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LG WD-1049C

LG WD-1049C

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CognicomSydney, NSW

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Vale, dear friend. You served us so well for nearly eleven years!


Purchased in April 2008 at Wayne Byrnes Discounts for $659.00.

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Dryer TypeSimpson EziLoader 400
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It works almost 10 years. of course noise getting lounder as its age. until recently stuck at spinning mode.
it was originally warranty for 2 years only.
I think the carbon brush need to be replaced as there are some sparks reflected from the floor tiles near the motor located. I hope it will be OK after replaced the carbon brush that cost $20 from eBay guys.
Ops!! Don't forget to go though all the diagnose test before assuming the faults.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Angela Moore

Angela Moore

  • 5 reviews

An unreliable appliance


I have had my LG WD1049C washing machine for 2 years. During that time it has broken down on a number of occasions, displaying error messages which are not listed in the manual. After a number of visits, the repairman replaced the computer. The machine works, but now it leaks at the conclusion of the cycle, but only occasionally.

Date PurchasedNov 2015


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Lasted 10 years


Excellent machine lasted 10 years with a family of 5. Loved the 30 minute option.
Wasn't loud but did get a bit of noise going by the time it called it quits.
Washed clothes well. Anything not so great to say we're only little things and only when ir was on it's last legs.

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Amazing workhorse


I got mine from an Aussie expatriated, who spent 2 years in Brazil.
Probably not new at the time when arrived here.
It´s not only an appliance, it´s part of the family, as a matter of fact.
It works like a charm, just bearings and seal change.
We love it.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

BV 2

BV 2Port Macquarie

Buyer Beware


Today after 8 year ours died. I had washed a load of clothes this morning and hung them out. I then proceeded to put a load of towels on(4). At the same time I decided I would clean my bath tub as the washer is located in the bathroom. Every now and then I would hear a strange noise. Much to my bewilderment it was sparking under the machine and stopping. Im so happy this happened when I was at home as this thing could have caught fire

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Worst buying decision ever




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Still going from 2007!



  • 6 reviews

Good product - lasted 7 years



  • 6 reviews

No Hiccups


We have had this front loader machine for more than 3 years and we are a family of 4 with 2 children so the machine is run at minimum of once a day. 7.5KG is a perfect size for a family of 4.
I really like that it has a quick 30 minute cycle for the times that you need the washing done in a hurry.
I also love that it has a timer delay so I can set the washing to be ready when I wake up and can have it on the line before I head to work.
Clothes always come out clean, no marks.
We have had no hiccups with this washing machine from memory.
Easy, Reliable, Water Energy Efficient
Non to think of - maybe a little noisy through the 1000rpm spin.



Lasted 7 years


Machine worked great for 5 years, it probably took me this long to get used to the long cycles compared to a top loader! Then it would beep at me to shut the door nearly every time before it would start, so I would have to push it shut again. Now after 7 years it started to make horrible grinding noises, my husband opened it up hoping it was just the bearings ($50 part) but it was a $300 part not including delivery or labour...
Saved water and power compared to last machine
Not sure it was worth the 7 year investment.

Sue Wade

Sue WadeSydney

This machine is a dud


Bought this machine 5 years ago and have had to call repairer twice - this week was told the repairs would cost 1/2 the price of the machine!!! $475 !!! Parts Only guaranteed for 3 months. This repairer was recommended by LG too. LG's advice when I phoned "things aren't made to last" !!!! What a great company.....never an LG again.
Better than a top loader.....
As soon as guarantee finished - things started to go wrong.



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Overall I love this machine


After reading the reviews here I'm a little scared now for the future of my machine, but until now it has served me well. It is 5 years old. I like the cycle selections and the fact I can delay the machine starting and reduce cycle times if needed. My clothes always come out clean.
I have had some troubles with the door - sometimes I have to push it shut again to get the machine to start, and very occasionally it won't open, so I have to open a little door at the bottom and let some water out (I found this solution on the net).
Time delay, clean clothes, cycle options.
Door issues before and after cycles

m. cridge

m. cridgecooloongup 6168

No more will I buy a front loader


Less then five years old, and the timer is playing up, it just keeps going and going, and when I am lucky and it stops then the stupid door won't open. I am not the only one, my sister purchased the same machine 2 months before me and talked me into buying one, well she has had to replace it already the repairman told her it was not worth repairing.

Didn't wash clean, and all my other machine lasted years longer



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Only lasts four years!


Certainly could find a better quality machine that is reliable.


Had the machine for approx 3-4 years. Long wash cycle. Found the clothes were still soiled after washing. Leaking water on occassions. Very noisy. And to top it off the bearings have gone, which is costly to fix. Have been told by the repair man that once the bearing goes so does everything else!
Water efficient at the start
Noisy, long cycle, terrible quality


Badge117Victoria, 3284

  • 6 reviews

Efficient and easy to use.


We bought our LG WD-1049C Front Loader four years ago when we moved into a new house. We chose this particular machine for it's water and power efficiency rating and have not been disappointed.
I almost always use the 30min cycle on the 30oC setting without any problems and only use the longer cycles if we have very soiled items to wash. I am careful not to overload the machine and not to overdo the amount of washing powder I use and am happy with the results.
Quick and easy to use, good results.



I hate this washer!


I hate this washing machine! There is so little water that unless you use the "extra water" modification the clothes in the middle don't even get wet! The normal wash cycle takes almost 2 hours and clothes still don't get clean! I hate this washer! It has a quick cycle, but that doesn't get clothes clean either!

No water, and doesn't clean clothes!

Less than 4 years old and it will not spin

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Big al30
Big al30


suuriQLD, 4575

  • 3 reviews

It works well for us


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Please can you tell me how to clean dog hair out of the washing machine?

My husband assures me it is self cleaning because any hair goes into the filter to be removed from there

However the hair, packed tight is evident on and behind the door seal. I am afraid of stretching the rubber as l try to clean behind it.

Could something be blocked?

2 answers
Angela Moore
Angela Moore

I have cleaned the circular filters inside the drum. There are two, one one each side, and you remove them by squeezing the plastic lugs. Just make sure,when replacing them,that they click back onto place.


Thanks for replying Angela. I forgot to mention the model of washing machine. I so wish it had filters like this. (I suspect it was designed by a man who has never had to clean inside the machine!



Hi our LG 7.5kg WD-1049C washing machine will not open the door. The wash was finished but door will not open. We have turned of power point for 30 plus minutes but still will not open. We have checked the drain plug but al okay. How do we do a hard reset start? Andrew

1 answer

Hi Andrew,
I am sorry but I cannot answer your question. I am not a washing machine technician.

You probably need to consult a qualified person to rectify this.

However, my experience with this model LG might indicate that you need to turn off the power for some time and then see if the issue resolves.



It won't go into wash cycle and now we can see sparks coming from underneath?? But has started the cycle now! Can it be fixed??

2 answers

Hi Kylie,
I have no expertise in washing machine maintenance and suggest that you need to call a qualified repairer if you have sparks coming from underneath your machine.

Sorry I cannot help.


Probably needs new motor brushes.

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