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Leachco Snoogle Original

Leachco Snoogle Original

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Cool design, cheap pillow

Cool design but once your in that position your locked in for good or it’s a wrestling match with the pillow and covers. Besides a cool design the actual “pillow” for your head is nothing more than a cheap $15 Walmart polyester pillow which is too firm and uncomfortable & gets really warm and it’s Jan. so I can only imagine how that feels in summer. Not sure if my opinion is biased considering I’m a guy and therefore not pregnant and may not be looking for the same type of support as the target market for this product. Just my honest everyday joe opinion.

Reduced back pain

I have degenerative disc disease causing a massive amount of pain, especially after a night’s sleep. Using this pillow though has greatly reduced the immense amount of pain I used to feel in the morning. It has increased my quality of life and I couldn’t live without it now. I recommend to all back pain sufferers.

Life saver

Have been using it since the second trimester of pregnancy. This C shape well support from the neck, right through the whole back, to legs especially when sleeping on sides. Am still using it for breastfeeding position support. The only draw back is the pillow cover, not as durable, get pilling easily.

Very uncomfortable

The pillow is too high in the head section. The fabric is scratchy. I tended to get tangled in it at nighttime and I had to get up frequently to go to the bathroom. It didn't really support my huge twin belly very well. It is very expensive. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this pillow.

Not fit for use

I had the back n belly pillow for my first pregnancy and it was amazing. For my second pregnancy 4 years later there were more options and I chose the snoogle total body pillow. It is horrible; the stuffing is very hard and I get sore ears from lying on it. There is also too much stuffing in it so I find my legs are too far apart which is causing back, hip and leg pain to the point I can't use it. I asked about returning it to babys r us less than a month after purchasing it and was told I could not return it as it was not defective. In my view it is not fit for use.

Not worth the price

First of all, the quality isn't good for the price (quite expensive). The pillow itself and the cover are made of polyester/cotton, so it gets pretty hot when using it. I used it during the fall and winter, so just imagine how it'll feel in the summer. Another option is to buy 100% cotton pillow, but expect to pay much more. Second of all, the shape of the head part is just not right - I think it's too high, so I frequently woke up with neck pain and numb hands and didn't feel rested at all.


I bought this pillow when i was about 12 weeks pregnant with my first in Feb 13 and loved it straight away! We are now expecting second bub (i am 26 weeks) and i got out my lovely pillow as soon as i crossed 12 weeks :) I love it! After almost 3 years it has not lost it's shape, does not smell and supports me in all the right places! My 1 year old lves it, my hubby loves it and i do too lol Make sure you buy couple of spare pillow cases...
This pillow even came to hospital and kept me comfy over there!

Stopped the back pain instantly

At about 26 weeks I began to experience a lot of lower back pain while sleeping. Normal pillows in various configurations provided only temporary relief. Normally I'm a back sleeper so the adjustment to side was not great. Looked at all the reviews which was confusing as maternity pillows seem to be a personal choice. Snoogle provided good support where I need it (head, neck, back, knees and belly). The relief was instant. I slept so well that I even began sleeping all night again without the usual toilet visits! Can be used a number of ways and I highly recommend.
All over support. Manageable size. Comfortable, pain free sleep!

Couldnt Sleep without it

Unwrapping the pillow is a bit of an experience as the pillow is curved and measures about 2m from end to end. but once you have read the instructions and snuggle in its hard to imagine how you ever slept without it when pregnant. it supports you in all the right places and has numerous useful applications from sitting up, feeding to a number of sleeping positions
Supported in all the right places
hard to maneuver under covers in winter


i used this for my first pregnancy and now and using it for my second.. it also came in handy for breast feeding, my 18 month old son also likes to snuggle up in it and watch tv.
Best sleep ever!!!
hard to get cover back on

Don't think I could have survived my pregnancy without my Snoogle!

I used my Snoogle through both my pregnancies and loved it! It provided the right level of support as a pillow and between my legs, as well as stopping me from rolling. I couldn't rate it highly enough. When I fell pregnant second time, it one of the first things I got excited about - yay I can use my Snoogle again. It was also great as a support pillow during breast feeding as well - so versatile.
Comfortable, great shape
My husband felt replaced!!! ;0)

Oh my god I loved this pillow! (Even after our baby was born!)

