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To hot to handle - Avoid at all cost

Total waste of money. You can’t hold the cup properly as the glass becomes too hot to handle and the cork band is too small and doesn’t offer the protection required to prevent burning your hands. I contacted the company and their advice was to purchase an additional accessory to go over the glass. I paid $32 for this cup and now im expected me to outlay another $10 to prevent being burnt by their poorly designed cup.

Leaks from lid seal so bad

I bought this product to use my tea in. This get so hot I can not even touch the cup and the rubber bit is so very hot. I can barley hold. Then it starts leaking from the top lid where it is meant to be sealed. I paid $25.00 for this and it’s terrible. I’ll be buying a Nespresso one with the screw lid today. And disspose of the keep cup

Leaks from Lid; I use it with a towel! Strong plastic taste from Lid. Durable.

- Leaks substantially from lid (pack a towel!)
- overpowering plastic taste & smell when drinking from lid
+ durable (the full plastic version)

I bought the fully plastic version (not glass / cork versions) for durability on the road and dishwasher friendly, however it leaked from the very first day from where the lid secures to the cup.
I thought I wasn't putting it on securely, then thought it was coming from the mouthpiece (as I am on the road so always use it with lid on) but finally realised it is a design flaw and actually does leak from the lid no matter what you do. I now travel with a sports towel tucked into my shirt like a bib when I'm drinking from it! Since I'm on the road I can get away with it, but it's super inconvenient and I look like a complete idiot when other drivers or people on the tram cop a stare at the lights! I really should chuck it out but it defeats the whole purpose of it.
There are so many better versions out there now, you don't need this one unless you are getting the glass version ... and will never use the lid! ... because even if you don't drink from the lid, get ready for a huge puddle of coffee anyway when you take the lid off for a drink.
I don't hold much hope for the glass / cork version either because the lid is the same as my plastic version.

Lid split after a month.

Unfortunately the lid split after a month, can no longer use it, leaks as you drink. Dont think I will buy another. I did not have any issues with taste or smell.

Drinking and wearing coffee

Was bought a keep cup as I wanted to try and do my bit for the environment. The first two I had to return due to faulty lids within a week. The third was of better quality, as it lasted three weeks until the lid started leaking. Now every time I take a sip, I also get to wear the coffee. Your better off with a $2 cup from Kmart.

Disposable, just £15 each instead of free!

I really loved my keep cup at first although my partner claimed the coffee tasted chemically. After a few weeks/ months the lid started to leak and the cork all dried out and fell off.

Good luck getting anything out of keep cup. It won’t happen.

Strong chemical smell from lid

I recently bought a glass keep cup and I love it except the lid has a strong chemical smell and taste. It ruins whatever I’m drinking. I’ve cleaned it by hand and in the dishwasher and there’s been no change. It really turns me off wanting to use it.

Good for first 5 months only. Keeps leaking after that.

Easy to transport, cute etc. however can only last about 5 months. Then the cover couldn’t seal the cup properly. My coffee keeps leaking. That’s a bad investment for such an expensive cup.

Looks good don’t like the taste

The smaller one looks cute and colourful and fits well into the workplace coffee machine. I just don’t like the taste of drinks in it. Stopped using it and am now using a glass one with rubber lid...drinks taste 100% better in it. I love that I’m not using disposable cups.

Not really that good

As a cup it’s fine but it is not insulated and as soon as my hot coffee is inside the outside becomes to hot to hold ... and it doesn’t hold the heat so my coffee gets cold quickly they look nice but I’m not a fan in the market for something else

As designed with a little common sense

Large original; perfect; just a suggestion a drawstring tote bag would be good. So if you're work/shopping bag doesn't have room you can clip it on.

Don't understand bad reviews. It's a pretty simple item but not idiot-proof.
Mine is great. Mine doesn't stink & keeping in mind it serves milky beverages I let it air when not in use, don't store with the cap on. Mine doesn't leak (I check the lid & sip cover & don't put it upside down in my bag or whatever some people apparently choose to do). It's not a thermos so I don't expect it to keep my coffee hot any longer than a disposable. In other words it works very very well for the purpose for which it was designed. If you have an issue maybe it's a batch issue & if so then contact K/C for help.

