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There's a reason the Chinese want it.

I had issues with breastfeeding because of stress so I couldn't increase my supply, my little one started not putting on enough weight. Ended up moving her onto this formula because I've always known goat milk is best and my little one started putting on weight really well again. So happy with this formula just wish it was easier to find. But there's a reason the Chinese want it.

Purchased in June 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $39.99.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Terrible terrible do not buy

The new package they say but they also changed formula of formula, been using one with bear on tin was amazing formula ever then brought the new package and baby was so upset and constipated that I through almost full tin in the bin and had to switch to something else DO NOT BUY IT They made it fatter so you use less ml but no good for babys tummy so unhappy Bub and mum

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles.

Value for Money
Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareNo
Caused Unease / Sickness Yes
Hi Mrs Pace, The Karicare Goat 1 did not have a formulation change only a packaging change. If you would like to discuss this further with one of our Nutritionists or Dietitians please call us at the Nutricia Careline 1800 438 500. Sue Careline Nutritionist.That is not true Karicare did change it, I compared the tins my self it made it more fat so there for less ml per bottle per feed, my baby got constipation from it and was never satisfied after each bottle but when I gave him the old packaging formula tin with bears he had no problem at all

Good for baby

It was recommended to me by my sister. The protein in goats milk is smaller and easier for infants to digest. I've never had any issues with this formula. It's a bit more $$$ than regular formula, but it's well worth it.

Purchased in January 2019.

Only formula baby likes

My baby has a suspected CMPI but does well on this formula. Gentle on her tummy and bub seems very satisfied with it. Easy to mix with no clumps unlike some formulas. Doesn’t taste too bad either haha.

Purchased in March 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Breastfed Child Yes
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

Severe constipation

Switched bub to this formula to help with something gentle on her gassy tummy turned out to be worse. She became so constipated with big dry poo causing a lot of distress.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $37.00.

Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness Yes

It is perfect for a picky baby

It is said that goat milk powder helps the baby to better digest and absorb nutrients and enhance the baby's resistance. Another advantage of goat milk powder is that goat milk powder is not easy to cause allergic reactions in the baby, because goat milk can relieve allergies caused by most milk proteins. Therefore, for a picky eater baby, this is a very good choice, and there is no particularly obvious taste after the milk powder is brewed, the baby likes to drink.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $35.00.

Value for Money
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No

So far so good

I really didn't want to use formula to feed my bub but wasn't making enough milk so I wanted to at least get something that would be good for my baby.
So far bubs doesn't mind it. He definitely prefers my breastmilk over it but he doesn't reject it. I wanted to make sure it was going to be gentle on his developing belly so went with goat over cows milk. He looks happy and full and generally falls straight asleep.
The formula is really easy to prepare but I would assume other formulas would be as easy. Just water, formula and shake.
I don't know if I will purchase it again yet as I'm hoping my milk increases.

Really impressive

My son really love this karicare goat milk 3. He used to refuse to drink other brand's baby formula. After i changed to this one, he really loved it. It was good opportunity to give a try of your baby refuse to drink baby formula. It also not too sweet.

Gave bub constipation

bought this after reading lots of good reviews about this formula but sadly its not for my bub. shes a very windy baby and colicky it didnt made her feel better everyday i tell myself it will get better but everyday she gets worse and it made her constipated within 3 days her stool became hard causing her to strain worse than ever before! so sad.

it is from goat

goat are different from cow, we can digest it much easier, and it is the same for babies.
this powder do not have the strong smell light normal goat product, it just smell nearly the same like cow milk.
the only thing that is, too expensive and hard to get

Gentle formula on baby’s tummies

My baby had a milk protein allergy and was breaking out in spots all around her face after having a number of different cows milk formula around 3.5months. We opted for another animal milk formula rather than rice or soy because we figured a baby goat is closer in size to a baby than a baby is to a calf so the milk might be more suited to a smaller and more sensitive stomach of a baby. This worked really well, didn’t constipate bub, easy to mix and wash the bottles once they were empty. It also stopped the projectile vomiting and the grunting sounds of a baby with an upset tummy. Highly recommend trying it if experiencing something similar. It is expensive but worth it. After 5months we tried cows milk formula again but it didn’t work for Bub again so we are back on the Karicare Goat milk formula .

