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Love N Care Capella - Cony

Love N Care Capella - Cony

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Good for the light traveller and it offers a full recline.

I’ve owned this pram for 6 years, used it for two babies and have travelled the globe with it.

The good: lightweight, compact, AMAZING canopy, easy to steer when baby is facing outwards, easy to fold and unfold, handle is adjustable to parent height (I am short and my parter is tall), easy to wash all the bits, material it doesn’t fade too much.

The bad: can’t hang anything on the handle, impossible to steer when baby is facing you, basket is small and poor quality, no suspension when using on pebbly roads or cobbled streets etc., seat belts were absolutely tiny and required an extension which love n care provided for free once I complained, the upright seated position could be more upright but otherwise comfy

Good for a stroller

Easy to push around and not to big, also easy to fold and unfold I used mine everyday but it end up falling apart couldn’t store anything underneath it would drag on the ground and ended up with a hole in it!
I did get a lot of use out of this pram But was flimsy in the end

Good for smooth surface and mall

It is light weight . Reversible handle a big plus and easy to close and open ( might have stuck once or twice in 100). The bottom basket is small so cant carry much stuff. Good if you stay on smooth surfaces like in malls. Not great for outdoor. Very shaky if hit small crake or pit while in parks

Great Lightweight Pram

This pram has great steering with the handle facing either direction. So easy to fold and unfold. The pram is rather light, but solid enough and easy to lift in and out of the car. The fabric is soft and the cushioning around baby is very plush. My baby seems to love it and is very comfortable in there. The basket underneath is big but can't take too much weight without sagging. Overall I would definitely recommend this pram.

Waste of money

I bought this less than 2 months ago at a sale price of $300 (originally $429). It's not worth even $100.

It is very flimsy and very difficult trying to get to the bottom basket. The pram gets caught trying to fold and unfold and almost tips every time you hit a crack in the path. Almost impossible to steer when you reverse the handle so your child is facing you, I've almost tripped a few times.

I really wish I'd spent just a bit more and got something sturdy and reliable. I called the store I purchased it from who said they'll only refund for a major flaw - I'd say not being able to open or close the pram half the time is pretty major! Good thing the pram is now discontinued, but pity it didn't happen before I threw my money away.

Good super light compact pram

Overall it's a good pram. I'm happy I bought a light weight pram with a reversible handle. Locks well, folds easily with on hand, quick to lift and put into boot, sunshades good, can adjust length and has two peekaboo spots for either end depending on baby in front or rear mode .. Basket is crap though, can only put a towel in and it's full. I usually take a nappy bag when out and made sure I just took essentials to keep it light.. Steering is easy and smooth, when you reverse the wheels go off course slightly so I have to hold and steer firmly.. Overall good pram, not ideal for jogging

great for first 6 months

I loved this stroller when first purchased. I zoomed around the shops and between impossibly small isles. It is light and compact. The trouble was taking the pram outside. It would stop quite suddenly if the wheel hit even the tiniest of stones or twigs. And after 6 months of use it began to fall apart. Great concept but I'll be getting a Babyzen Yoyo fpr the second child.

Great pram, but had small flaws.

First the flaws:
- The basket isn't big and can't hold much weight so I never used it though it would have came in handy
- when facing rear it's difficult to push up kerbs and hell forbid if you hit a rock or stick while on a foot path
The greats
- compact pram, very easy to fit into any car, great for shopping down isles and in tricky spots
- comfortable, my son was always conformable in this pram he never seemed to get sore from sitting in it for too long.
- easily foldable
- light!! Nothing worse then trying to pick up a heavy pram to put in your boot.
-if you need your boot space the pram can easily fit into your passenger seat, it folds down nicely.
- great control and steering when using face forward steering.
List goes on, I recommend it

Overall I really loved this pram and I'm going to use it for my next baby, yes it has flaws but honestly it didn't really bother me that much that I would never use it again, it's nice and roomy for a new born or toddler, seems comfortable, great three position recline, so light! I would buy it again if I needed a new one. just remember you won't use rear facing steering for long only when they are newborn.

Far from impressed with Capella Cony. Would never buy this brand again.

