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Le Tan Fast Tan Foaming Mousse

Le Tan Fast Tan Foaming Mousse

Dark Bronze, Deep Bronze and Bronze
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WHy do they make it over 100 ML?

I must start by saying I've used this product and others in the range regularly and it works really well for me when applied with a proper mitt. Unfortunately, my skin was meant to remain in Ireland but generations ago my family migrated to Australia where I too want to look like a bronzed Aussie but with fair skin have learnt not to even try with the sun. A few weeks ago, I was on my way O.S. to Sri Lanka on holiday with deathly white skin. No time to prepare, I bought a Le Tan Dark Bronze Tanning Mousse at Sydney airport chemist on my way through to Melbourne (we had to fly via Melbourne to Sri Lanka). This looks fairly natural on my skin (surprisingly), I've tried many tanning lotions and this is now a better colour than some more expensive brands. What happened next- customs confiscated my BRAND NEW UNOPENED tanning mouse as it was 10 miserable ml over the allowable size (the container says 110ml), I'd lay odds that some of that is just airspace I told the guy, otherwise how could I shake it up from the liquid to become a mousse? compelling argument but he wouldn't budge. It was tossed in his stack of products that would never see any overseas destination. SO - I had no tan, lost my money on the purchase of Le Tan, remained as white as a ghost for the whole holiday. Here's a NEW LE TAN MARKETING PLAN: make it 10ml smaller (note to self: they only sell skin whitener in Sri Lanka - perhaps as tourism takes off more there will be a market over there for those of us so inclined :). I was very unhappy with the whole deal :( - didn't expect the foam type to be treated as a liquid and with it only being 10ml over the limit why not reduce the size of the container (and the price) to allow for what MUST BE an obvious Marketing Advantage! Want any more ideas for cosmetics/pharmaceuticals I'm available but it will cost you at least another bottle of Le Tan dark tanning mousse (ha ha).

Patchy and weird

Even though my skin was moisturised prior to use this dried to a very patchy uneven unnatural colour. It went on very well and was easily applied but the final result was awful. It looked just passable for an evening event. In daylight it was awful. Thank goodness I used it just on my legs..had to wear long pants to hide it. Do not recommend at all.

Why is the Bronze Mousse Discontinued

I have very fair skin with pink undertone,Bronze (Discontinued one) was excellent for me.Please bring it back.Please☹️.It was just the right colour and looked natural,not even my family knew it was a fake tan,even got compliments how good my legs look

Not a fan

Not a very big fan of this tan, I felt sticky for a long time and the tan was very patchy, I did enjoy the smell though it was bare able

Absolutely amazing!

I’m a newbie to self tanning, and this is the first product I went for based on the reviews. I exfoliated and moisturised with a thick coco balm before applying. It went on smoothly, evenly and absolutely streak free. It’s such a gorgeous colour, and looks very, very natural.


The tan applied very well and was not streaky or patchy. i wasn't overly please with the colour when i washed it off. it did give me a more tanned look but it had a very bright orange glow compared to other self tanners. it wasn't as brown based as i had wished. this may just be limited to the bronze shade i purchased.

Best tanning product ever made.

I'm pretty white and this was perfect for me. I love this tanning product because it leaves behind NO streaks whatsoever. Just make sure to shake good before using as it says on the bottle otherwise it comes out too dark


I'm a fake tan freak! I've been using fake tan from 14 to now 21, I never Sunbake I wear sunscreen everyday all through high school I used Le tan then I went to Bondi sands then to St Tropez, my skin doesn't react well to St Tropez makes my skin so dry and irratared. it's a nice colour and the bottle lasts like 6 months (expensive) so I would recommend it to someone else with better skin, Bondi sands.. I think they changed they're formula because it stopped turning out as good as it use to, it has to much green pigment, maybe I was doing something wrong as I usually sleep on it. I went to the shops to look for something else, Everything was sold out except Le tan, Le tan is kinda dead in the tan world after everything else came out so I tryed they're new Le tan shimmer oil, I got home used it thought this is so gross, watery and too much glitter, so I went and washed it straight off, the next day I woke up my skin was sooo soft and tan even though I just washed it off straight after. I looked at the tiny bottle and it looked like it hadn't been touched I put some more on then did another layer half an hour later like they advise if you want to be dark... oh my god this tan lasted so long looked so nice and my skin has never been so soft it has Moroccan oil in it and my skin loves it I've had so many compliments on how nice it looks and despite doing another two layers the bottle is still looking full! I'm so impressed by this product I've never wrote a review before but every fake tan freak should try this annnnd you don't have to wash it off like other bottles say it doesn't smudge and quickly dries this products is legit you can put clothes on and go out half an hour later so convinent and easy I hope this product neverrr gets discontinued it is too good!! I'm so happy I found it

Best tan ever!!

I highly recommend any of the Le Tan - tanning Mousses,
I'm pretty pale but use the deep bronze and let it develop over the day. I use the express mousse in the deep (green base) for 2.5 hours gives an amazing bronze colour.

It's excellent!