When I was pregnant and I began getting uncomfortable in bed I decided it was time for a body pillow. I knew I didn't want just a straight long pillow. During a visit to Babies R Us, I came across the Snoogle at it looked perfect. (and I found the name amusing to say!) As soon as I got it home I tried it out on the couch and I was in heaven! I wished I had of bought it sooner. It was so supportive and I loved the curved shape. It was comfortable under my head and to rest my belly on, and to have between my knees all at the same time. Alternitively I could roll over and have the length of the pillow behind my back and still have the curved part between my knees, and there was still pillow under my head.
It did take up a bit of room in the bed, and as I had the "body" of the pillow toward the middle of the bed it was a bit isolating, but I did find on many occasions I was not the only one using the Snoogle! There was enough of it that my partner and I could both be using it.
After our daughter was born I kept using the Snoogle because it was just so comfortable and I didn't want to go back to a normal pillow, but in the end I gave it up as I felt a bit mean having a "divider" in the bed. I have a cold at the moment and the Snoogle has found its way onto the couch with me......
Everything! Best body pillow ever! Removable cover for washing is great.
That I can't use it all the time as it does create a division in the bed between the two of us :-)


I bought this product on the basis of all the positive reviews I've read online. I was very excited to use it as I was not sleeping well thanks to my ever expanding belly. To my dismay, I found it truly uncomfortable and awkward to use. It was so big and I felt that my belly was not as well supported as I thought it would be. My belly kind off was on the side of the pillow instead of being supported underneath. Having a petite built, this pillow easily engulfed me and I was disappointed. I also found the pillow case material to be scratchy and of a low thread count. This product worked for many women so maybe mine is an isolated incident. To be honest, I was more comfortable with my regular pillows and ended up sleeping with four (one under my head, the other one under my belly for support, the other one underneath my legs and the last one supporting my back) for the rest of my pregnancy.

Bulky and too big especially for women with a smaller frame


I purchased Snoogle after I read good reviews. This product is good for when you have a short break/ resting but not throughout the night. I am disappointed with flaws of this product.
Good back and arm support. Good for day time resting
I use a contoured latex pillow and I found Snoogle is too high for my neck. It overheats my body temperature, hardly can have good night sleep.


I love this pillow. I wish I could have afforded one with my first two pregnancies. I could never get comfortable before, but now I look forward to bed time because the pillow is so great to sleep with. It supports my head, stomach, legs and back. I would rate this as a pregnancy must-have. I would even continue to sleep with it when I'm not pregnant it is so comfortable.
Extremely comfortable. Can roll over to other side without having to move pillow.
My husband was not impressed to find that he had been replaced by a giant pillow down the middle of the bed. A bit expensive for something that is basically just a big pillow.


I liked this pillow for sleeping - before i purchased it I couldnt get my belly comfortable, but the first night I used it after purchase gave me the best nights sleep in months. Wouldn't be on my list of 'must haves' but did make my life a bit more easier (cos i was getting more sleep!!)
This pillow comfortably supported my body whilst I slept, it was the perfect length for me.
Pillowcase was hard to get on and off and couldnt find any to buy separately to have a spare one. I also couldn't use it to breastfeed - just felt uncomfortable.


I got this product when I was pregnant. It Didn't really support me the way I wanted. I prefer my CuddleUp body pillow. My kids now use it to watch tv on!
not too much
not supportive in the right places


This pillow saved my marriage during my pregnancy! It took up a fair amount of space in the bed, but it was worth it as it allowed a good night sleep on both sides. Also made it easy to lie almost on my back, with one side raised, so it is safe. The cover is hard to put on but it gets easy when you get the hang of it. I found replacement covers at Toys r Us however the choices were limited. Overall, a great buy!
Most comfortable pregnancy pillow ever!
Cover is hard to put on after washing (get hubby to do it!) and replacement covers can be difficult to find.


Supported my lower back and tummy when I was pregnant so I was able to sleep comfortably during pregnancy. Great to sit on after birth in hospital (lots of midwives commented on the pillow!)
Makes sleeping comfortable when late in pregnancy. Able to use in lots of different positions (eg could shape as a donut to make sitting comfortable after birth, feeding pillow etc)
Getting the cover back on is difficult but worth it as the pillow is so comfortable!

Questions & Answers

I can't seem to find one anywhere! Went to Babies R Us at Moore Park Supa Centre and they don't stock them and you can't order them on their online store. Where can buy one?
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I bought mine at babies 'r' us at castle hill home maker centre.I live in Melbournes South East. I have seen them in the Knox City Babies r Us even recently. I wonder if you called them if they could have one sent to your closest store. Our daughter is now 4 and the snoogle is back in the bed! I was getting a sore back from our mattress and since having the snoogle behind me for support - no more sore back. I hope you find oneI just had a look and they seem to be available on the toys r us / babies r us website if that's an option for you. They are full price at the moment but I often see them on sale if you can hold out. Completely worth the money though :-)


Snoogle Original
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