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Joolz Day2

Joolz Day2

Earth and Studio
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The best pram!!

I love love love my Joolz Day 2 pram. I spent forever researching pram (was a bit obsessed) and settled on this one - and I am so happy I did. It is so easy to fold up and down and fits into the boot of my tiny car. My son loves being in the pram and will happily fall asleep if nap time. It maneuvers so easily - I can push with one hand if carrying something. Despite the basket at the bottom looking small, I can fit so much in it. I can do a huge shop and jam everything in. When at cafes, I can push my son straight up to the table and he is perfect height to sit at, saving me from having to put him in filthy high chairs. The quality of the pram is fantastic and when comparing to my friends prams who have other brands, the Joolz is so so much better. I get compliments on the appearance of my pram daily. I love it so much and would highly recommend to anyone!

Purchased in May 2018 for $1,500.00.

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Value for Money
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Suitable for RunningNo
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Hi Emily, Thanks for your kind words. We work hard to give a positive experience to all our Joolz parents and babies! We are glad to hear you enjoying your time and having a nice day with your Day2.

Chassis number 3 and broken again

Bought this pram as it is absolutely beautiful and liked the idea of puncture proof wheels and I am tall so the height is great. However, I am now on my 3rd chassis (in 15 months) and returning it after yet another fault. Twice now I have been stuck out shopping with a pram that won't fold down as the handle gets stuck on one side and I have had to phone my husband to pick me and my baby up so that we could get the pram in his van. (I don't know what you would do if you didn't have this option!) Another time, as we were carrying the pram down a set of stairs the handle bar came off in my husband's hand and I nearly fell down the stairs with the pram landing on top of me. I did report this incident to Joolz as I believe it is a very dangerous fault. However, the response was that I 'tell the retailer'. (Thanks Joolz- I had already done that but felt it important to personally tell you so as to hopefully stop someone getting badly injured.) Then to top it off-the loan chassis from the shop did the exact same thing! I have since tried out a pram from a competitor which I am much happier with and I am hopeful that the build quality and customer service will be better.

I am absolutely gutted to be giving such an awful review, as I would like Joolz to have redeemed themselves at some point which they really didn't seem concerned in doing: I couldn't honestly give it anything other than 1 star-at no point has my faith in the brand been rewarded.

Hi Dover, Thanks for taking the time to give us a review, I am truly sorry to hear you have had such a poor experience with our brand. I can assure you this is not normal, and we understand how annoying it can be when this occurs. I am certain we can assist you with this, please email our customer support team at service@my-joolz.com.au so they can assist you with this and resolve these issues for you finally. Thanks again, and we look forward to helping you out Dover. JOOLZ xHi Dover, I've just been checking through our service requests and I can't seem to find any records of the situation you describe. If you'd like to get in touch by email or message us on facebook.com/JoolzAus we'd love to help you out. Cheers JOOLZ

My son is 4 years old and I'm still using is for our daily walks.

I love our Joolz ever since we bought it 4 years ago. We use it daily on our walks to the local beach and no problems on the sand. We have used it for hours everyday and never had a problem. Im pregnant with my second and will still use this pram. Its so easy the push and get around. I love how the seat is high so at the cafe i just push it to the table and our son stays in the pram at our height.
Highly recommended.

Love our Joolz Day 2!

I spent countless hours researching prams, and I’m so glad that I decided on the Joolz Day 2. It suits our lifestyle perfectly. We live fairly close to the city and I wanted a pram that would be easy to take into cafes and restaurants. The Joolz is perfect as our little girl that is now 9 months is at our height when dining out, and the Joolz is sleek and easy to manoeuvre.

I initially must admit that I purchased the Joolz because it looked so good, I quickly realised that practically was just as important if not more so with baby goods. The Joolz has honestly been one of my favourite baby purchases, with my Pottery Barn rocking chair coming a close second!! :)

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Hi Lisa6897, We're really pleased to hear you love your Joolz Day2, and while we believe a good looking pram is important, it has still gotta be functional for sure! And we love the Pottery Barn rocking chair, soo good! Cheers JOOLZ x

Head turner

Our Joolz Day2 is perfect in every way. It is easy to fold and unfold, nice and light and smooth for both parents to push and sleeping baby. The quality is 100%, and every where we go we get compliments on how amazing it looks. We just love ou Joolz Day2

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Yay so good to hear about happy owners of Joolz Day2. Enjoy Ashton! Joolz x

My dream pram

I wanted a Joolz Day pram for years, so once I found out that I was pregnant again I jumped online to order one. I was stoked to find out that the day2 has been released.

Comparing the Joolz Day2 with another high end and well known pram (which I had for my first child), I cannot fault it. Manoeuvreability is second to none, which in my opinion is a huge factor in choosing a pram. It must be easy to push, turn and handle. Folding is uncomplicated and the quality is excellent - a great sturdy pram with good sized basket storage.
Two of my favourite features of the day2 is the mesh panels allowing airflow, both in seat and carry cot, and the height at which the pram sits, reducing strain on a parent’s back.
Overall it’s a very stylish, practical and ergonomic pram which I have recommended to all my friends for consideration when choosing a pram.

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Hi Rhi So good to hear you love your Joolz! We also really love it when the product features our design team put so much time & investment into, come into fruition by making a real life difference to our lovely Joolz parents out there! JOOLZ x

Perfect & most stylish pram for taller babies!

