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Le Tan Daily Glow Gradual Lotion

Le Tan Daily Glow Gradual Lotion

4.1 from 26 reviews

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CocoMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 2 reviews

Literally worked after 1 application!!


Fantastic product, honestly didn't think I'd see results for days but I put it on at night after having a shower and it wasn't greasy, woke up in the morning tanned!

Purchased in September 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $8.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesNo
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Been using this for some time now, and it is just amazing, I just apply it daily till I get the colo


Absolutely amazing wont find a better moisturiser tanner, I recommend it highly, especially for fair skinned people because it gives you a nice glowing tan, looks very natural.
Very good !!



Amazing product


I've been using this product for about 7 years and it's just amazing.
Really delivers what says in the label and best has a nice vanilla scent instead of the characteristic smell of others tanning lotion.
shame I can not find it to buy anymore
Could anyone help me please re a shop that I could buy it

Love this product


Where can I get this product as its so good and I can't get it anymore in any of the major shops .
Such good a good tan and you can stay in the sun not burn and turn a lovely colour . Brillant



  • 3 reviews

Holy grail product!!




  • 64 reviews

Best I've found for fair skin


Gives a natural look after a few days and is streak free. Best smell of the fake tans that I have found so far. A lot of fake tans give my fair skin an orange look, but this is more on the brown side.



The first time I used this, it was great. The colour came out great and there was no problem but the second time, I got a rash that's really red and itchy. Don't know why that's happened seeing as the first time there was no problem but I'm not too sure about using this tan again unfortunately

Best thing I've used


This is a fantastic product and I would recommend this to all of my friends. This is the first time I've used a tanning product and I don't think I even need to try out any more. No red patches no itchiness just a great brown glow! Smells great and is a very even brown colour and doesn't leave any unattractive bloches or lines!

Patch Test!


I've never used a tanning product before but I really wanted a natural looking tan, so I bought this unfortunately it gave me lots of red patches on my legs, I noticed after I put it all over my body so I hope into the shower straight away, it's sad because it actually has giving me a really beautiful natural looking colour, so I would recommend the product but definitely do a patch test first, I don't have sensitive skin but I still had a reaction, over all it gives an amazing colour and it smells really nice.

I am covered in a red itchy rash, everywhere I put it is red raw and itchy.


Do not use this product without testing a patch first. I can't sleep because of the itchiness, I look like a leper. I have a Melbourne cup function on that cost me an arm and a leg, a new outfit and I look so horrible with this red rash and lack of sleep.
Don't even think about using this product if you have slightly sensitive skin and don't assume because it's Le Tan that you won't have an allergic reaction to it. I have now read several reviews saying it has done the same thing.

Red Itchy Rash


I also have a severe rash from using this product - never had any reaction to skin products before. It's a shame as the colour does look good - except for the red itchy rash which is hard to elliviate the itch. I have thrown thus product in the bin!



  • 25 reviews

My favourite tan


I use this tan all the time, I got it because it was cheap and man it works...
It has spf 15 which is a huge bonus.
Whenever I use it, people tell me I look like I got a a tan
So natural looking

Only CON is the smell, not nice at all

Sid T

Sid TLaunceston

  • 3 reviews
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Very, very good


The tan is the right amount of gradual. It doesn't produce streaks or blotches if applied correctly and it smells nice. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky and it doesn't lead to breakouts or irritation. It delivers the 'healthy glow' look without making your skin oily or dirty.

Not a fan


Everywhere I put this moisturiser it gave me a rash and I now have tiny red dots all over my body so I'm guessing I had some sort of relation to it but it definitely did give me a good colour!

First good experience with fake tan, an excellent one actually!!


This stuff is great! I've never trusted fake tan products as I've never come across a product that's not over the top bronze or orange, or too streaky, or so uneven my skin looks dirty! Being so subtle, it's easy to control risk of uneven colour - it's gradual, moisturising, and REAL looking. Many compliments I look 'healthy' glow! I use this just before bed, and sleep nude. Wake up after its done its work overnight!

Favourite so far!


I'm naturally pale and love having come colour and this product is cheap and does the job. The smell is very strong but nothing disgusting. After 2-3 applications the results REALLY show :) I recommend putting this on at night so you wake up with moisturized and tanner skin



I just purchased Le Tan gradual moisturiser after noticing outstanding results on a friend. It has only been 1 day so far, and I can already notice my skin looking slightly darker. All I can say is amazing! I would recommend it to everyone!


StephanieRye, Victoria

Happy so far!


Have just started using this gradual tan moisturiser after years of using LeTan tan in a can, time for a more natural colour! And so far that's exactly what I'm seeing. Slightly oily/sticky residue after a few minutes of drying but goes away overnight. Pretty happy with the colour, overall LeTan comes through with the goods once again!



Love it after only 3 days I have a nice even tan all over smells yum and feels great I will continue to buy this well priced product



  • 5 reviews

For shaved head


First time to shave head, horrible white and pale and of course, high risk of sunburn, but this product great. Great moisturiser and great in the sun to block at least UVB. I'm not sure how good it is for UVA, because the price seems too cheap to be really great there. One week after using daily and getting in the September sun for an hour walking daily, the colour is brilliant. Use ample, lather it on, not sticky, not oily, will not harm clothes. Great value even is twice the price.

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I have just noticed the paint has come off the side rail of my car right were my leg touches when getting in or out of the car. The only thing I have done differently is that I have been using this product for the past few months. Really concerned about the fact that if it can strip car paint what is it doing to our body.
Has anyone else had this happen?

1 answer

The same thing happens with sunscreen



Will the tan come off in the ocean?

1 answer

From my experience, The tan does not come off in the Ocean or in a pool



How can I stop the itching and get rid of the horrific red rash that I have everywhere I put this product? I have tried Zyrtec and it did next to nothing. I have now been scratching for 3 days and cannot sleep due to the itchiness. What can I do?

2 answers

I know how you feel! I used cold packs to numb the areas and a cream from Pharmacy with an anesthetic ingredient in it. That did the trick and relieved the itch quite quickly. My legs were bleeding, I scratched that much. All the best. I have of course tossed the offending cream in the bin. Hope this helps.


Put moisturiser that’s suits sensitive skin and don’t buy this cause you have sensitive skin it’s made for normal skin read before buy

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Release dateSep 2009

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