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Koo Super King Sheet Set

Koo Super King Sheet Set

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800 thread Koo Sheets, I would never buy again.

Like Trish from Perth, I have found my Koo 800 thread sheets have shrunk. I bought the Queen size from Spotlight Browns Plains, top, bottom and pillow cases, put the bottom on the bed to check size, then washed them, they shrunk, but I could still fit to the mattress, 2nd wash, no way will they fit the bed. Doesn't anybody preshrink their cotton anymore, this is a blatant rip off.
I will never buy Koo again and moving over to Sheridan, might pay more, but I want the quality.
Cheryl Disgusted

Purchased in February 2019 at Spotlight Retail Stores for $150.00.

1000 thread Koo sheets Amazing!!!

I love the feel and thickness I have not been able find anything close to compare. I wasn't a fan of the quilt cover though it doesn't stay in place.

Purchased in February 2019 for $100.00.

Itchy and Scratchy

I spent nearly $30 on a Queen fitted sheet that was supposedly 40%. At that price I expect some quality, I was already a bit dubious because it was a blend and I prefer 100% cotton but price and the samples you could feel to give an indication of the touch of the sheets convinced me. Even when I unpackaged the sheet it felt soft and lovely BUT as soon as it was washed it turned into sandpaper, we live rurally so just going back to spotlight to return it isn't an option Very Very disappointed

Purchased in March 2019 at Spotlight Retail Stores for $27.00.

Do not Purchase Koo Elite 800 thread Q or K

16/02/2019 purchased a 800 thread Q sheets set made up the bed and a perfect fit so as usual washed them before sleeping on them, washed them in cold water & dried them on the line, they had shrunk so much couldn't fit the bottom sheet on mattress or pillows in pillow case returned them to spotlight. I wanted the colour (chambray) as it was a close match to my doona cover so decided to get the king size so if it did shrink it should still fit!!!, but alas no such luck after the wash the bottom sheet although over wide it still did not fit lengthways so back to the spotlight, to get a refund this time. Will not recommend this brand

Purchased in February 2019.


These sheets are so scratchy and uncomfortable to sleep on. Spotlight label claims luxuriously soft to the touch. About to return them as they are not fit for purpose!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Wrongly Sized

Washed my new queen sheet set, as I always do before using anything. Tried to put it on the bed the fitted sheet doesn’t fit. 100% cotton should not shrink. Therefor they are made too small. Thank goodness they were on special, hope it’s because spotlight have listened to these bad reviews.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


I would never buy these sheets again after 2 washes still hard like sandpaper and went Bobby in places very disappointing and as I have washed them twice can't really return them the company should read these reviews and refund there customers

Date PurchasedSep 2018

QB flannelette sheets

Washed three times even put vinegar in the wash then put in dryer and still got lint all over them waste of money and time. Will never buy their products again.

Expensive sheets doesn't mean top quality.

Bought a set of Koo 1000 count sheets for $99 on special. After 3 washes, always in cold water and not dried in a dryer, the bottom sheet has shrunk 7cm in width, making it impossible to fit the mattress. Had thrown my receipt away, but was able to email Spotlight for a replacement receipt because I used my VIP card when purchasing them. They gave me a $99 gift card as a refund without any problem. I was not the first to return them for the same problem. Overpriced Chinese rubbish.

Don't waste your money

These sheets feel amazing but are made SO poorly - not to mention they weren't cheap! They started fraying after the first wash and continue to get worse every time I wash them. I wont be purchasing their brand again. Spotlight shouldn't sell this terrible product any more!

Koo 1000 thread count cotton sheet set

Purchased this Koo Q sheet set last week from spotlight. Just washed today and top sheet has frayed around stitching and bottom sheet has pilled! NOT HAPPY. They are terrible quality at a high price. Just hoping Spotlight will refund???


250 thread count sheet are a great everyday sheet, reasonable price, wash well, hardly any wrinkles when washed, they are smooth to sleep on, 300 thread count is even better, just a tad more expensive but a great sheet, sizes are correct, great value for money, Spotlight often have a sale on Koo which makes them even better.

Shrinking problems

These sheets feel fabulous and were not cheap. I am most disappointed that they shrank in the first wash and are now almost impossible to get on the bottom sheet.

Terrible Sheets

Spend a lot of money on buying Koo King Size sheets thinking they would last for years only to find that they peeled after 2 weeks and worse, they shrank!!!! I could understand them shrinking if i washed with hot water, but i don't. Very disappointed with this purchase.

Wrongly sized.

Material of sheet is lovely but does not fit my king bed very disappointed as I had to save for a while to purchase this sheet set as I had previously had no trouble.

1000 thread king size cotton sheets pill after less than 2 weeks

KOO King Size 100% cotton 1000 thread - Sheets felt great at first - pilling after less than 2 weeks wear - VERY VERY POOR Quality - Don't bother buying them

1000 thread count sheets that pilled after 3 washes

Paid good money for a king sized sheet set by koo. 1000 thread count. After 3 washed (so 3 weeks) they pilled around the middle. Not happy at all, expected better for the money.

koo king size sheets

Bought a King Size flat 300 thread count Koo sheet from Spotlight. Terrible stitching at top hem - "skewed" when sewn by maker. Not Spotlights fault. Never again Koo. Rubbish quality.

Wrongly sized.

Purchased my first set of Koo brand sheets, but the stitched top edging was frayed. Spotlight kindly replaced the queen-sized set - however, the replacement fitted sheet was too small for our queen sized bed. Not happy Koo.

Great sheets but they are sized incorrectly and will not fit my super king bed.

Koo Elite super king sheets do not fit the super king bed. In the sheet set, the fitted sheet is king size NOT super king size.(182 x 203 should be 203 x 203). Purchased a set $279.00. Not happy. Not spotlights fault but need help to complain to Koo.

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I spent a fortune on 1000 count Koo cotton sheet set last week at Spotlight, I just washed them and the top sheet is frayed and the bottom has pilled !!!!---- Gee I hope I get a refund ? NEVER buy KOO !!!!!
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I think you might be lucky, as friends have got refunds from spotlight beforeI would be taking them back and asking for a refund, I’ve never had a problem with Koo sheets, it’s all I’ve ever bought and used

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