Best Baby Capsules

Keep your newborns safe on the roads with a baby capsule that also turns into a carrier and acts as a pram-attachment for ultimate versatility. Find out what features you should be looking for when purchasing the best baby capsule for your newborn. Read more…

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Maxi-Cosi Mico AP

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP

 · includes 2 listings
4.0 from 137 reviews

Padded with premium fabric, a flip-out visor and a 5-point harness system, this baby capsule is both comfortable and safe for your little one.

Price (RRP) $529.00 to $549.00

  • Extra head support

  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Compatible with many strollers

  • Installation can be fiddly

  • Build Quality
    4.2 (11)
  • Value for Money
    3.6 (11)
  • Ease of Use
    3.4 (11)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.0 (10)
  • Safety
    4.3 (10)
  • Ease of Installation
    3.2 (10)
  • Ease of Carrying
    3.5 (6)
  • Minimum Age Newborn
  • Maximum Age 6 months
  • Colour / FinishDevoted Black
  • Weight4.3 kg
  • Anchor System ISOFIX
Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier
4.0 from 135 reviews

Compatible with all Click & Go strollers, this versatile baby capsule contains EPS foam and high side walls for maxiumum protection. It is Australia's first baby capsule designed for newborns until they are 12 months old.

Price (RRP) $399.00 to $499.00

  • Suitable from 0-12 months

  • Compact design

  • Compatible with many strollers & airlines

  • Can be heavy

  • Build Quality
    3.9 (10)
  • Value for Money
    3.9 (10)
  • Ease of Use
    3.6 (10)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    3.6 (10)
  • Safety
    3.7 (10)
  • Ease of Installation
    3.4 (10)
  • Ease of Carrying
    3.3 (8)
  • Minimum Age Newborn
  • Maximum Age 1 year
  • Colour / FinishBlack and Black/Grey, Dark Chambray/Cream
  • Weight4.5 kg to 5 kg
  • Anchor System ISOFIX
Maxi-Cosi Citi
4.4 from 17 reviews

This lightweight baby capsule has soft seat padding, a sun canopy and a machine-washable cover making it comfortable to use for babies and carers alike.

Price (RRP) $439.00

  • 5-point safety harness

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Machine-washable cover

  • Build Quality
    4.3 (3)
  • Value for Money
    3.3 (3)
  • Ease of Use
    3.3 (3)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    3.5 (2)
  • Safety
    3.7 (3)
  • Ease of Installation
    4.0 (3)
  • Ease of Carrying
    4.0 (3)
  • Minimum Age Newborn
  • Maximum Age 6 months
  • Dimensions 630 x 380 x 540 mm
  • Colour / FinishBlack Raven, River Blue, Concrete Grey
  • Weight3.2 kg
  • Anchor System
Nuna Pipa

Nuna Pipa

 · includes 2 listings
3.9 from 23 reviews

This baby car seat with a 5-point harness is Australia’s first Rigid ISOFIX-compatible capsule. It has a 5-star CREP safety rating and is easy to use and install.

Price (RRP) $599.00

Safety 1st One Safe Infant Carrier

Latest review: when requesting a refund due to misleading advertising regarding the newer 1 star model the company said its the same car seat - however as someone pointed out they are not the same model yet the 1

Price (RRP) $349.00

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Nathan S.
Nathan S.29 Oct 2019
Joie i-Gemm
3.4 from 12 reviews

Latest review: The capsule sat my baby really far forward where his chin was pressed against his chest and looked extremely uncomfortable. I spoke to the rep at a baby bunting store and she suggested “I give it 2 w

Price (RRP) $599.00

Joie Gemm
3.0 from 10 reviews

Latest review: My baby is constantly crying in this capsule. The positioning of his neck is really high up and makes him have a stiff neck. It also doesn’t lock into my uppababy pram right, it feels like he’s going

Price (RRP) $249.00

Chicco KeyFit Plus
4.2 from 9 reviews

Latest review: With a big baby on the way but a bad back myself I wanted a capsule with high height markers, yet light and very safe. The Chicco had it all. My 100th percentile height baby boy was in it until

Price (RRP) $429.95

Maxi Cosi Mico Plus

Maxi Cosi Mico Plus

 · includes 2 listings
4.0 from 7 reviews

Latest review: This is a great capsule - really easy to use and goes in and out of the base very smoothly and quickly. We previously had the Maxi Cosi Citi capsule which is definitely a bit lighter but we wanted to

Price (RRP) $569.00 to $589.00

Phil & Teds Alpha
3.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Love that this capsule doesn't over-complicate things, it just does what it needs to. Light and easy to carry, looks good, and baby is comfortable. At 12 weeks she still falls asleep any time I

Price (RRP) $349.99

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SL

Price (RRP) $349.00

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio I-Size

Price (RRP) $599.00

Woman putting baby in car seat capsule

Baby car seat laws

Child car seat laws in Australia are based on the size of your baby and their approximate age.

  • Children under the age of 6 months must use a rear-facing child car seat with an inbuilt harness.
  • Children 6 months - 4 years old should use a rear or forward-facing seat with an inbuilt harness.
  • Children 4 - 7 years old (or under 145cm) should use a forward-facing child car seat with an inbuilt harness.
  • Children 7+ should use a booster seat until they reach a height of 145cm.

It’s important to remember that the ages presented above are simply a guide and a small 7-month-old baby may still be suitable to use a baby capsule. You can use shoulder markings present on many baby capsules to see when it’s time to move up a size.

