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Land Rover Discovery

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the best car ever

i use my land rover as a work car and weekend warrior and the best of road car i have ever had better the my 200 series land cruiser and better than me mates y62 Nissan patrol i use it very day it is a beast it has done 73000 and not problems at all

the cool thing is it is very luxury and a very good of roadier that is some think the 200 series and patrol can not match it for plus the airbags make it a better off roadier and give it better ground cleanse so the car goes up and down and the terrain select system is wicked

just by one

i have put 28 inch A/T on it
me mate patrol has 30 inch A/T on it
my old 200 have 28 inch A/T as well

Engine Size3.0L SDV6
Date PurchasedMay 2016


I drove my Disco 5 SE Sd4 over 16,000+ kms on some of the roughest tracks/roads (including the Streczlecki Track, the Oodnadatta track, the Gary Highway and some really terrible PAR’s as well as the Mt McCall track in Tasmania) that the country has to offer - mostly towing my Patriot camper-trailer. Other than destroying the factory tyres, as expected, the car handled the corrugations, deep sand, rocks and gibber, rock hopping, bull-dust, pot holes and a dust storm and tropical rain showers with no problem. A post trip inspection revealed that a suspension bellows became loose.
That’s it.
Comfort and toughness.

Engine SizeSd4 twin turbo 2L
Date PurchasedMar 2018

Magnificent car

The best car I have ever owned, by miles. The auto transmission is smooth as silk and the fact that it locks into top gear (8th) and stays there, makes it beautiful for touring, unlike the Toyota 4wd’s that chop and change gears.
The 600nm of torque make towing a breeze, and the fuel economy is amazing.
On top of that, the interior noise is almost non existent.

A superb car.

Engine Size3.0L SDV6
Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Fault with EPB

The EPB or electronic Park Brake is not a serviceable part but after 4 years the motor or actuator that controls the hand brake seized making the vehicle immobile and the part needed to be replaced at a cost of $1590 plus minimum 4 hours labour so over $2000 to repair a park brake

Engine Size2.7L TDV6
Date PurchasedDec 2014

Best vehicle I have ever owned

Our 2018 Disco 5 Is the best vehicle we have ever owned. My wife drives It every day and loves the auto suspension as she has crook knees .Tows our 3 Tonne caravan effortlessly and the electronic towing aids work perfectly . 4000 kms so far and only had software updates at first service . Rockhampton Land Rover has been exemplary in its service and we will not do business any where else.

Engine Size3.0L TDV6
Date PurchasedMay 2018

Discovery 4

I bought a 2011 Discovery 4 in 2015 with 55000klm on it . It now has 150000klm now and has proven to be a great 4wd. It’s towed a caravan around most of OZ easily and is a very comfortable economical everyday car. People we speak to with Discovery 3or 4s all are also very happy with them. Ours has the 2.7 ford diesel I changed all the trans and diff oils at 100000 The disco is a very good vehicle.

Engine Size2.7L TDV6
Date PurchasedJun 2015

It you love it, it loves you back

We bought this car for off-reading adventures. Very good and comfortable for this. Great at pulling a trailer too. Slower on the quick uptake because it’s so heavy. Not good if you’re looking for a zippy 4wd but awesome for big trips. Pretty average on fuel depending. We have the diesel automatic.

Engine SizeTd5
Date PurchasedMay 2018

Fuel Gauge never worked since new and Land Rover won’t fix it

Fuel gauge never worked from new, when parked on mild slope! Say they will fix it every service and haven’t. Now say it’s normal to not work if parked on a mild slope!!! Avoid Land Rover!!!!! If you have a problem, they will not fix it even though it’s a $70000 car.

Engine Size3.0L SCV6
Date PurchasedOct 2015

Worst company ever

These highly priced cars deliver nothing more than poor quality, and to match all the problems with the car, the customer service is even worse. These guys think they can get away with selling brand new cars with massive amounts of problems and not being accountable for the safety of the consumer.
Shame on you Landrover

BadgeHSE Luxury
Engine SizeDiscovery sport
Date PurchasedJan 2018

Lemon, electronic fault, no parts exist apparently. Coming up 6 weeks in workshop no end in sight.

