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Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier

Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier

NEOS, ISOFIX Compatible and Standard
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Handy, but not worth the price

Bought this capsule because I liked that it should last longer and it has the click-n-go system. Well, my daughter is not even 4 months old and she's hit the height marker. Granted she is a bigger than average baby, but she's not a giant, so I'm disappointed that it doesn't have the longevity it promises (apparently other mum's I've spoken to have had the same problem). The capsule is also very heavy to lift and move around, even without baby in it, which isn't great when you're still recovering from birth. The installation was overly complicated, and the instructions were not clear at all - even the fitter said he hates installing them because they're so fiddly and they never sit right. Much like other mum's, I found the harness dug into her thighs and made her quite uncomfortable, and the thermo-5 just made her overheat. Overall, I'm quite disappointed in this capsule and I won't be using it again when we have another baby.

Purchased in July 2018 at Baby Bunting Physical store for $298.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Car ModelHyundai Tucson TL
Pram TypeSteelcraft Savvi
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Hi AlyssaV, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We're sorry to hear that you're disappointed with the Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity NEOS capsule, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to discuss this with us in further detail. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Don’t give up on the capsule too soon

I had a similar experience to Bek with the capsule initially. When it was installed according to the manufacturers guideline straight onto the seat at the angle they recommended it was terrible. There were a few times I thought I’d broken the baby’s neck as her head flopped so far forward at a such an awkward angle while she was sleeping. When I took it to Baby Bunting to have them check the installation they told me they almost always ignore the angle line and install the capsule somewhere between 40-50degrees. This involved the use of a few towels to prop it up into a better position. If you have this capsule and are having the same issues, I’d highly recommend getting it professionally installed. You can also buy a newborn insert that will help cushion their head a bit more if you have a tiny baby like I did. I actually feel much safer and really like the capsule now.

Positive points are that it’s very convenient and clips nicely into the pram and the baby seems to love it. I do find the straps dig into her thighs too and I haven’t worked out how to adjust them yet but she doesn’t seem bothered by them.

Overall it’s a pretty good capsule. I don’t know if the other ones on the market would be any different. The man who installed my capsule said that most of them have the same problem with the installation angle and that Britax was one of the better ones available.

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Hi Claire R, Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback on the Safe-n-Sound Unity NEOS. If you have any further questions please contact us on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Safe-n-Sound team.

Seriously concerned about safety for baby

My seat was purchased 2 months before my son was born & professionally installed. At 7 weeks, his head fell forward during a 20 minute car ride. His airways were compromised and when I got him out of the capsule (immediately upon arriving home) he had a fit/seizure from what drs have told me was shock after oxygen returned to his body. I am alarmed to see how many other parents have concerns about young children's head placement in this capsule. We are very lucky that no permanent damage was done but now I am seriously concerned about taking my child in the car. I have tried to contact Britax's customer service by phone to discuss this but was not able to get through. Very disappointed to have spent $400 on a product that does not appear to be safe to use.

Hi Claire, We are very concerned to learn about your experience and hope your little one is ok. Please contact customer service on 1300 303 330 and ask for Alyssia or alternatively please email your contact details au-support@britax.com for us to call you as soon as possible. Kind regards, the Safe-n-Sound team.Hi Claire, We are just following up on my response from two weeks ago as I have not heard from you and am concerned to understand the nature of your circumstance. Please contact customer service on 1300 303 330 and ask for myself, Alyssia or alternatively, please feel free to email your contact details to au-support@britax.com attention to myself and I will contact you as quickly as possible. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Alyssia.

Too small

Says it is suitable for approx birth-12months. How could any 12 month old baby fit in this capsule? My son outgrew it by 4 months old! (He is a larger baby- maybe about the size of an average 6 month old) but still, 4 months. Totally not worth the money

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Hi Jess, Thank for your review. We are really sorry to hear about your experience. Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Isofix capsule is approved from birth - approx 12 months, the harness position can be changed when your little one grows as children hit milestones at different ages. Please give us a call so we can assist you further on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Regrettable purchase

I regret buying this capsule. It was installed professionally. But It's too heavy/impractical, the harness is temperamental to tighten and gets caught which is difficult to secure firmly, the angle of the capsule allows the baby's head to flop forward/there is inadequate head support and the straps dig into the baby's thighs, pinching and leaving pretty severe red marks on the thighs that hang around for a long time. I am convinced it makes sleeping in the car difficult for my baby. I have used this capsule for two babies now and each time I took it out after a few weeks. Really disappointing to be honest. Love the brand. Hate the capsule.

