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Johnson's Baby Wipes

Johnson's Baby Wipes

3.2 from 100 reviews

Awful product. In my opinion, best to stick with Huggies or Aldi wipes

I bought these because they were on sale, but unfortunately I found these wipes to be very thin and not really up to the task. They also weren't that friendly to baby's skin. I ended up throwing the whole box away and going back to the store to buy Huggies wipes.


I bought these to use in the car and they gave by bub and I a radh instantly! They made my skin feel like it was on fire. I can't imagine the pain my poor bub was feeling. They should not be able to sell these. If you have bought them I suggest you throw them out!

Angry Red Rash

My 9-month-old girl was coming out in an angry red rash all over her face. Long story short, my wife pin pointed the Johnsons skincare baby wipes (triple baby protection) in light yellow plasic pouch/bag the potential offender. As a parent does, I then wiped my full face with a new wipe. Bingo, full facial angry rash/reaction. My wife also got the rash when applied. Take care of your babies. Be carefully with these.

Johnsons baby skincare wipes

Used this for the first time on my 5 month old whose skin went bright red immediately!! I can't believe this is for sensitive skin.. I feel awful that I didn't spot test the wipes first, I just trusted it due to it being fragrance free, sensitive and for babies.. silly me. What's on the box most definitely is NOT what's in the box. I've never really been a fan of Johnsons but I picked up this packet whilst we were out.. my mistake.. never again.

Dont touch these. New formula gives rashes

Ive used these to remove my make up for over 10y with no issue. New formula coinsided with new size (200x150. Was previously 200x160).
I got excema type rashes on my cheeks and under eyes. Used them on my 3y olds face and she had rash everywhere. Thought it was coincidence so left it 2weeks and only used huggies. Her rash went away. Mine took a bit longer... infact have had eye rashes off and on since (around 3-4m). Tried j&j new formula again. My face took about 1/2hr to come up in a rash. My toddlers came up within a minute or two.
Discontinued use and have mot used them since.
Did try 4 packs of old stock i found in a store on myself.
The difference is huge.
Old ones are fine on our skin.
New ones leave a residue... nearly oily like. And cause very bad rashes. I should send them pcs of my daughters skin. I was horified.
I have never and will never use another j&j product after being a ling time user of these wipes. Its just not good enough.

I now stick with the thicker huggies for bottoms and curash for hands and face at meal times, cleaning and to take of my make up.

Really really bad

Would not recommend it to anyone. It says that they are fragrance free but the smell is so strong it makes me dizzy. Used them on my 9 month old because the other brand that I use was unavailable and it gave my baby rashes all over her nappy area :( I threw the whole packet out. Seriously, the smell is just unbearable.

Rashes on my newborn baby

Used johnson baby skincare wipes for my new born baby and he had rashes at the bottom also had another experience to my family member by using soap n powder to her 6 months baby girl rashes all over.please check if it suits baby or not then only use.
However my family member will not suggest using this product

pretty good

I sometimes buy johnsons and Johnsons baby wipes to soothe or clean chafing along with I use it to clean my rash and soothe my heat rash and found it to a superior product as it just works so well without leaving any residue behind / it's and excellent product to clean or soothe any minor light burn or wound / I would totally recommend the product to anyone who needs cleaning and or soothing wipes for the skin

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Though the problem is johnsons and Johnsons baby wipes seem dry / the reason I buy these wipes as they are cheaper than wipes such as wet ones

Using it for 4 months & it's great!

I've been using this ever since my son was born. I use these wipes especially to clean his poos and find it perfectly soft and wet for the purpose. The only drawback is that the wipes are thin and I need more of these wipes while cleaning compared to other brands. Over all, a good and safe product on babies.

Absolutely wouldn't recommend!

I used these wipes for the first time today on my 7 month old and it left her covered in red rashes which made her grumpy, irritated and extremely uncomfortable! I would not recommend this product to anyone. I will not be using this product. Was not happy at all considering how much I paid for them in bulk, what a waste of money.

Expensive, leaves bad rashes & soaking wet instead of moist.

I don't like them

Received a packet of "Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes Fragrance Free" before the birth of my baby. I have another brand that I always buy. They weren't that bad that I had to throw them out but I was looking forward to finishing the packet.

They edges on the end of the packet are sharp and caused scratches on my baby's head.

"Fragrance free" but I hate the smell of them. The smell is much stronger than other fragrance free wipes.

