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Karicare+ Soy

Karicare+ Soy

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Looking for a vegan alternative! This works great

My daughter loves this formula! We’ve had no issues from the very beginning. Easy transition from breastfeeding.

It’s very sneaky that companies implement milk within our baby formulas knowing that dairy is terrible for our gut health, let alone newborn babies. I’m glad I’ve come across this.

Easy purchase from coles too. Very affordable

Good but lumpy

We started using this formula because of a suspected cows protein allergy and some pretty horrible eczema. Since using it he has stopped vomiting and his eczema has largely cleared up. The only problem with the formula is that I can’t seem to make it without getting lumps which inevitably block the test, so I have been straining it every time I make it.

Good, but stinky poohs

We found that our child enjoyed this formula, and was a good substitute for dairy (which seemed to effect his skin), but man does it make the poohs stinky! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Great alternative to cows milk

Just started trying the new formula for my 9mth old with dairy intolerance
I found this easy to access at Coles at a good price
It has been easy on her tummy and she seems to like taste
I would certainly recommend to any mums looking for dairy alternatives

Life saving

Our son was on nornal formula for the first few months of life. He constantly had the runs and a sore stomach. We switched to other brands over the next 3 months and nothing seemed to be working until I assumed he may be lactose intolerant so I wanted to try him on this brand. He came good within 2 weeks and started to pack the weight on. He's an absolute fatty now at 10 months. We really appreciated having this option more so mum because she can sleep better at night now.

good formula

we have choosen Karicare+Soy as we are vegans and were looking for vegan friendly option of formula for our baby.
we have started formula when babt was 6 months and Karicare+ Soy was our first formula we tried.
baby is 9 months and so far we are happy with our choice.
it is easy to prepare. water needs to be warm though.
baby seems enjoying. no side effects noticed.

Affordable, excellent quality

I've been using this formula for 8 months now after realising my dd has a dairy allergy. Easy to prepare, sometimes won't mix properly if its too hot or cold, great tin, easy to use. Really quite affordable which is excellent when its an essential product required for my daughter.

Great Product

Great product for my little one at a great price. Living in a small town we don't have many options but this is great change to it as it's available at 2 of my local supermarkets where the one we used before was only available at a chemist and they don't open Sundays. The only down fall is they never go on special.

Great alternative to cow's formula

Baby is allergic to cow's milk so was recommended to try a soy formula. This is great as it doesn't trigger any reaction, and tastes much better than hydralised formulas.

It is as easy to prepare as any other formula and is a great alternative to cow's formula if you need it.

Works for us

Our little one is allergic to dairy and egg and soy formula is what we've been using for the last 12 months.
we tried a few other brands but this worked well for us and is priced at the lower end compared to the other soy options
would definitely recommend

Hard to mix and led to constipation

My daughter had been using goat milk formula due to a dairy intolerance, which was extremely expensive, so while I appreciate the pricing of the Karicare soy, after just a week of use I have found that unfortunately it's very hard to mix through. There are clumps even with vigorous shaking for several minutes. My baby's poos have become like play-dough consistency after changing to Karicare soy, and she appears to be in tummy pain each day with constipation. Previously the poo was very normal for the past 6 months. I won't be using this again.

Hi Virginia, sorry to hear you had this experience. Please contact the Careline on 1800 258 268 or email/livechat through www.karinourish.com.au. Kind regards - Nutricia CarelineThanks - we are planning to try the dairy Karicare instead this week, and will call the Careline depending on how that goes. Regards, Virginia

Its not as good as the s26 gold soy

Ive found with ALL soy formula its hard to incorporate together.. Ive been using Karicare Soy for the last week and a half due to a shortage of s26 gold soy formula because of the rebranding. Ive found that Karicare Soy doesnt taste like soy like the s26 gold soy does, karicare tastes abit watery..

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Hi Katee, sorry to hear your soy has been watery. Please give us a call on 1800 438 500 or email/livechat through www.karinourish.com.au. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline

Perfect for my fairy-intolerant baby

I’ve been using this formula as needed for my baby for about 6 months. He’s mostly breastfed, but we have the formula for those times when I’m out/unavailable for a feed. At first he didn’t like the taste but quickly got used to it. We haven’t noticed any negative side effects, and the scoop and levelling off part of the tin make it easy to prepare. The only thing I would say is that it would be great to have different stages like in other formulas, including one with added DHA.

If they stopped making this, it's big trouble!

Coles, Woolies, IGA, etc. Try finding another alternative for Soy Formula. If it isn't for Karicare Soy I have no idea what my baby could consume being allergic to dairy. No constipation, no colic as far as I can tell. My baby has taken this for 2 years now (since off breast milk) and I guess my only concern is the speed of consumption at the moment! I have to buy a new can every 10 days or so! Would be nice if I could bulk buy this (for a cheaper unit price) somewhere.

A great substitute for cow's milk

When we found out that our baby is allergic to dairy we decided to switch his formula to Karicare soy based milk. The formula is easy to prepare and easy on my baby's stomach. He has no problem at all with formula, his stool was normal. He is almost 2 years old and still enjoying this milk.