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Hi Kendall, thanks for taking the time to leave a review and we are sorry to hear that you're disappointed with your capsule. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to discuss this with us in further detail. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Not practical

I wouldn’t recommend this capsule to anyone. We thought the click and go system would be great for when baby is sleeping but it’s just not practical. The tether is a hassle every time you want to get the seat in or out and it’s just too heavy when baby is strapped in which a lot of mothers need to be careful of after birth.
The thermo material didn’t seem to work well as my baby was always hot and damp from sweat. The seat belt cut into his thighs and couldn’t be adjusted. It also didn’t seem to support his head when he slept.
The only good thing about this capsule is it looks good teamed with the steelcraft agile pram...but looks aren’t everything.

We ended up purchasing the Britax Millenia to try instead. We sat baby in it in the shops and it already seems way better. Installation was quite simple too.

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Hi Bek, thanks for taking the time to leave a review and we're sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the Unity NEOS. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to discuss this with us in further detail. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Poor head support

My newborn’s head flops around dangerously. Its installed correctly but we now have to reinstall it with towels to try get the seat to tilt back further. I’ve never had this issue with other branded capsules so very disappointed.
The buckles dig in to his little legs and the sun canopy is useless.

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Hi Mummy T, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to discuss this with us in further detail. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Safety and reliability are the first choice.

The brand has always had its own choice, this brand is recommended by others, focusing on child safety seats, safe and reliable is the first choice. Exquisite workmanship, the little baby at home is very fond of sitting. Tilt adjustment is also very convenient. The baby is sitting up and not crying, it’s much easier to go out now.

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Hi Fritz, thanks for taking the time to leave such a terrific review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Excellent, highly recommend. Worth the money

I decided to purchase the Unity for my 2nd baby as my first was larger and only lasted 3 months before he was too big, so I wanted a capsule that would last. Easy to install and take out, I purchased the attachments for my pram and his made it easier with everyday tasks. Easy to carry and my daughter was nice and comfy. We are still using it today (as a car seat) and she is almost 9 months old and still plenty of room until the height marker. I have definitely got my monies worth out of it.

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Hi Jess R, thanks for taking the time to leave such a terrific review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Love it

So easy and what a great idea! Its not bulky or heavy and goes straight on to the pram! I gad no idea any such thing existed!
It is easy to maneuver and easy to wash and wipe down. Never had any issues with it at all! Highly recommended. Glad we did our research and came accross this!

Good Capsule

I bought this capsule in a rush in the "End of Financial Year Sale" at Babybunting. I didn't visit the store looking to buy anything, just browse, and didn't realise that the sale was on. We were unprepared and panic bought without any research.

In all honesty i have nothing to compare my experience to. What i can say is that it's well padded and looks and feels like a quality product. My son looks extremely comfortable and cosy sat in it. I can click the capsule in an out easily. It needs to be reinforced with seat belts which is fiddelly but i think all capsules work the same. We had it installed by the baby bunting sub-contractors. We can take him and and out of the car without waking him, but he is a very good sleeper anyway.

If anything i think the question for most parents is... should i bother buying a capsule?

Bear in mind that i think this capsule is 4kg. At 3.5 months my son is 6kg... thats 10kgs to lift and out of the car at the moment and getting heavier. And this product is designed for unto 12 months. NO WAAAY. Once it gets too heavy we'll just be using it like a car seat. Its a reputable brand and is compatible with many prams we checked out.

In hindsight i would have bought a secondhand one, but i would be happy if the second hand one was this one!

As good as advertised

We've had the capsule since our youngest was born. She is still in it at 6 months, now. The easy of use in getting the capsule from the car and onto the pram is fantastic, it really works as well as we had hoped it would. Our girl loves being in there too, she often falls asleep in it. When we get home, we just bring it inside and she stays asleep. Perfect.

