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Logix Platinum (Aldi)

Logix Platinum (Aldi)

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Not good

We decided to try Aldi Logix dishwasher tablets, and after perhaps 10 washes or so, our dishwasher (Ariston) became really loud, and on opening the door, the water at the bottom of the chamber seemed really foamy. Removing the filters showed these to be clogged up with almost what looked like bits of tissue. Running the machine empty with no tablets again gave very foamy water for a couple of cycles, but the pump noise was back to normal (ie very quiet), A Logix tablet back in for the next load: pump is very noisy again. Switched back to Finish tablets and after a couple of loads, the pump is back to normal

Purchased in May 2019.

Dishwasher Cleaner. A great price - under $5.00. Works well.

I've been buying Aldi's Logix Dishwasher Cleaner for many years.
Cleans filters, spray arms, & drains. Removes limescale, grease & grime. Has odour neutralising technology. Australian made.
How does one know for sure if a dishwasher cleaner is really doing the job it says it will do on the bottle? Hard to know. All I can say is since we started using this, we haven't noticed any nasty smells coming from the drains etc.
Usually on a dishwasher cleaner bottle, it says how often to use it. There are no instructions on this bottle. As we only use our dishwasher every 3 days or so, we have decided to use it every 6 months.
This dishwasher cleaner is under $4, so very reasonably priced. It has a Canstar rating of 5 stars. Whatever that means. Pretty good, I'd imagine :-)

Purchased in December 2018.

Tried but no good

The dishes don't get clean. I thought it was the machine but used a different brand and it worked fine.
I will be throwing the rest out. There other product may be excellent but not this one.

Purchased in January 2018.

Don't waste your money

Logix dishwashing tabs..dishes and glasses come out smudged with food still on inside and out. I'm off to Aldi to take them back. I usually use Platinum dishwashing sachets with wonderful results..sparkling glasses and crockery.


We've got a Bosch dishwasher. Have no problems with Finish. These Logix tablets don't seem to work. Some things come out clean but the majority is just as dirty as it went in. Write it off as a bad choice and don't ever buy the product again.

Works fine for me

Not clear why some get a bad result. They work just as well for me as the Finish tablets and they both give a perfect result every time for me. Even with the baked on stuff on the ceramic baking dishes I do most dinners on in the glass convection oven. Dont get cloudy glass either. My dishwasher is a Bosch.

Logix dishwasher tablets

I've Tried Fairy and Finish. Tried Logix from Aldi and it was a huge mistake. I literally have to wash everything in sink before I put in dishwasher. This product is terrible. My knives, forks and spoon come out filthy exactly as I put them in. Same with dishes if I haven't washed the grime off before I put it in the dishwasher.

Turned glassware cloudy

This product and the price are good.
Cleans dishes well & leaves no residue.

The only con is our glasses & glassware have gone cloudy. Didnt have this problem with Finish Quantum.

Good value

We were gifted a well known expensive brand and were not happy with them and tried the cheaper Aldi substitute.
And have never looked back. May be this dishwasher we inherited needed a good run but Aldi product did great job at a fraction of the others price.

was good and suddenly i always find dirty things

it was recommended by choice so i gave it a try. the dishes were clean like finish and fairy because i was already not entirely satisfied with both, i went through like 6 boxes now, cutlery always dirty and have like brown rust stains and some dishes end up dirty, one time i found half of it undissolved, the same happened another time. i am using now the pots and pans cycle on everything because its so frustrating , i thought it was the machine wwhich is brandnew. until i came here and read that other people noticed a change in the performance of these. i think i will go back to fairy but i need to wait till its halfprice.

Cause error e15 in my Bosch dishwasher

Logic Platinum left a lot of foam at the end of each wash, this foam escape to bottom shelf triggered the error e15. I call the service and they told me do not to use Aldi tables as it cause a lot of problems.

Whats changed

I have been using Aldi dish washing tablets for a while now and have found them great but recently they have been shocking. Don't know if the formula has changed or they are being sourced from another supplier but they are no where near as good as the were previously

Something has changed

I have been using these for years and never had a problem in the past but the last box has been leaving white stuff all over the plates. What has changed? I tired cleaning the dishwasher and the next cycle it happens again.

Nasty junk

Will make a switch to the one I used before, this dishwasher tablets does not do a good cleaning job as compare to the other brands. Residues still remain, guess it’s all hyped up crap from Aldi.

They simply do not desolve

I am reading all the reviews and wondering what I am doing wrong...all other tablets including Woolworth brands and Earth (and obviously Fairy and Finish) all dissolve in my LG Double drawer machine but not Logix Platinum...think I will return them for a refund. Very disappointing even if it is economical, if its being sold it should work.

Best tablet I've used for a long time

Purchased for 7.99 for a 40 pack so found to be extremely economical. For the last year have been using the Finish Powerball Classic and found that even with rinse aid they were leaving a film on my dishes sometimes but since using the Aldi Logix my life has changed! My dishes comes out super sparkling and squeaky clean without any residues like the Finish Powerball would leave. Never again will I waste money on Finish when the Logix tablets perform amazingly well and I've never had to re wash any dishes since making the switch.

These are great value and they work very well

I've been using these tablets for a couple of years now and it's only since I've had to buy Finish tablets recently that I've realised just how good they are (and how bad the Finish tablets are). They leave dishes perfectly clean even when I cram the washer full, every time all the stains are removed. It leaves my dishes with a crystal clear glean as well. Highly recommended.

Awful ruined my Stainless Steel

I LOVE aldi!! Since shopping here I'm saving $200 a week on my food bills I wish I switched sooner!! So I decided to give these diswashing tablets a go hopefully to save even more money and they had ruined my Stainless Steel items I have no idea what has happend but I will stick with fairy. This is the only product I've had a problem with at aldi.


Having recently changed to a new Westinghouse Dishwasher as our LG died i thought I would spoil it by only using the premium brand products, which have worked perfectly. But after reading the glowing reports on Product Reviews I thought I would give Aldi a go. To be honest I was a bit sceptical as they are a quarter of the price.
To test, I cooked the Aldi slow cooked beef brisket in a bowl (very nice meal) which left that nearly burnt on gravy on the bowl. This would call for considerable work by hand.
To be fair I put the washer on "Intensive" and after the wash everything, bowl and all, were immaculate. So now I am an absolute convert. Their Rinse aid is equally as good. Do the math...Aldi tablets about .20 cents...Finish about .50 cents
Aldi Rinse aid $2+ a bottle...Finish...$8+ a bottle

Used both tablet and plain powder

I found the tablets did not dissolve, but then i switched to the norman bottle and measured it out. I now no longer have an issue with buildup powder at the bottom of my machine

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Questions & Answers

Will the logix platinum dishwashing tablets suit Envirocycle units? thank you.
2 answers
Sorry I am no expert on dishwashers. I have a Fisher & Paykel. The other popular brands cleaned my dishes but I thought I'd try the Aldi one, but as I said in my review I had to literally wash everything before I put them in the dishwasher.Dorothy thank u ,try a husband they are used to washing dishes.

Is your product Chemical Free?
1 answer
Sorry I don't know, I threw the box away. I found Logix a complete waste of money.

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