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Kia Sorento

The best 7-seater SUV by far

If you're in the market for one of the later model Sorentos then don't bother reading the reviews about the models prior to 2015, they're VASTLY different cars now!
After a lot of research I decided to lay down my hard earned on a 2018 Kia Sorento Sport AWD (diesel). I managed to negotiate a great deal on a demo model that had only 80km on the clock. To describe the driving experience, it feels like it glides on the road, steering is silky smooth, and it's got more power than you need. Suspension feels plush, yet rigid enough not to cause any body roll around corners. It's quiet on the inside, and the interior feels luxurious and built to last.
Apart from it's stylish European (Audi) like looks, what we love about it particularly is how roomy it is in all three rows and cargo area yet it's not an overly huge car at all.
Time will tell as to whether it is reliable like our old 2008 Toyota RAV4, but with a 7-year unlimited km warrenty and capped price servicing I'm feeling pretty confident about that. By the way, it took a lot for me not to buy another Toyota after the Rav never ever missed a beat for 10 years and it's functional design, but the new Rav4, Kluger, and Fortuner have got nothin on the Kia Sorento for style, functionality and overall value. If you buy a Sorento you will love it too I'm sure!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Good vehicle let down by poor spare parts supply

Bought car new from Kia dealer, after 4.5 years major problem with brake abs unit, replace by kia, took 8 weeks straight away problem with lock out clutch switch, again replaced under warranty, 4.5 years later clutch hydrolic hose split, once again no spare parts, complained to Kia and got the usual fob off. I asked the question (are you trying to stop me from buying another Kia car) The car is well built and very strong but let down by lack of spare parts. No more Kia's for me.

Date PurchasedDec 2009

Second Sorento I have had and even better than the last one (previous model)

Bought the 2016 SLi as I felt it was the best value package in the range. This is the 2.2 Diesel version.
This car has been brilliant and after 3 years still feels new. Standout features are comfort, spaciousness, handling , refinement and power. Fuel consumption excellent considering I only drive inner urban 9-9.2 litres per 100 kms. Taking it out of town sees this drop to well less than 7 l per 100 kms. Never missed a beat in the 3 years!
The car has excellent climate control, good gps and premium sound system. Leather seats ultra comfy especially on long drives. The diesel is silky smooth.
After coming from Holdens S and SS, Honda CRV, Honda Accord Euro, Mazda CX7, I've stuck with Kia for my last 2 cars and on ownership credentials, I'll be sticking with Kia. They are simply great cars and now that they are designed and engineered by the Germans....even better!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

2007 3.8 sorento auto

Use this car for family transport super smooth quiet powerful very nice ride if you dont overinflate the tyres handles well for an high riding vehicle. Looks good (get lots of comments) passengers remark on comfort and qiietness. Smoothest shifting 5sp auto transmission. A bit thirsty. Just dont leadfoot it and drive it gently it has so much torque you need very little throttle input to keep it rolling lastly i do regular servicing with quality oils and parts (all oils changed ) very good value 2nd hand still looks new better than the shitbox merc ml i had before. Note if u want an economical commuter in city traff ic buy a kia rio or similar

BadgeGlobal Circuit
Date PurchasedMay 2017

Beautiful Car...until warranty period runs out.

Bought this car brand new in 2013 from my local Kia dealer.
For 4 years I couldn’t be happier with the car...it drove beautifully, comfortable, heaps of space.
Started to hear some clunking and noises when turning, returned the car to Kia 3 times to get this issue and an oil leak checked.
Each time the car was returned saying there isn’t an issue at all (without a loan car this is very inconvenient to be told nothing is wrong) 3 days after it came back from the Kia dealer saying all was good, the rear diff failed at only 92,000kms.
My local dealer were too busy to fix the car within 2 months so it was towed to another dealer (had to argue to get the tow fee reimbursed)
All was fixed until 6 months later the front diff also failed at 119,000kms

Lost all confidence in the reliability of the car and sold it.

Dealerships we’re unhelpful and issues brought up with Kia head office (re: central locking automatically locking the key fob in the car which shouldn’t happen) were left ignored.

Will never buy another KIA.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Great car for the family

Bought this car as we now have 3 kids, fits all the babyseats in and has all the space needed. Great car for the price, has a lot of pick up for an SUV and all the features we need. Hasn't missed a beat since we got it. Highly recommend

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Best car I've driven in my life!