We love our Joolz Day2 pram! It’s so easy to fold up and open, very steady. The most importantly, the seat is slightly longer than other prams on the market making it perfect for taller babies like our baby girl! We also love the very sleek and modern design of the pram, the colour selection is great! We strongly recommend it!

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Hi J.F Thanks for the great review! Yes the Joolz is great for tall babies.. after all the Dutchies are a pretty tall breed! ;) JOOLZ x

The best pram!

The joolz day 2 pram is absolutely the best! It’s easy to steer with one hand (important when you have a coffee in the other), easy to fold/unfold and an all round great pram. I’m 6ft tall and the handlebar height as well as seat height is perfect for me! No need to break my back putting my boy in.
I also love how the seat height is perfect for the little one to sit at the table.

Absolutely no regrets with this pram!
If you are concerned about the basket size...don’t be...it’s fits everything you need to.

Amazing no regrets!

Firstly I chose a Joolz because it caught my eye when I saw mums pushing it around. When I tried it out I realised how fantastic it is for Mauser and hubby as we are both tall. No sore back from pushing and the bassinet level is not too low.

The Day2 has the bigger storage now. I got a few shopping bags in.

Easy to put in my small car boot, pushes well on all terrain.
I’m always getting compliments!

Love this pram!

The pram can easily manoeuvred one handed when needed. It takes up a fair amount of boot space but it can also stand upright to store. We have yet to figure out how to fold it down with the seat attached. Probably once baby is facing out. Otherwise it has been a sturdy workhorse. Going for walks with it has been a breeze, it is not all terrain, which from the wheels you’d guess otherwise, but when we’ve gone to a park a short trip is manageable. I figured out the folding first go when buying it which and the unclicking of the parts is easy. We take this pram everywhere pretty much. We love that it is made in the Netherlands as the craftsmanship and build quality is amazing. Also nice big sun visor and the fact baby sits up high is a total plus. Bit pricey but bugaboo is made in China and costs about the same. Very happy with my pram choice.

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Hi Ame, Thanks for your review, great to hear you love the maneuverability of our prams and also the way they are so easy to use! The pram can fold with the seat on, however it has to be facing out, rather than towards you. We wish you all the best. Regards JOOLZ

Pretty Good

Easy to handle, which makes this a good pram for shopping centres etc. I think it struggles a bit in outdoor parks and rougher tracks. We had to replace one of the wheels after about 19 months. recommend it, however, if you prefer taking bubs out on walking tracks suggest others.

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Hello Wolfie79, Thanks for your feedback, it's great to hear you like the manoeuvrability and the way it is so easy to handle! Reading through this review, I believe you may have the original Day pram, not the Day2 as this was not available 19 months ago. You would be interested to know, the Day2 has foam filled tyres which gives a great comfortable ride, without any punctures. Thanks again for the feedback, we wish you all the best. Regards JOOLZ

Questions & Answers

Hi, we are due our second baby soon and we have the joolz day2 studio is this compatible for two infants? Thanks
2 answers
Hi Christine, thanks for your question. The Joolz Day2 is a single pram which is suitable from birth (in the Bassinet), until about 3 years old. (Note Day2 is now superseded by a new version, the Day3) The Geo2 model is suitable for 2 children from birth... twins or 2 at different ages Hope that helps. x JOOLZHi Christine, no, it’s not. Only the Geo model. Wish you all the best with the second baby! Kind Regards, CABS

Can I buy the carrycot material in elephant grey for the day2?
1 answer
Hi Danielle G, It is possible to purchase these fabrics separately. Please email support@my-joolz.com.au so they can provide you with a quote. Regards JOOLZ x

Hi, We are having our first baby and are going to purchase either the Joolz Day2 or the Geo. We're concerned about the amount of space in the basket (we don't want to be carrying baby gear and pushing the stroller). Anyone out there have any experience or tips on if they have managed to fit everything in the Day2's basket? Thank you so much for all the help!
5 answers
Hi Matt L, Firstly, congratulations on that great news! And it's great to hear your interested in our prams. With the Day2, the storage is smaller than the Geo. However, you can purchase accessories if you find you need more room, for example the nursery bag or XL shopping bag clip onto the pram and create more storage. Hope this helps. Regards JOOLZHello Matt! Congratulations for your baby! It’s difficult to answer your question as I don’t know how much you plan to carry. We have a Day 2 and it fits quite a lot of things inside. Sometimes it gets a bit tight but nothing that really caused us problems. We usually take baby things in the baby bag attached to the stroller and then a blanket, car adaptors, a towel for the park, few toys, a jacket, an umbrella, the rain cover - all in the basket. If we shop, then it gets tight. also if we want to put our jackets on it. Hope I could help, good luck with your decision.Matt, I forgot to add. Don’t buy the Day2, wait for the Day 3. Reason: we have a day 2 and we had to change the chassis because it was making lot of noise. The retail store told us it’s happening with many clients and Joolz is exchanging this one to the day 3 chassis.


Day2 EarthDay2 Studio
Price (RRP) $1,869.00$1,969.00
Seating Type SingleSingle
Suitable Age0+ months0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg17 kg
Seat OrientationConvertibleConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adaptersYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat StorageArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight13 kg13 kg
Folded Dimensions30 x 59 x 65 cm30 x 59 x 65 cm
Release dateFeb 2017Feb 2017

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