they would allow it, you can ask.

Does anyone know what I can do to write a complaint about the club manager, as they are very unprofessional and nasty and does not deserve to be a club manager at all?
3 answers
To be honest, I have no idea. I don’t believe that they really care about their customersYou can go to the Jetts website and send a message. But they will ask your which gym is concerned and forward it to the manager of the gym.Each gym is a franchise and belongs to the owner. The manager may be the owner. In that case... You can first go this way and see what happens. Try to find out who the owner is. If not the manager, approach the owner directly. Their cards should have their ABN. You can use that here: https://abr.business.gov.au/ If a sole trader, his name will be there. I've found the gym industry does not attract mental giants. Give an ignoramus, especcially one with the wrong personality, a bit of power and they go on a power trip.Thank you so much

Do they hav kids play area inside the gym ti facilitate mothers having toddlers?
2 answers
Not sure about all locations but Hornsby-2077 doesn't have such facility. cheers VikNo, they don't. Jetts is a low cost, low overhead gym that doesn't have add ons such as this.


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