Only travelled 600 Klms. Car kept locking us out and wouldn’t start. We were traveling to cairns for family celebration. Made it to Gracemere. With only a few calls to road assist. Then car wouldn’t start again and couldn’t reprogram, smart key issue. Towed to Rockhampton where it is still today nearly 6 weeks later.
Land Rover can’t find a part to fix it. Nothing here in Australia or the UK. So what now Land Rover??

Engine SizeV6
Date PurchasedJun 2018

My Land Rover Discovery 2016

I’ve had my 2016 Land Rover Discovery 4 for 18 months now, and unfortunately believe the purchase was floored, and I should have stuck by replacing my 22-year-old 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser with a 200 series. While I liked the idea of a British Marque, the decision was my mistake, as I didn’t do enough research.

I did consider waiting for your newer model, but judging by the delays, uncertainty and no indication price or options, my instincts said No, which proved correct.

I took delivery of my 2016 Discovery, which was a run out vehicle, in September 2016. In hindsight it lacked the options that I would now not accept for a modern vehicle. This is particularly the case with the GPS, which could not locate a street in Perth that had been gazetted more than five years earlier, and this is the market the vehicle was being sold into-very frustrating. Furthermore, where I live, I have totally given up on its reliability and nearly always use Google maps via Wi-Fi or my TOM TOM GO 5100 as the information is live and up to date. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost the earth, and it has lifetime maps for the whole world. (I appreciate there are updates now, but the hardware is hardly cutting edge, so lacking in any real usefulness)

I don’t wish to dwell on my lack of judgement but we have holidayed in Europe recent years, and hired a standard VW Passat, and a Renault Kadjar. Each of these vehicles had All the top end features, including GPS Data, which constantly let one know whether we were speeding, including adaptive cruise control, which should be basic tools. And these vehicles are less than half the price of the Discovery, so why is this? Do their profits need to so high or your overheads so owner us.

The Land Rover Discovery 2016 is a box on wheels, and the current vehicle looks like someone has set off a hand grenade and blown it out on all sides. But then the new local dealer in Bunbury said that you get used to it, and it grows on you.

With the 2016 model, these are some of the things that annoy me about it. Judging, I would say your most recent vehicles have similar issues, as LR doesn’t seem to learn the lessons well: -

• The tow bar cover is cheap and nasty, somewhat trashy plastic clips holding it on, which fall-off easily;
• The towing plug should be an external arrangement because of this fiddly cover plate as you need to get down under the vehicle to fix-it;
• No tread protection on the doorsills (In the interim, I have bought some on line, which are easy to fit)-another extra;
• Doors should be double sealed like the Toyota Land Cruiser, as the Discovery’s require more force to close, and are therefore quite unsophisticated when there is no need to be;
• Body Shape is terribly dated, and its replacement is disappointing (The VELAR/RR Sport are a much better shapes, and with diesel becoming persona non-grata, concentrating on hybrids is for LR is probably their best option);
• You could easily ditch the Discovery as I believe you have more than enough models and technology can be incorporated in these vehicles reducing your costs;
• The vehicle is way to heavy, even for a 2016 model;
• Wiper blades don’t lift off the glass back and front for easier cleaning like the Cruiser;
• Not much thought has gone into the registration plate fixing arrangements…if it doesn’t suit the UK number plate- don’t worry about, the Colonials and other recipients will just have to wear it! From this sought of thing, I really wonder why they sell into Australia, as the vehicle doesn’t seem to meet any of our expectations as LR has to much of a laisser-faire attitude and needs to lift their Game.

