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Nice staff, inferior results

Over $500 spent on frown lines and crows feet, for only two weeks of minimal effectiveness. Staff were very nice, but even they admitted that it hadn’t been effective. Will not be returning.

Inexperienced staff

My experience was exactly the same as previous customer. I bruised so badly after anti wrinkle injections and this was at Balmain. I did ring the following day and spoke to nurse and she said this was to be expected even though at the time I was assured I had a lessor chance of bruising as she was using a canular. I was not happy with them not even asking for me to come in so they could have a look so I rang again the next day and spoke to the Owner she was lovely and offered me to come in and go under special light to improve the bruising. I have since been to another place and have had no bruising at all.

inexperienced staff, dodgey practices

i thought i would give the laser lounge in balmain a try since it is close by in my area, so last year i went there for some wrinkle injections, which i have had done elsewhere for a number of years without any issues, but there is a first time for everything.
first they couldn't find any details of my appointment, but i went in after all that was sorted & the young girl drew on my face (again never had that done previously), then she emails someone & waits for a reply before proceeding...... also very strange, but the best part is when i got home after my treatment, my husband said "what did they do to you, your face is really bruised!" i have NEVER had any bruising before, so clearly she had ZERO idea of what she was doing!
the girl doing the procedure would have known straight away that she had bruised me, but didn't utter a word & there are no mirrors in the rooms, so i didn't even see myself before walking out.
the next day i called them to let them know what happened & emailed the photos, which they told me would be passed on to HQ & someone named [name removed] would call me to discuss. i don't know what the point of that was & she was really quite rude, trying also to imply that it was my skin that was the issue, she did not want to admit any fault.
the staff member at the balmain branch did offer some free laser to help with the bruising, but after the conversation i had with [name removed] from HQ & the experience itself, i declined to ever return.
i have since been going elsewhere & with no bruising, but a friend of mine went there recently also & the same thing happened - badly bruised!!!!!
DO NOT GO TO LASER LOUNGE - they are super dodgey & inexperienced!!!!

Couldn’t recommend Laser Lounge Greenhills enough!

Walked into the store during a very busy time but was promptly greeted and my questions answered truthfully and professionally. I felt as though my concerns were genuinely listened to and I was given a free skin consultation on the spot. I have since been back for 2 treatments and both times I could not have asked for better care.

Genuine, caring and a very professional team

In the past few weeks i have made several purchases in store. The Green Hills team were more then helpful and very informative with my inquiries, which lead to my decisions of each purchase. I even made a few calls when i had more questions and they were more then happy to answer.

Clear skin

I went to their shop in greenhills to ask about which of their treatments can help me control acne. I feel the staff was being very honest to spent 30-40 minutes to give me a free skin consultation instead of taking advantage of me by getting me to try one of their treatments. When I express my fear of spending so much money on a new skin care range (I still have lots of stuff unopen at home), the skin specialist that I was talking to was showing alot of professionalism and compassion/empathy by advising me to at least use their cleanser as it will help to overcome some of the issues that is causing me grief. Eventually I decide to at least buy their cleanser because its the same price as my Eryacne, and I'm really annoy with the dry and itchy parts of my face.

I was at first very worry using their cleanser as my menstruation cycle was starting and if I don't do my usual routine with Eryacne my face will breakout with very painful pimples. I was surprise that my skins moisture level improve within 2 days and the parts that was previously dry and itchy was no longer the case. When my menstruation cycle started I did breakout, I can feel the pimples deep underneath my skin. Usually when this happens I will need to use Eryacne but if I don't or forget to put it on I end up getting a large infection that only dettol can fix.
Just using the cleanser alone has help to control the acne, reduce the inflammation and enable my skin to recover. During this critical time I even feel asleep without washing my face yet my face did not breakout. No painful pimples. The cleanser itself was able to do so much more than Eryacne.
Eryance is no longer for sale and I often have to get it produce at a compounding chemist. Worst of all this does have side effects, my skin either becomes too dry or oily after using it.
I'm surprise that the cleanser sold by laser lounge cause me no side effects.
Its been like 2 weeks and I feel that my acne is under control. All the new and old acne is going away. No acne form on my eye brows and forehead (those pimples makes it hard for me to concentrate).
My face has no dry and itchy parts.
Usually I need to change my eating habit and consume less sugar and coffee to help control my acne. Doing this is not possible if you're busy. I can't even afford to skip days without washing my face. So when i fell ill and don't wash my face for even 1 night I will have a breakout.
I'm finally able to control my acne like I control my gingivitis. So happy with the way my skin feels now.

I recommend anyone with painful acne issue to visit laser lounge for a free skin consultation.

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Last time I saw them was around mid 2018. I was desperate for any LED treatment because the sudden breakout after my car accident was very bad and I was in ALOT of pain. But they refuse to give it to me as they do not feel it will help. They mention about a drug that I might need to be on. Roaccutane. They were right. My dermatologist did prescribe me this drug and when I mention about the LED treatment, I feel the dermatologist sound surprise that the girls at Laser lounge did the right thing. I feel Laser Lounge can be trusted.

Fabulous LED and peel and great service!

Had a peel followed by LED today and feel fabulous! Staff were really informative and welcoming. Looking forward to my next visit.


even though they had every thing documented , i had to tell them each time what are my services,
i paid 6 session for stomach ,with two other areas but because I forget to tell them the stomach in 3 session,they just did it 3 times,

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