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Laucke Crusty White Bread Mix

Laucke Crusty White Bread Mix

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Best bread mix

I use it with Panasonic bread machine. This has enough salt. Add other ingredients as directed. I get perfect bread each time. No complaints. It also comes with enough yeast.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $23.00.

This batch works well

I was forced to return to Laucke breadmix after using another brand for the last two years and have been pleasantly surprised. The results speak for themselves, and I'll probably continue to use Laucke Crusty White Bread mix again as long as the quality remains consistent.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Healthy option for preservative ladden commercial bread

I've used fruit, cured pork and cheese but yogurt whey makes the best bread. Not just a white bread mix so get creative, your safe as you cannot get it wrong as long as you have a nice consistency of the dough.

Not the same as it used to be something has changed

I have been using the same bread mix for 30 yrs exactly the same multigrain bread mis looooved it but now have the same problem as many others crumbly bad texture.

Perfect bread

I have been using Lauke flour for some 20 years. I have used the Crusty White, Multi Grain and Wholemeal. For many years I used exclusive Multigrain, then I started to mix 33% Multigrain with 64% Crusty White. Provided I make the ingredients exactly as per instructions I get a perfect loaf every time. The quantities I use for this mix are for Crusty White. The bread machine I have used for many years is the Breville Bread Machine 100 (BBM100) Lately I have used the Morphy Richards machine with the separate fruit container for fruit bread. It too does an excellent job with the Lauke flour.

Nice and crunchyI

I use this in my Breville bread maker always crunchy and so light. Just the way we like it...the family love it

Small packet of Crusty White Bread

I found this bread to be good. Its light and very crusty. I usually don't have white bread, so will probably stay with Barossa Sourdough (5 stars), but well worth making occasionally.u

Fantastic bread

I saw a box of the Australian Laucke Multi-grain soy bread mixe at my local US store for a very good price, and thought I couldn't go wrong giving the bread mix a try. I have been making all my own breads for the past few decades, and this loaf did not disappoint at all. I allowed it to go through the DOUGH cycle of my bread maker, adjusting the liquid and flour a bit and then baked it off in my gas oven. It made a wonderful, toothsome bread, for no work at all! I also bought the Sourdough Rye mix, and I'll be making that next.

Beautiful sandwich best I have ever made

I bought one of those black bread tins 750g with a sliding lid from an E-bay seller. No instructions for bread. So 750g is somewhere between 680g and 900g so used Laucke's Crusty White Bread mix for 600g mix and added an extra 50g. used the dough cycle on my bread machine. When It came out of the oven and I took the lid off magnificent 900g or 2lb sandwich loaf lovely brown and crusty. 3 more 600g packets to use yet, I always use the dough cycle double the size and volume No more Supermarket bread for me.

March 5th 2018 Update: crusty bread

I am now on my 10kg bag of Laucke Crusty white bread mix after first using the packet which contained 4 packs. I cannot for the life of me why so many people complain of bad bread. My sandwhich bread which I am on to my 6th or 7th loaf turn out so beautiful and I am getting about 22 slices per loaf. I only use the dough cycle and bake in the oven.

Yeast quantity in sachet of crusty white bread.

I am yeast intolerant,how much yeast is in the 600 gram sachet? The list on the sachet list yeast but not how much. Thank you in anticipation ( mrs j niven) australia

German grains laucke bread

Followed the instructions to the letter, ended up with a door stop brick.the dough was over wet, instructions say to use 460 mls of water for 600 grams of bread mix, something is wrong.

Gluten Free Bread

Bought Laucke brand gluten free bread mix on a recommendation. I followed the instructions to the letter, did not deviate in anyway shape or form. I have had the same awful result every single time; very doughy result. I tried hand baking, machine baking (to the packet instructions) all to no avail with the same doughy consistency result. It seems there was too much liquid, however, I persisted as per packet instructions. What a total and utter waste of time, effort and money. Going to find another brand.


Been using the same bread mix for 17 years without a problem but now cannot make a decent loaf using your yeast. I changed to another brand in frustration n Lo n behold back to lovey bread again
This it not good enough especially after reading other reviews that people have the same problem, it's time you addressed this and sorted it out.