A good substitute for breast milk

The baby did not have mother's milk for six months, found a lot of milk powder, the baby did not like, listening to friends introduced that this brand of milk powder is very good, with a try of the mood to try, as expected the baby is very like, looked at the baby plump plump drinking milk powder, don't mention how happy heart!

Taste good

It has been a lot of taste, but that more the drink is, I had tried it in a little while, and it was a faint, unfishy smell, and I liked it, and the baby had a good digestion and a lot of it, and it would continue to pay attention to it.

Easy to dissolve!

The powder is very delicate and delicate, not as sweet and fragrant as imagined, feel very acceptable, the baby likes to drink, in addition, the milk powder is better to flushes,I usually give the baby three spoonfuls of milk powder mixed with 50 ml of 70 to 80 degrees of water, shake a few times to dissolve, very good.


the goat is different from cow, their milk are easier to digest compare to cow milk.
this baby formula does not have that strange smell we normally found on lamb or goat.
but the only issue, is that this one is by far more expensive then others on the market.

My baby has no reaction to this formula

I decided to give my bub formula and I heard many benefits on goat formula so I tried Bubs brand to start with. My bub threw up everything he had straight after so I bought Oli6 and nope didn't work on him. I tried Karicare goat and oh my gosh, he did not puke everything out. When he burped, he spewed a little bit but not like the other two brands. I was pretty happy with the difference I could see with Karicare and since then, I am only buying this formula. I don't know if my bub likes this one or not because he just loves everything that goes into his mouth. He never refused to drink Bubs and Oli6. I also like this formula the fact that it does not have particular smell when I open the tin. No side effects such as rashes, puking or constipation and very easy to prepare. Dissolves well, easy measuring, and overall, my baby drinks well. I am very pleased with this product. I will be moving onto stage 2 soon and I hope it still works for him.

Excellent formula

Its perfect formula for a baby even though its on a pricy side. I only give it to baby a few times a day to supplement breastfeeding and havent had any issues with it.

Baby's tummy was happy, no constipation etc. The only problem, it always gets sold out quickly so have to be buying in advance.

OK but maybe not for my bubz

Easy to prep, tastes fine my lil one couldn't keep it down and slept less during night so nit sure if she was getting full or not due to me changing her from nuture stage 1 to this one. Was exited to try though as she developed a rash on chin from the other milk and I heard this was good for diff skin types.

I love it

It's easy to prepare and my baby loves it. I changed it once and she got straight away bellypain... karicare goatmilk is so good for the babys and taste good too.
But you have to be aware that just woolworth is having that special milk in my area which is a bit annoing because if they run out we mum's sit at home with no milk

Great taste, but not for my bub

This formula tastes the best from all the other ones we've tried (yes, I taste my bub's formulas before I give it to her..) and bub loves it (drank more than usual) but it made her constipated so we changed.

It's also quite expensive but not more than other premium brands.

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Hi Jess, sorry to hear baby was constipated. Please contact us on 1800 258 268 or email/livechat through www.karinourish.com.au. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline

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Hi could you please confirm if it contains corn or soy in stage 1 and 2 it says citric acid which can be derived from corn so just wondering if you could confirm please thanks
No answers

Is it halal?
1 answer
Hi Komal, Currently none of our products are Halal certified. However, when sourcing raw materials we do source Halal certifiable ingredients as far as possible. However none of the ingredients we buy are actually certified as Halal for us since this involves additional cost for us. I trust this answers your question but please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our dietitians/nutritionists/midwives will be happy to assist you. Nutricia Careline

I can’t find anywhere that tells me WHAT vegetable oils are used. Is there an answer for this?
1 answer
Hi Shy, The Karicare Goat 1 formula has an oil blend made up of canola, sunflower and high oleic sunflower oil. If you would like any further information please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800438500 and one of our dietitians/nutritionists/midwives will be happy to assist you. Thanks – Nutricia Careline


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AgeInfant (0-6 months)Follow-On (6-12 Months)Toddler (1+ year)
Contains Cow's Milk NoNoNo
Contains Goat's MilkYesYesYes
Contains GOS prebioticsNoNoNo
Release dateMay 2008May 2008May 2008

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