After reading these reviews I went with the DEEP BRONZE mousse, and I have no regrets! I just applied once, and I got an instantly deep, rich colour which looks completely natural. I can't believe how much better my legs look in a skirt!! It rubs in really easily, dries without any blotches and the colour is very even. I know I didn't apply it perfectly even, but it still comes out all the same colour. I'm so impressed. I haven't used fake tan in about 15 years, and they certainly have come a long way. Although, somehow fake tan still makes your skin have that fake tan smell!

Best product ever !!

I've used both the BRONZE and ULTRA BRONZE, my favourite being the Bronze mousse. I find using 2 application of the Bronze is perfect. This tan never fades off patchy.

Fake tanning has come a long way :)

I purchased the Le Tan Deep Bronze Mousse to give it a go after doing a lot of online research in to tanning products and reviews. I am a make-up artist and general beauty lover and have a couple of events to go to this weekend where it is dress up time. Living in Darwin it is so hot and the sun so strong that I make a very big effort to stay out of the burning/ageing sun.
I have to admit it's been about 5 years now since I have tried any tanning products, though I used to tan in my 20s quite a lot with fake tan products. Back then it was very hard to find a good fake tan that didn't streak and stain and wasn't orange. I had many a bad experience. Professional spray tan was the best option back then, but even those were iffy.
I am so pleased to say that after trying this Le Tan product I am stoked with the result! It was so easy to apply (used the mitt with the mousse so as not to stain hands) and I put it on about 2 hrs before bed. It was dry completely within about 15 minutes anyway and I could see the colour easily as I applied it. I only wanted a natural glow and was a bit worried that it might go really dark, but everyone else who's reviews I read recommended the Deep Bronze as the Bronze was just not enough. So off I went to bed with concern that the tan would rub onto my cream coloured expensive sheets, but alas, I woke up in the morning nicely bronzed with no rub off from my skin to the sheets at all! Again stoked!
After having a shower it definitely faded slightly in colour and the slight orangy hugh that I had from having it on for 9 hrs washed off along with it. So I am nicely golden and looking very healthy and glowing for my big weekend.
That was a really long review I just realised. But can't say enough good things about it. Great product.

Happy with this product

I purchased Le tan mousse in bronze and was a bit worried when I read reviews stating the colour wasn't obvious once developed. However I did 2 applications with a tanning mit and was really happy with the colour. I am fair skinned though.

BEST natural looking tan ever used!

I recently bought this tan in the colour bronze. at first i was sceptical of it as its so cheap i thought it would be orange and look very fake and not apply evenly but it is the most natural looking tan ive ever used! it does not look fake at all and is so even! although next time i will definitely be buying the deep bronze one as the bronze one does not have that much colour even after applying 2 coats.

Awesome Natural Looking

Easy to put on when using the glove. I love the Deep Bronze one as the colour is deep and rich. Have tried the bronze one (gold label) but colour is weak and not as long lasting as the deep bronze. It doesn't look fake at all, no streaking and lasts about 3-4 days before it starts to fade. Same times you can pick it up in Woolies for around $6 per can. Definitely worth a try.

Very natural looking tan.

I tried the BRONZE mousse and i am very pleased with the results i am yet to try it on its own i have only tried it on top of the Le Tan Deep Bronze Spray and i ended up more ORANGE then i was bronze but after a couple of days it settled nicely and i have since used the BRONZE mousse over the spray and my tan looks amazing.

so happy!!!

Its worth every cent... I've never spray tanned before; for
The fear of being orange -_- my boyfriend was able to apply the tan all over my body I left it on longer then 6 hours... And I was a dark brown with the bronze and after a shower I was afraid it was all coming off but I was still a nice natural bronze so I'm happy just how long does it last!? Smells too sweet though but my friends thought it was nice and I looked good.. Will buy it again and again.

Use only Deep Bronze

I love Deep Bronze, it's a nice natural looking tan that lasts up to a week. Easy to apply with gloves and I don't experience any streaking. Don't bother with regular Bronze, colour isn't deep enough. The smell of all of colours isn't as nice as other brands.

Do not waste your time with Dark Bronze, it's like they've used a completely different formula with much more green base yet seems lighter than Deep Bronze and far less natural.

Very good for the price

I've been using this tanning mousse for the past six or so months and for a drugstore brand, it's very good. The bronze mousse doesn't give much colour though even with the recommended two layers so I would definitely go for the deep bronze mousse. It looks very natural and not orange, but it does feel sticky for quite a while after you've applied it. It's quite water proof as well and lasts about five days on me before it starts looking patchy.

Disappointed. You have changed the formula???

I used to LOVE IT, but the new formula is VERY DISSAPOINTING!! Please bring the Fabulous old one.

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Questions & Answers

Why is Bronze Mousse Discontinued?
No answers

how long do i keep it on before i shower, should i apply it a day before an event?
1 answer
Apply it the night before and make sure it's dry before you dress or go to bed. Do 2 even coats though using the mitt.

how long does it take to work?
2 answers
Hi, Bexy. I nomally apply my tan of a night then sleep with it on, and by the morning it has developed. I do two coats, probably about half an hour apart :)Within a few hours your tan will start to show. Do 2 coats and let dry in between. Best to use the mitts for application. Very natural looking.


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