The stroller is light and the sun canopy is good when baby is lying flat but it needs more ventilation as it gets very hot with canopy down. This stroller is ridiculous to fold and unfold! You definitely need two hands and have to push it/shove it several times before it catches and folds or unfolds. The carry basket is useless! It's impossible to pop even small items into as just no space to slide things into. The reverse handle option so you can see baby is useless (unless you're a dwarf!) as your feet hit the wheels!

Buyer Beware! Worst choice I ever made!!!!

This product is flimsy, poor quality, ridiculous to push when baby is facing you. You can not take this pram anywhere, no suspension, no storage space, this product is not worth a cent. I wouldn't even take it of it was free. Sunshade does not clip in properly, always unclips itself and you fumble like an idiot trying to put back your cheapy feeling pram back together (it's not as easy as it looks). My baby gets ridiculously sweaty inside the pram which i take is poor ventilation, so you can't even close the sunshade without worrying that your child will suffocate in there. I was not happy at all with this product. The sunshade fell apart within 2 weeks of use (unfixable because the plastic bent from heat!) buyer beware. Buy anything else other than this pram.

Not worth the expense

I purchased the Capella cony for many reasons but it continues to disappoint. It's not that easy to unfold. You need two hands. The brakes on mine were broken after 3 weeks of using the pram mainly because they are so flimsy you can actually still push the pram while brakes are still on. The seat is tiny, it's wide enough but the back headrest is short. It doesn't sit upright enough, my baby looks so awkward sitting up in it. The "basket" is totally useless it's hard to get to and very small. The look and the plastics are nice and shiny. Easy to clean. The harness is useless over 10kg. Very light and easy to fold but that's as good as it gets. I can't even get this pram over the tiny bumps without having to pick it up. You cannot put a single thing on this pram without fear of it tipping over.
The sunshade is amazing.
Too much. No pockets that you can use, flimsy wheels, terrible brakes.

I love it

Purchased this stroller after many hours of searching for the right one. I'm a petite person and this was the perfect size for me to push around. It's light weight and the handle bar is not too high as I have found with many other strollers. It has a full canopy which has been handy during the cold winter days out and great to keep the sun of my baby during hot days.
Light weight, reversible handle bar so that baby can face me if I wanted.
It doesn't come in a colour that really appealed to me: plain black would have been desirable.

Compact pram for compact people

This pram is great for petite people. It's lightweight and versatile for its size. Although sometimes it appears quite flimsy, I haven't broken it yet! It rattles quite a lot when travelling on bitumen, but some babies like it rough.

The brakes are a bit finicky, I'd prefer if it were a bar but the paddles are easy to operate. When using the pram in the reverse position it's incredibly hard to steer, but is fine when bub is older and outward facing. The large sun cover is handy and has many settings for letting air/light in but it is not waterproof.

My main gripe is the little bag thing under the pram for storage which is hard to access and tiny. And the pram is so light you can't hang much off the handles. Still it does the job if you want something ultra light but more deluxe than an umbrella pram. There are 3 settings for the seat, but it doesn't recline completely flat or sit up too far. My bub likes to sit up and she can't do that with the most upright setting. I can't loosen the straps enough to let her sit up on her own accord either.
Light, compact
Harness straps are quite tight, poor storage options

Great Choice

I purchased this pram is the Black and Red version as i didn't know the gender of our child when i purchased it as it comes in pink, blue and green as well. The reasons I decided on this pram was because i wanted to be able to swing the handle/arm so that i can see him when i need to or if he wants i can face him out to look at the world. I wanted a pram that is able to fold down with one hand which it does quiet well especially because its very light weight.

