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Horrendous Customer Service Avoid Online Orders!

I have been a loyal Lancôme customer for many years. My experience with their online ordering service was horrendous. Five weeks have passed and I am still waiting for my correct foundation. The customer service operators are also very rude. Avoid at all costs!

deserves 0 stars !

Ordered on lancome online that states they are apparently in Melbourne. Tried to order over $125 worth of skincare as on that day they were giving away 6 piece gift set for spend $65 and extra 6 piece gift for $125spend . No matter how hard i tried it wouldn't add the second gift set or the 10% off for new purchaser. I questioned this on their facebook and just got told to phone customer service next day, So i did and realised that i was talking to someone overseas. I asked if they were in Asia and she told me their centre is in New Zealand, When i asked her what suburb she was in she couldn't tell me. i told her i am aware that my order hasn't been processed as yet so want to cancel order. I was told that they would enquire as to what is happening with it, They also stated that their warehouse is in Melbourne, I really do not believe this at all. emailed customer service and they told me they would see what's happened to my order, I told them that it is still showing on my account that it hasn't been sent yet and i want a refund. got another pm on my face book that they are still looking into it. I have now asked 3 times for a refund as they still can't tell me anything . A week later now and i am going to phone fair trading Australia as i don't believe they are even here in Australia as they can't seem to tell me anything about my refund or order. Please be aware that these people are most probably based in asia and as for their products? Who knows what is in them or where they come from ???? Update... Got pm today saying order is dispatched and sorry for delay, Although on my account still states on the tracking that order is being processed. Go Figure.... Tracking number unusually long for within Australia at 21 figures. So where is it really coming from and will i actually get it? I have read the other reviews of the poor people that are still waiting a month and still havn't received their orders, So i will update this post if and when i actually receive it.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes


Never again will I order with Lancome. Purschased online perfume for my daughters birthday. Waited a week said it was in stock but still no sign of it being posted. Rang customer service who assured me it was a technical hitch with the warehouse and they would inform them and would be posted the next day. Well I waited ... and waited... rang again four days later and was told the same lie.. technical hitch and would inform them immediately. I said don't bother now long past my daughters birthday and they obviously had either no stock or wanted to keep my money. Asked for a refund and said I would get a email confirming.. no email...Ended up ringing a further two times because they kept lying to me about refunding the money. Eventually got someone who said it had never been processed. Hopeless... a very frustrating experience.. never again...

waited for two months, still haven't received Lancome products, customer service is hopeless

The customer service team is hopeless. After countless calls within two months, I still haven't received my products. I called the Loreal team in Melbourne and Consumer Affairs, no one seems to know who can resolve the issue. They advised me to call customer service line to make a complain about the customer service line. How hopeless.

I complained on Facebook, nothing happened. Just kept referring me to the hopeless customer service line!

I cannot believe such a renowned international company would have such an inefficient team.

Unbelievable! Do not recommend Lancome Australia!

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Called Fair trading, finally got it

Do not buy anything from online from lancome website

I joined the online membership last night as I saw the advertisement saying that people join the membership will get 10 percent discount for the first purchase. I couldn't see any instruction how to get 10 percent discount while making a payment. So i just processed order and made a payment. I thought it might works automatically. I received an email containing a code that I should have put in order to get 10 percent discount when i actually finalised payment. So I looked up on q/a category on the website. It says I need to email to lancome customer service to cancel the order. So I did. And I called to the center twice in the next morning just to make sure my order has been cancelled. The teller said to me that it's been cancelled so I don't need to worry, I should just re order. She said that the payment I made previously will be refund within 2 business days. But after 2 hours, I received an email saying that the product has been shipped. So I rang to the customer centre again. I spoke to a different teller. She said it's been shipped. It's not possible to cancel now it's too late cancel, I need to return the product once I received the product.
I was quite upset. The teller was quite rude, and she told me that the previous teller wouldnt have said it's had been cancelled. So I told her to listen to the recorded conversation between me and the teller. I asked her if I could get discount for second product instead of returning the first one as I didn't get discount for the first one. She said no. Only one way I can do is that I need to wait until the first product comes and I need to return it and re purchase the same product to get 10 percent discount. It's just so annoying and frustrating. As I don't have anything to put on right now, and I need to wait probably more than 2 weeks for the whole process. I don't even feel like I don't want to use lancome anymore. The customer service is horrible.