Bought at Baby Bunting and they installed it for us. Also a bonus of using the capsule is that is cheap to have in both cars, because you just need two bases. Baby Bunting sold us an ex-rental base for our second car for only about $60

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Hi Josh, thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review! We're glad to hear you and your little girl are happy with our infant carrier. If we can assist you with anything in future, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Warm regards, the Britax team.

Good Capsule Overall

I have this capsule and like that it is compatible with a lot of pram models. I found that it is quite bulky and takes up a lot of space length ways (encroaches somewhat on the seat in front) but if you have a larger car it isn’t an issue.

It is quite heavy once the baby grows bigger and so I wouldn’t recommend attempting to use it up until the recommended weight unless you are super fit and strong as it can hurt your back sometimes.

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Hi Sonny, thank you for taking the time to leave the above review. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Absolute waste of money. Baby was so uncomfortable she screamed every single time she was placed n i

First time Mum here. I never write reviews, but this is an exception. We spent $450 on this capsule. The idea being we could click it in and out of the car effortlessly If she fell asleep. WRONG. The capsule with the baby in it ended up being so heavy that I mainly just picked her up. I had a c-section so wasn’t allowed to pick anything heavier than 4kg up at the start anyway. It’s not worth the drama of having to buy a capsule and then upgrade to a seat later. We used the feature of putting the capsule in to the pram from the car twice in a total of seven weeks.

NOw on to the carrier itself. The buckle Is awkward and stiff to tighten. The straps squeeze across their thighs. The buckle itself digs in to her inner thighs. The padding once you take the newborn padding out is absolutely the worst. You can feel the hard plastic base easily. The shape of the capsule doesn’t allow the babies spine to be straight- so she was always slumped forward. One time I went to get her out and her head was completely limp to the right. It scared me so much I screamed her name to make sure she was still alive! I hate to think what would have happened If that was a Longer car trip and her airways stayed In that position!! As a newborn (until she developed some neck strength) her head would flop to the left or to the right as the head support was miles away. We had to add padded blocks to brighten newborn insert in closer so that it offered some set of support. The car set was too big and too small for her all at the same time. She’s A very averaged sized baby.

Literally every time she was placed in this capsule she screamed as if a leg was being chopped off. She is the most relaxed and cruised baby normally. If she was a sleep she’s wake in a minute and become hysterical. She was only ever placed in this capsule when she was fed and had a clean diaper. As soon as she was picked up the crying would stop.

We thought it might jut be the car itself that she hated.

We tried having a mirror, no mirror, toys, no toys, shade on window, music, no music, everything!!

I was beginning to feel so sad because I literally could or drive her anywhere.

In desperation we spent another $550 on a new car seat and guess what?

INSTANT RELIEF! She now smiles in the car and falls asleep every single car ride. Her new seat is the Britax safe and sound Millenia and she absolutely adores it. It’s like she’s a new baby. I love it too. The straps are more smartly located. It’s easiier to tighten and loosen. It’s way more padded and comfortable. It’s more reclined, which means she can lay a lot more flat and her tiny head doesn’t slump forward anymore.

Skip this stupid middle man and go straight for the car seat that caters for your baby for longer and that keeps them more comfort

Great for a taller baby

We weren't originally going to get a capsule car seat, but in the end decided it would be handy for not disturbing a sleeping baby after car trips. It turns out our baby was initially one that hated car trips! So she never fell asleep in it! However after she turned 4 months old she finally started to sleep and it has paid off! Luckily we went for this capsule because it is the only one that went up to 12months, and as our baby is quite tall she would have grown out of the regular 6 month size seat just as it became so useful. It is easy to carry and we got the adapters to fit it with the steelcraft agile plus pram and that's very easy to click it in and out.

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Hi Theqom, Thank you so much for your time to write us the above review. We are delighted to hear how easy you find our capsule to carry and use. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Very good product, can use up to 12 months

This product appears very good to me and worth for the money and was easy to plug and unplug to the base fitted in car. The another advantage is is it can be used upto 12 months where most other capsules are only for 6 months.
The draw backs might be an additional belt we need to tie around the carrier and also this is slightly heavy though I agree that it is strong body and heaviness is good for babies while travelling.)