A bonus is this the hood on the pram comes right over to the feet end so that it can completely inclose him when its raining or if hes sleeping there are several little windows you can have a look in just but un velcroing that panel. The harness is easy to use and easy to attach and detach the arm harnesses. The only problem i have is the useless storage holder underneath i struggle to get things in and out so i don use it.
Colour choices, inexpensive, lightweight & compact
underneath storage useless

Overall a good product

Rear wheel steering takes some getting used to, though I am still not used to it yet (2 months). Travelling around with rear wheel is not as efficient. Agree with other reviews that pram is not the best for casual walks and strolls as suspension is poor and you can feel everything beneath the wheels. Having said that, the pram is very light weight and easy to open/close. I guess you can't have the best of both worlds, i.e. light and good suspension. I also find that I hardly use the storage basket and it is not easily accessible and too small. Overall a good product for its price.
Light, versatile
Poor suspension, poor storage capacity

I am afraid that I have to disagree that this is a good product. We have owned one for twelve months and the stroller has now collapsed 6 times on our child whilst in the locked position. We are throwing it out.It's been 15 months and I still haven't had an issue with it, thankfully. I find that I am one of the fastest mums out of the parking lot because the pram is so compact and light to load into the car

Decent Stroller

Great stroller for shoping. The seat leans all the way flat which is great for new borns. The seat is extremely comfy which is a huge plus. The harness buckles are easy to snap on and off.The stroller is great for long time shoping but I wouldnt reccommend using it for walks outside as its hard to get up very small bumps.It has a reversable handle which is great when you want to keep a eye on ur bub but if your tall you end up kicking the wheels.Also there are only swivel wheels on the front which makes it hard to steer if you reverse the handle.The basket on the bottom is small and hard to get to.The stroller is very lightweight and small when folded.Iv had no issues with folding or unfolding the stroller. The sun shade on the stroller is great and the peep holes make it even better.All around I would say this stroller is perfect for spending a day out shoping or just quick trips to the store but not good for outdoor walks. My daughter is almost 8 months old and the straps are geting to small already.The baby cushion it comes with will have to be removed now to add more room for straping her in and I cant see it being used for to much longer with the straps.I would recommend this to a friend due to how comfy the seat is for bubs and how easy it is to use wile shoping.
reversable handle,sun shade,very comfortable,removeable bar
small basket,cant handle outdoors,small straps,short handle

Excels in many areas with one major flaw

After borrowing a heavier stroller I knew what I was looking for in the one that I bought, the Cony ticked all of the boxes, lightweight for public transport use, collapses easily, reversible handle, huge hood that extends right down over baby and 3 seat back positions. Unfortunately, the harness can only be extended further by a few centimetres and doesn't look like it will go the distance. This is a real shame as I love everything else (apart from the small, soft wheels!) about this stroller. Great for a smaller baby.
Lightweight, easy to maneuver, easily collapsible, reversible handle, huge hood, 3 seat back positions, basket can be accessed from either end, adjustable handle, two peek-a-boo holes with netting and covers for airflow when hood is down, removable bumper bar and foot muff. Fits easily through supermarket checkouts.
Harness already at it's limit ie can not be extended much further than it was when purchased, given my baby is only 7.5kg it certainly won't be able to carry a larger baby (already quite tight fitting), wheels are small and soft so they collect gum nuts and other sharp objects such as bits of bitumen in the tyre, have also found that after wet weather leaf litter and grass collects under the wheel arch and rendered one of the wheels useless (wouldn't continue turning at all and had to be cleaned every minute or so), when handle is reversed you need to adjust your step so you aren't "running into" the pram, it is also very difficult to go up kerbs or over bumps when handle is reversed and found that I had to change the handle back to normal position to safely cross the road to get smoothly up and over the gutter. Synthetic lining means it heats up quite quickly and baby gets very warm, great for winter but not for summer.

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Am still using this pram after about 15 months but my now toddler can no longer go to sleep in it due to the way the headboard is shaped. The fabric basket underneath has quite a few holes in it and looks like it will be in tatters in the not too distant future. Looking at getting a baby jogger city mini.

Mixed feelings about this stroller - not sure if price is good value

To update my previous post, Love n Care was good about fixing the brake wich bent out of shape in less than 3 months. It was repaired in less than a week and Baby Warehouse was good about providing a loaner stroller for our 8 month old in the meantime.

Our baby loves this stroller, probably because of the bright colours and it can go flat when she needs a nap.

We like it because of the fantastic 'full coverage' sun shade.

