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Klever Kleena K Bot RX-1 / 2 / 3

Klever Kleena K Bot RX-1 / 2 / 3

RX-1, RX-2, RX-2 Ultra, RX-3 and RX-3 Ultra
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Poor customer support


I purchased a new K-Bot RX2 and it did not work from the start. I asked for replacement bud was told this was not there policy. They would repair the machine.

Purchased in May 2019 at Best Price Pool Equipment for $1,968.00.

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Power supply let down


Unit came with house so don't know year of purchase
Problem with power supply, have been told that have to buy a new one due to being a sealed unit, the unit clearly states that it is IP44, you would equate a tea bag being somewhere around IP44.
400 to replace not happy' the unit however has been good, yes a bit heavy but fit for purpose

Date PurchasedApr 2016


Power supply rip off


On que the power supply fuse went and as its warranty ran out, I had no support from anyone other than to sell me a new unit at $400. This in my opinion is a scam by them knowing how to make half the value back post warranty. It's a standard simple power supply that can be fixed for $100 ignore the seal and get it repaired, I will not buy anything from them again due to this rip off.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014
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Klever Kleena
Sarah D.Klever Kleena


  • 2 reviews

Good cleaner


Simple unit to operate,I have a large pool and the unit cleaned all the pool in just over an hour .Did all the walls and steps so it was very effective. Easy to get out of the pool providing you rest it on a step or swim out. Trolley makes it easy to move around.

Date PurchasedMar 2017



Poorly designed power cable


Because the power lead doesn't have a swivel along it the cable winds itself up and gets kinked. The robot then can't clean the pool properly as it can't pull the cable out straight. A lot of sediment falls back into the pool as you lift it out. The bag is a fiddly to clean with dirt getting caught in the corner pockets. Gave it back to the shop after 2 days. Buying a better known brand now!

Date PurchasedDec 2016



  • 2 reviews

Crap cleaner


This has to be one of the worst pool cleaners on the market. My came with the pool so had no choice.
There are two things that irritates me the most:

1. It doesn't clean the whole pool. The shallow and deep ends don't get cleaned. It only cleans the middle. It basically runs across the narrow part of the pool for 3 hours in the middle.
2. When you pull it out of the pool, half the dirt falls back in.

Terrible unit. Will get a different one soon. If I could I wouldn't give it any star.

Bev M

Bev MPerth

  • 2 reviews

Amazing job


Dave Timson

Dave TimsonPerth

  • 6 reviews

Waste of money


This has a mind of its own and goes in the say place each time and doesn't cover the rest of the pool.
It as if it has got stuck and only covers the same route in the pool and that is across the narrow part and misses each end or the length of the pool. save your money and buy cheaper product.



Does what is said it word, but more


CarvaanPerth WA

  • 31 reviews

It's good but like any machine they do need a bit of care


This is a good machine.
I use to have a sprinta with the suction hose and what a pain to back wash the filter again n again.
Anyway bought this beauty and never looked back, it's a bit of hard work like taking it to the pool, set it up, take it out of water when it's done, and it's a bit heavy but end of the day less crap going into the filter and more in the bin.
The only reason I gave it a 4 star is the price. $1200 bloody hell. Lucky I paid less than half privately brand new.

Michael J

Michael JBrisbane

Works Well When Used Properly


The RX1 is a floor only model so don't expect it to clean up and down the walls. The cleaner works fine at first, then I started to have a few problems with the cleaner only cleaning the middle of the pool. I was advised by my local pool shop to remove the collection bag and run the cleaner without the bag. Presto, without the bag the cleaner covered the whole pool. If you wash out the collection bag regularly and occasionally clean it in the washing machine as directed in the instruction manual the cleaner works well. I have bought a second collection bag for an easy swap over.

An expensive mistake


I was sold the RX1 as ' gods gift to pool owners' but in reality it is an expensive mistake. The RX1 onbly cleans the pool bottom, not the sides, my unit does not clean the shallow end or the deep rnd of the pool, it only cleans the middle. It is so heavy that my wife cannot use it .... even I struggle tift it quickly from the water before the sand and (I live in Western Australia, very sandy) and fine dirt leak back into the pool. The bag is not easy to clean, it requires a thorough flushing and then has to be washed out in a large bucket of pool water before being refitted. At over $1000 this unit is not fit for purpose, I would have been better buying a $100 cheapo from my local pool shop and changing it each year.

I agree with tah2708


It is everything that is stated in tah2708 it is heavy and the fine dirt particles do quickly leak back into the pool before you can lift it out, it's bloody heavy and the bag is a pain to clean.
On the upside it does a great job picking up leaves> I have the bag version for this reason" Autumn is annoying for me!
If Mr Klever Kleen reads this, my bag has developed a hole, are replacement bags available, I live in Albury NSW, cost please.
I reckon the comment from "paola" posted on Dec 20.2013. His definitely a Klever Kleen rep!!




Only cleans a strip of the pool dosn't clean the deep end or the shallow end. is very heavy to lift out. A pain the clean the bag. Very disappointed and it cost so much. wish I had reviewed it before I bought it.
Its a nice colour though. Also thought it moved to quick to pick up debris but shoved it along. Does not do steps and despite being advertised as never getting stuck. It did often.



Less than perfect


Questions & Answers

Ross T.

Ross T.asked

K Bot RX-2

When you floc the pool does this bot pick up all the sediment and dust left behind?

1 answer

If you really want a clean pool you have to run the bot twice.

Kelly W.

Kelly W.asked

K Bot RX-2

my pool cleaner seems to be going over same spot and floats to top and then goes back down to bottom after a surge of bubble helps push it down, can it be reset its like its confused, can it be turned off part way through cleaning as don't like to go out and leave it cleaning as gets stuck in corners or on steps occasionally and not sure how to fix this either

1 answer

My cleaner dos exactly the same. I had the same model before for 7years and it worked much better, I don't know how to fix this problem



K Bot RX-1

The motor got wet can i still use it

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Klever Kleena K Bot RX-2 Ultra

Klever Kleena K Bot RX-2 Ultra

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Klever Kleena K Bot RX-3 Ultra

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Klever Kleena K Bot RX-3

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Klever Kleena K Bot RX-1

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