Terrible terrible terrible!

I've made 2 batches of bread with the lauckes 10kg multigrain flour and the first one didn't rise at all and smelt foul. I gave it to my dogs. I measured everything precisely and followed directions step by step. The kneading was horrible. The dough was tough and sticky and very stringy. Not like proper dough at all. Secondly I thought maybe the recipe I used was bad so i followed Jamie ollivers simple recipe to a tee and had the same experience! Dough turned out exactly the same! I'm very sad to see all these bad reviews and people stating the bread flour has changed all of a sudden and i tell you what you can definitely notice it!

I have a solution

I also have been using Lauckes flour for over 30 years and have loved the product and the taste and late last year it just wasn't rising properly and the top was collapsed.
I have been in contact with Lauckes who say there is no problem.
Their product doesn't seem to have enough gluten in it so having exhausted all other options I tried adding 20g of gluten flour to the mix and now have a perfect loaf again
Lauckes told me in theory this shouldn't be right but in practice it works.

My bread doesn't work any more

I've been making bread with Laucke flour for 20 years with no problems. However over the last few months, every loaf I've made has been too crumbly and doesn't hold together. I've tried 10kg bags of crusty white, wholemeal and german grain and they all result in a crumbly loaf. I'm not doing anything different, so it must be the flour. I also tried using another brand of yeast, not the yeast that comes with the flour, and this didn't help either. I've given up and now use Allied Mills flour - perfect loaf every time. Very disappointed I can't use local SA flour any more.

Poor product, even poorer customer service.

I am an experienced baker. I purchased the gluten free bread mix, and followed the instructions exactly. The bread did not rise a bit. I would suggest the yeast is inactive.
I contacted the company. They asked twice for information already provided. No apology. No explanation. No investigation into their product.


The yeast is not up to standard anymore.I have had the same problem.I use Tandaco yeast now instead.I wasted so much bread mix!

Fantastic until last bag purchased

Have used Crusty White for years with good results. 465g to 300ml of water works for me.
Just lately something is going wrong and it isn't rising as before and it can only be the flour
Laucke took some for testing and said it was ok for them
They are replacing the bag though
Have used another brand and batch with no problems

Laucke Crusty Bread for the first time

I just made my first loaf of Laucke Crusty Bread and its the best bread I have ever made.
I just followed the instructions on the box and that is mix it by hand and knead it for 10 minutes, let it rise for 40 minutes. Knock the air out of it and knead it for a minute, let it rise again for 40 minutes and cook. I look forward to making dinner rolls soon.

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Update. I have gone away from this product. I now make bread from scratch. 500grm bakers flour 3 teaspoons dry yeast, 1 teaspoon salt, 2desert spoons sugar, 2 teaspoons butter, and about 300 mls water. You can add some bread improver if you like, about 2 teaspoons. Now don't laugh but I use a food processor and let it knead for about 4 minutes and get great results. No further kneading is required. Let it proof for about an hour and bake it at 200 C for about 20-25 minutes. Good luck.

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can i use crusty white bread mix to make bread rolls. I have a recipe of your,s but it is for 12.5kg of flour I only wont to make about a dozen rolls could you break down the ingredients to suit please.
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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I use the breadmix for rolls but add 1 tbsp of sugar to the mix. My basic recipe is: 500 gm breadmix; 12 gm dried yeast; 20 ml olive oil, 295 ml warm water and 1 tbsp sugar. I cheat by using the breadmaker on the dough setting and let it rise for 1 hour then turn out, knock down, chop into 12 equal portions and shape the rolls. Because my rolls tend to flatten too much I use a tray with a 15-20 mm lip so that the rolls push against one another and go up not out. I leave them in a warm draft free spot for 40 mins and then bake in a preheated oven at 190 deg for 15 to 20 mins. I generally turn the tray about half time. There will be about as many variations on this as there are bakers... Regards Tomthank you for your answer I will give it a go

Recipe please for making kangaroo rising flour. There isn’t a recipe on the box and also no yeast. Do you have to buy this separately?
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Where in Toowoomba, Queensland; can I purchase Laucke - Barossa Sourdough Rye Breadmix in 2.4kg box.
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