Inside the vehicle the following I don’t find satisfactory either: -

• The GPS doesn’t have a provision for live inputs for speed limits including traffic congestion and there is no way to alter this; The system is so basic, it is unbelievable;
• I am constantly catching my foot on the underside panel in the vicinity of the accelerator pedal, and I only have a size 9 foot;
• Furthermore, I am constantly knocking the flaps on the steering wheel when I do a U turn, which is annoying to reset;
• The screen for the radio is way to small in this day and age, and could have been improved long ago;
• No after-market coloured floor mats for the boot, which are the same as the upholstery that are easily available. In my case, beige, the hardest to match was the boot, which I was able to finally purchase on-line in the US;
• The dealer offered us mudflaps at $550, which I purchased for less than $100 on line, fitting myself. I have seen a number of ‘Discoveries’ without mudflaps as I imagine the owners similarly balked at such a rip-off for a couple of bits of plastic; this experience turned me off LR parts forever.
• Likewise, I purchased electric side steps, and extended roof rails, which would have saved me a lot over their inflated prices;
• Servicing, well that was another issue. LR Perth quoted me at least $760, when my local mechanic did it for $430, and he has a great reputation. There are No secrets that I see your pricing as predatory & it isn’t nearly 200K away.
• Furthermore, LR needs to grips with is servicing. I live in the second largest city in Western Australia. However, I have had to drive to Perth for servicing. Furthermore, I unable to use the online servicing website as there wasn’t any recognised garage in Bunbury when I spoke to your office. I since believe LR has just partnered with GM agent in Bunbury, but my experience with LR so far isn’t good, and I won’t be taking up the option. However, Australia suffers from a tyranny of distance from everywhere, so you need to be more flexible in the provision of Service.
• I would have liked heated seats, but unfortunately I would have to purchase a whole bunch of other stuff, which is next to useless in Australia. Why can’t you tailor vehicles for Australia? In the era of robotics, this task should not insurmountable?
• And why can’t the vehicles be up-graded with such things as Adaptive Cruise Control?... Or similar to other devices like TV’s with 4K and 5K adaptability, which should be part of your aim and culture?
• There is no small change compartment for the driver for parking, or is it that in this case technology has already done away with this? There is a silly little lid in the centre compartment, which looks like an after thought and prone to I don’t know what!

Basically, this an insight into part of my dissatisfaction, as I have never been so disappointed in any vehicle when I reflect on what is available these days, and am angry with myself. Furthermore, I could have said more about their customer service in Australia, but I have Bleated-on enough.

Fast Forward to December 2016. I now have had the vehicle just over two years with just over 20,000 k on the clock. I am a bit of a cyclist, so try an d minimise my driving to a degree. All this time the vehicle is always garaged, and well looked after iePolished and serviced correctly.

Comparing my wife's Honda Euro Luxury, which also the same colour, (White) and is a 2007 I have noticed there are more paint chips on the DISCOVERY than I would like given that they are driven under the same conditions. from my point view I can only conclude that Land Rover's paint finish is not all that durable compared to much older Honda, so I will leave you to your conclusions as I should have replaced the old Landcruiser with another, but that is Tank on Wheels and guzzles fuel when it tows.

Engine Size3.0L SDV6
Date PurchasedSep 2016

Best Vehicle i have ever owned The 2006 Landrover Discovery HSE 4.4Lt

I could never afford a new vehicle, but this is then best one i have ever owned. Super smooth gear changes, powerful and very comfortable. Every possible luxury you could have, but no Bluetooth or reversing camera, only gives it a 4 star rating. LR want some $500.00 to supply an updated CD for maps for the GPS, really? I just bought a $70- GPS that updates from Google! Apart from that, it's regularly serviced, cared for and it doesn't cost me buckets of money to keep repairing like they are notorious for.
The fuel consumption is as good as how heavy your right foot is. In my case, i love the power so my consumption is high. If i wanted fuel economy, i would have bought a Prius!

Most versatile vehicle on the market. Air suspension makes sure of it.

Air suspension is a game changer in this market, once you have it, you won't buy another 4x4 without it.
Parts are expensive in Perth, although if you are within warranty you can relax knowing you have the best warranty service by far. Land Rover assist will go above and beyond if you ever need help(I never have).

Once out of warranty or fixed price service, you'll want to be ordering parts(bushes wear out after ten years or so), directly from the U.K from places like Advanced Factors(just get a part # from your mechanic, delivery takes 3 days).

Things to love:
Comfort while on corrugated tracks like Gibb RIver Road, Tanami, GCR. The hardest thing to do is have restraint on the throttle as you'll feel like you're on the highway with the correct tyre pressure.

