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Loreal Infallible

Loreal most certainly has many good quality foundations and yet their foundation shade ranges are so so bad. I have a lighter complexion with yellow undertones and yet every foundation is either too yellow, too light, too orange, too pink. I don't have a foundation shade in their range but those who do should definitely try their products.

Product Quality
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$20 lipstick: colour weaker than tester

1. Stock of L'Oreal's lipsticks at Priceline was good - however, about 3 or so TESTERS were missing. Apparently the supplier does not respond to their requests for testers. How can they sell a SEALED item without tester to try?

2. I purchased a L'Oreal "long lasting" item from their Colour Riche range based on the tester in stock. After one cup of coffee in the morning - there was hardly a trace of it 1.5 to 2 hours later. I went to Priceline and they tried both the tester and my purchase of the "same" colour. The assistant seemed surprised how easily mine came off compared to the tester which in my view was superior to the one I had purchased the day before.

3. It was as though there was LESS PIGMENT in the sealed product than the sample tester.
I called L'Oreal who were most unhelpful and in denial. I called Priceline who were most businesslike and offered a swap or a refund.

Hats off to Priceline but...
L'Oreal lipstick buyer... beware!

Bad packaging

I've bought two Infaillible lipsticks. Presumably for security reasons they were tightly wrapped with Sellotape in two places, with no tab or other device to break the tape. I used a knife to get under them, but the sticky glue remained. I cleaned it off as far as possible with eucalyptus oil but they're still sticky and will be picking up fluff etc for the life of the lipsticks. Won't buy them again.

Boreal true match liquid foundation

I bought 1D/W Golden ivory, as I am pale skinned, but didn't want to look too white. Was hoping for as slight tanned look instead got yellow. This product is very thin and when applied thinly emphasises pores more than any other foundation I've come across. Building it up to fill in pores only produces "caked on" look. Bought Loreal primer at same time and this caused product to peel off! With or without primer not a good result. One for the bin unfortunately. Have not used the primer enough yet to comment on it but it certainly seems incompatible with the foundation.

Love my straightener

I got a L'Oréal steam pod straightener I love it although I can't get the pre straightener cream hair product any whete

Little bit of Magic

I've been re-coluring grey hair for ever - or so it seems. And at times that every four to six week hair appointment seems to come all too quickly. And then suddenly you get invited to something special. And you look at your hair. And all you can see are grey roots. Those are the times that when you ring your hairdresser you find she can't fit you in for at least a week. And there's no way you can be seen with your hair the way it is.

Enter L'Oréal Magic Touch.

I have to admit that in the beginning I found it a bit difficult to use. Somehow I expected it to be something like hairspray. Instead, it has a short little tube that makes it look like Doctor Who's Dalek. When I first sprayed it, it sprayed everywhere except where I wanted it. I eventually worked it out. I shake the little can thoroughly, then I direct the nozzle at the starting point almost at skin level, and follow my grey line. As Dalek would say, extermination of grey complete. And it lasts until my next wash. As a matter of fact, it's so strong that my hairdresser usually cleans it thoroughly before applying the colour so it doesn't interfere with what she's putting it on.

For me, it's a real life-saver.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

I got this because I wanted a really tiny wand for my lower lashes and also a great separating mascara for my top lashes. I mostly like the wand but the formula is difficult to work with. At first it was too wet and the wand grabbed too much product. Then after a month or so the formula started to thicken up so it makes my lashes stick together. I can get it to work but it just seems like so much work to wipe off the excess and spend extra minutes trying to get you lashes to separate. This was the first mascara that really added volume to my lashes which I love but I won't be using it for a quick morning routine.

L'oreal Vitamino Color Shampoo & Conditioner New Formula is terrible

I have used the L'oreal Vitamino Color Incell Hydro Resist since 2009. My hair has never looked so good. Silky and beautiful with just enough body and my hair is long with a fine textured. I have colored, highlighted hair and it was always in top shape with this shampoo. Then you changed it to L'oreal Vitamino Color a-ox New Formula. It is horrible! My hair is like straw and frizzy. My sister said the same thing about her hair with the new formula. After 2 months of using the new formula I went and found some bottles of the original formula at the local CVS and instantly my hair was transformed back to the silky look I had before. Even my coworkers noticed the dramatic difference. I beg you please keep the L'oreal Vitamino Color incell resist and due away with that a-ox new formula.