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Hi Sanju, Thanks for your fantastic review, we will certainly pass on suggestions regarding our drawbacks to our product innovation team. If we can assist you with anything in the future please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Nice but not a necessity

We hired the capsule (April 2013 model) for 1st bub and personally didn’t think the capsule was necessary for us.

- handy when bub is sleeping
- easier for my hubby to get her in and out of seat as he is very tall it’s harder for him to get her in when the capsule is already in the car
- easy to get in and out of car

- no attachment for my pram (reds baby jive)
- I don’t like the material, it’s a velvet fabric so gets really hot. Not ideal when we are going into summer. In looking at newer models I think they have changed the fabric to something lighter?
- I find one strap seems to be much tighter than the other side

Bub is a big girl and still has plenty of room but we will be changing over to car seat when she is around 4 months as I don’t think we will be able to get them through summer with the velvet fabric.

If you have the budget a capsule is worth it but otherwise you may as well just skip straight to car seat.

Faulty brand new and have to take for repair

Purchased this to go into the click and go adaptors on my city mini GT. Capsule itself looks great however we have just attempted to click in into the adaptors and it doesn't unclick unless you take the adaptors off the pram tip it upside down and force them out. After calling i was told it sounds like an issue with capsule itself as it should easily click in and out (which it did on the in store version). We were told we will have to either be without the capsule while its repaired or drive it 1hr plus away for repair if they have stock. It's a BRAND new capsule!!!! Not ideal with a 3 day old baby and 2 older siblings.

Great for the first few months

This capsule made travelling around with a newborn so much easier as it was compatible with our stroller. We will be using it again with our second baby. Id suggest to families that it be installed professionally as there were a few finicky things about the installation.
The only issues we had was that the front seats of the car had to be pushed forward quite far to fit the seat in meaning mine or my husbands legs would be nearly touching the front of the car (We have a Honda Accord Euro 2012 as well so its not a small car). Also the material of the padding is not breathable at all. Our daughter would sweat and cry even with the air conditioning on full. Eventually we had to undress her as much as we could before placing her in the seat and then redress her afterward. This wasnt so much of an issue in the cooler months however in summer it absolutely wasnt ideal.

Good if for small babies

I purchased the Unity Carrier for my newborn in April. I wanted the ease of being able to get her in and out of the car without waking her and being able to use it on a pram. I have the Strider Compact pram which the Capsule is compatible with once you buy the brackets to attach (about $30). I chose this capsule has it is meant to be bigger to allow a child to use it for up to 12 months. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have gotten a capsule. I am not sure about other capsules but this one is very heavy. Even a 7lb baby is hard to carry in it. Babies don't feel overly heavy until you are holding them down by your side in a car seat. The capsule itself had to be installed professionally as it isn't a simple install. The capsule is relatively easy to get in and out of the car, however, you do need to put the seatbelt over the top of the capsule and this can be time-consuming, although sometimes I can do it in seconds. The straps on the capsule itself keep getting twisted and this is driving me nuts, I need to get to the back of the capsule and re-thread all of the strapping as it has somehow gotten itself all twisted. My 5month old still has a bit of room before she gets the shoulder height marker, but there is no way I would be able to lift this capsule with a 12-month-old in it. I think this is true of all capsules though, and the Unity specifically is a reasonable choice if you do decide to use a capsule.

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Questions & Answers

Is there an adaptor that will allow my older Britax Unity (2012) to fit to a Redsbaby pram, please?
No answers

Hi are the USA click & go receivers the same as the Aus ones? - eg will my unity fit into a USA click & go designed for the Britax baby-safe capsule?
1 answer
Hi Carly A, thanks for your question. The Click & Go receivers are not the same as product made for each country is made to that countries standard and specifications. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 (AUS) if you would like to discuss this with us. Kind regards, the Safe-n-Sound team.

Can my Britax capsule also fit in a steelcraft capsule base
1 answer
Hi Christina, thanks for your question. The bases are not compatible with one another. Kind regards, the Safe-n-Sound team.


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