Bad on line order

I ordered two items on line with Lancome because the website advertisement said “Celebrate the launch of the new Lancôme website! Receive your bonus full size gift with every order of 2 or more products” alright, then I ordered two products from them and wait for 8 business day, I received the parcel, when I opened it “ what the” why only one item and three little sample? Where is my other item and the eye Cream? I call Lancôme customers service line, the operator reply me that the eye cream is out of stock! She said the offer is available while stocks last! Alright, I understand what it is mean, however I have the copy of the advertising it doesn’t include this sentence “ available while stock last” ! It just tick me off! I will never and ever use Lancôme on line order again!

Bad online service

Just totally disappointed with the order through online. Its almost 1 month since I place my order. And i haven't received even the tracking number. When i give a call, just keep ask me for wait with saying the item waiting from warehouse etc. Not fix it soon. And never reply the email.

Teint Idole Ultra foundation is the best

The teint idole foundation is easily the best i’ve ever tried. The coverage is medium which is perfect for me but i can build to full if i need to. The shade range is huge which is always appreciated and the formula works perfect with my combination skin and lasts all day. I also use Lancome skincare which is all wonderful and have tried 3 mascaras which are all some of the best i’ve ever had. The quality of Lancomes products are amazing which is why i think the prices are very reasonable in most cases

Lip liner with brush: 202 Nuit & Jour (Le Lip Liner)

Nice soft natural pink colour with a blending brush. I use this colour for a natural look, teamed with Lancome's Rosy Plump lip gloss.

Beware of ingredients

In reference to Zen Hydra Anti Stress Moisuriser with SPF, my nose caught an acetone like smell after opening, and upon application my eyes stung after it being on for afew minutes.
Thinlking maybe my eyes were just a little irritated, I didn't think too much but aware.
Next morning, applied again, resulting in slight stinging and redness.
Did contact them, asked to wait 5 bus. days for reply. Just rang, informed they hadn't recieved the forwarded email, but reassured the team would look into it.
Pain in the neck re what the hell ingredients do they use, synthetic fragrance??? for $85 and cannot return product as was bought through online store that promotes make up and skin care.
Thought these top market brands would use more natural ingredients, proven to work just as well.

Do not use this Lancome Mascara (Grandiose), it is average and will cause a reaction if you are sens

I was disappointed with this product as it gave me a reaction in my eyes which had to be treated. Apparently Lancome is owned by LOreal and after reporting the reaction I was asked to send a proof of payment along with the product which would cost additional money. They were being unreasonable after all who keeps a track of cash receipts? I was willing to send the product back to them in New Zealand but they refused to exchange the product with the same Brand, instead offered a cheaper brand like LOreal for exchange and still insisting on a receipt as a proof of purchase! Product itself should have been the proof. So my advice is to stay away from this product and save your money girls. This mascara justifiably is now in the bin.

This review based solely on this website buying experience only.

I ordered a set of Absolue cream from the Lancome website with a discount.
Even after ordering, I checked the stock and there was still availability.
After waiting over a week after prompt payment, I did not get an update on delivery so I wrote to them asking.
Two days later a response from Lancome saying the payment will be credited back as there is no stock availability now.
I find this dubious.
Either they decided not to honour the discount, or they have a really bad stock check before placing items for sale.
Huge disappointment!

Best Mascara!