LOreal True Match Is Crap!!

The loreal true match foundation is the worst foundation I have ever applied on my face! None of it's official description is correct. It sinks into pores all over your face as soon as it is spread and I have very small pores to begin with. It does not set at all, it sits on the skin and feels tacky and cakey.

Even after letting it settle for five minutes, I lightly pressed my fingers against my face, and a decent amount of foundation transfers straight onto my fingertips! It is super sticky.
I use a flat top kabuki brunch to apply liquid foundations and when using this brush and foundation together, it leaves streaky lines across by face; even if I dab the foundation in, it still leaves little dots and bumps all over my face and does not leave a flawless finish at all! it does however, hide small imperfections but does not cover redness and it leave the top of small pimples open instead of covering them.

I'm summary, this is the worst foundation I have ever purchased, I would not repurchase this ever again, and for the price that is is ($30.00AU) I have many drugstore foundations half the price that are much much more effective! Very disappointed in this hyped product.

L’Oreal Infallible 24HR Brush Foundation

I have been searching for a foundation that actually matches my skin tone for a while, and finally found a gorgeous one in the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Brush Foundation line.
Now, as much as I LOVE how this product looks on, a few things about it have caused me to go back on the hunt for a better product.

For starters, an inbuilt brush applicator sounds great in theory, but in practice it is hard to clean and hard to avoid cross contaminating my product by putting it directly on my skin. This is a bad feature for the bacteria conscious.

After approximately 12 hours of wear I was extraordinarily shiny. I have naturally oily skin so I am in the practice of priming and setting my makeup, and yet still I ended up with a rather 'reflective' and oily face. Even though the makeup colours all still looked great, it had all but 'leaked' the oil from my pores.

Every time I wear this product, I have an extreme acne break out.

I realise, that these are all issues with my skin type versus the product, but I have never encountered a foundation that breaks me out quite as badly as this one. Probably a fantastic foundation for those with normal, clear skin - but the acne prone need be aware.
Looks beautiful, applys smoothly, fantastic colour range
Wore off, Brush applicator fosters bacteria growth, caused acne breakouts


It dried down to a hideous, jaundice yellow on my skin. And the colour correcting was non existent- which was the main reason I bought it. The consistency was watery but still difficult to apply. For someone on a budget this product was on the pricey side too. A big disappointment

Doesn't live up to the hype.

Finally an eyeliner that doesnt smudge!!!

I have finally come across an eyeliner that won't leave a mark ontop of my eyelid from blinking, nor does it run off my eyes!!! It looks like a thick stubby marker pen, but gives a nice black color that doesnt look faded. It also has a tip end which gives a nice flick when doing the thicker liner look. I work for minimum 8hrs a day, and I have found that when i leave in the morning and put my eyeliner on, it still looks the same when i get home.
Inexspensive $14.99 from Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse, Stays on all day, Long wear,
Im afraid it may not last long, due to the 'marker pen' look, but so far so good.

Horrible allergic reaction around the eyes

I bought loreal revitalift serum and revitalift lotion and revitalift night cream and had really bad reaction to it.. It started to sting the first time used it and woke next day puffy and redness around my eye area!! Not happy at with the product. Now I'm stuck with it coz I didn't keep the receipt. Since then I haven't been able to use anything around my eyes coz it start to sting and goes red and puffy.. Not happy at . Would not recommend. Wasted my money and they not cheap:(((

Bad allergic reaction and I can't use anything

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I had the same reaction. My eyes had swollen shut and I went to the doctor. I was told at that time I had a bad sinus infection. I was given an antibiotic and told to take Sudafed. After my face appeared to be normal I had once again used Loreal Revitalift - the next morning - I woke up with re irritated eyelids and once again swollen.

Not worth the money!

Although packaged beautifully, this mascara dried too slowly, clumped and didn't separate lashes properly.

Buy only if you have very thin eyelashes!
Nice packaging
Too expensive, doesn't live up to its promise

Magiq liquid foundation

Great for dry skin types but if you have oily skin you will end up greasy instead of glowy! Great colour selection and very easy to apply. Natural looking result! Would recommend using a nice fine powder over this foundatio and touch up during the day. I have sensitive skin and this product was fine.

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I would like to purchase L'Oreal Sublime Glow (for face) Moisturizer. I am having difficulty finding this product in the shops or on any website. Please advise

Not worth the price you pay but an ok mascara.

