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Love N Care Mirage

Love N Care Mirage

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the worse pram ever

I bought this pram in march 2018 for my first baby. As it was my new baby i did not know what kind of pram would be good. The seller recommended me to buy this and it was on sale with affordable price. I bought this and used it only for 4/5 times.It is very hard to ride and have to lift the pram in small bump too. I would not recommend this pram to anyone. Better pay few more $ and get good one. I bought a baby carrier as i did not think my baby was confirtable in this. The wheels go everywhere. it is not a good product to buy for a baby. Today i bought another pram for my baby and thought i will write something so that other will not have the same problem as me.


When shopping I had high hopes for this pram as it felt so light to push. Unfortunately though it’s a pram with its own mind. It’s so hard to turn and it’s so hard if you are pushing it on a slope. I probably wouldn’t recommend this pram to a friend, although the cup holder is really cute

Smooth and easy to push

Overall its smooth and easy to push. The recline go all the way so it can be for newborn too. The cover can cover the whole pram which I think it's perfect as our old pram doesn't. The only down size is that pram is pretty might and sometimes my toddler can push cover the pram...

Great value

Love the reversable handles and ease to fold and unfold. Really nice colour fabric and features a nearly full coverage for bub with the huge hood and front cover. Only issue is with the ability to move over med-large bumps. Need to flip the front piece up and place your foot on the bar to tilt the pram. Excellent value for money though.

Do not recommend this pram.

I bought this pram cause it was on sale for but still not the cheapest. Seems like a decent brand. Like alot of the other reviews, this pram is bulky when folded. Wheel is wonky. And basket is small. On the positive side, I like it that it has big interior, with feet cover and can change the handle so that bub is facing you.

Worst pram!

This pram is so bulky, heavy and just unnecessarily large. The wheels are like an old rickety trolley and don't move in a straight line. After only 5 months of use the handle stopped locking into place. The basket is also quite small and does not fit much in it. I definitely would not reccommend this pram to anyone.

Good price, does the job!

Didn't want to spend $800 on a pram so I got this and got to say it's good quality for the price. Moves easily and each wheel has a swivel option and the seat is able to recline right back. Easy to fold and unfold. Is a bit bulky but that isn't a problem for me.

love it!

Never had a problem with this pram purchased over a year ago the wheels have locks to stop them from spinning and turning unwanted, I've not had anything break and I have a decent sized child.I live that it's reversable, and lies completely flat,decent size basket it is light and takes up less room than the Phil and Ted's double I've had to buy due to having another child. Great pram highly recommend


I am a first time mum and got this as a gift from my sister i picked it and i only used it for 8months. I dont drive so i walk everywhere and the wheels keep going side ways so i have trouble with this pram. I called babyware house and they werent any help. Very disappointed

Good pram but has faulty parts

Have had my pram for 5 yrs and within the 1st yr the parts that lock the seat into place bent and I couldn't return it to where I purchased it from as I purchased it new from a guy selling prams brand new at the markets and hasn't been there in yrs. I can still use it if I push the parts to lock it into place but it is so annoying. Other than that it is a good pram.

Ridiculously large when folded and heavy.

So disappointed with this stroller that i am compelled to write this review.
When folded this pram:
-takes up nearly all the space in my boot and I drive a station wagon.
-is difficult to maneuver into the boot of my husbands Camry (which friends have commented on for having a large boot) because it is so wide
-took up most of the boot space in a hire vehicle specified to be able to accommodate 2x large suitcases and 2x small suitcases, so much so that we could only put one other suitcase in the boot and had to squeeze the other in the backseat.

This pram is difficult to fold, unfold and is heavy. When boarding a flight and handing the pram over to the baggage attendants I overheard him say to his mate'this is a heavy one'.

The canopy is too small and barely offers any shade.

I have ordered another pram as I have found that I avoid going out because I don't want to lug around this monstrosity of a pram.

Horrible experience

I bought this pram 8 months ago haven't really use it may be couple of times. The wheels are turning wrong side always. Can't drive straight. I have to borrow my friend's pram. I was first time mum to be and really disappointed with this pram.

Don't even bother

This pram lasted less than six months - and that was with us attempting to repair it multiple times. The wheels lock out soon enough after being taken outside. The handle starts to stick as well. The wheels were completely useless after six months of being used mostly on pathways and in shopping centres.
Not much. It's cheap - but so is the quality.
Didn't last very long, wheels lock, wheels fall off

Cannot folded pram

It was great when I saw it in the shop, but after using a few time, it cannot be folded! The safety lock might have some pro. So no matter how I press it, it is still refuse to work. Really bad purchase! Anyway I lost the warranty book as moving house. What can I do?

Cannot be folded

Horrible. Waste of Money.

