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Johnson's Bedtime Bath

Johnson's Bedtime Bath

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Rashes like crazy


Gives my baby bad rashes. Thought it was a laundry detergent. Nope. Bedtime wash is what's causing the rash. It dries her skin and leaves it bright red. Good luck out there



This product should not be on the market, Especially targeted at babies & children. It is full of nasties that have been proven to lead to heath issues such as eczema & asthma.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles for $5.00.


SamDarwin, NT

Itchy stingy rashes


Please do not use this stuff on your precious babies! After reading some bad reviews online after purchasing, I decided to try this soap on myself first. I ended up with red rashes that stung and were very itchy shortly after applying the soap to my skin. I don't generally have sensitive skin so it's appalling that this product is supposed to be for babies.

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths.


GENSouth East Queensland, QLD

Skin buned


Please don't use this product for your babies!! It's dangerous! I put some drops in my bathtub and ended up with my legs burnt. I think was a chemical reaction with my skin. I thought I had to go to the emergency but after allowing cold water run over for 1 hour, it went away. I can't imagine little babies expiriencing that pain.

Purchased in June 2019.

Barry N.

Barry N.Peel, WA

Causes severe rash and allergic reactions DO NOT USE


Purchased in June 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $7.25.

It's ok


For people saying it causes rashes or whatever. What I do is put it in the water rather on my baby's skin. I reckon it works out better. No rashes.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $8.00.


KaykaySouth East Queensland, QLD

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Was great on me when I was growing up however I used it on my son tonight and it peeled his soft baby skin, wich looks very sore. I had high hopes of this product, now I am too scared to use it ever again.

Purchased in December 2018 at Kmart Retail Stores for $9.00.

first time used at 4 months and my grandson broke out with a rash and itchy dried out scalp. Used t


Used this baby wash and lotion for the first time at 4 months old. My grandson broke out in a rash and kept itching his scalp and ended up with flaking. The smell is way to strong. Can not believe that this is a Johnson and Johnson product. Throwing it out. Also, this is advertised to make baby sleep better. What a joke. Babies will sleep good when they are well cared for. Any bath if they enjoy it, helps them sleep better.

Not good


I will say it definitely made my little one sleep so well, but after the third day of use I noticed it gave him red bumps all over his body. I then started to use it on myself just to see if it was this product that indeed caused the bumps and sure enough it broke me out too. Not going to completely bash the product because it could merely be sensitivity in me and my sons skin? Everyone is different so who knows.



Horrible product!! Used it on my newborn and she broke out in a rash that caused her eye to swell. Face, ears and part of her chest are covered in red bumps. Because of the irritation she has been nonstop crying and trying to scratch her face. She is extremely uncomfortable and it's soo sad to see such a popular name such as J&J, make such a bad product.

C. C

C. CBrisbane

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Never again!!


I would never use the baby bath products again. After trialling it after using a natural brand I noticed that my daughter was screaming within 30seconds of being placed in the bath. She was absolutely inconsolable and would only settle when removed from the bath and held and dried off. I can only imagine it was stinging her skin. When you look at the ingredients you start to understand why!! Only natural brands for her now!!



Need to be really careful bathing children in this daily, it causes urine infections if they don't bath in plain warm water.
Every time I have used this my daughter ends up with a urine infection.
It's good for just using it as soap but definitely not a bubble bath

Terrible experience


It is the worst product i've ever had for my baby, coz of this my baby cried like anything.. not gonna use it ever. I just poured it in water and he started crying same thing happened yesterday but that time i didn't notice but today he was smiling and enjoying as soon as i put it in water he started crying.. he was crying so bad n i felt really bad coz i can't see him crying coz of some terrible product.



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This product is okay and does its job as a wash but it doesn't really make any difference to my 4months old sleep at all. Even when used with the night time oil for a massage before bed. It does maker her smell nice though and doesn't give her a reaction like most other j&j products do.

Causes rash!


I used the bedtime lotion on my newborn daughter a few times and everytime she broke out into a rash looking a lot like heat rash but with extremely dry skin along with the red bumps! I always used this product on my son but perhaps they changed the formula since I had him over a decade ago??? Regardless, I'm not using this again as I cannot stand to see my baby covered in a rash and uncomfortable.

opposite of bedtime


My son is now 5 months old and from the first time ive used it would scream and cry to the top of his lungs in the bath tub after 5 mimtues of soaking in that and i find that weird because he love bath time!
At starters i wasnt sure so i used it again the next day same time i thought hes was just really tired or something then after a month which was tonight the same thing but worse! He cried until his face went so red im never using it again



Baby bath and lotion


I used the lotion a couple of times and my daughter arms had bumps on them didnt think nothing to it. I used the baby bedtime bath in my daughter bath next morning she had red bumps all over her body I was curious on what it was but never though anything until I used the bedtime bath on my self and I had the rash as well on the area I putted on ny skin. Never again well I used this product it made me wonder what was in thus product.


Punkyb05Jackass flat vic

Love using this with both my boys!


I've used this product since the day both my boys were born! They have both slept through the night from an early age which has been fantastic. This product smells lovely and each night they bath with it (every second night) they always have the best sleep. You can tell the difference when using the baby bath they do not sleep as well as when using bedtime baby. I am disappointed to hear other mums have had trouble with their children getting rashes from this product. Maybe Johnson should make a sensitive skin range for your bubs because this is really a great product! I can't fault it when using on my boys :D



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Works fine


After reading some of the other reviews on this product I had to make sure I'd clicked on the right one.
I've been using it on my daughter since she was about 3 months old and have never had any problems, no rashes or anything. Just a nice clean baby who sleeps like a charm. I put it in her bath water and not directly on her skin - not sure if that makes a difference.
My mum used it on my brother too when he was a baby/toddler. No issues with it either.
Smells good, daughter sleeps well after use.

Stacey Jaundrell

Stacey JaundrellAU

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Johnsons and Johnsons bedtime bath causing rash


after being a long a time user of Johnsons and Johnsons products for over 13 years, i am very disappointed my son now 16 months has been using since birth, i will no longer buy this product as chemicals and product are affecting my son, i won't use this on my newborn either. very annoyed customer , my son flared up in a allergic reaction. spots and rashes all over his body straight after i washed him within 5 mins! i screamed and called my husband in and took photos of it, as i am complaining to J&J
caused rashes, sore red spots all over my babies body. not a gentle and calming lotion at all.

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