I was expecting big things for this product as I found the voluminous L'Oreal mascara really good so I thought I would try this one with the renewal serum thinking it would be like conditioner for my lashes. I found the step 2 didn't take as well to the the primer in step one and found that overall throughout the day it did run and smudge unlike the red two step L'Oreal mascara that was a much better product and value for money. I will be interested to see what the 4D product is like. Disappointed overall.
It made my lashes long and thick.
Time consuming and not worth the time spent priming lashes as the product was not smudge proof as I had hoped.

I cannot live without this product

I have spent $100's on so many different lipsticks and bought them in every price range but until I found L,Oreal
Infallible lipstick I had never used any that lasted all day ,even after eating this stays put ,I love it and would recommend it to all of you looking for a reliable lipstick


This just goes to show how a presenter can change your perception to the product. I was never a fanatic to Loreal brand. I used their products in the past but it was never the case of 'can't live without'. I saw a TV commercial for their new mascara with Milla Jovovich in it. I like Milla Jovovich, like her Resident Evil movies even though the movie itself is crap but I still watched cuz she's in them, and so when I saw that TV ad I thought I'd have to try this mascara.

It's not an expensive mascara at all but -- what a disappointment. I have long eyelashes but thin. This mascara has really short brush that it doesn't do my eyelashes justice. Yes, it lengthens my lashes and makes them look blacker (I bought a black one) but with its brush so short my lashes clump together in a few thick strands rather than pan out properly. Now I always have to lightly wipe the excess mascara off my lashes with tissue every time I wear it and to make sure that my lash won't stick together. I'll be going back to buy my favorite mascara soon.
mascara brush is way too short and not fine enough. it may work for someone with naturally thick eyelashes but mine is thin so this mascara didn't help me.

Do not waste your money or risk injury!

I purchased L'Oreal Infallible brush foundation for $38.
After using product three times, the brush applicator broke off on my face, leaving me with a scratch about 7cm long from below my eye to above my chin.
I contacted L'Oreal about the matter, and they sent me a replacement.
After using the replacement a few times, the same thing happened. This time, the brush broke off and poked my eye, causing me to have a red, blood shot eye that i was unable to see through properly for 3-4 days. This, both incidents, affected my work as i work in a customer facing role, using computers for 9 hours a day.

I am still awaiting an outcome from L'Oreal on the second incident.
Please do not waste your money, or risk getting injured by this product, it could happen to someone else but worse!
Innovative idea.
Everything. Breaks almost straight away on two separate occasions. Injures consumers

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L'Oreal just contacted me about the second incident. They have given me $120 worth of products of my choice. I'm happy with that and the lady i dealt with was lovely aswell. Still not happy with what has happened but good to see L'Oreal has a good resolution system. Still wouldn't recommend, but maybe was just a bad batch?

This is perfect! Can't live without it.

I often buy my eye liner and mascara from the L'Oreal cosmetic range.
I feel like I'm buying a really great, long lasting product for a cheap price; considering the high prices some brands place on their products.
The one bad thing about L'Oreal (for me, personally) is that they have been known to test their cosmetics on animals. I used to buy a large portion of my make up from L'Oreal, but stopped once I researched a little into the companies animal testing policies.
Have great range of mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and foundation. Great, long lasting cosmetics which are priced reasonably.
L'Oreal have been known to test their cosmetics on animals. For me, this turned me away from buying there products as frequently as I used to.

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I have been using infallible advanced make up ever since it was introduced. I recently purchased a bottle from priceline and the security seal is difficult to remove and I am now left with a sticky bottle, is this normal or have I purchased old stock? not pleasant to handle each day!!!!!
2 answers
It depends on the store. I highly doubt you will have an old product, and usually a product will still stay great after 5 years of it being manufactured without any oxygen being released into the bottle ( no one testing stock ) . I know at my work we tape around the bottle so people don't open 'stock' and have no issues. Best thing to get the sticky stuff off is using tea tree oil with a small towel. Hope this answered your question :)I often have the same problem (with various products) of the price tag/seal leaving a sticky mess. Good Tip: Rub some eucalyptus oil over the area with a cotton ball! It'll take any residue right off of your product. (Some take a little more work to get off that others though!) Hope this helps.

I would like to be able to buy the colour that suits me so well the number is 144 natural ivory why can't I get it now it is slightly pink just lovely ??
1 answer
Try ebay

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