Works well

I have several keepcups (old and new style classic/plastic design) and use them daily. Far better than disposable cups, with the added bonus that you always can tell when your coffee is ready.

Easy to clean by hand or just chuck them in the dishwasher (plug goes into the cutlery basket). They're comfortable to hold and carry; and the newer style lids are much better to drink from with the larger sipper.

Only reason I give this 4 not 5 stars is the occasional leak (I wouldn't throw a full one into my bag); the new lids can be slightly tricky to fit; and some odd limitations in the colour range. Not big problems in the grand scheme of things.

KeepCup is green and easy to keep clean

Bought my keepcup a few months ago, very happy with it. Have used reuseable coffee cups before but will now only use keepcup, I found keepcup is easy to clean, can put in my stroller caddy and wont spill and easy to use. I love the colours too.

Chemical stink and taste comes with keep cups

My keep cup is handy, but I’m not too keen to use it, as it ruins the taste of my coffee and has that plastic stink about it... it’s the lid. I’ve washed it many times; I’ve used it many times. But now I’m off it

I love my many KeepCups

I have been buying Keep Cups since their early days and keep going back because they are fantastic.

The most recent Keep Cups are the best so far, with many colour combinations available, great functional design and they are helping reduce disposable cup waste - what more could you want. I don't find that they leak, although I'm not throwing mine around the place filled with hot coffee, I might tip it to the side every now and then without realising while carrying it, but I've not experienced leaking.

The rubber grip band around the Keep Cups also make them comfortable to carry hot coffee (or any hot drink) in. They also come in a range of standard café coffee sizes, with plastic or glass options.

All in all, I would recommend Keep Cups to anyone.

A better choice than a throw away cup

I bought one for my partner as she gets coffee in the city a lot. It seems a lot more shops at fine with people bring their own now, wasn't really the case a couple of years ago. They are a little expensive but not using one is a bigger price to pay.

Like it, but now leaking

I've had my glass KeepCup for about 6 months. I really like it--both environmentally and because I don't like drink coffee out of paper or Styrofoam. Ick. However, it just started leaking. Annoying. I'm wondering if buying a new £3.50 lid will solve the problem. I've not seen anywhere that they offer to replace a faulty lid, so it can get pricey if it needs replacing twice a year.

KeepCup is Environmentally friendly and economical.

I bought my each of my family a KeepCup Original non-disposable take-away drink mug - either an 8oz or 12oz size. There are sizes to match the coffee machines for small, medium or large expresso coffees. Also suitable for other hot or cold drinks as provide insulation. These mugs are economical in that many retailers will give a discount if you bring your own mug. They are environmentally friendly as there is less rubbish to go into landfill or to use energy to recycle. They are sturdy, not fragile and the lids don't leak. They fit in the drink holders of cars. they come in a range of attractive colours. We all like our KeepCups and I would definitely buy again.

Glass Keep Cup

Not a hige fan of the plastic keep cup's but purchased a glass keep cup a few months back and cant live without it! easy to clean, no plasticy taste after prolonged use and love the color!

I like it

I got the glass KeepCup as a gift and I quite like it. It has the cork around the glass and a plastic lid. The lid does have a faint smell to it but it hasn't been enough to be offputting. It hasn't leaked and is holding up fine after almost 12 months.

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Put the lid in the dishwasher to clean it now everytime I take a sip I get a bit of a funky smell that affects the smell of the coffee. Any tips on how to get rid of the smell?
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I wouldn't recommend putting the lid in the dishwasher because the glue will come off over time that keeps the inside of the lid attached. Wash it by hand ongoing, but I haven't had a strange smell from the lid from the times I had put it in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, the issue above occurred, so I hand-wash the lid now.

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