There are some things we don't like and they are quite serious, which is a pity as these require 'ongoing management'.
sunshade, lies flat, bright colours that baby loves, very light compared to others, folds fairly easily (if shown how, properly!)
fFor the 1st three months we could not fold and unfold it easily-took 15 minutes and lots of fussing (this was resolved when we went back to the store and two different people showed us how; the second person's instructions finally worked for us and now it is ok); the brakes are seriously ill-placed, so our feet hit them by accident regularly, resulting in bent brakes (as mentioned above, these are fixed, but is a bad brake design), handle bar is a little short for tall people; the front wheels are really flimsy- we need to lift the front wheels up very often at the join between the street crossings and the sidewalk even when the join looks pretty flat and smooth! The stroller really should have better front wheels to be up to scratch with all the other excellent features; this really takes away from all those other good features; also, we think it is a very important warning: do not hang any bags on the handle bar - the stroller is too light and the angle of the handle bar is such that bags are seriously dangerous - combined with the 'flimsy front wheels issue' previously mentioned this is a recipe for disaster because when you need to lift the front wheels to get over a raised street or sidewalk bump, gravity quickly can pull the stroller from your hands when there are even light bags hanging on the stroller- most moms put bags on their strollers and there is no warning on the stroller itself so it took experience for us to find this out, and after the stroller fell back with our baby in it we made our own decision never ever to hang a bag on it again not even light ones, it is simply too dangerous with this stroller - not really a problem now that we know but the learning experience was shocking, luckily are baby was fine during the fall just cried from shock - but please take this warning seriously and be careful; lastly, a con is that No instruction manual is provided with the product (eventually got one, but being a mom and full time career woman, i didn't appreciate having to contact Baby Warehouse head office three times and then Love n Care directly for a fifth phone calll/email)

I am having problem with the same stroller also where did you get an instruction manuel ?great stroller i purchased at my baby warehousebut now my seven month old boy is 10.5 kg n tall he easily slidesdown if not straped straps are to small for long babies, fronts seat padding isnt long enough for tall babys, positive :he loves the see through the top and easily goes to sleep with its fullcover folded down. Thenegative you cant hang anything anywhere and you cant use pram with out it being unsteady on uneven surfaces no way you could go use stairs or go up gutters without lifting the whole pram, with another negative is the back seat lays back to far even its upright position another negative isthe brakes are very light other then positive is good to use for age birth to six months only. very easy folding manufacturers should change maximum weight to 9kgto avoid stroller wabbling on rough surfaces and injuries

Great lightweight pram for shopping with reversible handle

I have had this pram for just over a month for my 4-month-old and so far, so good. This pram appealed to me because it is so light, folds easily and has the option of the baby facing you, which is supposed to be good for their social development.
I tested out both a Combi stroller and this one with my baby and then a friend's 2 year old in it and this one maneuvered better and it felt much stronger than the Combi. The fabric is easy to wipe down, it folds very easily with one hand, is compact when folded, only weighs 6.9kg and has a full canopy with a peek-a-boo flap. There is fair bit of plastic used, including the harness, however it does not feel flimsy. The websites say this pram is suitable from newborn to 24kg, however the instruction booklet states this is the maximum total weight and that the maximum weight for the seat is 18kg. It reclines fully, which is handy for when the baby is sleeping or is too young to support themselves upright.
Downsides are the two brakes on the rear wheels have to be applied separately - both are required at any time. As with all reversible handle strollers, they are a bit harder to steer, but I'm now used to this. The website says it has a large basket - it has a small one and can be difficult to access when handle is reversed and seat fully reclined. Also all contents have to be out prior to folding away. I haven't had a good look for alternative brands, however the shop assistant told me there is no specific sun cover or storm cover for this pram. Although I find this pram easy to use (I'm 4'11), my husband (6') struggles a bit when the handle is reversed due to his stride length (feet tend to hit the pram) and the height of the handle. Also, as far as I know, this pram is not compatible with any car capsule. Although it has been perfect for shopping, I don't think it would be durable for long outdoor walks.
Lightweight, compact, reversible handle, easy to clean
Probably wouldn't suit a tall person, small basket

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Love N Care Capella - Cony
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $429.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 24 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
FeaturesArm Bar and Locking Front Wheels
Weight7 kg
Folded Dimensions85 x 49 x 26 cm

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