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Joie Gemm

Joie Gemm

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problematic headrest

I wouldn’t recommend this capsule. We bought it because it should last for 12 rather than 6 months. The problem is that it achieves this through use of a headrest that can be lifted higher as your baby grows. So far so good. But the headrest (which cannot be removed) alters the angle of your baby’s head. In other capsules, the baby’s head lies back. We found that with this capsule our baby’s head was held forward onto her chest, possibly restricting her airway. The awesome people at kidsafe helped us fix the problem by adding extra foam padding under the bottom half of the infant insert, but clearly that’s not ideal. The capsule needs to be redesigned.

Purchased .

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Isofix car seat for my first bubba!

We purchased the Joie isofix version for our first baby born in October 2017 as we wanted the safest option for our bubba to travel in! We love that it was a capsule seat so we could connect it to our pram to make unloading the car easier and also not waking the baby! Overall it’s not too heavy and relatively easy to click into the base and remove from the car. However our bubba has disliked it at times- not sure if it’s the shape of the seat or just cause it rear faces? But she has started to enjoy it now that she’s bigger. It can be tricky getting her in and out of the seat as you kinda of have to lift her into the seat around the harnessed extra seat belt (though this is the Australian car seat regulations). Our bubba hasn’t liked sitting in it as a pram seat since she’s gotten bigger and prefers her pram seat as it lets her have more movement. Plus side is that it’s very protective but when she chucks a wobbly- the extra padding seems to overheat her and she end up very sweaty! But overall it does what it needs!

Great capsule

Easy to use, easy to clean. Fits on our Bumbleride Indie Pram with the Maxi cosi adaptors. Love that it can fit a baby in it for longer so they can stay rear facing. The canopy gives great coverages. The newborn insert is comfy. We are really happy with it.

Great with stroller, horrible car seat

The capsule is easy to carry and install, however the Australian base for the car seat does not include a load leg to keep the seat stable. The base will tend to slide from side to side and is quite unsafe. Would not recommend this for the car seat. Great when placed in the stroller though.

Good to use with Joie stroller

Pros - Very easy to get in and out of the car and onto stroller (single click), lightweight (I have easily carried baby in capsule on Joie Mirus stroller up stairs), baby appeared comfortable once past the 4kg mark, canopy useful in the car and if using with Joie Mirus stroller, can keep baby in complete shade with both canopies up without fussing around with cloths and pegs, rockable.

Cons - Not as padded as I'd like - which means I had to place small pillows on either side when he was below 4kg even with the insert and minimal head support, fairly pricey RRP$399 if bought (I rented so it was quite economical as only used for 6 months).

Would recommend only once baby is slightly bigger.

Has its benefits

Easy to use and install. Fantastic that it's compatible with Joei stroller, not many capsules are compatible with a stroller that can also lay flat. Baby slept relatively well but would get a sweaty back which is not surprising. Handy that you can use it as a rocker as well. My baby would sometimes have a spit up or bit of vomit when trying to put her in and belt her up.

Questions & Answers

Is it suitable for infant 2 months, as when i put my babay I noticed that his backbone is not straight and he will push with his leg and this is also not right???!!!
1 answer
There is a newborn insert, you can remove these inserts

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