Brakes that work- there's a reason why those 18" wheels are on it, because 3.5t doesn't stop quickly with anything less!
Air Suspension- Not having to put 2 or 4 inch lift in which you will do to every other 4x4 once you bottom out a few times. Access height allows easy entry for pets & grandparents.

Busting Myths:
Air suspension- Air bags are virtually bullet proof, there have been extremely low numbers of failures in the D3/D4, It's a system that's been refined over 20 years of engineering. You'd be more likely to snap a standard suspension coil than tear an airbag.

Wheels too big for 4x4- 18" wheels now available in steel and alloy for all D3/D4 models and tyre choices are ample. With The B/Stone 697, i've never had a flat and i use it off-road more than most ever will. BFG also available, these are the only 2 tyres you want to rely on anyway.

Electronic Park Brake- Nothing wrong with these at all when adjusted regularly like they should be. They have issues when people leave them for 10 years without adjustment, and then wonder why the motor faults...

Things to expect to not last forever:
Contrrol Arm Bushes, buy the HD Meyle fronts once the originals wear out and they'll be fine for another 100k km.

Air suspension compressor- No air compressor lasts forever, nor will this. It's an $800 unit built by Mercedes, and will need replacing dependant on how often it's used, if you keep it at standard road height it will last 10 years. I'd expect every 5 years with constant 4x4 use(raising/lowering more often) Extremely small price to pay for a giant advantage.

Modern diesels: Most should last well over 400k km's. Although a few unlucky people have had them go bang at 150k. They can be hit and miss, this applies for ALL manufacturers, don't go buy a 4.5l 200s v8 because you think it's invincible, even those have gone bang as low as 130k km. Land Rover have been known to replace complete engines on 8 year old vehicles with over 100k kms free of charge. I wouldn't buy anything else from new in diesel as Toyotas warranty has become disgraceful, after 2 years it's non existent.

Hope this is useful info, sorry for the essay. Everything else is obvious, you're buying the most comfortable 4x4 in it's class with ample room for touring or 7 adults. FYI mines now at 230,000kms. I've averages 15k kms of touring per year, fully loaded to 3.5t with all accessories fitted and 1500 km fuel range.

Engine Size2.7L TDV6
Date PurchasedDec 2012

5th time the car has broken down

2017 car and its the 5th time its was sent back. First it was the reversing camera and now suspension fault. I had to get it towed. What a terrible experience.
I do have extended warranty on it but its just so unreliable. Once one problem is fixed another one pops up. I wish i never bought this car and land rover should take responsibility for this lemon that they have created.

Engine SizeTD4
Date PurchasedSep 2017


The discovery is a perfect car. Full of luxury it is an amazing car to drive. With its amazing new technology and high quality sound speakers. Highly capable off-road, yet very smooth and comfortable on road
High-quality interior
Good powertrain options
Bold exterior Love it so much worth the money

Engine Size4.0L V8
Date PurchasedJul 2016

Room for improvement

Have been driving since November last year. Driving experience has been great. Good interior space, too. A few points of improvement needed: 1. Miss the signature square design 2. back mirror had dirty marks inside when first received (already replaced by dealer) 3. 2nd row seats not very easy to operate for 3rd row access (ours is manual). 4. One wheel guard and mirrors have scratches already ... couldn’t they be made of more scratch proof materials? 5. Strong smell from interior materials 6. which I could install babyseat in the middle of 2nd row.

Engine Size3.0L TDV6
Date PurchasedJun 2017


6 months after purchase, the rubber seal of the rear door detached itself. Took it for repair soon after and detached itself again.
10 months after purchase, Rear camera position shifted inwards on its own without any tempering or foul play. Camera link otherwise working. Dealer stated not under warranty. Quoted $350 for repair. Isn’t this under 3 years manufacturer warranty? Too early for wear & tear. This is manufacturer faulty.
Customer service Land Rover AU is rude, unprofessional and a huge bully to customers on the phone. Incredible that bullying and complete absence of professionalism to genuine customer who raised genuine concerns about their car.
Would not recommend this car or this brand to anyone. The showroom, the salesperson, the car look good on the outside. The repair & service, the misty manufacturer warranty and very poor customer service are bad. The car has been a huge problem to us. Big regret.