They are really wet and I dry my baby after using them to avoid nappy rash. The plastic seal doesn't reseal properly resulting in half the wipe drying out.

The wipes also stick together which I think is because they are so wet.

Like I said. I used them but I'd never buy them.
Did the job I suppose.
Sharp pack edge, seal wouldn't reseal, dry out easily, way too wet, horrible smell

No good for our baby, caused nappy rash

Having always been a J&J fan I was pleased to see the maternity hospital where our son was born used these wipes, however noticed after he was born in the first week using these wipes he developed bad nappy rash, not thinking anymore about it we happened to use a different brand when we got home, rash was clearing up good, seen J&J wipes on special at the supermarket so bought some, within 2-3 days nappy rash began to reappear again, so only 1 conclusion to make here unfortunatly. Changed to Curash, no problem since
Trustworthy brand
Cased Nappy Rash

Sopping wet!

My husband and I found these wipes to be sooo wet, we had to pad our newborn dry with a flannel after each use!

Although they did not react with her skin, and the fabric is thick and soft, we'll be using another brand because wiping our newborn dry in the wee hours of the morning (not to mention extra washing of flannels) is just another step that we don't need to bother with!
Thick and soft. Easy to pull out of the packet.
Seriously wet wipes - they left my newborn's skin sopping!

Cause a rash on baby

This are definately not as pure as water! When using them on my baby they left a very bad red rash wherever they had touched his skin. They have a very strong fragrance to them and are extremely wet so you have to dry babies skin after using to put a nappy on. They are not very thick either.

Leave a rash

Made my newborn scream in pain :(

I am usually a Huggies buyer but purchased this product when on special. I was drawn in by the line "as mild to skin a pure water". My experience could not have been more different or distressing. After wiping my 10 week old baby girl with these wipes, she screamed in pain and distress and the only way to soothe her was to put her in the bath to remove all of the product. My baby was more distressed from contact with these wipe than with her 6 week old vaccination injections. I would never by this product again and feel I have a duty to inform other parents and the company of my experience.

Caused distress and pain to my baby - I had to wash it off immediately. Also felt very greasy for the time that it was on my baby's skin.

Love it!

I have very sensitive skin and as soon as i touch some wipes (huggies and curash) i brake out in an itchy rash. Johnson wipes i have never had an issue with. A friend lent me a huggies wipe yesterday (just one) and im paying for it now! Cannot believe i have no issues with johnson wipes which i use a hundred time a day.
Really is for sensitive skin

Not bad!

Material of wipe was soft and tough enough which is great. It did not disintegrate like another famous brand of wipes. Also the moisture level was adequate enough that it could wipe effectively. The only downside is that the wipe is smaller compared to some other brands and so I could only tear it in half (economy of scale) instead of into three pieces.
Soft material with adequate moisture
Wipe is smaller in size


They say fragrance free but after wiping my daughter's face she come out in a huge rash ..so fragrance free ? I don't think so. I have tried fragrance and fragrance free and both done the same thing , not a happy mummy here now I need to go buy more wipes .

leave bad rash

These are the only wipes I will use.

When my baby was born I tried many different wipes before using these & now I won't use anything else. I found some wipes to be quite dry & not very good at cleaning very dirty bottoms. Some wipes gave my baby very bad nappy rash. Some wipes I found very this & quite useless. The Johnson's Wipes are very moist, small great & are quite thick & strong. Best of all, they don't give my baby a rash. I buy them when they are on special in a bulk box which also works out very economical.
Very moist & smell great.

My favourite baby wipes

Johnsons wipes smell nice, are moist and are made of fabric so they don't tear. The are consistently reliable and are my preferred choice of baby wipe. They also come in convenient purse sized packs. Unlike other brands of wipes, they seem to be getting cheaper at <$17 for 6x80 packs from Big W.
Not only do I use these wipes on my childrens' bottoms and faces, but they are great for cleaning up mess from fabrics such as crayons off our lounge or food off your blouse!
My only real complaint is that they can sometimes be too wet, so much so they drip.
Smells nice, fabric as opposed to paper, moist, reliable.
Sometimes too wet.

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Why can I NOT buy this product in any Woolworths store on the Mornington Peninsula? Or at Chemist Warehouse? Having to use sub standard product because Johnson & Johnson's is not on the shelves. Thanks
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Can't say why that is / perhaps you could try calling the companies you have mentionedSeriously! I asked this question almost 2 years ago!!! Don't worry... well & truly found an answer back in 2013!!!


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