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Love to Dream Love To Swaddle Up Lite

Love to Dream Love To Swaddle Up Lite

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Beautiful product.

We got this product as a gift and it is gorgeous. Made from quality fabric, it feels amazing. Our baby feels comfortable in the swaddle position with her arms up as that is how she usually sleeps. It washes well and is a very sweet design. I like the thickness which is perfect for a Queensland summer night.

Saved our sleep

We inherited these from our SIL and I'm glad we did. Our baby was born very big and active, and constantly broke out of his muslin cloths trying to suck his hands causing him to wake up. These suits are brilliant. Keeps baby snug, they can't break out of them, and are perfect for babies who need their hands to self soothe. Eliminated the need for a dummy at night as he touches his face and puts himself to sleep.

Material stretches so baby can stretch out if needed but goes right back to being snug.

Also helped having different tog ratings as the summer lite was great during the hottest Sydney summer on record. Muslin cloths would have been too many layers.

I will be gifting these from now as I think they are so clever and useful. We have since bought 3 more in medium as he outgrew the small by 6 weeks

Snuggly and overall amazing

These a great if your little one loves his hands near his face! With out the startle relfex waking him up, my 8 week old loves them and the lite material is great for hot climates and also very smooth material. I find them a lot more better then Muslim wraps as you have to keep wrapping if baby undo's it and you don't have to worry about your little one getting cold.

This is how I survived the newborn stage

My daughter was one of those babies that was never happy until she had wriggled around and freed her hands and then would reflex startle and wake herself (constantly!)...until I used this swaddle. At 6 weeks old she would suck her hand through the 'wing' and self settle, it was my favourite baby item. We gradually moved on to the 50/50 swaddle to wean her and that was brilliant as well. I recommend this swaddle VERY highly!!

The only swaddle you'll need

Once my son was old enough to wriggle out of wraps we trialled several alternatives. We stopped searching when we found the Love to Dream swaddle:
- Comes in a variety of weights (Lite was great for summer as he didn't overheat)
- Classic arms up position that my son prefers
- Easy access zipper to change his nappy

He was a much better sleeper after wearing this.

Great swaddle! Great for summer as asvertised

Bubba really loves the swaddle. It is a lifesaver at night for nappy changes. I would say it stretches easier than the originals and can lose shape a tad bit otherwise great product. it comes in some great colours and even after two babies the zips work well, even after running through the wash.

Sanity Saver! Must Buy!

Brought this wrap for my 8 week old as he was having trouble settling. He hated being wrapped with his arms down and if I left them out his startle reflex would wake him. As we are heading into Summer thought this was the best option so he could wear day and night. He loved it from first wear. Didn't try and fight his way out of it like he did with the standard wraps. The material is so soft and gentle in his skin. Also rate their customer service. I emailed them to enquire about size as son was between 2 sizes and they responded straight away with their recommendation. Super happy with purchase!

Best invention ever

I was hesitant to buy this at first however after just a few days I noticed a difference in my baby's sleeping patterns when compared to muslin wraps swaddles. He sleeps comfortably and for longer when using this or the original Swaddle Up.

He has outgrown 2 sizes and is now using his 3rd and final size.
My baby loves it, easy to use, safe
a little expensive.

We BOTH love this swaddle!!

I bought this swaddle after my second baby was born. She prefers to sleep with her arms up (something we learned from a 3D ultrasound). We tried the Woombie with our first born, and I never liked how far up they come to the neck. The Love to Dream Swaddle zip ends lower down, which gives me more comfort that the baby is not going to get strangled by the neckline. The Lite version that is 30% lighter than the original is a nice summer weight, and our baby sleeps soundly for a good 4-5 hours overnight (she's almost 3 weeks). I highly recommend this swaddle to anyone. Happy Bub = Happy Mum :)
Easy to use. Double ended zip for middle of the night nappy changes. Baby has access to her hands.
Some think its expensive, but its totally worth it if you value your sleep!

Best swaddle ever

We bought so many swaddles including the usual love to dream but it was too hot for summer temps so I bought one of the Lite ones to try. It's the best one for us.

My baby loved it from about 8 weeks when it started becoming impossible to keep her in a muslin wrap. She self soothes by rubbing her face and the love to dream allows that.

In addition it's light, easy zip- also from bottom so I can easily change her napppy and it dries quickly. It's become a part of settling routine- our bub knows when we zip her into it it's time for sleep. I just bought another one. Recommend!
The weight of fabric, easy use, good quality

Great for the wigglers !

I love it ! My son was a little fighter and by 2 months old I couldn't keep him in a wrap even the ones with Velcro , he was much more advanced then my two daughters . It's quite expensive but so worth the money spent . It was great and light as he was still being wrapped in summer with the air conditioner on I know he was covered . He never got him self out of it which was great I tried everything else , nothing ever worked . Overall I would recommend it for any mothers going through the hardship of baby getting out of the wraps .
Light for warmer days , soothes baby , baby can't wiggle out

Where was this when I had my first baby?!!!!

Wish I had had one of these with my previous baby. Both kids were quick to struggle out of wraps (and I am a nurse who works with babies so I know all the tricks with wrapping...) and they woke themselves with a startle reflex. In desperation (and because even muslin was too hot for #2) I found this lighter swaddle wrap. I was able to put him in it wearing just a nappy and he was comfortable in a room with a temp in the high 20's without getting too hot.
They also have great resale value on Ebay when you are done with them (mine was $42 new (but I got on sale for 36). I sold mine for $25, but others have gone for mid 30's. I found my baby grew out of the small one quickly but he needed the firmness of that size so I would recommend you look for a second hand one in small first.
I love this so much I am giving them as gifts for new mums. There are a range of different wraps to suit your climates,and a transitional one with zip off sleeves to allow your baby to get accustomed to having their arms out.
Baby sleeps with arms up to self soothe, suitable for hot climates, easy to change nappy as there is a two way zip.
Can be a bit dear, esp as you need one to wash and one to wear! Look around for ebay bargains. Arms get a bit grubby even with regular washing as they suck on them!

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Love to Dream Love To Swaddle Up Lite
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