Bought this before my child was born, and back then I didn't really know what to really look for in prams. I just thought this was a lot cheaper then the others and the description made it sound not that bad, and was okay to push in the shop. But when I started to use it. It was just one problem after another. Firstly it was so bulky even when folded (which you cannot complete with one hand in the description). I had to resort to put everything else in the the front of the car. Then the worst came. It was almost impossible to steer straight. It was just the same as pushing one of those old shopping trolleys. It was even hard to turn in shopping centres and don't get me started when I tried to use it outside on the street.
Just don't waste your money on this.

Cannot control, Heavy, Bulky

Don't waste your money

Tried the pram in the shop and thought it was great for the money until I got it home and went for my first walk to the shops with it. I had to take little steps or I would trip on the wheels as they are quite close together and are at the same distance as your own feet when walking....the wheels buckled on the way home!!!! The material is quite harsh on babies skin so had to put a soft blanket under my baby. I have just given it to the salvation army as I couldn't not sell this to anyone as im sure it was a dud. Would have taken back to the shop but lost receipt. I ended up buying a baby jogger city elite and despite it being heavier it glides on the path and does what a pram is built to do....love n care should take this pram off the market as it is an embarrassment for them.
It looks good

Good price but you get what you paid for

Bought this back in June, the wheels are bad, unable to push it straight had to use strengths or else the stroller is moving towards the left side, alway ha sti use extra strength to straighten the stroller, waste of money lost my receipt or else I would have brought back to the store to complain about it. The reversible handle worked for a while only, had used the reversible handle for less than 15 times now they always get stuck. I would expect the stroller to last me for at least 1-2 year, only used for 3 months and are always having issues.

Babies are now only 7 kg and I'm always having difficulties, won't last Til 22kg
Expect to use it for more Than a year, Faulty wheels, always moving to the left, had to use lots of strengths while pushing it so it will move straight. Also reversible handle is not reliable, had used it less than 15 times and now it always got stuck.

You get what you pay for

Only had this pram for 8 weeks with a newborn baby using it. the plastic locking mechanisms on the frame have bent causing the pram to not be able to be folded down. Ive had to bend the plastic back and hope that it would not snap off, which eventually it will. And the handle locks seized on me when it had it rearward facing and I was stuck in the carpark trying to put down my pram. I am not happy with the product at all.
The padding on the seats are good
Most of the plastic components either bent/snapped off or seized

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Hi mum of 458, I'm sorry to hear that you've had so many problems with this pram. You can give our after sales service team a call and arrange to get this pram either fixed or replaced, aw it is only a couple of months old and these prams have a 12 month warranty. Our policy on faulty goods are: If goods purchased are faulty please contact the Baby Zone Direct team to arrange replay paid return of item for repair or replacement if item is unable to be repaired. Email: sales@babyzonedirect.com.au or call Baby Zone Repairs Department on: (02) 4231 2930.

Fantastic second stroller

Bought this pram on special as a second to leave at my mothers house. Has been fantastic easy to use and store in the car and can fit my safe n sound capsule in it to minimize disturbance. Good under stroller basket for storing bags handbags etc. tray option for when baby gets older good feature. Overall good stroller
Reliable inexpensive when on special

Hi Sam27, how did you manage to fit a capsule in this pram? I did not know it was compatible... Very interested now :)It doesn't have a capsule made to clip in but with the little tray/bumper bar I was able to put the safe n sound capsule in the stroller with the seat completely laid down. Hope this helps :)Hi kasey_make_sure, when I purchased it the saleswoman was telling me that with the bumper clipped in (toy bar) I could put my safe n sound capsule in there as long as the seat was completely laid down, so this I what i did. At this stage I don't believe there is a compatible capsule, but this option worked well for me at grandmas house :) its not for everyone but with a grumpy sick baby at the time it worked brilliantly for me.

Questions & Answers

Does love and care aluminum can accommodate a capsule ?thanks
1 answer
No. Not that im aware of.

When walking with the pram the wheels go sideways and its very hard because its heavy. Is there a way to fix it?
1 answer
With this pram you are able to lock either the front or back wheels (whichever you prefer) which I like when walking on difficult footpaths. Have you tried doing that?

Hello, if posible would i be able to have some help, as i have looked everywhere for some info and can not find it :( What materials is this pram made out of? does it need and maintenance / care requirements? thanks for your help :)
1 answer
It's a grandmas house pram so I couldn't give you a really good answer, but I wouldn't leave it outside it would fade quickly, I guess the materials are a polyester? My baby has chronic reflux, so we have to clean it regularly, we do so with a damp cloth and a gentle cleanser, spot cleaning really. I hope that helps?


Love N Care Mirage
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $329.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 22 kg
Seat OrientationReversible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
FeaturesArm Bar, Reversible Handle and Under-seat Storage
Weight11.5 kg
Folded Dimensions38 x 45 x 100 cm
Release dateApr 2011

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