How to restrain your baby in the capsule

When restraining your child, make sure that the restraint is tight with no slack. You can do the ‘two finger’ test to check if your child is appropriately restrained as you should only be able to put two fingers between the harness and your child’s chest. Remember to adjust the harness accurately before every trip to keep your little one as safe as possible.

Where at all possible, children should be restrained in the rear row of your vehicle as this is the safest location for them. Where this is not possible such as in the case of 2-seater cars without two rows of seats such as convertibles and utes, or in the instance that all other seats are filled by younger children, a child can be restrained in the front seat. In this instance, they must still use the appropriate restraints and the airbags must be switched off.

Baby capsules aren’t the only option for parents of newborns as convertible baby car seats are also suitable for newborns and can grow with them right up until they are 7 years old.

Baby capsules vs convertible baby car seats

So, what’s the difference between a baby capsule and a convertible baby car seat, and which is the better option?

Baby capsules are designed exclusively in the rear-facing position and are suitable for use on newborns until the age of 6 months (or until your baby grows out of it). Capsules can be a convenient option for many parents before upgrading to a forward-facing baby car seat or a convertible baby car seat when your baby is big enough.

Unlike other baby car seats, capsules can also transition into a carrier and are useful to carry your babies to and from the car since they are lightweight. In addition, many are pram-compatible which saves you from having to purchase a separate stroller carrier.

Recently, Britax’s baby capsules have been designed to be used until your newborn is 12 months old.

On the other hand, convertible car seats have a bigger upfront cost but may be a better investment long-term since they can be used as soon as your baby is ready to come home from the hospital until they are 7 years old. Many companies offer a lifetime warranty since they acknowledge it is a hefty investment for parents to undertake and take into consideration the safety of their products.

Convertible baby car seats transition from rearward-facing to forward-facing and eventually into a booster seat. They come with adjustable heights and straps to ‘grow’ alongside your baby. The benefit of choosing a convertible baby cat seat over a forward-facing car seat is that your baby can stay rearward facing for longer which is a safer position for them.

Unlike capsules, it is recommended that convertible baby car seats are placed in a car long-term as they are more difficult to detach and transition from one car to another.

Can you hire baby capsules?

Yes. One of the pros of choosing a baby capsule instead of a convertible baby car seat is that you can hire baby capsules since they are meant to be used short-term. Hired capsules are just as safe as new capsules or convertible car seats and can be a cost-effective solution for parents who don’t want to buy a capsule. Hired capsules are different from buying second-hand since, if they are from a reputable company, then they are guaranteed to be safe and comply with the Australian safety standards whereas second-hand capsules have no such guarantee.

New capsules can range from $249 to $599 and for only six month’s use, this may be a large sum of money to spend. Therefore, people can opt to hire a baby capsule instead.

Baby capsules can be hired anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. Short rentals may be useful if you are travelling around as many of these capsules are also aeroplane-friendly. Usually, complimentary installation is included in the price. The cost of hiring a capsule would come to around $20-60 a month depending on the model you opt for, which, when renting for 6 months, would half the cost of purchasing a new one.

How to fit a baby capsule securely

If this is your first time attempting to fit a baby capsule or you don’t feel confident doing it, then it is recommended that you get your capsule professional fitted for ultimate security and peace of mind. However, you can also do it yourself quite effectively.

There are two ways to secure a baby capsule in a car: through the conventional seatbelt method and ISOFIX anchorage points. Here’s how each of them works:

Many new cars are fitted with ISOFIX anchorage points which allow for easy and secure installation of your new baby capsule. Follow the instructions presented on the manufacturer’s guide and secure the anchor points as directed.

When using the traditional seatbelt system, follow the recommended belt path guide and tighten it once it is done. You can purchase seatbelt extensions if they don’t reach past your capsule.

Once secured, there are some things you can do to test it. Try rocking the seat from side to side and backwards and forwards to make sure nothing is loose or incorrectly attached. When you strap your child into the seat, check that their shoulders sit within the markers and that the straps are untangled and firm against the body.

Remember to adjust the seat’s harness straps as your child grows. This includes moving the shoulder straps so they're just above, or level with, the shoulders.

Factors to consider when choosing a baby capsule

Size: Make sure that the baby capsule you buy is suitable for your vehicle and your baby. Many stores will let you test out the size and positioning of the capsule in your car before purchasing.

Weight: The weight of your baby capsule will determine how portable it is. Baby capsules can range from 3.2-10kgs. The more lightweight it is, the easier it will be for you to carry it around and transition your sleeping baby between your house and your car.

Design: If you’re worried about the interior aesthetic of your car, fret not as baby capsules come in a range of sleek designs and a variety of colour finishes to suit you.

Pram compatibility: Famous brands such as Maxi-Cosi and Britax make capsules that are compatible with a variety of popular prams. If you want to use your capsule with your pram, make sure you buy a compatible model.

ISOFIX compatibility: For those with ISOFIX anchorage points in their cars, you might want to buy an ISOFIX-compatible capsule which will make installation a breeze.

Price: Baby capsules come in a variety of prices depending on the features you require. Those in the higher price range will include things such as patented protection technology, luxurious padded fabric and a range of accessories. If you can do without them, you can purchase a functioning and affordable capsule withouout breaking the bank.

Ease of use: The last thing you want as a baby capsule that’s heavy to carry, tricky to clean and difficult to install. Instead, make your life easier by perusing reviews to choose the most convenient and hassle-free capsule as recommended by other parents.

Safety: The most important feature to consider is safety - make sure the baby capsule you buy or rent has never been in a car crash before, has no visual cracks or dents and complies with the Australian/NZ safety standards. Take care if buying from overseas as they may not be legal to use in Australia.

You can see how others ranked the best baby capsules on the market today by scrolling up.