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Kmart Layback Umbrella Stroller

Kmart Layback Umbrella Stroller

3.9 from 14 reviews

You get what you pay for

Nice, light, easy to use stroller. Fine on even surfaces, but not on rough or uneven terrain due to the poor quality wheels. Our baby also doesn't look at all comfortable in it. It does not recline. Although it says suitable for newborns, I would not recommend this for newborns. We will however get more use out of it when our baby is a bit older. For the price, this is a good stroller to have for a quick trip where you don't want to lug something heavy around. However, expect a very cheap looking, poor quality stroller for this price.

Purchased in April 2019 at Kmart Retail Stores for $59.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Perfect for little strolls

This great little pram is easy to move around has breaks and is convenient when just going for walks around the block or to parks ect, not good for putting bubb to sleep though as it doesn't lay back

Alright doesn’t layback enough

The pram is easy to open and close. It’s storage is very small and difficult to fit slightly larger items like a bottle of milk. You can’t hold anything heavy as it will tip. Cheap so you pay for what you get I like it for a quick trip to the shops but not good for wanting to store In storage.

For the money its not too bad

This was purchased after we went on a flight and forgot our bigger pram at home!

Daughter (2.5 years) sat in it fairly comfortably and it appeared to have decent width which must have made her more comfortable.

The main downside is that I initially would accidentally kick the back wheels as I pushed her along, because they are a bit closer together than I have been used to.

I truly cannot complain for the price, it has actually been used more than our original pram, and its a breeze to fold and store in the boot and nice and light weight.


Such a good little stroller,light easy to fold up and un fold I love the brute colour.
It handles quite well easy to manoeuvre with a nice little hood
The quality of the stroller is good quite sound ,and a very safe little baby stroller
That is safe for the children.

This is perfect for easy go mums!

This is very easy to use like a basi stollers. You can fold it and put in the car without thinking of how heavy or hard it is to fold. Very light materials that makes it more great to use. I can’t go without the help of this very usable umbrella stroller.

Wonderful for the price

Very happy with the quality we went to kmart and our little sat on it and never wanted to get off thats how we bought it but since then we have stopped using our other stroller this one is easy to fold and use very wasy on price as well.overall a good purchase.


It is a good value for money and good quality. Light in weight, nice color, easy to maneuver, comfortable and child loved it.
It doesn't take much space in my car's bag which was the main problem with my old stroller.
I recommend buying this stroller child will love it


I buy this product specially fir travelling it is easy to maneuver very easy to fold and unfold and carry i m very much happy with the build quality highly recommended for all those koms who loves to travel i always carry with me very comfortable and very easy to xarry

Its a nice stroller

I am using this from last 1month and its travel friendly, light weight, easy to fold. Its good to use while you walk your baby around. Its not comfortable for sleeping but yet my baby slept while we were doing shopping. But i feel wheels are not of best quality still works well with this price.

Value for money

Easy to maneuver. My baby is 12 months old, and she sits in it reasonably comfortably. shade is not very big, but large enough to cover protection from sun. Overall, provides good value for money. Material quality is ok. Cleans easily. It is very easy to fold and unfold. Very happy with the purchase.

Perfect on the go

Easy to use, easy to steer. Holds a good amount of weight. Super easy and light weight to fold and unfold. The harness is great and adjustable.

Money for quality is definitely there, I find this so easy to use and takes next to no space in the car which is fabulous when you need to go shopping or travelling

Perfect for toddlers

Kmart are easy to use. Less space in the car. But there only great for toddlers that doesnt sit in the stroller vut prefer to just walk. Very happy of the quality i put groceries at back it still holds. Overall a good stroller for families on a budget. I always recomend fanily and friends to check kmart first

Impressive features for $59

Our main pram for the last 2 years has been a Strider Compact (love it), but these days it's too bulky and we just wanted something we could throw in the car for shopping. I was tossing up between the $25 dollar strollers at your big chain stores, or this one for $59.00 and I am really amazed at what we were able to get:
- seat that lays back easily
- large basket (especially in comparison to the $25 alternative where you would really struggle to access the tiny basket)
- peekaboo window on sunshade
- good sized pocket on the back for quick access to phone or wallet
- higher handles than your $20 strollers, with comfortable grip
- amazingly easy to fold down and put up. We used a friends on a recent holiday and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to put it down.
- light
- easy to navigate

My only negative is that when it folds down the sunshade doesn't compact as much as I would expect it to, making it slightly awkward to clip the closing mechanism (so it doesn't re-open) as you lift it into the car.

Actually I think the brakes could be better. I don't find them very good. Just something to be mindful of.

We've had this for going on 3 months now and generally use it just at shopping centres, but we have done a couple of 1 hr walks with it. There hasn't been any wear and tear or breakages. It feels flimsy in comparison to my Strider, but for less than 10% of the price that is to be expected. It's pretty impressive for such a cheap pram and I would highly recommend it.

Questions & Answers

Hi, does this pram suits a newborn?
No answers

Can anyone tell me if this folds down in half? Or just folds closed full length?
1 answer
Hi, When folded close it folds down in full length. You must lift up bottom latch and click the one directly behind and above.

Hello-Does this pram go in the overhead compartment of a plane? I have an international flight coming up with my 11month old baby. Thanks
No answers


Layback Umbrella Stroller
Price (RRP) $59.00
Seating Type Single
Max User Weight 15 kg
FeaturesUnder-seat Storage

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