BadgeL550 2.0 DSL AUTO 2017
Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedApr 2017

An Excellent Vehicle

I bought this vehicle primarily to travel throughout Australia and was acutely aware of the risk given Land Rovers reputation for a troublesome ownership experience. All I can say at this stage is that the gamble has paid off handsomely.

- Extremely capable in stock form, particularly compared to the competition from Toyota, Nissan and the like. The air suspension and terrain response largely negate the usual requirement to fit a suspension lift and differential locker. If you can find a disco with the optional rear E-Locker differential this is even better, though mine has yet to get stuck even without it.
- Amazing value on the used market. Mine was $12k and in first rate condition, whilst a far worse condition Toyota Prado is well into the $2*k region.
- Well equipped, with a far better standard equipment level and specification than the equivalent Toyota.
- Extensive aftermarket support. Since purchase (in stock form) I have added an ARB bullbar, Frontrunner roof rack with accessories, Traxide dual battery system and much more.

- This is a complex car and at this age they really suit an enthusiast owner who is able to perform basic to intermediate diagnostics,maintenance and repair themselves. Often a very minor issue can appear much larger with the car throwing faults for various systems, which without efficient troubleshooting can result in large bills for misguided diagnostics and unnecessary part replacement. I think the dealerships are a large part of the problem here, and often have a "replace not repair" attitude that costs the owners and LR reputation dearly.
Example: Mine had a suspension fault and lowering at the front axle over several hours, indicating an air leak. I rebuilt the existing air compressor (2 hours work, the dessicant/drier cannister had blocked causing low flow and triggering suspension fault) and the front solenoid valve block (dessicant powder had caused O-rings to leak air back out of the strut air lines) for less than $150. This repair at a Landrover dealer would have involved complete air compressor and solenoid block replacement and cost around $1500 + labour...
- The Disco is heavy!! 2700kg unloaded, easily breaches 3000kg with occupants and associated camping gear.
- Fuel consumption is not great, though I have the V6 Petrol so that was always going to be the case. With 265/70R17 BFG K)2 tyres, FR roof rack including Darche roof top tent and a boot full of camping gear I get 16 L/100km around town, and not a whole lot better on the highway. I must say though that from my own experience and what I have read, most of the other 3 tonne petrol 4wds are actually a lot worse than this, with some of the Diesel ones (yes looking at you 200 series ;) not even far off.
- The fuel tank is too small. 86 L for the petrol is not sufficient, only getting me 600km on the road, significantly less offroad. The Diesel would be better here due to lower consumption, but that has an 82 L tank which is still insufficient in my opinion, given the outback touring aspirations of the vehicle. My fix has been 2 x roof mounted 20L Jerry cans, for use when we will be away from service stations for a while.

TLDR: Great car, but thirsty and complicated. Suit an enthusiast not scared of tackling any issues.

Engine Size4.0L V6
Date PurchasedAug 2017

Last real tough luxury off-road landy

This vehicle is more on the lines of the original Range Rover.
You can drive this to hell and back and it stands by you like a good old friend.
Performance and handling is excellent.
Seat comfort is the best and than other makes probably due to BMW influence.
Reliability is average as things do wear but you can easily maintain this vehicle because there is an abundance of information and cheap parts you can order from UK. The markup on parts from dealers in Australia is daylight robbery.

Engine SizeTd5
Date PurchasedNov 1999

Great SUV and Family Car

This is a great versatile family SUV. Has all the luxury trimmings you would need. Driving performance is great - very low noise especially for a diesel.

7 seater flexibility can fit the extended family - very spacious inside. High riding height ensures great visibility for the driver and passengers all around.

Dislikes - as an older model - misses out on some of the latest gadgetry - ie. blindspot monitoring etc.

Engine Size3.0L TDV6
Date PurchasedMar 2016

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Are u selling it? I’m interested. How much is the price? How many kms!?
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Is there alternative to copper washers under the injectors in es td5 discovery?? Because copper and aluminium react , the aluminium head on the discovery is the looser in that battle , from that destroys the motor!
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You should be able to source some alloy washers from any reputable diesel service centre

What extras did 2001 discovery come out with as standard?
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