Easy to mix when you're up at 2am lol

My daughter has allergies to normal cow formula so Karicare+ soy is the perfect option for her. It is really easy to mix especially in the early hours of the morning (we all know how important that is). My daughter seems to love it and always is asking for more.

can't live without it

My sons been on karicare+soy since he was 2 months 9 months and still going strong. He a happy healthy little man he loves his bottles he. Gets so excited when he see it

Only Soy Formula on Shelf

I could not find alternative soy formula for my toddler besides Karicare Soy. My toddler has been taking this since 8 months old. I will be very happy if the manufacturers could look at removing corn syrup solids from the ingredients. Price has been constant at AUD20 a can, thanks.

Suitable for my milk-allergy baby; no issues

Weaned off breastmilk after 1 year of feeding; had to combine this in bottle with expressed breastmilk for the first week to get baby used to the taste, as it's so different to BM. Baby seems to have milk allergy so cow's milk formula is out of the question at the moment (we have allergy testing booked in next month, baby gets terrible rash and hives all over face after eating tiny amount of dairy product).

Haven't had any constipation or gas issues at all; the only problem I have with this formula is the quantity advice on the tin - there is no way my (perfectly healthy & hungry) 1-year-old will drink those huge quantities each day!! Check with your doctor if you're not sure whether your baby is getting enough, and keep getting baby weighed to check they're on track .. esp over the time you switch from BM/formula, or between different formulas.

I haven't tried other soy formulas, as this one is readily available at my supermarket, therefore the cheapest. I don't find it that hard to clean out the bottles (as others have mentioned); you just need to stick some detergent & hot water in them, and swish a bottle brush around, before wedging into the dishwasher. I still sterilise after that too, just to be safe. I don't think this is too much hassle - considering all the nutrients they get from it! Bubs is worth it .. just thankful there is a formula my baby can have! Was worried we would have soy allergy to worry about too .. but all good so far.

Was surprised to find negative reviews about this product - if my baby had a negative reaction to this sort of thing, I would consult a doctor rather than assuming it's the fault of a dud product - there might be an underlying issue causing these problems and it would be awful to leave it unchecked!! If in doubt, visit doctor! Babies are too precious.

Great solution for our baby.

Our baby was fed Breast milk as long as we could. We suspected he was allergic to cow's milk because he would get a rash around his mouth from the tiniest amount. Ended up trying this as it was just available from Woolworths where we shop and seemed to be the cheapest available anyway.

I had some initial concerns as using soy as a main food ingredient - there's plenty of haters on google but i weighed up the evidence and figured it was safe. Except for his first bottle in the morning, we give him home made vegies or similar before his bottle - so he's getting plenty of other nutrients. I looked at other options apart from soy - such as goat and some countries ( England included ) don't recommend it under any circumstances.

Our baby was 6 weeks early so he's always be behind in his weight - since the change he hasn't looked back - in fact he is steadily gaining ground - so it cant be hurting him. I understand this is probably different for everyone, but we have noticed no difference with his behaviour / feeding + nappies etc. He has always been a happy chap ( thankfully!!) and this didn't change when he changed to this. We never had any reason to try another soy formula so we just stuck with this one. Grateful that we found a solution that worked for our son.

At first we found it difficult to mix but then we found it mixes a lot more easily when cold. Now we mix the correct amount of formula in cooled boiled water and top up with freshly boiled water and its quick and easy.

You have to clean the bottles with a brush before putting it in the dishwasher otherwise they don't clean perfectly.

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Questions & Answers

We have had our son on soy formula since 6 weeks old, my question is he is now 2 years and 2 months and does not like regular soy milk which is calcium fortified, we feed him solids but are still feeding him soy formula at 2 years and 2 months so how long can you feed him soy formula?
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A long as you like. Our son is allergic to dairy so we have no option but to cut it from his diet

My baby is 3 weeks old and just recently switched to Karicare soy formula. Used to take Aptamil plus. Since taking Karicare, my baby seems to get hungry more often, like every 1.5 - 2 hours, while when he was taking aptamil, it could last him at least 2.5-3 hours. And his stool becomes more paste-like, compared to before. Is it normal symptoms for taking soy formula?
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Hi Lil, please contact us on 1800438500 or via www.karinourish.com.au (livechat/email). One of our midwives/dietitians would be more than happy to help. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline

Hi My Baby just turned 3 years old and up to now she 's still drinking karicare soymilk.She had lots of allergies to full cream milk,wheat and chicken so she hasnt eat much food and always drinking soymilk.I have just checked the guidelines(proper portioning) at the back that the age was up to 24 mos.Would it still be ok with her to drink it?
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Have you thought about trying soy milk products instead of the formula? Perhaps consult a gp or pediatric dietitian good luckI recommend you speak to a paediatrician about your baby's diet - I believe babies are meant to rely less on formula and more on food as they get older - a paediatrician will be able to tell you exactly what your baby should be eating and how much formula, if any :) all the best!Hi Arlene, Please give us a ring on our toll-free number 1800 438 500 and one of our health care professionals will be happy to assist you with your query. Thanks – Nutricia Careline


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