I've tried various mascara's and I've found the Lancome mascara's are the best by far! My favourite is Hypnose Drama. I have quite thick eye lashes and find a lot of mascara's tend to clump however this one doesn't! I have also tried their liquid foundation which was great (not my fave though), silky smooth and light.
Isn't clumpy
More expensive than most mascaras

Some nice makeup but not the best high end foundations

I love the lancome liners. They are smooth, creamy, long-lasting and highly pigmented. I have also tried their foundations. They are okay. I am not sure that their liquid foundations are the best foundation for me as I don't think their foundations suit my young skin as it makes me look older. They can also have a medicine-like scent. On the plus side, it is long-lasting, does not feel heavy and blends well.
Good quality
On the pricey side, the foundation is not as good as other high end foundations.


Lancome is one of those brands where you get what you pay for, particularly their mascaras. They are a large and internationally recognised brand. This means their products can be found in other countries as well. Lancome is a large company so I like knowing that there is good research put into their products as well.
-They have products that deliver what is claimed
-They have a large range of skincare for all skin types as well as makeup and fragrances
-Can be found on the internet for cheaper prices
-Expensive (albeit cheaper than Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder etc) and can probably avoid spending so much money on Lancome products when there drugstore/pharmacy products that also work well.
-Not a very extensive men's range
-Fragrance/Parfum is used as an ingredient in their products


I got addicted to Lancome in 2006 when I stumbled to their counter looking for something and happened to be served by a very helpful lady. I ended up buying a complete range for my facial care that day. I really love their foundation lotion, it's not thick, and suits my oily skin. The only bad thing is it took too long for me to get ready so I stopped using it for every day wear. Now I only use it for special occasions. I used Lancome for almost everything; eye, blush, mascara, lips, and then later on their makeup removal, and moisturiser. It was only until last year that I need to buy another one, and I was just in my first year mortgage that I decided to buy from cheaper brand. Surprisingly, Neutrogena facial cleansing cloth, and eye makeup removal which cost me about $10 each do as good a job as Lancome which cost me way more each. (Actually, it's fair to say that Neutrogena facial cleaning cloth is better because it doesn't leave oily trace on my face.) And I don't see any difference when I switched to Olay Total Effect moisturiser either. Never look back! I still love and use their makeup range, nevertheless. I think what made me choose them before was the service, really.
Great range, better priced compared to other brands in the same range. and when they do that complimentary bag promo. I usually wait till they have this promo to buy their products.
when I found that a much cheaper products are just as good, especially the makeup remover


Haven't tried many other Lancome Make Up products but I LOVE this mascara!! Both Hypnose and Virtuose are brilliant! Excellent coverage and definition.
Best mascara I've ever used!! Perfect definition and length.
A little expensive.


Some of their lines are outstanding - especially the juicy tubes. Personally I stay away from the parfums and foundations though.
I lvoe the juicy tubes - glossy and shiny without being too sticky. Simple to apply and carry around in your handbag also.
The eye makeup remover is also fabulous - the only one I have ever used that hasn't irritated that sensitive under-eye area while still removing all traces of eye make-up, including waterproof mascara.
Not a huge fan of the new perfume - Maqnifique. It's a bit 'old-ladyish'.
The price is also a bit high - definetely not a budget range!


Juicy Tubes are my favourite Lancome product, they moisturise my lips and make them super shiny. I don't really use the foundation and powders, they don't have the same appeal as other companies do. I love the new oscilating mascara, Hypnose, that spins around as you apply it. It's brilliant, I highly reccommend it!
I love the lip glosses, especially the Juicy Tubes. They have an AMAZING oscillating mascara, that lifts my eyelashesand makes them 100% longer.
I don't really like the foundations and powders, because I find that other brands have more natural nigredients and work better.


I love Lancome mostly for their lip products. I find that they have a wide variety of lip colours. Their gloss products can last for hours on my lips, it is even still glossy and shinny after eating. Prices are much lower than other high end brands like Estee Lauder or Chanel, so it is much more affordable.
Lancome's Juicy Tubes and Magnifique.
Not too sure about their foundation range.

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