I use this car for surfing, carting grand children (7 seats on demand), long trips and work. So far so good, no, correction, it's excellent!
It's early days but who's stressing with a 7 year warranty to fall back on? Not one other company offers that warranty that I know of! Confidence in their own engineering was important to me.
It's cheap as chips to run, has a brilliant sound system, full leather seating, an AWD and 4WD option with a manual diff lock. Important for beach surfing)
I often go to Sydney from Qld to see my mum and it glides all the way. The twin Turbo gets you out of trouble and in fact, was a surprise.
There are some tricked up electricals too but I'm sold on everything else really. Oh, and parts are easily accessible and affordable unlike its opposition.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Wow better than expected

Purchased a secondhand 156,000 Klm Kia Sportage Platinum Diesel for my wife. Totally surprised how good it is, no rattles or squeaks, tight as a drum. Everything works as it should, being a platinum it has it all; Panoramic Sunroof, Diesel, 6spd Auto, Keyless entry, heated front seats, Auto headlights, Auto Wipers, Satnav etc. Economical highway cruiser, plenty of power and torque. Smooth gearbox. Reasonably quiet and handles nicely. Full size spare wheel. Wife loves it and I must admit I don’t mind driving it as well.
Only criticism is it is the suspension is a little on the hard side, but that is a personal thing as you usually sacrifice ride for handling. Oh also no update software available for Satnav as they have gone to CarPlay
Great car highly recommend

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Can't live without it!

We use this as our family car and uses it for daily commuting as well as road trips. The car is very diesel efficient, good handling, safe and good looking! Love the two extra seats at the rear but storage space is quite limited once the seats are in use.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Total lemon and bad customer service

I have a 2013 Kia Sorento sli, it was only 5 months out of warranty, always serviced and never taken off road and the diff and drive shaft completely broke on me. I have been quoted $9,500 by 2 mechanics to fix it. I called Kia and they were very short with me and basically said not their problem. I will never buy Kia again.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Love love love this car

I never want to stop driving this car. Everytime i get in i don't want to get out. Great in size but still so zippy. Heaps of power. Really comfortable. Only downside is visibility to the left of the car past the front passsenger seat through to back window. Great on fuel.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Sorento crdi 2018

Great car for the price, this is an update from our 2012 Sorento and the extra features and performance is great. car details is just getting better and changes in the suspension was the main purchase as the 2012 model did a diff and a pinion bearing at the end of warranty

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great family car

It’s hard to find a car that meets all of your needs. I had to travel a fair distance regularly and needed space for luggage and passengers, with occasional towing. I wanted safety, comfort and reliability. The Sorento has all of these. If people were not so hung up on badge snobbery, there would be a lot more on the road. For those of us that have one, we can just smile to ourselves knowing the good value vehicle we have. My only complaint would be a shortage of Kia Service Centres, and the sound system is not brilliant. But everything else is great. i have the Diesel and average 7.6l/100 that’s on hilly roads.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


Great car. Very good performance and fuel economy. It has lots of legroom. The boot can hold a pram and a lot of additional there things. The heating and cooling is very good. It has broken down once yet. I feel very safe and protected in this car. Great for ppl with children

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great 4WD and tow vehicle

Great car have done around 100,000km towing 2,2 ton van. I wish they still made them, I'd buy a new one.
Had three issues so far (one my fault):-
1. oil feed to the turbo-inlet is faulty so small oil leak evident - I had this replaced twice, third time its gone, now I'll just let it go, doesn't seem to affect performance.
2. not concentrating going up long steep climb into Warrumbungles NP. Car slogged away at slow speed and I think I overheated auto gearbox. My fault, but has been running rough ever since. If car was newer I'd fit a temperature gauge/alarm to gearbox.
3. Two trips over corrugations all the way up Cape York and back necessitated new shocks and springs. Fitted air lifters as well - wish I'd done this when I first got it.

Other than that no problems.

Date PurchasedMay 2010

Sorento GT

Recently purchased a Sorento GT.. Initial reaction was WOW, after living with the vehicle for a month now you realise whilst quality is up there, you need to be wary of a couple of things that may annoy you after a while. I noticed a lot of "road noise" from the 19" wheels on GT model, i've read that the 18' and 17' don't suffer from this. The standard tyres are Hankook, I think i'll swap out for Michelin or something quieter. The new 8 speed transmission is really smooth, although I notice around 60kph it gets a bit confused which gear it should be in and chooses 3 different spots before settling in place, It also feels quite disconnected when going downhill I think this is a characteristic of this transmission rather than a fault - It also may well be because the vehicle is still new and all parts are still settling in. I had a really poor dealership experience which turned me off a little bit, but it's not the cars fault. I would prefer this offering over anything from Germany as I believe it would be more reliable in the long term. If you purchase this vehicle for mainly city driving or short trips, you should note the GT only comes in Diesel and is fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and will need a regular run of 20+ mins at a temp hot enough to burn the ash. The dealers tend not to tell you this, but it is not a problem for myself as I have mixed driving but city dwellers may want to consider the petrol version (although not an option in GT!) As said above the Hankook tyres are crap they're really noisy in this model which is a shame as they have fitted so much sound deadening material. The rear brakes are noisy at low speed also but this could be due to being new, time will tell I guess. At the end of the day a vehicle maker will not back their product with a 7 year warranty if they think they will see you all the time with vehicle problems, I note at this goes for the diesel model as with other makers the "DPF" is not covered under warranty, so if you clog this up and the dealership cannot clean/unblock it, it will cost $1000's of dollars to replace so keep this in mind when choosing this vehicle.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Very well equipped for the price point

Purchased UM platinum in 2016. Drove 5000kms on a roadtrip. Performed flawlessly. Extremely well equipped with heated/cooled seats which may seem a gimmick but once you've had a vehicle with them it's hard to look back. The radar cruise control is fantastic. Fuel economy is great for a largish suv. Servicing is also straight forward. Running nulon 5w30 synthetic low ash suitable for dpf.
Had a sunroof rattle however this was rectified at the dealer.
Stereo display has misbehaved on 2 occasions.
Criticism of this model include lack of apple carplay etc, stereo display issues.
For the price and amount of standard features this vehicle is really well appointed.
If you're worried about the kia badge you can easily purchase alternative logo/badges on ebay and your friends will be none the wiser .

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Don't buy a KIA Sorento

Transmission faulty after 100k km ( 3 years ) only have FWD now not AWD.
Kia are hopeless when it comes to warranty claims.It's under warranty but they keep dragging it on. Dealer is ready to go with replacement transmission but need Kia to give go ahead . Waiting ...waiting.... Doubt I would ever buy another one if this is how they treat the customer.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Timing Chain issue

I loved this car this one was my second Sorento, first one I owned overseas and came to Sydney I bought the exact model and in the same colour from a dealer in 2014.

Logbook shows the car was religously serviced. It had about 176,000kms on the odometer.

With me I also serviced and changed oil every 6 months (I have all the invocie to prove this), done by a profesional mechanic, in fact last service was last November only. Driving only used on the road.

4 days ago, 254,000 kms in the odo, while driving under 50kms around a roundabout, the engine dies, as if I lost compression, it felt like something snapped.

Turns out the timing chain broke or snapped!

Why? Kia tell us why would this happen? The car is now worthless!

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Maybe a lemon

Good driving experience, easy to handle considering it’s a 7 seater. However I regret the purchase as it is a Kia and is spot on with the bad reputation. Not very reliable. The navigation sometimes doesn’t work, radio doesn’t turn on each time, randomly says out of petrol even after we fill it up.
The turbo has malfunctioned, no power when excelerating. Very dangerous to drive. This car left us stranded interstate. Out of pocket 2 k while it was being repaired. Kia dealer and Kia Australia know about it and do not want a bar of it. Do not purchase a Kia.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

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Questions & Answers

2010 Sorento has this UK car got a DPF?
1 answer
Jeremy T, mine is a Australian delivered vehicle and it does have a DPF. From what I understand they self generate...clean themselves as long as you take them for 15 minute runs min per day. I never had to have mine cleaned at the 73,000 kms mark. Still going well.There is a warning light but its never been an issue for me.

I keep hearing about serious diff issues in the santa fe but none whatsever in the sorento. Don't both of them share the same drivetrain? I'm referring to model post 2012
1 answer
Apparently there were diff issues with the Sorento prior to the 2015 update when Kia engaged some Aussie engineers to change the suspension to our conditions. Since then it's been fine, hence one of the many reasons they now back it with the 7 year warranty.

I have a Kia Sorento 2010, the light has been on in my car and the clock belt needs to be replaces. Is this a part of the recall for the Kia Sorento clock belts?
1 answer
I assume you mean the airbag light. We have a 2010 Sorento platinum and our airbag light came on . (It was the clockspring) One repairer quoted hundreds of dollars. Took It to a Kia dealership and they fixed it straight away for nothing. We are in Perth.

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